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fanofladyvols 04-06-21 10:41 PM

Malinda your work cation sounds like the dream life!! I don't think you could go wrong with the Katami or the RWH sets purchase. And I say that not having either set. I would probably pick up the RWH if I had to pick only one.

Jules that's fantastic that you're almost done with your RWH rotation. I'm immune to formal rotations but the idea of RWH with Xtrain sounds fantastic.

Today was a mobility warm-up before my TGU practice then T25 Focus Beta Ript circuit followed by mobility cooldown. Then later I did CS # 629 Hamstring and hips. Love being able to use resistance bands. I used three of Cathe's and they worked great. I wish I had all the workouts in the T25 set instead of this partial set. I had someone I tried to get the full set from but I deleted the pm and only have a vague idea of the person's VF name, lol.

I'm going to work to finalize my Totalfitness shopping cart before the sale ends on the 11th.

Happy midweek waves to all!! :cool:

KateTT 04-07-21 01:00 PM

Linda: I am avoiding Mary's sale. I am sooooo saturated with dvds.

Jules: I wish they would release more Combats on LMOD.
I LOVE Michelle's Peak Fit Challenge. Great deal on 4x4!

Malinda: That work-cation sounds great!! I would totally love to get away like that. Some work, some fun.

Kim: I am really enjoying the ID yoga too. Today I'm going to do the new Hands Free Flow.

Quick workout recap.
Fri: Cathe LITE Strong Body Stacked Sets Upper + Lower
YW365 Mountain Warrior

Mon: One on One Be Stronger Upper Body + Lower
ID Detox 30 Messy Middle

Tues: Peak 10 More Cardio Interval Burn
ID Travis Spring Ayurveda

Today was Hannah Eden's 28 Day Fat Torch. I love Hannah from MetaShred Extreme but when I had this, it was just too hard three years ago.
Fast forward and I got this one back in a trade. Today I did the whole first disk which includes Total Body Burner, Non-Stop Sweat Sesh, Triple Torcher. All 20-25 minutes long so easy to put together time wise.

Tough stuff but I loved it. Before I didn't like all the "up and downs" but today I had lots of energy and although I modified some, for the first time I could keep up with Hannah which is not easy to do. Amazing what good eating and losing weight does for a girl. I used 12, 15, 20s for these.

Yoga will be from Inner Dimension again. New practice added today. :sun:

fanofladyvols 04-07-21 01:34 PM

Kate sorry I am not trying to enable! Haha! Ok so if I EVER do 28 day torch I will make a note to use my 3s,4s and 5s..:p BTW, Congrats on seeing so much improvement! I love it!!

Did full mobility before and after my workouts today which were TGU practice, lower body kettlebell strength and 10 min of kettlebell HIIT.

I feel a rest day coming haha. :sun:

KateTT 04-08-21 06:30 PM

Linda: I have worked out for years but it wasn't until about 5-6 years ago that I really concentrated on my weight. BAD BAD eating and way too much. I started off with Herbalife and lost 50 lbs. Then I found Keto and Fasting and lost even more. I haven't been eating as clean as I should and have gained 6 lbs. But if I lay off the carbs and sweets, I can get it off.

Today I did Cathe's Imax. The original...SO MUCH FUN! I can catch on to all the moves and it's got lots of intensity. Impact too but doable and modifiable.

Happy almost Friday all! :sun:

Jules 04-09-21 09:59 AM

TGIF! I am going to get my second covid shot this morning - hoping for no side effects! Last time I just had a very sore arm for a couple of days.

Wed: XTrain: AOLIH + Travis Short & Sweet
Thursday: RWH: LIHI Chest, Shoulders, Tris + Stretch Max (no equip) + Studio Sweat Straight Up Spin
Today: Not sure yet? Will see how I am feeling later today. I got 4X4 in the mail yesterday so I might try I am Change later.

Kate: You are so strong! Had to laugh at Linda's hypothetical 28 day Torch weight selection. That would be me as well. ;)

KateTT 04-09-21 12:06 PM

Jules: Two days later I had no reaction other than a slightly sore arm. Can't wait to hear what you think of 4x4.

