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Laura S. 09-05-21 08:38 AM

Crone Cronies - I Love Labor Day, A Day When I Celebrate Work Without Doing Any! 9/5
The Cronies is a place for women who are mature in age or attitude. The group is highly diverse in that we have ages ranging from 30s to 60s, some are moms, some are single, some are teachers/professors, and some have jobs and work outside the home and some donít. We do our own thing and are happy when life doesnít get in the way too often. Some are training for a marathon, some donít even do vids, you get the picture.

Life and exercise are what we report. A thread is started every Sunday. Some report every day, others whenever they can.

Bottom line: we are a diverse group and very supportive of each otherís goals. Oh, and weíre funny as heck. If youíd like to join us, just come on down.

sciencelady 09-05-21 08:43 AM

Thanks for getting us started, Laura! Iím having computer problems at home - using my iPod to type this. No idea if fixable or not :(.


Laura S. 09-05-21 08:44 AM

The theme is a modified Maxine quote. It made me laugh.

So far, I've given Polly, the neighborhood, a good brushing, and I put on a load of quilts and towels. Polly had so much hair coming off her that impacted DH's allergies, so we got a cat brush and I've been brushing her to rid her of so much hair. Once she understood what I was doing, she has cooperated by sitting still.

Later, I'll pick up an order at Publix. I'll see what I get into this afternoon.

Yesterday, we went over to Mom and Dad's and hung out for a while. We kept our masks on per the instructions given us. After this Wednesday,we can stop wearing our masks indoors with everyone.

sciencelady 09-06-21 07:34 AM

Good morning!

Planning on walking Gus, then preparing for my birthday party at the flying trapeze place (pick up cupcakes, water and ice) and then going this afternoon! Hope it all works well! Today is the last day of the State Fair also, so hopefully all will be done there and life will go back to quieter. Yay! I did get my internet to work again after restarting my computer.

Laura, nice that you're able to brush Polly - is that your name for her or the real name? Nice to get a good brushing that she likes :heart:. It's nice to have a visiting cat instead of one in my house!

Hope Paula is having a good time in NC!

Waves to all!


Laura S. 09-06-21 05:39 PM

It was a nice and relaxed day. We haven't done much. I pet Polly this morning and chatted with my across-the-street neighbor. This afternoon, I made a bunch of cards using my gel plate. That was fun.

Anita - It's good that your Internet is okay. I hope that you have a great birthday party!

sciencelady 09-07-21 07:44 AM

Good morning!

Happy birthday to me! :music: I had a wonderful time seeing friends yesterday at my party - all went well there! Adelija flew well and got caught for the first time! It was wonderful to catch up with friends :heart:. The TC2 boss also charged lots less for me, which was wonderful also!

Today, I'll walk Gus with Adelija and may hit some stores for groceries and assorted stuff.

Laura, enjoy your pet from afar! Polly is having a good time with you!

Waves to all!


Laura S. 09-07-21 09:26 AM

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Annnnniiiiiiiitttttttaaaa!
Happy birthday to you!

(At least you can't hear how out of tune I am this way! :D)

I hope you have a great day. It's good that you had such a good party yesterday. It sounds like the ideal for you.

We're shopping for an upright freezer, so I'm doing research on the Internet today. Once I get that ordered, I'll move to on to a DVD player. Last evening, we found that ours had died - the downstairs one.

I continue finishing the cards I created yesterday. And I have some things to do around the house.

sciencelady 09-08-21 07:33 AM

Good morning!

Planning on going for a walk with Gus and going to my doctor for a yearly checkup. Adelija is doing homework for a Latvian high school and won't be joining me. I don't know how she'll be doing both schools at the same time! Gus got a nail trim yesterday, but stressed out and only had part of one foot trimmed - argh. The rest got trimmed.

Laura, thanks for the birthday wishes - I'm sure your tuning is better than mine! ;) Sorry no upright freezer here - I did use the fridge downstairs for the party supplies and was happy it still worked! I do have two DVD players though - one standard one with an old VHS player, and one with the special blue-ray DVD features. I got rid of the rest. I've learned not to need to look for lots of features in the player.

Waves to all!


Laura S. 09-08-21 12:53 PM

Well, I ordered a freezer last night. It's back ordered until the end of October, but that's fine. Our old one still works. I felt like I got a pretty good price for it at Home Depot.

Today, I need to run a couple of errands. I want to mail the wedding album journal thing I did for my niece and we need to pick up prescriptions. The day seems to be just melting away. If I have time, I may try to get over to Mom and Dad's, but the day if flying by. We'll see.

Anita - She's doing both schools? Yikes! Maybe that's why she didn't mind being a junior again because she's doing her senior year at home? Could she just want the international experience and not sorry too much about how she does here? Anyway, I hope she has a good year with all that work.

sciencelady 09-09-21 07:28 AM

Good morning!

Today is Adelija's first day at school - I'll give her a ride, but she'll try the city bus back. Hope all works well - luckily she is a city girl used to bus traffic and figuring out where to go. We did figure out what her school schedule is and where her classes are. I'll be playing Carcassonne and taking Gus for a walk. Maybe a grocery stop also, then waiting for her to get home OK.

Laura, sounds like that delay in getting appliances still holds - glad you're able to wait! Yeah, Adelija has been in school a week before school starts here - I've helped with some of her English homework from Latvija and didn't do well :(. That girl will be very busy this year! I'm just hoping she has a good time in school and enjoys it!

Waves to all!


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