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fanofladyvols 03-07-21 04:09 PM

Kim and Kate I hope you two recover from kicking your own booties with your workouts! :p And I'm sure I'll like Cathe's Perfect 30 workouts. I was pleased with the Perfect Flow one. I'm just saving the other two for a rainy day :sun:

Jules congrats on being close to your goal weight. I have never been successful with goal weight endeavors and have just given that up years ago. My husband said I was setting them too low. But all those charts said different. I totally agree on focusing on goals using different approaches and challenges. I am really enjoying doing that. I started with Cathe's 100 rep challenges and have just gone from there. I bounce around with my workouts so much that sometimes it's hard to tell if I'm getting stronger. A challenge really helps see measurable improvement and fine tune form.

Today was more work on get ups, single leg deadlift and XFST #7. That was a tough one. I actually took the full rest breaks and took an extra 30 seconds for bird dogs before the final round. I plan to take a rest day tomorrow.

Waves to Malinda and happy Monday wishes to all!

Malinda 03-09-21 04:00 PM

My goodness, how did it get to be Tuesday already?

Kim - Your kitties are adorable! I hope you enjoy your Edge Booty workouts!

Linda - 43 days to do a 21 challenge sounds EXACTLY like me. There are just too many things I like to do, so I just have to sprinkle them in throughout a rotation.

Jules - I'm so glad you are getting the vaccine soon! I love collies, too -- I used to walk our neighbor's collie when I was a kid. And my brother had two border collies that were just the BEST dogs ever.

Kate - Great job with Metashred and Imax3! Cathe's email this week had a blurb about a DVD, I think it said it was one of her first, with three step workouts. I watched the clips and was totally lost - what choreography! It was fun to see Cathe and Cedie way back when.


Friday - MBFA Day 5 - Total Body
Saturday - MFBA Day 6 - Power Ignite
Sunday - Core de Force MMA Shred 2.0
Monday - MBFA Day 8 - Lower Body
Tuesday - Triple Wave Pyramid with DH

I can't believe how sore my upper body is from doing Core de Force on Sunday. It serves as a reminder of how good boxing is for my back, shoulders, and core -- I need to sneak them and Combat into my MBFA rotation.

Triple Wave Pyramid was a beast today. I keep thinking it's going to get easier the more we do it, but I think instead, I just keep jumping higher! Good stuff!

Have a great evening!

Jules 03-09-21 05:16 PM

Terrific Tuesday! Got in some good workouts the past few days:

Saturday: Bodycombat 68
Sunday: Tabatacise + Travis Short & Sweet #3
Monday: Les Mills The Trip #10 + Flexibility & Beyond: Splits
Today: Cathe's Hardcore Extreme Interval Circuit + Core

I plan to do some yoga after work!

Malinda: What do you think of Core de Force overall? I read that they don't work each side evenly so I haven't tried it. I remember liking Jericho when she taught BodyPump.

Nice workouts Kim and Linda! Hope you are still having a blast with Metashred, Kate!

fanofladyvols 03-09-21 07:24 PM

Malinda I started the single leg deadlift challenge after the squat challenge and weighed how I felt with the squat challenge. Some days I did both, some not. I made great gains so I am very happy with my approach. I will pick up Lauren's kettlebutt challenge next. You are making me want to add Core de force into my week. I have only previewed them but they look great to me.

Jules those are some serious sweat seshes you do. Very inspiring!! :)

Kim I have several Cathes I have yet to try. Do you know I still haven't learned IMAX 2? I'm so hopeless \_(ツ)_/

Kate I had originally planned to do a rotation with BJ before kettlebells took over my workout life. I still plan to eventually. I love reading your Metashred posts. :cool:

So I as much as I LOVE kettlebells, I am missing my other workouts. :( Plus I'd like to see how kettlebells translate to other kinds of strength.

So my plan is to do kettlebells twice a week, then do a full body strength workout from some other trainer. I'd like to squeeze in some running on my elliptical, step aerobics, kickboxing or an Ellen fusion workout at some point. Does this sound too ambitious or too scatterbrained? Lol, maybe. :D

Finished my Single leg deadlift challenge today..took 44 days to do a 28 day challenge. Did some more TGU practice and followed with a kettlebell strength workout.

