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Vantreesta 10-01-21 05:41 PM

Endurance Check-in Fall 2021~Swim Bike Row Run Hike Move!
Happy October! Best month of the year and home of the best day of the year, Halloween! :p

We are a diverse group of exercisers. We get knocked down but we eventually get up again and keep on going. We like hiking, cycling, running, rowing, swimming, power walking and more. We like to swap workout ideas, inspiration and challenges, whether it's a goal of walking every day or committing to a race. We get a little outside our comfort zones and yes, there may be whining, but in the end we are glad we did it. Onward and upward.

Vantreesta 10-01-21 05:43 PM

I have a long list of Halloween-themed workouts I found on YouTube that I will be doing this month.

Today I did Jenny Ford Zombie Step Aerobics. I was surprised I actually followed along so well...after I stepped on my own foot! :p Combo 3 of dead leg repeaters will probably haunt me tmrw as I squatted low enough to touch the 6" step each time. I really enjoyed this and got distracted some bc I was having fun watching the zombies behind her! So glad I finally have a setup that allowed me to do this workout.

I followed that with Lesley Fightmaster's Glowing Yoga Body Workout (Halloween Vinyasa) 30 Minute Flow. I have missed Lesley and loved that she had fun with this and made me chuckle several times with her howls and ghost noises. :)

Fun day! I hadn't worked out since last Friday bc I've been too distracted with all my decorating but it felt good to get my heart rate up and sweat it out!

AlisonH 10-01-21 06:29 PM

Thanks for starting the new thread, Vantreesta! Happy October! Itís my favorite month too, both Halloween and my birthday. :)

Today I biked farther than Iíve ever biked beforeó66.1 miles! It was the most perfectly beautiful day, and I biked on the rail-trail. It was hard, but I felt good most of the ride, except a few times when I felt like I was bonking. But then each time I had a GU or clif bar and felt better. I should have brought a little more food with me.

I need to bike somewhat long again Sunday and then just a few short rides before the century. Iím pretty apprehensive about 100 miles given that 66 was that hard, so we shall see. There is a metric century length, but it doesnít go out to the water and the horses, which is the whole point to doing this ride. Side note: Iím terrified of horses, but Iím hoping I can handle it.

Vantreesta 10-02-21 04:54 PM

Today I did Brad Belote Halloween Workout Dance Fitness 2017. It was really long at an hour but I also haven't done a single workout that was that long in ages so there is that. There were some fun moves in it but the sound quality was so bad that I had my TV up just a few notches below full blast to hear the music and even then it wasn't always easy and sometimes I couldn't understand him very well. (But full disclosure, I have one ear partially plugged thanks to sinuses or allergies and I had 3 fans blowing on high, so your results may vary!) I probably won't do this one again. I didn't know some of the songs, which definitely took away from it for me since I listen to Halloween inspired music all the time! By the time Another One Bites the Dust (love this song) came on right before the cooldown I was quite over the workout and just did my own thing. The first 40 or so minutes are dancey cardio and then he does some unweighted strength stuff. I followed it with Strong Knees 7 minutes to save your knees and stretch.

Alison, I impressed with your biking! Talk about endurance, girl! You're so lucky your birthday is in October. Mine is 2 weeks after Halloween. I asked my mom once why she didn't go out walking and doing squats so I could be born and Halloween and she informed me that's not how it works. :D

Hello to Daphne and Pratima!

Cleda 10-03-21 05:36 AM


Originally Posted by AlisonH (Post 2942638)

I need to bike somewhat long again Sunday and then just a few short rides before the century. Iím pretty apprehensive about 100 miles given that 66 was that hard, so we shall see. There is a metric century length, but it doesnít go out to the water and the horses, which is the whole point to doing this ride. Side note: Iím terrified of horses, but Iím hoping I can handle it.

Alison: as a long time cyclist (and one who's favorite distance used to be the century!!!) you will be FINE doing the century. You have more than enough miles on your legs and have trained well. (now it's probably a mental game more than anything!!!) If you can do 66.1 miles on your own, on a bike trail, you'll be fine. And I believe I've read you've stacked several Peloton rides. Just take it in smaller chunks. If you've done 25, you can do 50, if you've done 50, you can do 66, if you've done 66, you can 75, if you've done 75? Just tack on that last 25 and you're there! But yes, make sure you have enough Gu or whatever your nutrition of choice is. And make sure to stay hydrated as well. (You can always have a water bottle with some electrolytes as well so you don't get leg cramps). Don't forget, you'll also have people around you (if it's an organized century) and rest stops along the way .... Much like running, you'll hit a wall at certain miles. Just plod along! You've done the training. Enjoy the ride! ;)

Back to lurking (but now I have an arrow for this check in to pop in occasionally!!!!) :sun:


AlisonH 10-04-21 06:57 AM

Thanks, Cleda, that helps a lot! Iím doing the Sea Gull Century in MarylandóIím guessing thereís a good chance youíve done it. I always forget to bring an electrolyte drink, so I need to be sure to pick up something. I have a 1.5 liter camelback-type bladder that I use for water. They have 4 rest stops this year, about every 20 miles. One only has water, but the rest have food too, plus I have all my GUs and clif bars.