Today's workout was Power Music Group Rx Boot #11.
#11 is all bodyweight and not easy but not killer hard or high impact. Mostly strength but some plyo so your HR goes up. This DVD has two 30 min workouts which I put together. Lots of pushups, squats, lunges, wicked mobility moves etc.

These are fun but alas, Power Music doesn't sell the Boot workouts anymore.
WARNING...enabling link:


Malinda 04-09-21 01:38 PM

Happy Friday!

Jules - I hope you don't have any side-effects from your second shot!

Kate - I never did buy any of the Group RX Boot workouts; now I wish I would have!

Linda - It sounds like you are definitely due a well-deserved rest day!

Kim - Yay for a new yoga mat!


Tues - Core de Force MMA Mashup + pull-ups, push-ups & swings
Wed - LM Combat Power Kata (from the BeachBody set) + TRX rows, push-ups & swings
Thurs - An isometric core routine DH put together, and MBFA Day 21 Recovery
Fri - Breathless Body with DH

Man, we were both sucking wind today in BB. I don't know if it's allergies or what, but I could barely make it through the workout. I had to take it down several notches, but at least I stuck with it!

I ventured out to the salon yesterday for the first time in well over a year. My hair is long and curly and it was in desperate need of a cut. I am the queen of the cheap haircut, but I splurged and got a "Curly Cut", and also some teal, purple, and pink highlights. I love it; the highlights look great with my gray hair, and the cut is definitely the best one I've ever had.

I had mixed feelings about going to the salon, but the owner is a former ER nurse and she is militant about infection control, masking, and social distancing. I felt very comfortable.

Our work-cation lifestyle is what we hope our retirement will look like.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Mickey12 04-09-21 07:27 PM

Hello ladies,

Malinda your haircut and highlights sound so fun!! OMG, I smiled when I read the colors you chose. I LOVE color in just about everything in life. Given any choice and I will pick the one that is not just white or gray or navy or brown. I want the thing that is multi-colored, bright, patterned, etc. Regarding hair, mine is blonde and a few years ago there was a little girl (about age 5) at church with blonde hair and she got a pink streak put in it. I thought it looked so cute. I even went as far as asking my stylist what it would entail for my hair. I never took the plunge, but I think fun color in hair is great. So cool of you!! :love:

So that's a question - have any of you ever had anything unusual such as crazy color or cut done with your hair? I have always been pretty conservative so I never have. The only time I gave serious thought to a hair style choice was in the early 90's when I had long hair and I got a spiral perm. I wasn't sure it was professional enough for my job, but I loved the style.

Jules congrats on the second vaccine shot! Woo Hoo!! I get my second shot in 2 weeks. I'm very happy that (at least in our state) vaccines are more readily available now.

Linda I was giggling about your comment on the Watulan thread describing your stress and hair pulling with Minnie Pearl during your roof work. :D

Today I decided to do Michele Dozois Peak 10 More Cardio Interval Burn. It's so fun with all the jumping and turning and I like the music. I only did 30 minutes though. I find it to be a really tough workout and it was kicking my butt.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. :heart:

Jules 04-12-21 11:49 AM

Manic Monday!

I did end up feeling pretty cruddy from my vaccination for about a day. I had the chills and body aches plus a sore, red arm. No fever though. I felt totally normal yesterday when I woke up except I still have a sore arm.

Yesterday I did a long SpinCore from Studio Sweat. This morning I did Cathe's Hardcore Extreme Interval Circuit plus core work. I will do some yoga tonight.

I did Katami's I am Change on Friday evening. I like how all the different modifications make it as hard or easy as I want, so no dread there. I am glad I made the purchase.

Malinda - Sounds like you got a great cut and color! My daughter changes her hair color all the time. It is pinkish/orange right now. :D I also have curly hair and love my stylist who specializes in curly cuts - she was hard to find and I hope she never quits or moves away!

fanofladyvols 04-12-21 08:22 PM

Malinda congratulations on getting a wonderful salon day! I'm sure it looks fabulous :)

Kim the craziest thing I ever did was get a spiral perm in college. My hair was down to my butt and it took FOUR HOURS. Needless to say I only did it once. But I did love it and I really was able to channel my Guns and roses fan girl look hahaha.