Happy Tuesday!! :music:

Malinda 03-10-21 12:30 PM

Jules and Linda - I LOVE Core de Force. I did the rotation (almost as written ;)) when I first got BOD. The workouts are a wee bit repetitive, especially the "spike" moves to get your heart rate up, but it's only 30 seconds x2 per round, so I can live with that. The format is you do Rounds that consist of a Combo for 60 seconds, a 30 second spike, then repeat the Combo and the spike. So it is SUPER easy to switch sides for the second go-round of the Combo. I have no idea why they didn't do that when they filmed the workouts -- it just seems like a no-brainer to me. I really like Jericho and Joel - they are corny but pleasant and they give great form pointers and encouragement. Everyone kind of goes at their own pace, which may be bothersome to some people, but I don't even look at the screen once I get the combo down, so that's never been a big deal to me. I don't even notice the music, so I guess it's not great or terrible.

Today's workout was MBFA Day 9, Core Circuit. I continue to like these workouts. This one really kicked it up a notch - I and my workout room floor were sweaty messes at the end!

You ladies keep on kickin' booty! :)

Jules 03-12-21 11:06 AM

TGIF! I am going to get my first Covid vaccination this morning. I think it will be the Moderna vaccine which is what my parents got. They were fine after their first shot and felt pretty yucky for a day or so after the second. I don't have time to work out this morning but I will see how I am feeling after work.

I did a couple of extra workouts this week just in case I don't feel like working out today or tomorrow. Wednesday was an hour of spin from Studio Sweat, the step portion from Cathe's Intensity and Yoga 30 for 30: Gentle. Yesterday I did Cathe's Athletic Training, a 45 minute spin from Studio Sweat, and Travis' Short & Sweet #1. :sun:

Malinda: Thanks for your thoughts on Core de Force!

Linda: Have fun mixing things up!

Waves to Kim and Kate. Have a great weekend! :)

fanofladyvols 03-12-21 11:27 AM

Jules wow a spin class and Cathe's athletic training? Yowza! I hope you tolerate the vaccine well!

Malinda thanks for the CDF thoughts. You confirmed my cursory review of them. I'm sure I'll like them!

Yesterday was a mobility workout and Erin o'brien strong body ageless body. Had fun with it esp. since my daughter joined me. Today did CS #615 stretch and strengthen.

Happy weekend wishes to you guys!!:heart:

KateTT 03-12-21 01:07 PM

OMG you busy this week I never even checked in. And everyone is doing so well...I like to read your posts.

So just a quick recap.
Mon: MetaShred Extreme MetaGainz Upper.
Power Yoga Steve Jones - Mellow Out

Tues: Cathe P30 HiiT Mix 9.
Gaia David Magone 3 Week Toning Challenge

Wed: MetaShred Extreme MetaGainz Lower
Mix of stretches

Thurs: Cathe LITE Cardio Party Mix 5
Gaia Bernie What Stops Us? Yin

Today: Cathe LITE Body weight & Bands Mix 7
Yoga pending.

I'm really enjoying Cathe's LITE workouts. I just bought the last 3 I needed to complete the set. Totally easy to increase the level and lots of fun moves. More to come next week plus more MetaShred Extreme.

Hey, I got my covid vaccine on Wed!! No reaction but my arm was actually pretty sore yesterday (good day for just cardio). I am feeling greatly relieved.

Hope you all stay well and strong. Have a great weekend!

Mickey12 03-15-21 06:51 AM

Kate congrats on getting the Covid vaccine. My husband gets his second shot on March 25. I'm getting mine as soon as I'm eligible. We booked a trip to Gettysburg for June and I'm very excited. I've been pretty down lately and planning a little vacation has helped.

Jules or anyone else, do you have Inner Dimensions streaming? They have a 40% off sale currently and I'm considering it. I already have LevelUp 108 and Flexibility and Beyond. I want to do more yoga (not that 2 and 1/2 shelves of yoga DVDs and other downloads are not enough, ha!).

Saturday I did Petra Kolber PK Step. This was new to me as I got it at Mary's sale not long ago. I like Petra but I prefer more athletic choreography. I found the workout low intermediate in intensity, it was all low impact and mostly dance based, so it didn't get my heart rate up too much. It will be good for a low energy day though.

Yesterday I did the first practice in Travis's Yoga 30 for 30. It was a free download for signing up for the Inner Dimensions email. I liked the practice, 30 minutes of yoga comes and goes before you know it.

Hope everyone has a great week! :sun:

Malinda 03-15-21 02:47 PM

Jules - Yay on getting your first shot! Any side effects? Way to go, getting those workouts in ahead of time just in case!

Kate - I'm glad you didn't have any side effects from your shot. I hope you have a less busy week!

Linda - That's nice that your daughter worked out with you. Does she do so often?

Kim - I'm glad that planning a get-away helps you feel a little better - We're planning a work-cation at the end of the month.

