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Jules 12-01-21 08:23 PM

Hi Kate! I love your plan to work your way through the older Cathe Lives! Are you going to keep notes? I have a spread sheet of my thoughts from several years ago. According to my notes I really liked Drill Max (68), Cardio Leg Blast w/ High Step (56), Cardio Strength Blast (43), High Intensity Aerobic Weight Training with Step (56), Total Body Sculpt - similar to BodyPump (71), and the PHA workouts, of course.

I guess if you ever get the hankering to do some Beachbody you can always renew for a month or two, right?:p

Almost nobody is wearing masks here either. I have to go to my daughter's band concert tomorrow and I am sure it will be a germ fest. I will probably wear a mask since I still have a little cough from the bronchitis. Covid cases have actually been going down here, but who knows what will happen with the new Omicron variant?

So I decided to try a little cardio today and did Step Sync. I am happy that I was able to do the entire routine with only a couple of missteps! It is the first time I have done cardio since mid-October due to my knee issue. Step Sync is pretty low impact and I wore a brace. Tomorrow I plan to do Pyramid Lower Body plus the bonus core routine with the stability ball from Butts & Guts. Yesterday I did Flexibility & Beyond: Hips. Ohmmmmmmmm:asleep:

Waves to Everyone!

KateTT 12-02-21 01:01 PM

Jules: I have a huge spreadsheet of all my workouts/dvds etc. I try to log everything I own plus all streaming. So yes, I'm making notes of all my Cathe Live workouts. Thanks so much for your input! I'm making notes of those workouts you liked.
I don't know that I'll do them in order, but I think I'll work my way from old to new.

Super fun Cathe Live today. I went back to #1 Boot Camp. Although it started out a little shaky production-wise, it was lots of fun and a good workout. For a first time, they did a really good job. Mixing kickboxing, some hiit, some metabolic and regular strength moves. All around total body good stuff. Of course abs at the end.

Today I'm feeling the need for some Yin. Ohmmmmm right back at you!

KateTT 12-03-21 12:34 PM

Today was Cathe Live #2 Step HiiT and Upper Body. Another good, fun and challenging workout. Very basic step choreo but plenty of intensity. 65 minutes long with the first half all step cardio, 2nd half all weights and then core. The weight work was good and I went heavier as I tend to do. Although I just used 1 riser for my step - Cathe and crew move to 2 risers after the warmup.

Not feeling bored with Cathe or Live yet as I am doing that almost exclusively lately. My DVDs are lonely. ;-)

Have a great weekend!! :sun:

KateTT 12-06-21 03:03 PM

Me again and welcome to a new week!

Started off the week with a big bang! Cathe live #10 Upper Body Sculpting (51 min) plus #229 Awesome Upper Body (39 min). #10 was a bit more heavy lifting at a slower pace. #229 was faster...not quite metabolic but quicker transitions, more reps, lighter weights. Nice long workout and I felt great. Feeling it all over though, that's for sure. LOL

Cardio tomorrow...more Cathe? Or Breathless Body? Hmmmmm???
Hope everyone has a great week!

Jules 12-06-21 08:12 PM

Hello! We got a few inches of snow over the past couple of days and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. :music: My son wants to earn money so he is doing the shoveling.

Since my knee has been improving I have been doing some lower impact cardio - it definitely helps elevate my mood. :sun:

Thursday: Pyramid Lower Body + Stability Ball Core from Butts & Guts
Friday: Flexibility & Beyond: Fountain of Youth
Saturday: IMax 4 + Ab Stacker core work
Sunday: BodyPump 108
Monday: Les Mills: The Trip 20 + Flexibility & Beyond: Splits

I am participating in a Wellness Challenge at work and I need to choose whether I want to focus on exercise or nutrition through the end of February. Such a hard choice! I know I should pick nutrition since I struggle with it more, but I don't want to worry about food over the holidays. Hmmmmmmmm:confused:

Kate: I used to double up on those Cathe Lives too - some are a tad too short to feel worked out with just one. Good thing there are so many to choose from!

KateTT 12-07-21 03:11 PM

Jules: Wish I could get your son over here! We got snow too and I spent a while on Sunday doing Shovel Max. I did the whole driveway by hand as hubby did not have the snowblower ready.

Something different today although Cathe was still calling to me. I did Amy Dixon's Breathless Body #3. Good HiiT cardio although I think this may be the easier one of her 3 BBs.
I moved between Level 2 and 3 depending on the move. It was fun and Amy has a lot of energy. I like her instruction.

Hugs to all!

KateTT 12-08-21 01:59 PM

Me again!!! :D :sun:

Today was amazing Cathe Live #3 All About Legs!! Yowza! 69 minutes of tough leg work and most of it was even UNweighted! Tons of reps, some good barre work, some stability ball work and burning legs/butt!! Very enjoyable. There are a couple of long breaks while people grab their equipment but not too bad. I stretched. I know I'm going to feel it later because I'm feeling it NOW. LOL

Hope everyone is well! HUGS

I changed my schedule tomorrow...GOTTA try that Slam HiiT workout! :D

Jules 12-10-21 06:19 PM

Kate- It sounds like you are really enjoying Cathe Live. :heart: I have in my notes that I did All About Legs and that it reminded me of XTrain Legs but with the music from High Reps. I also noted that the sound was very loud! Do you have DOMS today?

I had my yearly exam with my gyno today and it went well. I told her about my digestive and reflux issues and also that I have had hives for the past 2 weeks. She thinks that all of it is allergy-related and recommends that I see a general practitioner and get referred for food allergy testing. She also said I should start taking an allergy pill like Zyrtec daily. I am going to start with the Zyrtec but probably will put off the allergy testing until spring or summer when my hay-fever is also active.

*Have any of you ladies been tested for allergies? If so, what was it like?

Wed: LITE: Stacked Sets Upper Body + 6 Pack Abs #1 + Flexibility & Beyond: Upper Body
Th: LITE Stacked Sets Lower Body + 6 Pack Abs #2 = Yoga 30 for 30: Yin
Fri: Studio Sweat: Straight Up Spin for 45 minutes

fanofladyvols 12-12-21 01:09 PM

Jules I have never had allergy testing. Re: hives You might change laundry detergents and softeners (if you haven't already.) I had to go to making my own for my children and husband and that eliminated their perpetual skin issues. I also eliminated nearly all household cleaners. I think smelling all of that was bad for us. Anyway, much cheaper for us and less clutter, too! (I was using entirely too many things.) Sorry to hear that's plaguing you.

Kate good to see you are still trucking along.

Melinda I'm wrapping up MH60 and pilates and lots of mobility.

Hugs to Kim!!

Jules 12-15-21 07:05 PM

Hi Gals! I've been pretty good at keeping up with exercise but that might change starting this weekend. My In-laws will be arriving on the 23rd for a week and I have no days off other than this weekend to clean the house. My daughter's b-day is also next week and I still need to wrap gifts, meal-plan, etc. Will just do what I can!

Sunday: Ripped w/HiiT: LIHI Chest, Shoulders & Triceps + Bonus Core #1
Monday: Ran errands in town and attended the end of season basketball party for my son's team.
Tuesday: Ripped w/HiiT: LIHI Legs + Flexibility & Beyond: Short & Sweet
Wednesday: Ripped w/HiiT: LIHI Back, Shoulders & Biceps + Bonus Core #2

Hugs to all!:love:

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