Jules which vax did you get? I'm sorry you had some soreness and reaction :(

Today in between mobility get up practice and lower body kettlebell strength, I started my push pull swing challenge Day #1. It was super easy to add in.
I also did the partner abs section with my husband from STS abs. He blustered quite a bit about not wanting to but I finally got him to do it and after it was over he said it was fun and would definitely do it again. :D

So I thought of you Malinda and wondered if you had ever done those with yours?

I vote all of you try it and see if husbands like it too (if you have a medicine ball). :sun:

Malinda 04-13-21 07:01 AM

Kim, I always felt unprofessional with my curly hair, but thereís nothing I could do about it! I refused to spend two hours blowing out and straightening it, only to have it frizz as soon as I go out in the Texas humidity! You should go for that pink streak!

Jules, itís so hard to find someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to curly hair. Itís such a horrible feeling when the one inch thatís cut off wet shrinks up three inches!

Linda, LOL on the GnR fan girl hair! I started the push pull swing challenge too! Iím assuming STS abs is part of the STS set that I still have in shrink wrap from 10 years ago? We just bought a (knockoff) bosu and a rebounder to set up against the wall and throw the med ball against while balancing on the bosu. I havenít tried that set up out yet. But we have done partner med ball stuff as part of our warm-ups when we used to run Masterís Track.

Hi Kate!

Yíall are making me interested in 4X4 and Peak 10 again!


Saturday - Morning Meltdown 100 Day 1 Cardio - I really like the cardio workouts in this program.
Sunday - Fitness Blender Glutes and Inner Thigh workout
Monday - Day 1 of the P/P/S Challenge and Zuzka Cardio #1 - I hadn't done any of Zuzka's workouts in a long time and I forgot how fast they get your heart rate up!

Iím not sure what Iíll do today, if anything. We have appointments in Austin all day.

Have a great day!

Jules 04-13-21 11:46 AM

Kate:Just checking in quick to see if you tried the new Combat yet? I did it this morning and it was great! Lots of power moves and talented presenters. The music is excellent too. All around a keeper. :love: What's up with Dan's beard tho? :eek:

fanofladyvols 04-13-21 04:40 PM

Malinda I don't think Ab circuits is part of the actual STS strength set. I don't have STS Strength workouts so someone correct me!

I have traded and gotten some of the Shock Cardio Series and then this dvd. The promo at the beginning of the dvd looks like footage from the strength series though.

Mickey12 04-13-21 07:11 PM

The STS Abs Circuit disc is it's own thing, I think. I mean, the workouts are not included in the three meso cycle discs. I believe it's a separate purchase apart from the main STS program, or in other words, an add on purchase. When I searched Cathe's site for STS, the abs circuit DVD didn't come up. When I searched ab circuits, I found it. I own it. Since I detest ab work and would not have purchased it alone, I must have purchased it when I got the other STS discs because I wanted to own the complete set.

Malinda 04-14-21 10:36 AM

Thanks for the input on STS Abs Circuit. I checked out clips and it looks really good! I may have to purchase that one.

Kim, I also meant to comment that I, too, love colorful things. When we moved to our new-to-us old house, we painted the outside turquoise. And almost every room has colored walls. Our kitchen has a yellow vinyl composition tile floor, yellow countertops, and the backsplash tile is teal and white squares. We have a 1950's pink formica top table and vintage teal chairs. It's very retro and cheerful!

Yesterday I did Day 2 of the Push/Pull/Swing challenge, with TRX rows, push-ups, and back extensions. The back extensions are so good for me, but setting up the hyperextension bench is a pain. We can't leave it down, though, because the kittens think it's a jungle-gym for them and they scratch the padding.

Today's workout was Crossfire. I forgot how much I like that one. And I love Jai's outfit in it, which is very important, you know.;)

Have a happy day, everyone!

KateTT 04-14-21 11:30 AM

Malinda: You hair sounds cute! I love putting fun and funky colors in my hair. But mine is BONE STRAIGHT and won't hold a curl at all

Kim: I'm going though some of my Peak 10 workouts too. Love her cardio!!

Jules: Glad your reaction was minimal! It snowing here in MN but melting as fast as it hits the ground. :eek:
I just saw there was a new's on my calendar for tomorrow!! Woo!! Must be hot to exercise with a beard that full?