Texas opened the vaccines to everyone ages 50-64 today, so I spent most of the morning frantically trying to find appointments for us, without success. I finally had to take a step back and just trust that one of the many places where we are on waiting lists will call us soon for an appointment. I was getting a bit obsessed about it.


Thurs - MBFA Da 10 Upper Body
Fri - MBFA Day 11 Core Circuit
Sat - Core de Force MMA Shred
Sun - MBFA Day 12 Total Body
Mon - MBFA Day 13 Power Ignite

I got a bee in my bonnet this weekend about P90X2 -- I read a lot of reviews, previewed one of the workouts, and am considering trying a rotation of it next. I saw some familiar names in the old threads about it, and y'all seemed to like it. I start the last week of MBFA tomorrow.

Mickey12 03-16-21 11:49 AM


Originally Posted by Malinda (Post 2916644)
Jules - Yay on getting your first shot! Any side effects? Way to go, getting those workouts in ahead of time just in case!

Kate - I'm glad you didn't have any side effects from your shot. I hope you have a less busy week!

Linda - That's nice that your daughter worked out with you. Does she do so often?

Kim - I'm glad that planning a get-away helps you feel a little better - We're planning a work-cation at the end of the month.

Texas opened the vaccines to everyone ages 50-64 today, so I spent most of the morning frantically trying to find appointments for us, without success. I finally had to take a step back and just trust that one of the many places where we are on waiting lists will call us soon for an appointment. I was getting a bit obsessed about it.


Thurs - MBFA Da 10 Upper Body
Fri - MBFA Day 11 Core Circuit
Sat - Core de Force MMA Shred
Sun - MBFA Day 12 Total Body
Mon - MBFA Day 13 Power Ignite

I got a bee in my bonnet this weekend about P90X2 -- I read a lot of reviews, previewed one of the workouts, and am considering trying a rotation of it next. I saw some familiar names in the old threads about it, and y'all seemed to like it. I start the last week of MBFA tomorrow.

Malinda I did almost a complete rotation of P90X2 when it came out. I hate rotations, so I didn't finish the last 2 weeks or so, but that's me, that's not anything against the program. It's different because it has a lot of balance and functional training work. I liked it. I don't think it did as well as they had hoped because I recall Beach Body had huge sales on the equipment that went with the program. Definitely give it a try!

Jules 03-16-21 12:04 PM

Hi Gals! Happy to report I did not have any side effects from my first shot other than a very sore arm for a day or two.

Saturday: Cathe's Intensity Series Boot Camp + Walked the dog
Sunday: Flexibility & Beyond: Hips
Monday: BodyCombat 66
Today: Ripped with HiiT: Circuit Upper Body + Travis Short & Sweet #2

I might do a little spinning after work today, although I am kind of tired from the time change. Will decide when I get home!

Kim: I don't subscribe to Inner Dimensions but I think Kate does? If I didn't already own a lot of Travis' library I would definitely take advantage of the great deal.

Hope everyone is able to get vaccinated soon! It is like the Hunger Games out there trying to score an appointment.

fanofladyvols 03-16-21 07:12 PM

Malinda my daughter don't have the same workout schedule but when it works she will join me. Her favorite thing to do with me is lift weights but sometimes she will just hop over and so a little mobility with me. ALWAYS more fun with her. :love: I never clicked with p90x so I never ventured into the iterations.

Kim I like some yoga...but not much. Did you get the subscription?

Jules I'm glad your side effects so far are mild. Great workouts!!

Kate you bought the LITE workouts the way I did the Xtrain workout led to another :cool:

Yesterday was kettlebutt challenge and get up practice. I may or may not continue with it. It wasn't as fun as the other challenges because it wasn't follow along so far. Also I really enjoyed the focus on one skill. So I may just carry on with the get up practice only. Today was more get up practice and lots of Kettlebell strength. I will add some mobility before bed.

Waves to all!!

KateTT 03-17-21 10:44 AM

Hey friends...apologies again for being MIA. I am still working out but have some stuff going on at home so just tending to that. No hubby has bad PTSD and sometimes covid gets the best of him.

Kim: I'm pretty excited. My oldest son with heart issues gets his first shot today. My younger brother gets his (in VA) tomorrow. It just makes me feel some relief. I know the shots are not for everyone, but I'm willing to take the chance.

Malinda: Try calling every pharmacy in your area to see if they have an "overflow" list for unclaimed vaccine appointments. I don't know if you have Thrifty White Drug or CVS in TX but that's where I found some openings.
P90x2 is great but then I love Tony. However I have never done a "proper" rotation...I usually just do my own thing.