Yesterday I rode 30 miles with my friend and her husband. They were on a tandem bike, which was fun to follow. They flew down the hills, but I kept up with them the rest of the ride. We rode from their house in Maryland through Rock Creek Park in DC, which was so nice. Much of the park is closed to car traffic on the weekend, but we had to share the roads a lot too. That part of town is so much more bike-friendly than where I live. We saw hundreds of other bikers.

This morning was Benís James Bond Peloton ride and a fun Bradley 80s ride. Iím glad Iím doing this, and I do like all these rides, but Iím ready to return to a mix and match cardio plan.

Pratima 10-04-21 12:40 PM

Wow Allison! I've never ridden more than about 20 miles. I agree you can do 100. Is anyone doing that century with you? Definitely focus on fueling! And check ALL your stuff beforehand. A friend of mine had a cleat suddenly break on hers and had to stop really early.

I was waiting to hear about a possible shutdown. I'd keep working because we're funded annually (through next Sept.) but it's possible the people I work with may have been furloughed. Glad it all worked out, at least for now.

Vantreesta, I think DH is going to set up some Halloween stuff outside today. I'm feeling oddly meh about it this year. The kids still want to dress up, but since it's on a Sunday, the actual evening festivities will be somewhat limited. DH will work on the actual holiday.

Daphne and Cleda--I went to Best Buy (to look at monitors because mine died) and saw a Hydrow! That thing is BIG. I didn't actually try it because I was afraid I'd like it! My folding one is definitely better for our space though.

I did my trail 10K on Saturday. We went up north for a little vacation Thur to Sunday. No big hikes like usual but I did get in a little 2 mile solo hike Fri. and we did a 2 mile loop on an urban trail Sunday. The 10K went really well! I was bummed initially because a friend was supposed to run and ended up not coming. I set a goal of finishing under 90 minutes because DS was doing a kids' race 90 minutes after mine started.

The altitude didn't bother me as much as I'd feared or as much as when I did the half. I paced myself pretty well, though I walked up a lot of hills and absolutely flew down hills. Ended up finishing in 1:23. The course was 5.95 instead of 6.2 but I still would have finished under 1:30 so I'm happy!

I signed up for a 5K on 10/24 to give myself something to do. Still, I'm feeling a little lost now! Did a Peloton barre workout today. I joined a gym back in June, a new location that opened up very nearby, so maybe I'll go check that out this week (it just opened on 9/22.

Waves to Daphne!

Cleda 10-05-21 03:45 AM


Originally Posted by AlisonH (Post 2942833)
Thanks, Cleda, that helps a lot! Iím doing the Sea Gull Century in MarylandóIím guessing thereís a good chance youíve done it.

Yep ... I have done that one MANY, MANY times .... I just wish I had known ahead of time that was the one you were doing, I would have joined you. I have been hankering to do that one for awhile as it's been a few years, but never anyone to ride with. And I'm actually NOT working that day (usually I am!) I used to suggest to those who wanted to try a century for the first time to start with the Seagull Century. You will be fine.

As a matter of fact, there was a year a bunch of us VFers did that ride. If I remember correctly, it was cold and rainy and miserable that year. I think they removed the "pie stop" which used to be apple pie and hotdogs at mile 82. The best part of the ride. ;)

If you're lucky you will see some wild ponies as you go over to Asstaugue. When I heard you mention the ponies before, I thought, "Hmmm ... That sounds like the Seagull".... I ran my half marathon in the same area!!!

Have a wonderful time. And post back (i know you will!)

Cleda 10-05-21 03:49 AM

Was going to edit
But decided to just add on to this .....

Daphne has done the Seagull also.

We even had t-shirts that someone designed and had made for us that had a Seagull riding a bike and throwing vhs tapes and something like, "Duck ...." and it said "No silly! that's a Seagull" or something like that. I have mine still. (I should go dig it out and see exactly what it says!!!

Anyway .... See?? I'm all happy and excited for you .....

Daphne M 10-05-21 01:58 PM

ALison - YES! I have done Seagull twice. Once on my hybrid and again a year or two later on my road bike. You will do great! The rest stops were really fun and I enjoyed them including the one with the pie. It's so flat -- every mile you've biked around here will take you about x3 further on that course.

I'll post on Friday or this weekend. It's my crazy frantic busy time of year at work and I'm just trying to get through the next week. But still loving my Peloton, my Hydrow and my runs. Only running 2 or 3 miles at a time but it feels like all I want or need right now.

Have a great ride! And WAVES TO EVERYONE ELSE

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