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Mickey12 02-03-21 01:47 PM

Jules I'd say we got between 15 to 20 inches of snow over two days. Some areas near us got more. It was in two storms though, so I had shovel max for two days. It wasn't terrible and it really looked pretty in the back yard with the snow hanging on the trees and the birds at the feeders. My low back is a little sore though.

I'm not sure what workout I will do today. It's still early. ;)

Oh, and I think you can definitely go off your diet for the Superbowl. :D Enjoy it! We definitely need things to look forward to.

Malinda 02-03-21 03:00 PM

Happy Hump Day!

Kim - I completely agree that we need things to look forward to. I think that's one of many reasons why COVID has taken such a toll on people.

Jules - Oh, those duck walks are in one of the Ripped in 30 workouts - I want to say it's level 4, which is the one I didn't like. They are definitely hard on the knees - I think walking lunges are a much safer, and just as effective, choice.

Linda - those links to the mobility exercises are great! Thanks so much!

Kate - Hope you are a "good" busy!


Saturday - MBF Day 5 - Total Body
Sunday - MBF Day 6, Ignite + Day 7, Recovery
Monday - Rest day - early dentist appointment
Tuesday - MBF Day 8, Lower Body
Wednesday - MBF Day 9, Cardio Core & MBF Day 10, Upper Body

I went up in weights a bit with the Lower Body workout, but I'm not as sore as I was after the first one. I like combining two workouts. I really like Megan's take on some moves - they are just different enough to be fresh, but not all crazy-pants injuries waiting to happen.

KateTT 02-04-21 01:35 PM

Kim: !?!?!?!??! I saw that storm on the news. My brother in Virginia got 6 inches of snow which is a lot for them!

Malinda: Good busy, yes. At least it's from work. I do website merchandising and my boss has been doing some serious buying. :D

I totally threw out my Muscle Burns Fat Advanced rotation. It was ok, but I was getting bored. And maybe the advanced workouts would have been better but I just wasn't into it. So I finished out last week with Cathe 4DS Cardio Power Mix.
Yoga: Gaia Bernie Clark Yin Side of Energy

Then I decided to try my Katami 4x4 set. I really like Paul and have a few of his workouts. I actually had this set back in 2016 and did not like it. ????? I chalk that comment up to being overweight and not able to do the moves. So I started with I Am Change 1 and really liked it! Great format of cardio/lower/upper/core all for a minute each. A wee bit of repeating moves but no boredom. And three levels like Amy Dixon does. I floated between Power of 2 (intermediate) and Power of 3 (advanced).
For Yoga I did the 4x4 Rope Stretch which felt good. Just stretches, no poses.

So this week:
Mon: Cathe Strong & Sweaty PHA Mix 1. This includes the core work. Whew! I know PHA is meant to be non-stop and this was good. Not overkill on the speed, and one of Cathe's great PHA workouts. Gotta love when you get a little cardio effect from weights. ;-)
Power Yoga with Mike Nader - Human Pretzel.

Tues: Cathe 2013 Series Party Rockin' Step 2. Ok, I had NEVER done this workout. All out of fear of the choreo. So I read some reviews and previewed a little. I LOVE THIS ONE! Although I did flub a tiny bit, it was easy to catch on to and superb steady state cardio. I just did the regular workout this time but looked at some of the bonuses and premixes. I was dripping and just had a lot of fun. I like step workouts but I don't like fumbling around with the footwork.
I bought Eoin Finn's new Blissology Project 2 downloads so did Bliss 2 Monday Superflow Short + Meditation. Ahhh. I LOVE Eoin. I didn't even check the price, I just knew I wanted this. I have the first BP on DVD. Eoin is my fav.

Wed: Katami 4x4 I Am Change 2. Yes! Still really liking these! I can't quite tell what weights the backgrounders use so I just choose what worked for me. Challenging but not killer. Same format but all new moves. And this set is supposed to progress so I expect it will get harder.
Yoga Bliss 2 Monday Superflow - the full length practice. :love: :heart:

Today: Cathe 2013 Series Party Rockin' Step 2 Ext Mix 8. Yup, I enjoyed this one SO much that I had to do it again while it was fresh. This time I did one of the mixes that includes a couple of the bonus rounds. Not a lot of teaching and slightly harder choreo but I got it and it was FUN! FUN I tell you! FUN! :D

Getting ready for some more Blissology Project 2 yoga. FYI, Eoin and Insaya both instruct.
Despite all the virus and stress and vaccine and general crap in life, I have really been feeling good! And another snow storm is missing us! :D


Jules 02-04-21 08:02 PM

1 day closer to the weekend!

Kim: Wow! That's a lot of snow! Is is weird that I am actually kind of jealous? We got about 1 inch today - just enough to make the roads slick. At least it looks like winter out there now. It doesn't seem right that we could see all the grass in our yard yesterday.

Malinda: Great job staying consistent with MBF! How long do you plan to stick with it? I agree with you that controlled moves are so important! That is why I like Cathe and Les Mills so much - they both do a great job instructing proper form and not throwing in a bunch of wild moves just to be different. I have been modifying a few of Jillian's moves to keep my joints safe.