Jules: Great workouts!!! We are both big Combat fans!! My arms was sore for a day so I just did a cardio workout that day.

Linda: I must say I really started liking the LITE workouts. Much better than ICE and I can still amp it up if I want to.

This week still more MetaShred and Cathe.
Monday: MetaShred Extreme MetaCardio Upper. Not really cardio, more metabolic because of slightly faster rep speed and lighter weights plus lots of band work. Yow bands can burn!!!
Missed my Mon yoga but still meditating EVERY day!

Tues: Cathe LITE Revd up Rumble Mix 7. That was kind of fun!! This mix includes the full workout, the cardio blast, core and extended stretch. I used my 3lb gloves for all the main workout and took off for the rest. The cardio boost/blast/whatever she calls it was higher impact and lots of fun.
Yoga was Bryan's Tension Buster. Ahhh.

Today was MetaShred Extreme MetaCardio Lower +Massage. First time I did the MetaMassage. Uses this funny little ball/peanut and it felt good. Can't believe I've never done it. In fact I just always skipped all the MetaREcovery workouts.
Again, not really cardio but increased HR anyway due to leg work and pace. Lots of unweighted stuff, then weighted, then back to bodyweight. Butt burner!

Yoga pending...haven't decided what to do yet.

Take care all!

Malinda 03-17-21 04:19 PM

Hi everyone!

Jules - I'm so glad you aren't having any side effects! LOL on your Hunger Games comment - so true!

Kim - I think I saw some of your comments maybe on the old threads. Seems a lot of people were expecting X2 to be like X and were disappointed. It looks great to me -- I've never done P90X.

Kate - your workouts continue to amaze me! I'm very happy that your son is getting his shot today.

Linda - How old is your daughter?

The time change has me discombobulated this year for some reason. BUT! I was able to get DH and I appointments at a CVS out of town for Sunday. Woot! We live in a county with a very small population and no public health department, so we haven't gotten very many vaccines locally. We were on waiting lists all over the Austin area, which is huge, but so were a bajillion other people. CVS has a very nice online format and once I figured out how to use it, I got up early this morning and was able to get us scheduled. It's a two-hour drive each way, but we're looking at it as a nice Sunday drive.

Tuesday I woke up with a UTI so I did Yoga with Adrienne - Yoga for the Pelvic Floor
Today I still feel a little droopy so I went for a 5 mile walk

I'll get to my last week of MBFA as soon as I start to feel better -- hopefully soon!

Thanks for everyone's thoughts on P90X2. I'm still contemplating.

Mickey12 03-18-21 07:03 AM

Just a quick post - Linda you changed your avatar! OMG, you had the other one forever! Look at you, in your orange and blue lifting that heavy bell! OMG, you're so cute!

Malinda great news on getting scheduled for the vaccines! YEAH!!!!!

KateTT 03-18-21 11:57 AM

Linda: love your new avatar! Cute.

Malinda: woohoo on you guys getting your shots too. My brother in VA gets his today. Now just have to wait for my youngest son and his wife and my 3 step kids.

Fun stuff today girls. Jules had me rethink my workout today - I pulled out Body Combat 44. I love this one! Old (12 years) but tons of fun. There is a leg toning chapter where you do very slow controlled kicks. Some capoeira and good Muay Thai.

Yesterday's Yoga was from Udaya..Emily Clare Hill and Experience It All. Some challenge, lots of chill.

Not sure what today. Still leaning towards more on Udaya.

fanofladyvols 03-18-21 07:43 PM

kim and others ..Haha, re: avatar thanks. :cool: It was fun to do.

Malinda hope you enjoy your Sunday drive!

Kate capoeira is fun! My dance DVD that Nelly G gave me has some.

I did kettlebell strength along with more TGU practice and did some warmups from Lauren's sexy strength and incinerator.

Jules 03-19-21 12:03 PM

Last day of school before SPRING BREAK! :sun: We are not going anywhere - my daughter has track & field practice all next week. Just kicking' it at home.

Wed: Xtrain Legs + Level Up Upper Body Yin + Les Mills The Trip
Th: To the Max + Travis Short & Sweet #1
Today: RWH Upper Body Circuit + Flexibility & Beyond S&S

Linda: Awesome avi and "Keeping up with the Kettlebells" :D

Kate: So happy your family is getting vaccinated. We are finally able to look forward to getting everyone back together soon!

Malinda: Enjoy your Sunday drive! I also have to drive to another town to get my shot. My best friend also did so and made a whole day of it. She took her boys to a couple of museums, LOL. Hope your UTI is better - hate those.