Linda: Cool that your hubby did the abs workout! Mine would look at me like I had a third eye if I asked him. LOL

I LOVE STS Ab Circuits!

Here's me this week so far:

Mon: Cathe Pure Strength both Upper. Wee! Good old fashioned weight lifting. Very dated but good stuff and putting them both together fried my upper body quite nicely. Cathe's hair is very short and she lifts very light but of course I used my own weights.
PowerYoga with Bryan Kest and an amazing practice called Calmness amidst Difficulty. He does cook your legs with some balancing stuff but there is also a lot of wonderful hip and leg stretches. NICE.

Tues: Body Attack 60. I had planned on a Michelle D cardio but Les Mills was calling to me so I did that instead. Good stuff!
PY Bryan Calmness amidst Difficulty again because yes, it was that good!

Today: Cathe Pure Strength Lower. Excellent workout! Yes very basic again, and I lifted heavier than Cathe, but it really hits everything in a very basic way. The floor work is with a weighted bar but I just put a dumbell on my leg for resistance.

Guess what? I'm taking some online Yoga Teacher Training with Bryan Kest. Since the government was so kind to give us more money, I decided to use part of it for training. I've always wanted to but could never afford it. Nearly $500! But it is legitimate and I love Bryan Kest. I hope I don't act like some groupie when I talk to him. :o

Have a great day! Hugs to everyone!

Mickey12 04-14-21 03:59 PM

Malinda your home decor sounds so fun and interesting! You might like color even more than I do! I really love the brights from the 50’s too. Everything was so cheerful! :)

Linda I might be able to get my husband to do the partner abs workout if I catch him in the right mood. He agreed to do one of the Tony Horton Double Time workouts (the entire set is designed to be done with a partner) with me, but he wasn’t thrilled about it and was glad when it was over.

Kate how freaking exciting to be taking training classes from Bryan Kest!! :D I love him too. Let us know how it goes. How many sessions will you have? Wow, that’s so great!

[Waves to Jules.:music:

fanofladyvols 04-14-21 10:12 PM

Malinda yayy I didn't know you were doing the challenge too! And I eventually want to get a TRX.

kim I hope he tries it. The partner abs section is pretty short and fun. So short and fun that my husband said at the end, "We could do another round of them all if you want?" Someone knock me over please!
Oh, and I was terrible at the ball catch while extending back, haha.

Today was Element weight loss pilates for beginners cardio; mobility, Kettlebell lower body, Day 2 of PPS challenge and CS #630 Posture. This concludes my CS season 6 adventure and it's been a great one.

Happy midweek wishes to all!

KateTT 04-15-21 12:10 PM

Kim: I KNOW! Bryan Kest. I'm sure I'll be awestruck. Can you be a Yoga Groupie? ;)

Linda: I'm starting to put together a little kbell rotation. Are you seeing any changes since you've been doing them?

Today was the new Body Combat 85 on LMOD. I moved things around a little in my rotation as I am always anxious to try new Combats! Good stuff! Lots of kicks in this one including jump kicks.
No big stage this time. It was a bit like the United workouts where everyone is on a big Zoom screen. But this time Dan, Rach and two others actually rotated instructing.
Dan has a big bushy beard. Shaved head. He must be around 40 by now? He's still so intense but cute and funny as heck.

Yin Yoga planned for this afternoon.
Waves to everyone else. Dang this week is flying again.

fanofladyvols 04-15-21 03:43 PM

Kate I started kettlebells in late January and noticed lots of little changes right away. It's like it was the missing piece to my strength puzzle for me. I'm better at stamina and strength overall. I went to do my deadlift with my heaviest barbell weight that I keep loaded and pumped out 8 reps. All my dumbbells feel lighter. I'm getting much more in tune with my muscles..sounds hooky but there it is. I'm sure it has alot to do with me focusing on mobility too.

Today was Tracie Long Reboot#1; Day 2 PPS challenge; Annette Fletcher Dyn stretch segment. missed Tracie! Love how she sprinkles in stretches and mobility in between the intervals. A perfect workout to me! I do have to use more sizes in dumbbells than she does though. Used 10's,12s and a 15.

FriYay is tomorrow!!

