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KateTT 06-30-21 01:59 PM

Fatkat!!!! SO good to hear from you my friend! I hope you've been well. Every time I see something about NO I think of you.

Linda: My two sons are my life! Just another (big) bump in the road but we'll get through it. Justin is staying positive.

Jules: Baron has several of his old practices on YouTube. I forgot how good they were.

Malinda: Thats a great rotation!!

So here is my week. Only one Dr. appointment so only a little interruption.

Monday was Cathe Live 304 Burn Sets Biceps Triceps + Live 307 All Core on the Floor. I LOVE these Burn Sets. Very heavy lifting! Slower pace and did I say heavy? Very excellent! I added on the Core on the Floor and that was excellent too. Literally all floor work abs.
Yoga was Gaia/ Troy Hadeed/ Grace of Pranayama. So nice. Slow Hatha flow.

Tues was Cathe Live 262 Cardio HiiT plus Core. Starts of with steady state cardio then the Hiit which wasn't horribly high impact. The core work was so good I did it twice (today too).
No Yoga as Justin had a Dr. Appointment.

Today was Cathe Live 302 Burn Sets Back Chest Shoulders + 262 Abs. Again very heavy lifting and this time I went at least 5lbs heavier than Cathe on all. Sometimes more depending on the exercises. Felt amazing!!!! And the core work added on was icing on the cake.
Yoga will probably be from Eoin Finn's new On Demand site. Yes I subscribed because I love anything Eoin. (sucker)

Sorry (not sorry) to enable. NOTE: some of these classes are on his DVDs. Others look totally new to me.

Happy Hump Daaaay! :sun:

Malinda 07-01-21 11:25 AM

Happy Thursday!

I was going to do the 2-month RWH rotation, but I don't like it, so I'm just sort of bouncing around different things for awhile.

Workouts since my last post:

Fri - RWH Lift It Hiit It Chest, Tris, Shoulders
Sat - Turbo Fire 55
Sun - Pull-ups/Push-ups/Swings + abs
Mon - CLX Burn Intervals
Tues - Triple Wave Pyramid + abs with DH
Wed - Pull-ups/Push-ups/Swings + RWH Abs #1
Thurs - 5.25 miles of .25 walk/run intervals

Kate - your dedication to your family & fitness are inspiring!

Jules - I'm going to have to look at the clips for S&S Boot Camp, if you say it's fun.

Linda - Thanks for the link to Total Body Trisets. It looks tough!

Kim - I hope you had an awesome trip!

Y'all take care and keep cool!

Jules 07-01-21 01:46 PM

Hey Gals! Strong & Sweaty is going great! Yesterday I did PHA. This is such an efficient workout. I love combining cardio and weights - my heart rate averaged 153 so it was up there the whole time. I followed up with Short & Sweet Yoga #3.

Today I did Cardio Slam. I wouldn't say this workout is "fun" for me, but it gets the job done. I did get a little light-headed with all the burpees but I didn't have to take any breaks. I will probably do some yin yoga later today.

Kate: Nice consistency! I see you have been doing a lot of Cathe Live. I want to subscribe again but I told myself I need to do all her workouts that I have not done much first. I am working my way thru them.

Malinda: I like all of Cathe's Boot Camp workouts. I am a boot camp junkie! :cool:

Shout out to Kim and Linda and anyone else reading!

fanofladyvols 07-01-21 06:46 PM

Kate do you have a list of lives you are working through? Or are you picking randomly?

Malinda did you not like RWH or did you just need to change things? I only have the one workout in the set so I'm interested to hear your thoughts.

Jules shout back!! I enjoy the bootCamp and PHA workouts from Cathe, too. They are usually pretty easy for me to modify.

Today was PIYO upper and the upper body workout from Slim, strong,sexy body sculpt by Michelle Dozois.

After this week of lower intensity workouts, I think I will combine full body kettlebell workouts with some metabolic bodyweight workouts and alternate pilates with some elliptical work. I think it will work well for a couple of weeks.

Waves to Kim!!

Mickey12 07-01-21 07:20 PM

Hey everyone, Iím still here but donít have a lot to post. My workouts have been very spotty and sort of uninspired. I just donít have the motivation and have been feeling tired lately. I know it will pass so Iím just waiting for that to happen. :o I enjoy reading everyoneís posts.

Malinda since youíre working from home now do you ever have to go into the office? I think a lot of businesses are going to go (or have already) completely remote and close their physical offices. I am the opposite of you and was extremely grateful to be able to go back to the office last year. I much prefer being at the office.

Malinda 07-01-21 09:19 PM

Linda, I meant I don't like the 2-month rotation calendar for RWH. I love the workouts! I really enjoyed the 1-month rotation because you do a variety of the strength-focused workouts (straight lifting, plus the circuit/contrast training), whereas you only seem to do the straight lifting for the first month of the 2-month rotation.

I should have been more clear about that!::D

Kim, I only go into the office once or twice a month now. My bosses are fine with me working from home. The firm isn't formally sanctioning it, but management is aware of the arrangement. I like working at home, and my back is much happier without the commute. I have a great set-up at home with a sit-to-stand desk & that helps my back, too. I don't miss the office at all. Funny how we are all different! I'm glad you are back in your office!:)

fanofladyvols 07-02-21 07:48 AM

Malinda thanks for letting me know that I still need to buy the RWH workouts. I have never been able to do a set or series for longer than a month. I'd like to blame it on having too many workouts...and certainly that doesn't help. But I think I have so many workouts because I don't like doing the same ones. :p

Kim you've been really busy and traveling. Sometimes we just need to rest! :heart:

Jules 07-02-21 02:04 PM

Just did Ramped Up Upper Body and I wanted to write down my thoughts on this one while they are still fresh in my mind.

I don't think I will reach for RUUB often in the future. The main deal-breaker for me is the music. I did not care for it at all and it was so loud that it drowned out Cathe's instructions. (I got the Strong & Sweaty workouts as downloads so there is no music off option.)

The weight work itself was very straight-forward. I usually chose to go one increment lighter than Cathe to lift with good form. I really liked the band finishers for shoulders, triceps and biceps. (I'm getting excited for Boss Bands!) All body parts seemed to be worked to exhaustion except for chest.

One major gripe that I have is for the triceps standing overhead extensions. At some point several years ago Cathe started using 2 lighter dumbbells pressed together instead of 1 heavier db for this exercise. I have long, curly hair and my hair gets caught between the dumbbells every time! It is quite painful. I make sure to sub out with 1 heavier db whenever she does this. I do the same when she uses 2 db's for back pullovers.

I will do some yoga this afternoon - not sure what practice yet.

Have a great holiday weekend!:sun:

fanofladyvols 07-02-21 02:41 PM

I agree but it's because my hands don't like two dumbbells, Jules.

I have this on DVD and so I do my own music. I love RUUP but wonder, if I couldn't opt out of music, if I still would? Probably not!

fanofladyvols 07-05-21 04:46 PM

Focusing on core, kettlebells and trying dancy cardio this week.

Today was kettlebell, core exercises and mobility. I'll be adding CS later.

Keep on flexing Fitchicks!!

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