Kim: Did you subscribe to ID?

Jules 03-22-21 03:47 PM

Woke up this morning to snow. :eek: Typical spring break in Montana, LOL. My daughter had track & field practice outside and she was freezing. I told her to bring some hand warmers tomorrow.

I don't know if I mentioned it, but I am doing Cathe's Ripped with HiiT/Xtrain Rotation from the RWH user guide. I am adding in yoga and some extra spin sessions. I am also subbing out Cathe's kickbox with BodyCombat. I am only a week in, but I'm really enjoying this rotation so far. :love:

Yesterday I did RWH Low Impact HiiT One plus Bonus Abs One. This was a pretty easy workout for me - I didn't go anaerobic at all. It was nice to have a lower key day. Loved the ab work! I followed up with UY Detox.

Today I did Lift It Hit It Legs. LOVE the contrast training in this one. It reminds me of Plyo Legs from STS but with no step. For Yoga I did Travis Short & Sweet #3. I wanted to try his "Bend Don't Break" routine, but I did not have time. Maybe tomorrow.

Mickey12 03-22-21 05:27 PM

Malinda I hope your vaccine day went well. My husband's second shot is this Thursday.

Jules the ripped with hiit and xtrain rotation sounds great. I signed up for Inner Dimensions yesterday. Travis had the Bend don't Break practice on Youtube so I did that one last week. I liked it a lot. I mentioned in the other thread that I was so impressed that he cued the workout while he did it instead of doing voice over. He not only cues, but does a lot of talking throughout the practice so I wonder how much he has memorized or if he talks off the top of his head.

Enjoy your spring break!

Yesterday we had simply gorgeous weather so my husband and I went for a walk. Today we also did some walking (another gorgeous day) and I'm going to do a 30 minute practice from Inner Dimensions now.

Hi to Kate and Linda! :heart:

fanofladyvols 03-22-21 09:48 PM

Jules wow a RWH and Xtrain rotation sounds like a good one! The idea of plugging in other cardio is a great one..esp. Body Combat!

Kim I did more of that Beach pilates today..this time one of the core workouts. So far, all of them have been hits for me. Love the 20ish minutes length for busy days like today. :heart:

Waves to Malinda and Kate!

Mickey12 03-23-21 11:38 AM

Linda I'm so glad you're liking it. :heart::):sun::music:

KateTT 03-23-21 12:27 PM

What's new pussycats? (whoa whoa whoa whoa). :D

Jules: I just think it's safer still for people to stay home a little while longer. MN cases went back up a little. It's not over.
GREAT rotation!!!!!

Kim: Why do I have a feeling I'm going to cave on Travis' Detox set?

Friday I did my new Cathe FitTower Boot Camp workout. I have a big pullup stand so I used that and it was perfect. I have ways to raise and lower a bar on it so was totally able to do it with that. I think I felt my triceps the most.
Yoga from Udaya and Annie's Smartflow Yoga Grounding Practice. Fantastic Iyengar yoga!

Yesterday I did MetaShred Extreme MetaMatrix Upper. Using my heaviest bands and loops and still using the fat grips. Really burns out the forearms. Popeye anyone? Almost done with this set. I'm really pondering what I want to do next.
Power Yoga and Mike Nader's All Around Spine Health. Excellent!!!!

Today I did Cathe 2013 Series Party Rockin' Step 2 again but this time I did the Finished Routine 3 times. That was fun! One of my favorite Cathe step workouts, that's for sure.
Yoga pending...Travis, Udaya? So much good content out there!


Malinda 03-23-21 02:00 PM

Hi everyone! Sorry to have disappeared for a few days. Just busy!

Looks like you are all kickin' booty as always. I am starting to regret my decision to not purchase RWH at the beginning of the year. Oh, well, I'm sure Cathe will have it on sale again at some point.

So last Thursday we got a call from our small local pharmacy that they were getting the vaccine in, so we cancelled our Sunday appointments and got our first shots here yesterday afternoon. We were so happy to not have to drive not once, but twice. Not that we weren't willing to do so or grateful for the appointments, but getting them locally is just a real blessing. No side effects so far except for some soreness in the arm. I iced it last night before bed, and this morning after my workout. It's getting a little more sore as today is wearing on, so I'll ice it again this evening.


Thurs - MBFA Day 15, Lower Body
Fri - MBFA Day 16 - Core Circuit
Sat - MBFA Day 17 - Upper Body
Sun - Breathless Body with DH
Mon - Core de Force MMA Speed
Tues - MBFA Day 18 - Core Circuit

Two more MBFA workouts to go! I will definitely revisit these programs; I'm thinking of rotating MBF and MBFA weeks when I do, since some of the exercises are different between the two programs. I love mixing cardio intervals with weight training, which is why I love LIIFT4 so much, and why I would probably love RWH.

