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KateTT 10-06-21 12:00 PM


Originally Posted by Jules (Post 2942544)

Kate: I truly admire your dedication to your health, both physical and mental. I'm curious... Have you ever considered becoming a personal trainer or yoga instructor some day?

Yes, both. In fact, I had started Yoga Teacher Training with Bryan Kest but with all the doctor appointments and other "stuff", I am way way behind on that. Luckily got an extension so maybe??

Monday was Jari Love's Ripped & Jacked again. I really like that one and tried to go a tad heavier. I am still feeling it a little.
Yoga was from Eoin Finn's streaming site - Fearless Love Flow. So mellow, nice slow flow.

Tues was an older Body Attack 70. Fun stuff. I had a lot of energy and the impact was totally doable so I went for it. Ahhh legs.
Yoga was from Gaia. Troy Hadeed's Sixth Sense. He has the most delicious Hatha practices!! I love his Yoga.

Today was an older Cathe - High Step Circuit. This is supposed to be the easiest of the 3 High Step workouts. And it is, but I used more risers on my step and heavier weights. Also did not use bands when called for, I used my dumbells.
This is the first time I've ever done this and although it's great Cathe stuff, I do not care for the compound exercises.

Yoga pending. Just finishing some work.

Malinda 10-06-21 04:15 PM

Linda - I will have to try hanging from the pull-up bar - what a good idea! And thank you for the CS Youtube links.

Kim - I hope you are doing well and feeling better every day.

Jules - You are a Cathe machine! I hope your son tests negative!

Kate - I hope you can get back on your yoga training someday, but you have your hands awfully full right now. I hope Justin is still feeling well.

Thanks to everyone for asking about DH. He had his follow-up appointment yesterday with the oral surgeon and all looks great.

We have a wonderful local couple that has been our pet sitters for years. The wife is a crazy cat lady - which I could be if left to my own devices - and they have always taken such loving care of our babies. Unfortunately last Tuesday, they were shopping at Samís and she had a massive heart attack and passed away. I feel so terrible for her husband - he is just lost. We went to a memorial service for her last night. Her obituary was so sweet - among other things, it read ďSusie loved her cats, and your cats, and everyoneís cats, and no-oneís cats.Ē She was a kind soul. She was four years younger than me. Thatís two people that I know that are younger than me that have died in the span of a month.


Thurs - #MBFA Day 17 Upper Body Burn
Fri - #MBFA Day 18 Core Circuit
Sat - 21 Day Fix Cardio Fix
Sun - #MBFA Day 19 Full Body Burn
Mon - #MBFA Power Ignite
Tues - Masters Hammer & Chisel (MHC from here on in) - Chisel Endurance
Wed - Turbo Fire 45 EZ

I finished #MBFA, and, inspired by Kate, I am now going to try the 1-month ďChisel OnlyĒ rotation (Malinda style, with some cardio breaks) of MHC. Endurance was tough but doable; I figured my legs would be sore today but they arenít, they are just tired. Turbo Fire was a perfect workout for today.

Jules 10-07-21 06:34 PM

Malinda: It is incredibly sad to hear that your friend passed so quickly and unexpectedly. :( It's a good reminder that we have to make the most of every day. I enjoyed reading the cat comments in Susie's obituary. All of the cats in your area must be well-loved. :heart:

Good news! My son tested negative for Covid so we are in the clear for now. Yesterday I did Level Up: Flexibility and today I did Fit Tower Total Body + Core. I am heading out for a walk with the dog.

Waves to Kate, Kim and Linda! :sun:

fanofladyvols 10-07-21 08:03 PM

Malinda gulp..I don't know your age but if it's close to mine then I don't wanna hear. I'm just concentrating on squeezing every bit of life out of my tube until I collapse! I'm sorry your neighbor passed away. She sounds like someone I would have liked :(

Jules that's good news on your son. You seem to be charging full steam ahead lately...good for you!

