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KateTT 01-10-22 01:59 PM

Do you guys want me to start a 2022 thread? I'd be glad too. Just say the word. For now:

Last week was CRAZY! Justin had appointments each day except for Friday. Gotta say my ex is really stepping up with helping with appointments. Whoda thunk it?

GOOD NEWS!! So between the CT and PET scans, the Radiation Dr. said she is not seeing the pancreatic tumor anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! And the "cancer juice" reading is down to 45 with 35 being "normal".

That doesn't mean we're out of the woods, but it is very promising. Now we have radiation EVERY Day for 28 days!! The hospital where we go is 90 minutes away for me so will be a lot of driving. Yes the ex is going to help too. Starts the 19th.

So....catching up. Last week was mostly Tony.
3rd: One on One Vol 3 Disk 3 Shoulders and Arms MC2 plus Vol 2 Disck 12 Upper Body Balance. Nice!
4th: Nothing..dr day.
5th: OoO Vol 1 Disk 9 Bun Shaper plus P90X+ Interval X Plus.
6th: Nothing but did get in a 20 minute Yoga practice.
7th: Cathe Live 371 Step & Weights plus 370 Chiseled Upper Body Blast. Now THAT was good!! Both workouts had cardio and weights and was about 80 minutes total. Whew!!

Today back to Cathe Live 214 Total Body Giant Sets #2. Very good. The rep pace was good but the pace in between exercises was really fast! I really liked the first TBGS and I see there is a 3rd. Will be checking those out again.

Mickey12 01-10-22 08:28 PM

Kate I'm so happy you posted. I was wondering and praying for Justin. Oh what wonderful news!!!!

And I would like a 2022 thread since the title of the current one says "2021". ;)

Jules so sorry you have Covid but I'm glad the symptoms are manageable. We now have an additional 3 or 4 people in our office who have tested positive. It's just spreading like wildfire. I have test scheduled for Wednesday. I've been symptom-free but I have to get a test for my HR Department since I was in contact with a positive case. Lets hope for negative.

Tonight I did a new DVD, 10 Minute Solution Knockout Body with Jessica Smith. I like the 10 Minute Solution workouts. They usually have a lot of variety and they're not too brutal.

Happy Monday everyone!

Jules 01-11-22 12:08 PM

Kate: That is the best news ever! :sun: I am with Kim - please do start a new thread for 2022 whenever you have time.

Kim: I will have to check out 10-minute Solution. I have Jessica's Walk Strong 3 but I don't use it much since most of the workouts are intermediate. I originally got it so that I have no excuses when I don't have much motivation to exercise. I am reading that I should ease back into exercise after Covid because there isn't a lot known about how it affects the heart, etc. I am feeling a lot better today and I think yoga should be fine to do for now, but maybe I will do some Walk Strong next week. I am sure that I will be tempted to hit the workouts hard and need to restrain myself. :o Fingers crossed for you to test negative.

Hello to Linda and Malinda and anyone else out there!

KateTT 01-11-22 01:39 PM

Here's the link to our new thread:

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