Enjoy Spring Break, those of you who get it!

Mickey12 03-24-21 11:59 AM

Malinda high fives for getting your first vaccine shot locally!! Great news!!!

Kate regarding Travis's Yoga Detox, it irks me that he doesn't offer his programs as downloads anymore. So, if you want to try it, you have to subscribe to Inner Dimensions to get it. His spring 40% off sale is over, but it was only for new subscribers so I don't think you could have taken advantage of the discount anyway. I believe you used to subscribe, right? I still have only done the one practice from that series that he has on Youtube. I'm sort of loosely doing his 30for30 program now. (God forbid I commit to any type of rotation or firm workout schedule! :eek:) I haven't done a lot of yoga lately and I feel like I need to do the 30 minute practices first to ease into doing it more often.

Hi Jules, hope you're enjoying your spring break week! :music:

fanofladyvols 03-24-21 07:24 PM

Kim I only have one dvd left in the set to try.

Malinda congrats on almost being done with MBFA.

Kate are you almost done with Metashred?

Jules hope spring break for you has some great weather.

Today was working out with my daughter using The Firm Bust and Butt. We did mobility before and after and we subbed in some exercises but otherwise had a blast following along. (She doesn't like Tamela, lol).

Happy springy Wednesday :sun:

KateTT 03-26-21 11:54 AM

Malinda: Yay on getting the shot! And I understand busy! I missed a few days too. Oops.

Kim: I caved and resubscribed for just a while. I was hoping for downloads too for Detox 30 but no go. I have TONS of Yoga practices so no worries. It will be fun to try for a while.

Linda: Yes done with MetaShred...see below. :sun:

Wednesday's workout was the last MetaShred Extreme - MetaMatrix Lower. I hit my exercise ADD point and just wasn't feeling it, so I did a mix of the MMlower + Cathe FitTower Legs Glutes Core. I fully expected to have trouble walking but it wasn't half bad. Barre work slays me but this FitTower workout wasn't too bad.

Soooooo. I caved and subscribed to Inner Dimension. At least for a little while. Glad I did as I did the new Yoga Detox 30 Purify practice. I did the Start Where You Are yesterday afternoon. Worth the price even if I do stop it.

Yesterday was Body Combat 82. Jules - this is on the LMOD site. SOOOO much fun! Still my favorite form of cardio and my favorite kickboxing workouts.
ID Detox 30 Letting Go Yin was my Yoga but I got interrupted and only got through half. LOVELY as usual Yin from Travis.

Today was Cathe FitTower Total Body. I did the mix that included the bonus abs. This is the best DVD out of the set and I was totally able to use my pullup stand again. I really enjoyed this and went as heavy or heavier than Cathe on everything. It seems like I had been doing so much band work that it was great to have more weight work again.

Unsure of Yoga yet. More Travis?

Have a marvelous weekend everyone!!

Jules 03-26-21 04:22 PM

Spring break has sure been a snowy one, but it has been nice to have the time off. I got my hair cut and colored on Wednesday and my head feels so much lighter! :D My hair grows really fast and my last haircut was 9 months ago!

Did some goodies this week:

M: Ripped w/HiiT LIHI Legs, Travis Short & Sweet, Studio Sweat Spin
T: XTrain Bis & Tris, Cathe 4 Day Split Kick box (just the cardio)
W: Ripped w/HiiT Lower Body Circuit, Travis Bend Don't Break
Th: Xtrain Chest, Back & Shoulders, Stretch Max w/Band, Studio Sweat Spin
F: Ripped w/HiiT Plyo HiiT One + Core #1, Ultimate Yogi CrossTrain

I tried Bend Don't Break on YouTube and it was challenging for me. I liked the green set and, like Kim, I was impressed with Travis' stellar cueing.

Plyo HiiT One today just about killed me! My lungs hurt afterwards.

Kate: Those Fit Tower workouts are excellent! I plan to do them again after my current rotation. Have fun with Inner Dimensions!

Linda: I love that you work out with your daughter! I did Cathe's Travel Fit with my daughter once and she said Cathe is pure evil. ;)

Kim: I wish Travis would still offer downloads as well. I have purchased all of his sets that ran about $100. I passed on the Power Yoga Gold tho - too rich for my blood!

Malinda: You should totally get RWH some day - you and your hubs can do the HiiT cardios together. There are premixes that combine them on the DVDs.