Kate I like how you bounce around with variety! How do you decide what you're doing next? Hugs for strength with the scary stuff :heart:

Kim I hope you're feeling well. Have I told you how I finally found those treats ? My kitty has never cooperated for brushing like she does with those treats. Kroger here finally started carrying them. Not even my pet stores had them.

So I have combined MH60 with EBE1. And now I'm doing kettlebells and adding EBE1. Today I went up a little in weights from the first time I did EBE1. Ended with a cooldown from MH60.

FRIyay is around the bend folks! Stay healthy!

Jules 10-14-21 04:05 PM

Hi FitChicks. I had a small setback this week. I did Cathe's Drill Max on Monday and followed it up with a walk outside. I was feeling great! On Tuesday I woke up and my left knee was very stiff and sore. :( I guess all the plyo moves in Drill Max were just too much. I did Ultimate Yogi: Detox on Tuesday and Flexibility & Beyond: Hips on Wednesday.

Today I did BodyPump 90. I was ready to skip the leg work if needed, but I made it thru ok. Hopefully my knee won't be worse tomorrow. Sometimes weight work seems to help it.

I plan to keep all my cardio low impact for now. It is so odd that my knee felt totally fine while I was doing Drill Max. I guess there is just a lot of inflammation in it now and I am not allowed to take ibuprofen per my gastro. I have an appointment with him on Monday for the follow-up to my colonoscopy and will ask if there is anything I can take besides Tylenol. I am also back to icing my knee again.

I hope you all are having a good week. We have snow on the mountains today but my wave petunias are still alive. :p

KateTT 10-18-21 02:05 PM

Oh Malinda, SO sorry to hear about your friend. I know that they say to live each day to the fullest, but I still worry so about the future.
I did some of the Muscle Burns Fat workouts. They were good. I'd really like to try Autumn's 9 Week Control Freak. They look like wicked workouts.

Jules: YAY no covid!! Hoping your knee feels better. Drill Max is tough and Cathe likes to work you hard. Good recovery workouts/yoga.

Linda: I do love my variety! I'm Kate and I'm an Exercise Junkie! ;-)

Justin is doing very well. Last Wednesday he had lab work and an appointment with the chemo dr. He has previously had two Iron IV drips, please gets a Neulasta patch to help keep his blood boosted. It's working! His blood work was excellent, almost normal.
The best part is the Dr. said his cancer "juice" (yes that's what he called it) has dropped in half so far!!! He's not even halfway thru the initial treatment but everything is looking good so far. We are both quite relieved but the fight is far from over.

Backtracking a little to last week. NOTE: I caved and resubscribed to Cathe Live. Yeah like a I need a hole in the head. But it's only $10 a month. :D :D

Mon: 21DF Upper + 21DFX Upper. GREAT putting the two together and was a nice challenge.
Tues: 21DF Lower + 21DFX Lower. Holy!!! I had DOMS for 2 days from this! What a super combination and my legs and butt were cooked!
Wed: Nothing - lab/dr day.
Thurs: Cathe Live #326 Cardio Boxing Bootcamp 2. FUN!!!!!!!! Has the kickboxing, cardio, some upper body work and core. Now I want to do CBB #1.
Fri: Live #363 Boss Band & Loops Metabolic. FUN!!!!!! I pretty much stayed with the same weights and bands as Cathe but did go a wee bit heavier with the bands a couple of times. Was really good! I like these soft cloth bands...they don't hurt my hands or rub.

Today I did Live #360 Pumped Up Upper Body (45 min) and #234 Strong Express Upper (35 min). I felt really good and know I have to take Justin to his chemo on Wed (no workout) so I did an extra long workout today. LOVED THESE!
#360 - 4 rounds. Each round starts off with a little hint of cardio and then three upper body exercises and repeat them then a new round. The cardio was all on a step with 3 risers but Cathe uses just her topper and others use 1 or 2 risers.
#234 was faster pace but not too fast and more reps/lighter weights. Both worked my upper body really well and SO MUCH FUN!!!!

So I may flip flop between Cathe Live and 21 Day Fix/Extreme. I wasn't done with Autumn yet. LOL

Happy Monday!!!