KateTT 04-15-21 06:43 PM


Originally Posted by fanofladyvols (Post 2921331)
Kate I started kettlebells in late January and noticed lots of little changes right away. It's like it was the missing piece to my strength puzzle for me. I'm better at stamina and strength overall. I went to do my deadlift with my heaviest barbell weight that I keep loaded and pumped out 8 reps. All my dumbbells feel lighter. I'm getting much more in tune with my muscles..sounds hooky but there it is. I'm sure it has alot to do with me focusing on mobility too.

That's fantastic!!! Yes agree on the mobility part of it. Yes it's time to start adding that into my rotation. I have many good dvds.

KateTT 04-16-21 10:51 AM

TGIF! Do the days fly by for you guys as fast as they do for me? Geez!

Quick post. I started my workout day with Power Music Group Rx Boot #12. Was-not-feeling-it. Two 30 min workouts so I just did the first one and then popped in Mark Lauren's Focus 15 workouts. Upper, Lower, Core all 15-20 minutes each. Much better. All bodyweight. Upper had lots of different types of pushups. I will be feeling this later I'm sure.
Lower is really excellent and I am sometimes tempted to add weights but it is supposed to be bodyweight exercises.
Core of course was lots of good abs and back core work.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Jules 04-17-21 10:15 AM

Good morning! Sorry I haven't been checking in. This past week was very busy for our family and the next month or so is going to be crazy as well. I am still prioritizing my workouts, but we are refinancing our house and I have a lot of cleaning projects to do before the upcoming appraisal.

On to the workouts!

Sun: Studio Sweat SpinCore
Mon: Cathe Hardcore Extreme Interval Circuit
Tues: BodyCombat 85 + UY Flexibility
Wed: BodyPump 85 + Les Mills The Trip
Th: Cathe Intensity
Fri: Studio Sweat Spin + UY Gentle

I have also started taking the dog for daily walks again now that the roads are dry.

Wow Kate! Bryan Kest! :love:

I have some of the Ab Circuits downloads but I never purchased the partner one b/c there is no way my husband would ever do that with me. Now that my kids are older they might? :p

Malinda 04-19-21 01:59 PM

Good afternoon FitChicks!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Mine was very relaxing.

Kate - That is really exciting about your yoga teacher training! I have never done a Brian Kest practice, but I've seen so many people post about him. I'm excited for you!

Jules - Great job on keeping up with the workouts while life is busy! Good luck with the re-fi.

Linda - DH is very interested in the partner abs circuit now. I suspect I'll be purchasing that DVD or download soon! Re: the TRX, we bought it for each other for Christmas several years ago and had it ceiling-mounted by our contractor. We don't use it as often as I thought we would, but it's sure handy to have when you want it!

Hi Kim!


Th - P/P/S Challenge, Day 3 - pull-ups/push-ups/swings + Core de Force MMA Shred
Fri - P/P/S Challenge, Day 4 - pull-ups/push-ups/35 swings & 35 back hyperextensions + DH's homemade Isometric Core Workout
Sat - LIIFT 4, Week 7, Arms & Shoulders - I miss lifting heavy weights
Sun - MBFA Day 2, Core Circuit - I miss these workouts, too!
Mon - Triple Wave Pyramid + another homemade Core Circuit w/ DH

I was supposed to do Day 5 of the P/P/S challenge today, but I was cooked by the end of TWP and core. Hopefully I can get them done tomorrow.

We get our second Moderna shots this afternoon. We have been hydrating since yesterday in hopes of staving off side effects.


KateTT 04-21-21 10:42 AM

Jules: Glad you're doing ok! I live on a dirt road too and it's actually been pretty dry lately so roads are dry. Heck we even had the road grater out smoothing out all the ruts. I'm pretty excited about the Kest training!

Malinda: Best of luck on shot #2. Watch your mail for your new dvd and a surprise. :D

So this week is a hodge podge so far. I have started changing my rotation a little.

Mon: Cathe Live 309 Push Pull Total Body Heavy Weights. I bought this one a while back. VERY good weight work!
Yoga was PY with Bryan and One Burp Zero Lunges. Yes he belches once quite loud. BK is like that. LOL. No lunges but not easy. Fun I love his stuff!

