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fitjen 09-01-21 10:28 AM

Cathe/Firm/Yoga/Barre/Walking/Swimming September Ladies!
Hi Everyone!

This morning (yes, I made myself do it!) was Cathe Lite Metabolic Total Body. I did the Standing only premix. Great cardio workout! I plan to walk at least a mile when I get home today.

We've gone virtual for two weeks due to COVID outbreaks. It's really bad here now. Huge unvaccinated population, but even vaccinated people are getting it it's so contagious right now. Scary and sad.

Have a wonderful day!

nyskier 09-01-21 05:17 PM


Thanks, Jen, for starting us for September!

Itís terrible that we seem to be going backwards instead of forwards in fighting the virus. If more people donít get vaccinated, the variant viruses will only get worse. Itís bad.

Well, today was Cathe Live- Kick Punch Cardio (1/12/17). Yesterday was swimming.

Have a great night!


bfj 09-02-21 07:28 AM

Hi and happy September :heart:

Jen, thanks for starting us up.
Wonderful to see you and Lori, as always.

Iíve been doing my barre, walk, yoga and weight lifting.

Have an amazing day and stay well.

fitjen 09-02-21 08:58 AM


I got my mile in after work yesterday, and this morning was Cathe Lite Cardio Party - one of the Timesaver Premixes - 35 minutes. I plan to do another mile after work today, too.

Have a great day!

nyskier 09-03-21 07:07 PM

Hi Everyone-

Today was a good one: Cathe Live- Pumped Up Upper Body (9/2/21). I was really sweatingó I donít know if itís because our humidity is so high right now, or if it was just a really good workout. One caution: the cardio on this one is stepó not my favorite, but the UB work is good.

Have a great Labor Day weekend! Iíll swim tomorrow if we are not visited by more thunderstorms.


bfj 09-04-21 01:07 PM

Yesterday I did barre, walk, yoga and weights.
Today was yoga and walk.
Have a great weekend.

bfj 09-06-21 08:50 AM

Hi and Happy Labor Day:love:

Yesterday was walk and yoga.

Today was barre, walk and yoga.

Enjoy your day.

fitjen 09-08-21 08:55 AM


I hope you all had a great, long weekend! I got in a little walking, but that was it. Yesterday, I did my mile after work, but that was all. At least it was something!

Have a great day!

bfj 09-08-21 01:37 PM

Hi :love:

Yesterday and today: barre, walk. Yoga and weight lifted.

Have a wonderful day.

nyskier 09-10-21 09:15 AM

Hi Everyone-

Yesterday was 30 Minute Kickbox Express (Cathe Live-8/19/21). Hope to get in another today.

Have a great day!


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