Kate: Sounds like the exercise ADD won again. LOL! Gotta love Cathe and Eoin. I :heart: Party Rockin' Step 2. Not PRS 1 so much - the choreo is much harder in that one. I have put Katami's 4X4 in my cart more than once over at Total Fitness DVDs, but have not pulled the trigger on it. I am not sure if I would stick with it? I am very interested to hear what you think of the program once you do more of the workouts.

Hi Linda! Hope Lauren is treating you well!

ETA: Today I did BodyShred: Conquer + Yoga 30 for 30: Backbends

Jules 02-05-21 12:46 PM

Always be careful what you wish for, right? We got about 6 inches of snow last night and it is still coming down. Of course school is on time here unless we get over a foot of powder so the morning commute was super sketchy. Even the big plow that clears the main road I drive got stuck... yikes. Hopefully the roads will be better this afternoon.

For my workout today I did BodyShred: Triumph + Travis Short & Sweet Yoga #3. Tomorrow is my cardio day. I might do Cathe's Max Intensity Cardio or Greatest Hits. Of course I will also be doing Shovel Max!

Have a great weekend!

KateTT 02-05-21 02:05 PM

Jules: My log says I have PRS1 but I can't find it. That's ok. I think the moves may be too frustrating for me.
Aggggh, Shovel Max! All the snowstorms in MN lately have missed me in the West Central part of the state. Yay! I don't miss it.

Today was Katami 4x4 I Am Athlete 1. I must have been silly to get rid of this but way back when I had it I was also fairly overweight still. Now although challenging, are not killer. At least not yet.
This time the format is still the same (cardio, lower, upper, core) for a minute each but the moves are slightly harder or the pace slightly faster. I used 15, 16.25 and 20s for everything. I'm glad I have my plate mates because I can bump up the weights in small increments.

TGIF and hope everyone has a great weekend!

Jules 02-05-21 06:26 PM

Kate: The bonus combos on PRS2 are from PRS1, so in a way you get to do PRS1 even if you can't find it. (Hope you find it!) PRS2 is one of my go-to workouts b/c the combos are short. I love that.

fanofladyvols 02-07-21 10:32 PM

Jules yes, Lauren Brooks is teaching me alot! I have improved my plank form.

I think kettlebells are getting me stronger in a way I haven't experienced before. My plank is more solid in execution. I have always tried to do pullups and have been doing all the things I could to get better but I wasn't really progressing. Yesterday, I was able to at least do a few with a resistance band assisting. Made me so happy ..even if I never get strong enough to do one without the band I feel pretty accomplished. In some ways, the way Lauren teaches reminds me of Cathe.

Malinda I'm glad those links helped you too!

Kate I need to finish my xfactor ST set. But I keep getting distracted! I think that's great that you're enjoying Paul. Telling me that set is like Amy Dixon makes me want to get one day too!

Kim shoveling snow is no joke! That's a workout to me...and I have never had to shovel as much as you mention...yikes!!

Today was more of an active recovery day.. I did some of a Brooks tutorial on swings, then Cathe's Stretch Max with the band workout (loved it) and followed that my walking on the elliptical at a steady state. I'll do my own pilates routine later.

High fives to all for a great (warmer) week !!

Malinda 02-08-21 03:52 PM

Hi ladies!

Linda - Congrats on the pull-ups! I can do them with a purple band -- I tried a few using the black band and it wasn't pretty. I need to get back to doing them regularly.

Jules - MBF is a 3-week program, then MBFA is another 3 weeks. I will probably do both, but of course it will take me longer than 6 weeks since I throw in other stuff. Hang in there with the Shovel Max!

Kim - You hang in there with Shovel Max, too!

Kate - I have been tempted by Katami 4x4 several times. I have a workout that he and Amy Dixon put out -- I can't remember what it is called right now, but I like it.

DH almost had to go to LA to direct a commercial this week, but luckily, he is going to be able to do it via Zoom. I was really worried about him having to fly and then being in a studio where the talent can't be masked while shooting. Everyone on set would be tested first, but still... it made me nervous.


Thursday - Triple Wave Pyramid with DH
Friday - War Volume 10
Saturday - Walk/jog - 5.5 miles
Sunday - MBF Day 11 - Cardio Core + Yoga with Adriene Psoas
Monday - MBF Day 12 - Total Body

I hope the week is off to a good start for everyone!

Jules 02-08-21 07:16 PM

Hello! I was not expecting the Covid (Super) Bowl to be such a blow-out! It was still entertaining tho. I find it inspiring that Brady is still playing at such a high level.

I had a great cheat day yesterday but I am back on my diet today. Not gonna lie... I'm lovin' the carb-load! It gave me some extra energy for my workout today - BodyShred: Conquer + Yoga 30 for 30: Chi Flow. Tomorrow will be Bodyshred: Triumph. On Thursday I will be moving on to the level 4 BodyShred workouts for 2 weeks.

I have been thinking about what I will do after BodyShred and I am leaning towards 4 weeks of Cathe's Ripped with HiiT mixed with yoga and some longer cardio days. I may also start incorporating extra cardio sessions in the evenings to keep my fat loss going. I want these cardio sessions to be short. Perhaps Focus T25 and Ruthless?

Linda: It's so cool the way your body is responding to all the KB work. It sounds like you really enjoy the workouts as well - Bonus! :music:

Malinda: I see you did the Triple Wave again. :cool: I have a couple of those War workouts. They are good.

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