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tytbody 10-28-21 10:11 AM

Howís the noe-Easter treating you?
We have no electricity
No heat.
All I could do is walk the dog.

I have some Indian club exercises I can do from memory

Canít even use the computer to play dvd cause I have no electricity 🤣
When night falls all you can do is go to bed

I also had my kindle to read, that is good

Dog and I are sitting on couch trying to couch potatoís but we canít even generate enough heat to bake. Lol.

They have claimed state of emergency !!!!

Rather this than ❄️.

Good thing I donít mind fruit and water. And peanut butter and jelly

DCW 10-28-21 11:09 AM

I will never need a reason to eat peanut butter.

I hope you are safe and power comes back soon.

Erica H. 10-28-21 11:19 AM

Ds1 and his girlfriend are in Boston and lost power 30 hours ago and still don't know when it will come back on. Ds1 feasted out of the refrigerator before the food spoiled and is now getting impatient and frustrated. He's lucky because his gf works in human resources for a major restaurant company and they hung out in one of the restaurants yesterday eating free food, watching tv, and using wifi. Hoping it returns soon.

I love peanut butter so much. I haven't been able to stop eating it lately.

Hope your power comes back soon! It's no fun, that's for sure. :(


Pam61 10-28-21 12:19 PM

Here in RI, I didn't lose power. But with the strong winds my grill cover blew off of the grill and I found it in the yard. The same with my patio cushions and pillows...time to bring those indoors, I suppose. In past years, we've had downed trees, completely uprooted and falling across the sidewalk or road. Another time a tree in our side yard nicked the roof and lattice of our neighbor, and missed their sunroom by an inch.

Yesterday I went to MA, where I do most of my grocery shopping. Many stores closed (without power) and street lights were out only about five miles or so from me. One store (they were open) but could only buy dry goods as coolers/freezers were out. The same store has been without power before and no cash registers were working, during a previous storm.

I love peanut butter! Have been adding it to oatmeal, along with vanilla whey protein good! But, need power for that! ;)

Boston is only an hour drive for me, and I heard from a number of folks (MA residents) that were without power. National Grid is going to be busy.

Pat58 10-28-21 01:05 PM

We lost power Tuesday night - Wednesday morning. I thought the house was going to get washed down the street Tuesday night, it was :eek:

Still high winds, downed limbs around, etc., but thankfully we've had power since yesterday morning.

sherry7899 10-28-21 01:08 PM

Pat, what happened to your house?!

Erica H. 10-28-21 01:13 PM


Originally Posted by Pat58 (Post 2945177)
We lost power Tuesday night - Wednesday morning. I thought the house was going to get washed down the street Tuesday night, it was :eek:

Pat - what happened? Are you okay?

Update: my son in Boston just got his power back. 32 hours - could have been worse.


Pat58 10-28-21 03:22 PM

Oh yes, we are okay! Sorry if I sounded too dramatic. The wind and rain were scary, that's all. But we are unscathed thank goodness. It's just messy everywhere here.

tytbody 10-28-21 05:20 PM

This is history for me.
My son did come by because I let the phone die

I am still no power no heat.

I donít know how many hours itís been but this is like tsunami mess here.

Glad itís night so I will just go to bed.

Sitting in the car now to charge the cell phone.

My mind is thinking too much. I have on 3 layers of clothing and a hat and scarf.

All we can do is shelter in place. Gas station lines are like when we had to be in line like Ĺ hour years ago

This is so hard. We need power to be at peace .

I donít know what to say. They need to call in National Guard to get this power on expediently. ☹️

Erica H. 10-28-21 05:59 PM

I'm sorry, Cheryl. I saw some estimates for power to be restored aren't until 10/30. My son's was back before the estimate and I hope yours is too.

We have well water, so no running water when the power is out - no toilets, showers, hand washing, etc. It's absolutely awful.

Hang in there and I hope you have electricity soon.


Demeris 10-29-21 12:27 AM

Oh my gosh. You poor souls. I dearly hope you get your electricity back quickly. And I hope all those in your area are safe.

tytbody 10-29-21 07:47 AM

Thank you everyone. I hope all others who are affected by this power outage get power soon!!!

We need it.

Mine came on at 11:45 last night , Thursday! Again I do t know how I woke up but it happened.

Be ever so grateful for power. It literally runs the world.

I you run on Dunkin I know you need power.

Itís a horrible feeling to be in the dark about everything

Download 5 days of exercises so you can have something to watch on your computer or fully charged phones.

I couldnít even get the weather yesterday !!!!!

And now Iím be quiet after a storm.

Everyone. Have a giant candle or some type of light that will work when the power or other disaster could happen.

Pat58 10-29-21 09:53 AM

I'm happy to hear your power is on. When we lose it, it shows just how dependent we are on it.

tytbody 10-29-21 10:35 AM


Originally Posted by Pat58 (Post 2945280)
I'm happy to hear your power is on. When we lose it, it shows just how dependent we are on it.

Hi Pat:

Now I know how horrible you can get out of balance when you don't communicate even with people you will never see.

I didn't realize was getting out of sorts because I didn't do what my son said to do and that was to charge the phone in the car fully ,

Well, I charged my phone only Ĺ way to reserve gas but then came in the house, had turned off the car, come to find out, he had my house keys with him. Oiy-vey.

so, he had to come back because I could not start the car to charge the phone or go any where.. Crazy..

I don't like that feeling at all. thanks for replying and i'm hopping the rest of New England has power by now also..

:) <3

Pat58 10-29-21 05:06 PM

We lose power a lot here - I learned to charge everything as soon as I hear the words nor'easter, tropical storm, hurricane or high winds!

When I hear tropical storm or hurricane, we fill the ice chest and start eating everything in the fridge the moment a forecast comes through. :D The infrastructure where I live is in terrible need of an overhaul.

It's also wise to take money out of the ATM and gas up the cars.

tytbody 10-29-21 05:13 PM

Pat, I felt paralyzed. and didn't know I was in that state of confusion.

I don't listen to the news or weather so I really did not get the gist of it. and most times, I don't trust weather men.. they are like hit or guess. lol.

I knew I had Ĺ tank and that's why I didn't want to sit in the car to just charge my phone.

here I am, 67 and still learning how to cope with adversities. :eek:

I didn't leave the house today because I still was feeling not myself. Just took a rest day.

'with it being just me, no way could I have eaten all the Frozen food.. I just acceptd it would have to be rebought. But it all stayed frozen and no leaks from the fridge.

I will surely take heed from this day forward.

Pam61 10-30-21 12:34 PM


Glad to hear you're okay. That was a long time to be without power! And, scary to be alone during all of this, too!

I think with each storm, I'll be more prepared. But, you just never know the outcome.

Sure, I have extra food, flashlights, a number of devices that are always being charged. But, you never know how long it's going to be, when you're without power.

The biggest danger for us, is fallen trees and downed powerlines. This time we lucked out, but haven't been so lucky in the past.

Once we had to check into a hotel, when we didn't have electricity for heat or hot water. That was after three days, and we were only in the hotel one night. Not everyone has that kind of luxury, as it's expensive to do so. Being new to New England, we didn't know anyone and don't have family here. That's the worst when you're really stranded with no one to call for help.

I'm sure you'll get back to normal, and be able to put it behind you. Thank God we live in modern times with modern conveniences, that everyone takes for granted nowadays!

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