Jules 10-18-21 07:24 PM

Hi Kate! That's such wonderful news about Justin! I have been thinking about joining Cathe Live again too! I just wish my knee wasn't so wonky right now, but I do know how to modify.

So I am officially old today. :o I had my follow-up appointment for the colonoscopy and the doctor said my colon looked pretty healthy. I asked why I had several episodes of severe bleeding and he said it is hard to say when it isn't actually happening, but maybe it was diverticular bleeding due to infection. He wants me to do "fiber therapy". I told him I hate the taste of Metamucil so I am going to try Benefiber. Bought a huge tub of it at Costco plus glucosamine for my knee and the over 50 multivitamins. Having flashbacks to Geritol commercials! :p

As far as workouts go, it has been sad. :( I caught a cold from a bunch of coughing first graders. It is my 2nd cold of the school year. (It isn't Covid - I tested negative.) I haven't felt great so no exercise. I might try to ease back into it tomorrow with some yoga. We have a short school week with Thursday and Friday off - I'm looking forward to the long weekend. :music:

fanofladyvols 10-24-21 09:20 PM

Monday was a 2 mile hike with daughter and kettlebell strength workout.
Tuesday focused on full body mobility
Wednesday was Kettlebell conditioning and core work along with TGU and snatch practice.
Thursday was mobility work
Friday was a full rest day
Saturday was a 7 mile hike with friends.So fun!
Sunday kettlebell strength

Kate your news on your son was fantastic!! Oh, and that was funny how you introduced yourself as an exercise junkie. I love how you doubled 21DF.

Jules you made me giggle. You know all that stuff you have to add isn't medication so that's good! I hope your knee is better so you can kick that cold ;)

Hi to Melinda and Kim!!

Jules 10-25-21 10:45 AM

Hey Gals! My recent days off were not as enjoyable as I was hoping - my cold got so much worse. I had tons of congestion and was coughing nonstop, so I did not get much sleep. Thankfully, I feel like I turned the corner last night and finally slept well. I am taking today and tomorrow off from work. I had another rapid Covid test this morning and it was negative. There are so many viruses going around the school right now and I was exposed to several kids who tested positive last week. I am glad it is just a cold. :cool:

I am not good at sitting around, so I did a couple of weight workouts last week. On Friday I did Cathe Gym Style Chest & Triceps + Ultimate Yogi Vitality. On Saturday I did Gym Style Legs + the core work from Step, Jump & Pump. Today I plan to do Gym Style Back, Biceps & Shoulders.

My knee is slowly improving, but it is still too sore to jump into high impact. My plan for now is to concentrate on heavier weight splits and yoga and maybe do some low-impact cardio once or twice per week.

Linda: That hike sounds fantastic! Good for you. :sun: Reading about all your kettlebell work just reminded me that KB's are great for no-impact cardio. I have a 15 pound bell - might dust it off! :p

Waves to all! :love:

fanofladyvols 10-26-21 09:24 AM

Jules yes! Kettlebells are great cardio conditioning! So are towel battle rope exercises. Ever tried those?

Here's a couple that look simple but I swear will get your heart rate up

Hinging and/or being in the linebacker stance is important. You can work the towel from the widest corners and creating the wave by alternating and really snapping each corner. Nice substitute cardio interval for some move you hate for workouts. It also works your grip too :sun:

KateTT 10-26-21 12:14 PM

Hello my fabulous fit chicks!! Quick check in! Glad to see you're all doing so well. I LOVE reading your posts!

Once again the days have just gotten away from me. But no appointments this week. Justin had chemo #4 last Wed and still doing well. We are hopeful.

Catching up.
Last Tues: Cathe Live 359 Pumped Up Lower body plus 21 Day Fix Barre Legs. GOOD stuff!! I really hammered my legs! But I must say the two 21DF and 21DFX Lower that I did earlier seemed harder though. At least I felt it more.
Last Wed: Nothing chemo day
Thurs: Cathe Live 358 30 Min Kickbox Express and 357 30 Min HiiT Express. SO GOOD together!! I liked both quite well and the HiiT was much like Perfect 30 HiiT.
Fri: 21DF Pilates and 21DFX Pilates. Autumn made Pilates fun again for me. Not killer hard but really good rest day or end-of-week workout.

