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Vantreesta 09-09-21 08:31 AM

Tue 9/7 167 minutes
7 minutes (from L. Holden 30-Day Qi Gong challenge day 28)
6 minutes (from SanFran Fitness rebounding 5 min Mini Moves Series Day 18 Squats Baby Squats, YT) 1st time
8 minutes (from Lea Shiny Indian Clubs Beginners Follow Along Workout Full Moon Practice, YT)
7 minutes (from 30-Day Pull-Up Progression Program day 1 + L. Brooks 21-Day Perfect Pushup Challenge day 1)
11 minutes (from C. Jordan Barefoot Strength and Stretch Exercises Workout for Your Feet, YT)
5 minutes (from H. Estrada Aztec Athletics -5-Minute Calf Plyometric Workout for Runners, YT)
37 minutes (from 2.143 mi walking treadmill hills for Run With Hal app BRTC Training Plan day 24 cross-train/VA Trinity Mountains Hike/Zombies Run S3M45)
12 minutes (from Barry's Boot Camp C. Whitmarsh Mission Specialist Abs) 1st time
12 minutes (from Strong Knees stretch)
62 minutes (from 2 dog walks 4.04 mi)

Yesterday was 3 miles of dog walks, no other workouts. Had to run errands and then was just too excited to start on my village so I did the rest of the cleanup that was needed, set up platforms, pulled out all the tubs from storage and got the ground covers on. My dad is letting me borrow his table they used camping so it turns out I need one more ground cover. After our walk I will run pick one up then workout and finally start building! Okay, by then my excitement will be huge so I hope I can focus on a workout! ;) I have had a hard time falling asleep the last few nights bc I keep thinking about decorating!

Sherry, I'm so sorry about your husband's friend. Hope you're feeling better. That's a long time to be sick!

MT, YES!! Halloween is a lifestyle, not a holiday! :D There is a new village piece out this year that I really really want but of course, so did everyone else and it sold out everywhere right away. So bummed. I did pick up two that were released last year that I really wanted so I'm holding out hope that I will be able to get my Web of Horror ferris wheel next year!

Katie, I am so loving this cooler weather! Back to having the windows open and getting back to three walks a day, which Cyric really needs. He gained like 8 lbs over the winter and has only lost half a pound since spring so clearly we need to step it up. I had to cut back his food too. When Dad and I took him to the state park last week we walked three miles and then he slept for a long time. I guess I have been too easy on him and not kept him in good shape bc D'Argo and Chianna never had that problem and they also never complained about going for walks, even when the weather wasn't great. Cyric seems to be a's raining, it's too hot, it's too cold, I don't wanna walk that fast. I decided that ended last week! Tuesday he actually did choose the longer route options to get to 3 miles so I was happy about that.

Okay I gotta go get the day going. Hopefully I can do personals on my other check ins in the next day or two! I have too many to keep up with but don't want to drop any!

Vantreesta 09-11-21 07:01 AM

Village is all up. Over the next week I'll spend a little time each day putting up the rest of the inside decorations. I know some people have wanted to see pics but please don't feel obligated, just posting the link to VF Roost in case anyone wants to see them. :)

Catahoula Cate 09-12-21 07:29 AM

A friend of DH's has been here with us the past week. He's a great, easy guest and left yesterday morning. I spent the day reorganizing some things and getting the house back in order. I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine. Belle didn't really like him so we had to do some dog management there. Scout loved him as well as Trooper.

Vannie, I tried to get on the link but it says you have to be a member of VF Roost. I'm not familiar with what that is I guess. I've seen photos of past villages and it's always been really neat!

I better get going...busy morning ahead.

Vantreesta 09-12-21 09:54 PM

Katie, yeah, someone else said the same thing. I didn't realize it wasn't visible to non-members. I may see if I can post them at TF if that one is visible to the public.

Spent the day with friends and hax a great time. Like you, Katie, I'm looking forward to getting back to routine tmrw.

Vantreesta 09-14-21 09:27 AM

Yesterday I really did not want to do the workouts I had planned so I compromised with half fun, half planned. I did Misty Tripoli's Bootylicious off Delicious Dance for the first time, which was fun. Then I did 5 rounds of a desk jockey WOD from March. My pull up bar is down right now so I can get in and out of the Halloween closet so for the hanging knee raises I just held myself up on TheRack like it was a dip station and did them that way. It hit the abs the same but lacked the hang benefit. Then I did another virgin, WWE Stephanie McMahon Fit Series -Lower Body+Stretch. I know I hadn't done the lower body section, but since I had done the upper body it's possible I did the stretch too. I couldn't find the index card for it in my quick search so I can't say for sure right now. The workout was 2 rounds of the following exercises: goblet squats, reverse lunges, deadlifts, quadruped straight leg raises (with your chest on your thigh, which was kind of weird) and donkey kick circles. First round was 8 reps, second was 12. Not a bad workout but my biggest gripe is that she leads you through a couple minutes of warmup and THEN demos the exercises. Drove me crazy to have to just stop when she should have demoed before the warmup!

Catahoula Cate 09-15-21 09:35 AM

I'm still working on getting back into a good routine. Yesterday I had PT and the myofascial work we did was very intense and left me groggy so I didn't do much otherwise. After PT, DH and I stopped at our fav local Deli and got a couple eggrolls to go but they turned out to be mini enchilada's disguised as egg rolls. :D Still tasty and with a nice zing! I did get a good release in my right psoas and my right hip from the myofascial work. Now to keep it!

Today is beautiful! Our leaves are changing and I hope to do a variety of indoor/outdoor work and get a dvd in.

Vantreesta 09-15-21 11:14 AM

I posted my village pics at Total Fitness where they can be seen by anyone. :)

Katie, glad you got a nice release in your psoas and hip. I can feel my left side tightening up again like it was the last time I went to PT so I have to get on those stretches again. I thought just doing the glute and hamstring videos would be enough but there's smthg I'm missing apparently.

I really really want to get back to a good routine. I feel like a helium balloon that lost its tether! So I decided I want to just go ahead this week and finish all the decorating except for my cemetery in the yard since hubby needs to mow still. That part won't take long to do the first week of October. If I can get everything up maybe my brain will shut up about the excitement and just enjoy it all so I can focus on other things!

Catahoula Cate 09-20-21 09:10 PM

Nice pics of the village on TF Vannie!

We've gotten some nice rain the last few days, cooler temps and our leaves are about at their prime for turning color. I hope to get some good walks in and some photos.
I've been doing some dust bunny dvd's recently and it's been good to mix things up a bit plus I've gotten a couple into the thrift shop box.

MathTeacher 09-21-21 04:19 PM

Vannie, Thanks for posting the pictures. They are awesome.

I am not doing better than I did in August. :eek:

Leonana 09-21-21 04:30 PM

I did pretty bad in September due to my cold. But I'm back to normal this week. I did Jessica's Walk Strong 1 Total Body, and feel like I have my energy back.

Vannie, the pictures are very cool!

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