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Tugger31 08-10-21 01:56 PM

Lauren Gleisberg
Has anyone done any of her more recent workout plans? I have the home version of one of her Weight Training Plans (I think it just called 2.0, it's 8 weeks long). I'm eyeing the Plan X and her Q3 plan but wondering if they are anything new compared to what I already have?

edensmom 08-10-21 02:21 PM

I have the 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, X, 30 day home workout plan, last year's circuit training plan, 2 of the 30x30 plans, and a bunch of her challenges. I stopped doing her plans with the circuit training plan last year as I got sick of the activation circuits. I prefer warm up sets with lighter weight to prepare my body rather than doing 4 exercises that are unrelated to my main lift..that's just me. I did enjoy both 3.0 and X. They both feature her newer style: activation circuit, working sets, finishing circuit. I don't believe 2.0 is laid out like that, I'd have to look. I've been doing her workouts as my mainstay since maybe 2014 up til last year. Just got bored and moved on. So to answer your question yes her newer stuff offers something different to what you have.

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