Mickey12 03-27-21 05:57 PM

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. My daffodils suddenly popped open yesterday and they look so gorgeous this year! So many blooms! :sun:

Jules I did Cathe's Ripped with Hiit Plyo #1 this past week too. I cheated a little towards the end though when my husband came home, I went in the kitchen to talk to him and left the workout playing.....gave myself a little break. :p

Regarding Travis cuing while doing the practices, it's not just that he can cue and also do the workout, but he says so much during the entire hour. How does he remember it all? Does he have cue cards that we don't see him looking at? Does he spout all his motivation, stories and affirmations off the top of his head? It makes me wonder.

Kate I'm glad you signed up for Inner Dimensions again for a while. I just finished my workout for today and reading your post reminded me, hey, I have ID now, I can do some yin.

Today I did a virgin workout I bought from Mary a few months ago. Mindy Mylrea All Systems Go. She uses the body bar in this one but you don't need it. I just used light hand weights or didn't use the bar at all. It's really fun, lots of jumping and hopping. She incorporates strength moves and cardio moves with so much variety. I am hit or miss with Mindy's workouts, but this one I really liked.

Have a great night all!

Jules 03-29-21 05:50 PM

It's still snowing here, but it is supposed to get up to 60 by Thursday - I'm sure looking forward to that! Maybe we will put out the trampoline this weekend. :sun:

I went off my diet over spring break, but I am back on it today. My digestive system definitely feels better when I am not eating tons of treats. When I eventually go into maintenance mode, I might just eat healthier food during the weekdays and save the treats for weekends.

I finished week 2 of my rotation on Saturday with Cathe: CrossFire + Core. Yesterday was Flexibility & Beyond: Splits. This morning I did Xtrain: Cardio Leg Blast + Travis Short & Sweet 1. I also plan to do a Les Mills: The Trip spin tonight. They run about 40 minutes long. Still loving this rotation! :heart:

Kim: Glad you enjoyed working out with Mindy. I have a few of her oldies - she can be a lot of fun!

Have a great week!

fanofladyvols 03-29-21 06:18 PM

Kim I liked Mindy..but I never could keep up with her. So I don't think I have any of her workouts anymore. She seems like she'd be a great person to go on a hike with. :D

Jules we had tons of rain last two days but today was beautiful sunshine and all my plants look like they are waking up. It's glorious. :sun:y daughter hasn't experienced Cathe but she has watched me use her stuff and has a healthy respect for her. She may agree with your daughter someday. She has told me the Cathe DVDs are some of my collection she will keep when I die, lol.

Let's see ...Sunday was XFST #8 and T25 Focus stretch. Today was Ellen Barrett Yogini.

Basketball 🏀 time 😁...

KateTT 04-01-21 12:15 PM

Malinda: ditto on getting RwH! GREAT set! Just sayin'.

Jules: I bought a few of Travis' yoga sets but am just going to stream for a while now. EGAD more snow?! We had flurries yesterday but it passed quickly.

Kim: I'm going to do Yin today too. I like a nice Yin or gentle practice on Thursdays for some reason. LOTS of Yin on ID!
Ooh, I used to love Mindy M. Got rid of all but one. Hmmmm

Oh fun week of workouts yet again!
Yesterday I did Cathe LITE PHA 2 Mix 2. That mix includes the bonus abs and stretch. I wanted to do this workout again as I've only done it once before. Cathe's PHA workouts are really a blast! The LITE workouts are better than ICE (IMO) and I can amp things up if I need to.

Yoga was ID Byron de Marse All Around Flow. Weee! I really like Byron's Yoga! He's one of my favs on

Today I did Michelle D's Peak 10 Fit Body Challenge Cardio Interval Burn Studio Version. Whew...long title...this was a download I bought a while back and for whatever reason, never got to it. Wow this was FUN!!!! The usual high energy Michelle but not killer impact and easy to modify if needed. I even caught on to her fairly simple choreography!

Probably more ID and a nice Yin practice although Bryan Kest just uploaded some new stuff on his site too. SO much to choose from! :eek: :D

fanofladyvols 04-01-21 06:20 PM

Kate I am a fan of PHA workouts too. I need to make sure I do one of Cathe's. You're doing and excellent job of mixing things up!

Tuesday was TGU practice, mobility and strength drills with a kettlebell. Wednesday was lower body strength with the kettlebell, TGU practice and mobility. Today is a rest day.

Weekend is coming...woot!!

