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toaster 09-01-21 09:50 AM

Barefoot & On the Mat, September 2021 - "Do you remember...September!"
Happy September! I didn't see a new checkin so decided to start one. Who remembers the old Earth, Wind, & Fire song? :music:

This checkin is for ANYONE and EVERYONE who enjoys ANY type of barefoot workouts, including yoga, Pilates, Classical Stretch/Essentrics, kickboxing, kettlebells, barefoot cardio, whatever - we welcome all! We are a friendly group of diverse ages and backgrounds. Post your workouts or not, we don't care...we'd love to have you join us in any capacity!

Here's a quote I like for September:
"The windows are open, admitting the September breeze: a month that smells like notepaper and pencil shavings, autumn leaves, and car oil. A month that smells like progress and moving on."
~Lauren Oliver

toaster 09-01-21 09:56 AM

Replies from yesterday:

Pat, I do easier Pilates stuff because I can't keep up otherwise! I love hearing about your nature discoveries.

Paine, it made me sad to hear that your grandson was scared of starting school. How did it go?

cyana, I guess it's too late to banish the furry creature to another part of the house? :o I'm really liking the Senior Shape stuff, although she has high expectations for "beginner." ;)

Sandra, oh no on the smoke AND the cold - rest up!

Hope everyone else is doing okay (where has Pam been?) as we move into September (already?) - Happy September and Happy Wednesday! :sun:

Pat58 09-01-21 10:28 AM

Beth - Pam has been on vacation, from Facebook it looks like they are glamping with family. Thank you for starting the September check-in!

I posted on the old thread:

Good morning! I took advantage of the nice reduction in humidity to walk yesterday. :) Altogether, I did:

~ 20 minute lunch walk
~ Margaret Richard Good for You segment one (back, shoulders, inners and outers, abs)
~ Yoga with Bird yoga in bed practice
~ 6,000 steps for the day

On my walk I came upon a wild peach tree growing out of the swampy woods to the side. It isn't very tree shaped - straggly branches and a twisted trunk, but the peaches look like regular eating ones. I wonder if a squirrel buried a peach pit down there years ago?

Thinking of Paine's grandson today!

Sandra, I'm sorry to hear of your cold and the smoke encroaching. Yikes on both! Were you scared it could be COVID? :eek:

Cyana, I wonder if one of the short yoga in bed videos could help a person get back to sleep after waking up? I'll be looking for more options for sure.

Everyone have a great day, and stay safe if you're in the path of Ida's final beat down.

toaster 09-01-21 10:30 AM

Pat, I thought Pam might be glamping again but was wondering because she often checks in even then. ;)

If you search "go back to sleep" on Youtube, there are some videos...but I know most people don't want to whip out a video in the middle of the night.

Paine 09-01-21 10:54 AM

Give Me Strength (Upper Body work plus Abs, Quads and Stretch/Cool Down)

Beth, thank you for starting our September thread! :sun:
It sounds like my grandson's 1st day at school yesterday was OK. He wasn't afraid of starting school, he just wanted a longer summer vacation. He still dreaded going to school this morning and prefers to stay home. I remember feeling that way after having summer vacation so I understand how he feels.

Cyana, Egads, waking up at 3am and then working a long day is difficult. I hope you had good sleep last night.

Good Morning Pat!

toaster 09-01-21 10:56 AM

Paine, I can definitely relate to wanting a longer summer vacation!!! :D

cyana 09-01-21 12:37 PM

To celebrate the best month on the calendar:

From Leonid and Friends:

And the wonderful Earth, Wind and Fire (RIP Maurice :heart: And may his brother, Verdine, keep on dancing around those stages for many more years! ):

Waves to ALL. :sun:

JustSandra 09-01-21 12:42 PM

Hi all!

Beth: Thanks for starting us off this month!

Still have my cold, and in fact just called in sick to work. Luckily I have oodles of PTO (paid time off) to draw on. My sore throat is gone, and I've moved on into the drippy nose part.:o I'm pretty certain this is a common variety cold. My little grandniece came home from kindergarten with one about a week and a half ago, which she gave to my niece and my brother! So I'm pretty sure that's how I caught it, since I am masked most everywhere else.

