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Vantreesta 07-23-21 10:56 AM

August 2021 Add 'em up Goals & Habits Challenge ~Join us!
Come join us in setting and achieving goals to promote your overall wellness! We are a friendly and welcoming group who love to chat when we have time, but please also feel free to join us if you want to just focus on your goals. No pressure here to address everyone; share as little or as much as you want!

We have been doing this challenge for many years now. While it is not strictly about fitness goals, we agree that our daily life goals work together with our fitness goals to make us happier and more balanced, so we combine them in this challenge. Feel free to join us! You can tailor it to your schedule if you need to take a week off for vacation or only count so many days. Whatever works for you!

Premise: Choose your goals for the month. Every time you complete a goal you get a point. Multiply your number of daily goals by the number of days in the month. This is your max total points. If you choose, reward yourself for reaching a certain percentage of your max possible (I use 90% for my personal goal), multiply by your max to get your total goal points. I also give myself extra credit options.

**Take this challenge however you wish. I used to total my points all the time but have fallen away from that and now just track my goals. There really are no rules, your challenge is your own, we're just here for support and to help each other with accountability. We would love to have you join us!

Vantreesta 07-23-21 10:59 AM

Vannie's August goals

Mindfulness. Planning. Commitment. Discipline. Consistency.

1. Get up at 7:00 AM (EC: 1 pt per 15 minutes early)
2. In bed by 11:00 PM or right after post-game show (EC: 1 pt per 15 minutes early)
3. Stay within calorie allowance on MyFitnessPal
4. Stay within sugar allowance on MyFitnessPal
5. Meet minimum protein goal on MyFitnessPal
6. No seconds at supper 5 nights/week
7. Take all supplements
8. Drink chamomile/herbal tea before bed
9. Train Cyric 5 days/week
10. Listen to a dog training podcast 5 days/week
11. Brush Cyric 2 days/week
12. Brush Cyric's teeth 5 days/week
13. Workout 5 days/week
14. Glute activation/hamstring rehab 5 days/week
15. Calf/shin rehab 5 days/week
16. Foam roll 4 days/week
17. Meet weekly minutes goal (10 pts) (EC available: 1 pt per 30 minutes over)
18. No watching YouTube till after workouts and chores (doing YT workouts is fine, just no sitting and watching)
19. Read on Sundays
20. Spend at least 10 minutes a day learning Helen's database
21. Go to church when home--must rebuild this habit!

Extra credit:
1. 7 hours of sleep (10 pts)
2. 20000 steps
3. Start AM walk by 9:00

Max possible points: ( avg pts/day)
Points goal (90%): ( avg pts/day)
Reward: personal satisfaction!

June 1-6 pts (out of avg ) ~ %
June 7-13 pts (out of avg ) ~ %
June 14-20 pts (out of avg ) ~ %
June 21-27 pts (out of avg ) ~ %
June 28-30 pts (out of avg ) ~ %

total for the month: / ~ %

Leonana 07-23-21 11:55 PM

Here for August!

Catahoula Cate 07-26-21 09:23 AM

Katie's August Goals:

Daily for 1 pt each:
1. supplements/vitamins
2. Daily Devotion
3. walk
4. dvd or youtube
5. Keep up with Daily Exercise Chart
6. Declutter
7. Gratitude Journal

Total Points Available: 217 Goal: 195

Total: 158 pts

MathTeacher 08-01-21 10:14 AM

August Goals

Daily goals

Eye drops
Drink water
Drink Green Tea
Hip and Thigh Exercises BEFORE WORK

Weekly Exercise Goals

Lower Body (Pilates, Barre or Callanetics) 3 times
Cathe Upper Body 3 times

Stay away from the negatvity at work

Leonana 08-01-21 05:49 PM

I thought I would bump the thread. I'm still doing Lift and Shift.

I have a yard work project, so not sure how many workouts I will fit in. I'm shoveling up some wood chip mulch from a flower bed. We've decided bare dirt is easier to manage. But it's hot, and I'm limited on the time I have to do it, early morning or evening.

Vannie, I have a new respect for your humid weather. We had some rain the night before, I tried shoveling the mulch the next morning. At 8 am it was 80 degrees and 70% humidity. I thought I was going to die, the sweat was pouring off of me. I've never been so hot in my life! Although, I don't usually do yard work when it's 115, but I can definitely say I've never sweat that much!

Vantreesta 08-01-21 07:38 PM

How is it August already?? I need to solidify my goals!

Sherry, the sun and humidity make more difference in how it feels than the temp, in my opinion. Some of my runs this summer have been pretty steamy!

Yesterday hubby and I went to another Ren Fest and had a good day. Today I went back with our friend and her kids. A different but still fun day. I don't get to spend a lot of time with the kids bc get togethers are usually adult events. I am exhausted! Yesterday we got up at 5:50. Today I overslept till 6:30 so didn't have enough time to really choose an outfit and get ready so I wore normal clothes. Plus I slightly sunburned my chest yesterday and didn't feel like exposing it to the sun again so soon.

Last week was kind of a bust with workouts. I had to take some time to rest my calf but then I just wasn't feeling like working out. I did enough to meet my minutes but nothing too hard. I need to set out my plan for this week. Tmrw will be my virtual 5k, which I admit I'm not looking forward to after not running since last Monday.

Vantreesta 08-02-21 09:09 AM

I was so exhausted last night after two days of being up by 6:30 (and all the nights before of staying up till midnight at least) that I actually went to bed at 9:45!! And then a horrible headache woke me up around 5 smthg. I tossed and turned in pain a while, knowing I needed to take smthg for it but not wanting to get up. I finally did at 5:50 and moved to the recliner since lying flat with a headache is worse for me. I know I turned off a 7:20 alarm but then slept through two more. I'm just getting up! Headache is better but still not gone. I hope I start feeling better after fresh air on our walk and breakfast. I have so much I want to get done today!

Vantreesta 08-03-21 09:04 PM

Man, the 3rd day of the month is almost over and I still didn't get my goals set and spreadsheets printed!

Leonana 08-03-21 09:56 PM

Yesterday, I started the first week of month two of Lift and Shift. I think I'm a week behind the schedule. I did sub a workout for the HIIRT, and did Jessica's 21 Day Shed and Tred. Not the same intensity, but after yard work and house work, I was not up for it! Today I did the Fine Toning workout.

Vannie, I hope your week goes better for you, and you get your goals set and spreadsheets done.

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