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cjayd 11-13-21 05:04 AM

Quick question about Tracy Anderson mini trampoline workouts
Hi all,

Im watching a Tracy Anderson mini trampoline workout on eBay. Its in a cardboard sleeve and shes dressed in a white tank top and little white shorts turned to the side. Is this the mini trampoline workout that came with Continuity or is this the misprinted one that came with some year two Metas and isnt a rebounder workout but is just dance cardio. I want the rebounder workout not the dance cardio and I just want to make sure before I buy the wrong thing.

I know on the cover of her other rebounder workout shes in a blue bikini top and micro white shorts or a yellow bikini in the German version but I wasnt sure what the other older mini trampoline workout looks like. Thanks for your help!!


cjayd 11-17-21 08:15 PM

Bumping. Does anyone know this answer? Maybe whoever bought it on eBay?? Id love to know what to keep on the watch for. Thanks again.

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