Tues: Body Combat #36. A bit older and tons of fun! Jules can attest...I really don't think there are any bad Combats!
Yoga was from Gaia and Ashleigh Seargent Flow to Slow. I have never done any of her practices but I was looking for a good slow Hatha practice. Good.

Today I did Tony Horton's One on One Vol 3, Disc 11: P.A.P (Post Activation Potentiation). I just love his One on Ones! He's so silly but the workouts are fun and challenging. This one alternates strength moves, plyo, and flexibility moves. Mostly all bodyweight except for some lunges and plank rows. I used my 25s for those. Feeling it. Lots of pushups too.

Yoga pending. :sun:

Take care all!

Malinda 04-21-21 04:39 PM

Guess what? I finally hit "Buy" on Ripped with HIIT! I went to Cathe's site to see about Ab Circuits, and put the Med Ball/Partner Ab Circuits download in my cart. It looked so lonely there;). So I added the RWH download bundle and went for it! That's the longest impulse buy I've ever made! I haven't downloaded them yet - I'll get DH to do it on our home computer so he can make them available on our Roku TV in the workout room.

Second shot IN! Monday night was somewhat restless; as DH put it, "I don't feel bad, but I don't feel good." Uncomfortable is a good description.

Tuesday morning I felt pretty darn good after getting up and moving around. I decided to do my pull-up/push-up/swing challenge since I missed it Monday and movement is good for managing the arm soreness. I followed that up with Core de Force Active Recovery, which is ten minutes of slow punches and kicks, then 10 minutes of stretching.

Then the party was over. Fever, chills, aches for about 16 hours, then voila! All better! DH didn't have fever or aches, just a little bit of droopiness.

I decided today to take the rest day that I probably should have taken yesterday.

Thank you Kate! I'll look forward to going to the post office in a few days!

I hope everyone's having a good week!

KateTT 04-22-21 01:50 PM

Hi Malinda! I think RwH is great fun and so so many options and mixes! I think you'll really like it.
Bummer about the reaction but at least it was quick!

Today I did Imax 2. This is probably my favorite Imax and the least challenging choreography-wise. It is still mighty intense. I always feel step workouts in my butt...I guess that's the idea? Legs and butt?
Imax 1 is fun but dated. Imax 3 I struggle with the choreography a little. Imax 4 coming up next week. :D

Have a great day!

Yoga was a lovely practice on Gaia with Bernie called Happy Yin Happy Hips and just what I needed! Lots of good long holds, no pain, Bernie's mellow instruction and music. Ahhhhh. I am really loving Thursday Yin day.

KateTT 04-23-21 11:22 AM


Today I changed my mind on my workout again. Tony was so fun on Wed that I decided to do One on One Volume 3, Disk 9: Core Synergistics MC2. I adore Core Syn in P90x and this one is great too. Not killer hard (Tony takes long breaks so I keep working) but definitely some challenge. Good workout for the end of the week.
Mostly all bodyweight but also uses a stability ball and a med ball (I subbed a dumbell) and sliders.
LOVE working my core.

I sure hope you all are well and have a wonderful weekend!

Jules 04-26-21 09:41 AM

Hello! I am still here. Our appraisal is scheduled for Wednesday so just a couple more days to get ready. I am mostly done with my prep list. I did get in a few workouts last week:

Mon - Terminator Gauntlet
Tues - BodyCombat 77
Wed - BodyPump 98
Thur - Step Blast

Other than that it has been a whole lot of deep cleaning and clearing out junk. My kids are in spring sports and there have also been lots of track meets and soccer games.

Malinda: Congrats on your purchase! I hope you love it as much as Kate and I do!

Kate: Nice mix of challenging workouts as always!

Waves to Kim and Linda!

Mickey12 04-27-21 05:14 PM

I posted some of this in my other checkin, but I'll post here too since I've been sort of absent lately. Today I did Cathe's RWH Lift it Hiit it Legs. I love that it clocks in at 40 minutes. I love the mix of weights and plyo alternating, genius! I love that Cathe takes LONGER breaks as the workout progresses. Good stuff! I really like the angel jacks (I think that's what they're called) but boy, I can only do a few of them.