Right now the weather here is beautiful, with cooler than average temps and clear skies. Sadly the Caldor Fire is still kicking out lots of smoke. However, when I last checked the news the firefighters have been successfully steering the flames around most of the houses.

Feeling creaky, so it at least try for some stretching later.

Waving to all!

yogapam 09-01-21 05:35 PM

Hello mat mavens!
I have been away glamping and visiting with family. We were 9 nights in a lovely campground near Victoria. We did some nice hikes, mostly kept it flat as my hip is still misbehaving, and my weekly step count cracked 100,000 for a few days. But I did pay a price for it, lol. We spent a lot of time with DS1 & family. :love: We also saw our niece who’s expecting her first baby next month. We visited DH’s sister who we haven’t seen in ages. She is a bit of a recluse & doesn’t go out much. We had a good visit & it was nice to see her. We also spent a day on my beloved Salt Spring Island & took in the outdoor market which I love. So….no formal workouts while I was there.

Today I saw my PT. He feels I was misdiagnosed & what I actually have is a right glute med tendinopathy aka dead butt, lol. It’s related to my lumbar spine degeneration which is primarily age related and has contributed to issues I’ve had in the past. He said because it’s chronic so may take a couple of months to heal. I had IMS & have exercises to do. This has been plaguing me for ages and nothing I’ve done has helped much, so I’m glad to have a course of treatment. He’s always fixed me up so I have faith!

Today’s workouts, before PT:
~Jessica’s pyramid walk
~Jessica’s standing abs
~MFML: Seated Yoga
~MELT: hip & thigh focus

Sandra - I hope you feel better soon! I’m glad you aren’t dealing with smoke and I hope they get the fires under control. We still have fires up here on the mainland, but so far it hasn’t affected us on the island. It’s a very scary situation!

Beth - Thanks for starting us off!

Pat - Cool to find that peach tree, did you pick some peaches? I’ve been putting peaches in my salads lately.

Paine - I hope your grandson’s settles into school. I think it’s hard for little ones these days as they’ve had so little socialization outside their family during Covid.

Cyana - I couldn’t get those links to work, maybe because I’m not in the USA? :(

Waves to all!

YogaGal 09-01-21 07:29 PM

Thank you all for consoling me over losing Zippy. He picked up Moxieís role as yoga cat, often coming in to do some yoga with me or with DH. Iím channeling his spirit for now when I do yoga until I get another cat trained to enjoy some Savasana with me. I have good days and some sad, emotional days, but gradually DH and I are gradually adjusting the this new normal of being a cat-less household. And yes, weíve already talked about getting 1 or 2 cats, but we arenít ready yet.

I did Jessicaís Bikini Body from YouTube yesterday and have some major DOMS in my glutes and thighs today. I plan on stretching yoga this evening and perhaps a cardio or upper body workout as I recover. I also did Day 12 of Kassandraís morning yoga challenge from 2020.

Beth: Thanks for starting us off this month and including a reference to one of my favorite songs, September! Your new webpage looks fantastic! I like the fonts and colors.

cyana: Iím glad you enjoyed your time off and hope that your workload eases up sometime soon. Thanks for sharing links to Leonid and EW&F singing September.

Pam: Iím glad you got an accurate diagnosis and a course of treatment to help your ďdead butt.Ē Time for family and hiking sounds like a success!

Sandra: Sorry about your cold. How is your knee doing? Hope the smoke clears up soon, but the fires seem especially bad this year. :(

Paine: Glad to hear that your grandsonís first day back at school went ok. I am slowly adjusting to being back at work, but still getting used to it. I couldn't remember the log-in for the Reference Computer at work after being away for so long. :eek:

Pat: Yoga with Bird yoga in bed practice sounds like a winner! Low humidity days are nice! It was much more humid in Payson than our home in the Phoenix area. But it was much cooler and more conducive to walks, especially in the evening.

Garrie: I loved seeing the pictures of your new workout space (and all that great fitness equipment!) at your new home. Glad you and your SO are enjoying the new place! Good luck with new semester rush at the bookstore. Seems quieter at my school as a lot of classes are still online and many others are hybrid.

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