Jules 04-02-21 11:48 AM

Spring has finally sprung! It's warm and sunny here today. :sun:

On to the workouts:

Tuesday:RWH Low Impact HiiT 1 + Core 2, Level Up Vitality
Wednesday: XTrain Supercuts, Rodney Yee Conditioning for Athletes, Les Mills The Trip
Thursday: RWH Low Impact HiiT 2 + Core 1, Travis Short & Sweet 2
Today: BodyCombat 83 (plan to do some yoga later)

Kate: I thought that BC 83 was a new one for me, but as I was doing it I remembered that I did it once before. It was fun - just enough plyo in it to keep me happy but not as difficult as some other recent releases. I still need to try BodyCombat United and #84.

Linda: What is TGU? Enjoy watching the Final Four!

Waves to Kim and Malinda and everyone else.

Have a great weekend!

fanofladyvols 04-03-21 08:04 AM

Jules Turkish get up...sorry I'm not sure why I think everyone ought to automatically know that abbreviation. I get lazy trying to type it out.

Jules 04-04-21 12:57 AM

Just caved on Katami 4X4 at Total Fitness since it is on sale. With save10 it was $44.99. I also looked at Michelle D's Peak Fit Challenge, but I decided to pass on it for now.

Linda: That makes total sense now, LOL. I watched Gonzaga vs. UCLA tonight - Incredible!!!

Malinda 04-05-21 09:20 AM

I'm Still Here!
Hi FitChicks!

DH and I took a "work-cation" last week. We went to a cabin on the South Llano River in the hill country. We worked about 5-6 hours each day, took breaks a couple of days to go on trail runs, and shut down around 4:00 to go sit by the river and have a beer every afternoon. It was fabulous.

I finished up MBFA the day we headed out to the cabin. I really enjoyed that program.

I'm still considering a PX2 rotation of sorts, but the Lauren Brooks push/pull/swing challenge that fanofladyvols posted about on GD piqued my interest, so I think I'm going to do it and cardio-of-choice for April. I've been wanting to get back to pull-ups and to improve my push-ups, so that challenge fits the bill perfectly -- thanks so much for posting about it, Linda!

Jules, I almost caved on 4X4 as well, and I still might! I don't remember how long the sale is on; I'll have to check. I also want RWH, she has it on sale too, I think. I would only get one of those programs, so I'd have to decide which one I'd like best.

I won't back-track on workouts, but since we've been back home:

Fri - Turbo Fire 55
Sat - 21 DF Cardio Fix - plus I did a trial-run of the Lauren Brooks challenge - pull-ups, push-ups, and swings
Sun - Turbo Fire 30 + another trial-run of LB, with TRX rows, push-ups, and swings
Mon - DH and I are going to do Triple Wave Pyramid in a little while

I hope everyone has a great week!

Mickey12 04-05-21 08:07 PM

Malinda your getaway sounds sooooo nice! Glad you got to spend some time in the hills. And being near running water is so soothing.

Jules great price on Katami 4x4, I was going to get it last summer but never did then Kate recently gifted it to me! I'm slowly working my way through it. I did I Am Change workout 2 tonight. From what I understand, the first workouts are easier and they build in intensity, but within each workout Paul shows three levels, so it's really very versatile. I think you'll like it although it's not my favorite style of working out.

The Michele Dozios Peak 10 set is AWESOME! The price (last time I checked) was fantastic for all the content in the set. I really like the format on those workouts - all cardio or cardio/weights.

I have been wanting a Jade yoga mat for ages and I finally broke down and bought one. I have several manduka mats and I like them, but the Jade is really nice and grippy and it doesn't migrate around on my carpet as much. Buying it sort of coincides with subscribing to Inner Dimensions yoga. I've been loving all the Travis yoga.

Hope everyone has a great night. :heart:

Jules 04-06-21 07:36 PM

Hey Gals!

I am on my last official week of the RWH/XTrain rotation. It sure has been fun!

Sunday: Rest Day/Easter
Monday: Tabatacise, Yoga 30 for 30 Yin, Walked the dog, Watched B-ball
Today: RWH Back, Bis, Shoulders, Stretch Max (band), Les Mills The Trip

Kim: I am glad you got 4X4 too! I think I will like it since the format is similar to Cathe's original Boot Camp, which I love. I am worried that it might be a little bland, but Paul seems like a great guy. Despite all the glowing reviews, I am not sure I would click with Michelle D's workouts. On viewing the clips, they seem quite dancy and I prefer athletic moves... plus she is VERY high energy. :eek: Congrats on your mat purchase! :heart:

Malinda: Love the idea of a work-cation! Like going on a field trip. If I had to choose between 4X4 and RWH, I would go for RWH. It really is a must-have in my book.

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