Malinda I think you'll like the Ripped With Hiit Series. I'm a bad judge though, because i have all of Cathe's workouts and I pretty much think they're all great. :p

Jules I bet it feels good to clear out the junk. I'm not a lover of cleaning, but maybe that feels good for you too. I like getting rid of accumulated stuff though. We've been in our house for 30 years so we definitely have a lot of clutter we can part with.

Yesterday I did an oldie but a really goodie. Christie Taylor's Happy Hour Hi/lo. OMG, so much fun!! I normally like the jumping, but this time I modified to almost all low impact. The music is great (of course) and the moves are easy to grasp and so stinking fun.

I'm fully vaccinated now and feel so happy. I want to move on with life. I feel like we're moving in the right direction.

Hope everyone has a great night!

fanofladyvols 04-27-21 06:05 PM

Jules good to see you! Glad you're busy but we'll! You're killing it! I must have missed a post bc I didn't realize you were moving.

Malinda that's money well spent!

Kim Christi is your happy place, isn't she? :D Thanks for the review on RWH legs...I think it's climbed to the top of my 'need free shipping on Cathe's presale" list. :p

Kate are you planning on teaching yoga?

I am embarking on my version of Cathe's April 2021 Rock bottoms rotation. I'm keeping kettlebells in as often as I can. Today was a kettlebell lower body and Day 9 of the PPS challenge. I will do a yoga zone later.

Happy Tuesday!!

Malinda 04-28-21 04:05 PM

I keep thinking today is Thursday, so I almost said Happy Thursday! Oh, well...

I see all the FitChicks are keeping fit as usual!

I sort of lost my mojo after last week's shot. I've kept up with workouts but feel like it's been a half-hearted effort. I've not kept up with the P/P/S Challenge and that disappoints me because I was really seeing some progress, after only 5 days.

Catching up on workouts:

Last Thurs - RWH Low Impact HIIT 1 - Loved it! It was perfect for a mid-energy day. My legs were sore after this one!
Friday - RWH Chest, Triceps & Shoulders - another winner!
Saturday - P/P/S Challenge Day 6 + 21 Day Fix Cardio Fix.
Sunday - Turbo Jam Cardio Party Live
Monday - RWH Back, Biceps & Shoulders - I was late for a Zoom call so I had to quit before we got to biceps. I threw in a few pull-ups during the back section. The workout room was littered with toys after this workout! Bands, bench, barbell, dumbbells... whoo!
Tuesday - RWH Low Impact HIIT 2 - This one is also good, but I like the first one better. I think I'm going to go on the Workout Blender and join the workout portions from 1 and 2 together to make one workout.
Today - Breathless Body with DH

We were both sucking wind again with BB today. I don't know if it's the humidity, or maybe lingering effects from the vaccine?

I plan to do the RWH Upper Body Circuit tomorrow - I am really looking forward to it!

Y'all have a great evening!

Jules 04-28-21 06:36 PM

Happy Hump Day! I haven't been doing formal workouts - just a whole lot of cleaning. Appraisal went well this morning and now I can get back on my regular exercise schedule. :p

Linda: We are not moving, just refinancing our home since we locked in at a great rate.

Malinda: I love RWH Upper Body Circuit! It is really a whole body circuit - you'll see. :love:

Kim: It felt so good to get rid of stuff we don't need any more. Still have more to give away, but I feel like we accomplished a lot!

fanofladyvols 04-28-21 06:56 PM

Malinda just pick up where you left off once your energy returns. And yes, everyone's different but I do think that's leftover vax effects.

Jules ohhh well whew getting rid of clutter is great! I love reclaiming an uncluttered space. Makes you feel like you gave yourself a new house!

Today I did Cathe Perfect pump premix that had the upper plus upper bonus. I followed up with PPS challenge Day #10 some get up practice and mobility. I will do CS later.

I have to say the warmup wasn't my fav but boy ... I got to use all sorts of weights and two bands! Fun, fun workout! :D When I do it again I will do a different warmup. Oh, I had to mute the music..blech! So glad she offers that option!

Hugs to Kim and Kate!

KateTT 04-29-21 10:02 AM

Dang...the days are flying by.

Linda: I don't know if I'll teach but I just wanted to take this training to see what my own practice is missing.

Wow!! How did the days get away from me?

Just a quick post as I am swamped at work. I'm working through P90X this week and probably next too.

