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Sara1000 08-24-11 10:53 AM

Stop Doing Kegels (seriously)
I found this article enlightening!

SpiritSong 08-24-11 11:31 AM

Wow. Now I know why I should be doing all that stretching I've been skipping. Thanks for sharing!

Nairobinicole 08-24-11 11:32 AM

Interesting article. I might have missed it, but how long do we stay down in the squat for it to be effective? I think I read three times a day, right?

eyefit 08-24-11 01:08 PM

Great article..thanks for posting! Now I have one more reason to keep up my glute exercises (squats and all). The first reason I found out was for the sake of my knees (muscle imbalance causing them to turn in too much and causing chondromalacia) and now for the sake of my pelvic floor. Hmm, maybe someday I can actually do jumping jacks again!:o

psnave 08-24-11 01:41 PM

Interesting read. I'd love to hear more opinions. I can see how the squats could be effective, but for me the article didn't have enough info to justify abandoning kegels entirely (but I could be missing something).

Tan 08-24-11 01:44 PM

Life changing, seriously. Thankyou for posting this. I may order the DVD.

glamgal 08-24-11 01:59 PM

Very interesting. Good news for me since my pelvic floor could definitely use some strengthening, but I could never make myself do kegels. (I can't do jumping jacks without a little pee escaping; however, I can usually do a light jog with no issues.) I'm excited about adding some deep squats to my daily routine!

KellyMarie65 08-24-11 02:11 PM

Good article. Maybe I should order the Killer Butt dvd :)

MKEMom 08-24-11 02:21 PM

Thank you very much. I don't have trouble with this particular issue yet, but I want to make sure it stays that way. I'll also be adding some deep squats throughout my day whenever possible.

Pam 08-24-11 02:35 PM

I would like to see and maybe order her other DVDs as well. I was able to requested through interlibrary loan 5 of her DVDs that relate to issues I would like to deal with .

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