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missaulnier 05-20-14 07:51 PM

Anyone tried Billy Blanks PT 24/7? Its super cheap on Amazon.
I was looking for workouts to add some calorie burn to my rotation and happened upon Billy Blanks PT 24/7 on Amazon. It's $57.99 OFF the regular Amazon price - $21.99. I watched some clips online and it looked pretty good to me. I ordered it because I couldn't pass up the deal and I'm always on the prowl for short workouts that will help me get in some cardio.

Has anyone tried it? It looked appealing to me me because it seems easier on the knees than Focus T25. I went through a Tae Bo phase back in the day, and found it was a nice change up from the Firm style workouts I was doing at the time. It was so inexpensive I figured it would be worth the gamble.

lingo10 05-20-14 10:45 PM

I bought one a while back when it first came out. Its alot of fun. You cross the bands behind your legs and arms. And its really good resistance and boxing. The punches are more challenging. and you do cardio in it too.

I still use my set.

Buzzer 05-21-14 07:54 AM

I bought it a while ago. It's good, but you must love Billy. The strap thingies to me were uncomfortable and awkward, but I just used ankle weights and hand weights instead and still got a good workout. I haven't done a rotation, but the workouts I did were good.

Laura S. 05-21-14 08:19 AM

I got this last summer and never did it. Between ordering it and receiving it, my lower back just went crazy with pain and I was in PT for a long time. Since then, I was hesitant to do those types of movements. But, I'm coming back and still want to do it someday. It's good to hear that people enjoyed it.

Of course, I could have saved some money by buying now, but even back then it was discounted.

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