Mon: P90x Back & Biceps. Still feeling it 3 days later.
Yoga: PowerYoga Mike Nader Dynamic Core

Tues: P90x Plyometrics. One of my favs out of this set. So fun!
Yoga: PY Mike Spinal Lengthening

Wed: P90x Chest, Shoul & Tri. I was still feeling Monday's workout but this helped get things moving.
Self Led Practice 35 min. (Part of my PYTT is to do one self led class a week.)

Today: P90x Legs & Back. I actually skipped the back work and focused on the legs instead. Yow!

I'll be back soo. Hope everyone is well.

Malinda 04-29-21 11:17 AM

Okay, now I can say Happy Thursday!

You ladies sure steered me in the right direction with RWH. :sun: I LOVED Upper Body Circuit! :heart: And yes, Jules, I see what you mean - it really is total body.

Kate - Have fun with your training! I hope things settle down at work for you soon.

Jules - I love getting rid of stuff. We used to have a rule on weekend days that we could not have cocktails until we each got rid of two things! It was quite the motivator. :o

Linda - My workout room always looks like a bomb went off after a Cathe weight workout -- stuff everywhere!

Kim - I saw the preview of RWH Lift it Hiit it Legs this morning, and it looks like another 100% winner for me. I think DH will like it, too.

One of my dear friends is getting married on Saturday and her bachelorette party is a slumber party tonight. That's not really my thing, but I'm doing it for her. The bachelorette is 65, and I'm the youngest friend at 57, so I'm hoping it won't be too wild. I have to get up early and come home tomorrow because I have a ton of deadlines at work.

Tomorrow's Friday, y'all! Woot!

Mickey12 04-29-21 11:31 AM

Well, Malinda that sounds like the funnest thing ever - a bachelorette party for a 65 year old! Ha! I would never have conceived such a thing. I guess I'm just an old fuddy duddy at 56 years old. :p I hope you have fun. :music:

fanofladyvols 04-29-21 09:43 PM

Malinda I really don't even know what to say about your bachelorette about.."Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" That works no matter what age.. right? ;)

Kate I remember trying p90x years ago and not liking how hard it was.

Jules hope life is normal again for you!

Kim I actually enjoyed a workout today that had jumping. I do jump but generally shy away from doing much but my knees seemed to be ok with this one. But I thought of you and said to myself, "Kim would like this jumping part !"

Today was Tracie Long Power up and Stephanie steele knockout workout aerobic challenge. Had to follow Tracie's fun work out with some punching! Doing some yoga in a bit.

Happy FriYay y'all!!

Mickey12 04-30-21 06:37 AM


Originally Posted by fanofladyvols (Post 2923753)
Malinda I really don't even know what to say about your bachelorette about.."Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" That works no matter what age.. right? ;)

Kate I remember trying p90x years ago and not liking how hard it was.

Jules hope life is normal again for you!

Kim I actually enjoyed a workout today that had jumping. I do jump but generally shy away from doing much but my knees seemed to be ok with this one. But I thought of you and said to myself, "Kim would like this jumping part !"

Today was Tracie Long Power up and Stephanie steele knockout workout aerobic challenge. Had to follow Tracie's fun work out with some punching! Doing some yoga in a bit.

Happy FriYay y'all!!

Thanks for thinking of me Linda. You're sweet and you made me smile. :heart: Yes, I love my jumping. :love: I just can't do it every day of the week. I have to space it out.

Jules 04-30-21 06:27 PM


I have been working out again. :sun: Yesterday I did Cathe's Low Impact Circuit (my go-to workout when I am easing back into it). I also took the dog for a walk. Today I did Cathe's Travel Fit and Yoga 30 for 30: Gentle.

While I was doing Travel Fit, my green medium-resistance band snapped in half. I saw a little tear in it a couple of weeks ago so I wasn't totally surprised. Luckily I have a back-up medium band from the Fit Tower set. I wish Cathe still sold these bands, but it looks like she only sells the Firewalker loops.

I have been looking at Cathe's Boss Bands & Loops pre-sale and will probably cave, but I am a little bummed that shipping is not free this time. It seems pretty pricey, but if the bands are high quality then I guess it will be worth it, especially now that some of my old bands are getting worn out.

Are you ladies planning to pre-order?

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