I have still been meditating every day and Yoga almost every day. Keeping me sane.

This week:
Mon: Cathe Live 366 PHA Supersets 2 No Repeats plus 21DF Flat Abs. 366 was wicked. I liked the different rep speeds and patterns but no rest in between. I had weights all over. LOL. Cathe's PHA's are really good to pump up that metabolism!

Today I did Live 367 Cardio Kickboxing and Core. Very fun! I loved all the different combos and of course the core work was superb.

So does anyone have Cathe's little Yoga ball? I noticed that she uses it in a couple different workouts so far.

Vintage VFer 10-26-21 12:31 PM

Whoops, I replied in the wrong thread. Brain fog!

Malinda 10-26-21 03:40 PM

Hi FitChicks!

Iím still here! Iíve been reading everyoneís posts but just canít seem to get to posting anything myself. Itís the end of my billing year for work this week so Iím pretty busy with that.

But Iím still working out! Iím in week 3 of my H&C Chisel-only rotation. I was telling DH this morning that every muscle in my core is sore, and I havenít done one crunch or really much of anything that would be considered traditional ab work in this rotation. Autumn sure knows how to work that core! These workouts are tough, mentally and physically. I modify some -- she does several moves in which she steps and/or jumps up on the bench, which I tried a few times and quickly realized was an accident waiting to happen, so I use my step with three risers. I could handle four risers, but I donít have that many, so I may need to buy two more. And in the Iso workout she does three sets of 10 pull-ups with a ten-second hold in between each set -- even with my purple assist band, I canít do that many. Chisel Balance is my nemesis workout, but I know that it is good for me. The last move in the workout, a single-leg deadlift with a row, right into a pistol squat, is darned near impossible for me to do. She does 15 reps on each side, and then does another round of that. I am lucky if I can get 6 in per side per round, and thatís with putting my foot down A LOT. At first it just made me mad that I couldnít do it, but I finally got my head in the right place and realized that it is a sign that I really, really need to work on my balance, so Iíve been adding a few minutes of balance work before my cardio workouts -- either balancing on one leg on the floor, or on a wobble cushion. My ankles, calves, and shins are sore, which tells me that this is an important thing for me to focus on, not just for this rotation, but forever.

Kate - Iím so glad Justin is doing well with his chemo. As always, you inspire me with your dedication and positive attitude!

Linda - I am going to check out those links -- towel battle rope exercises sound intriguing!

Jules - Iím so sorry you have been sick, and that your knee is still sore. Hang in there, and swing that bell!

Kim - I hope your back and hip are getting better!

Yíall take care!

KateTT 10-27-21 12:27 PM

Alta: Brain fog is totally allowed.

Malinda: Good workouts girl!! I also just used my step - too dangerous jumping onto a bench like that. I agree Autumn knows how to cook the core without one single crunch.
They are very challenging workouts! I also suck at pullups but I keep trying. Well done!

Well I "brought it" today!! I guess I had some energy today so did TWO Cathe Live workouts.
#362 Switch it Up Bootcamp - so much fun!! Yes a fair amount of equipment but not overdone. Plenty of time to switch up weights. Also uses band, sliders, stability ball. I think there were 4 round, each starts with cardio then the upper, lower, core work. I really liked this one!
#361 Cardio Weight Mashup. Very similar to 362 but several rounds of cardio and weights. Didn't use quite as much equipment but had kind of the same format.
Both of these workouts I went the same or slightly heavier than Cathe.

Both workouts I used 10-20lb dumbells and a medium resistance band. So the first one was 51 minutes, 2nd was 38 minutes. I skipped the cooldown on the first one but ended up with about a 90 minute workout. SO GOOD!!!! I am so energized! I love testing my stamina and endurance with long workout. And SO feeling it! :eek:

NOTE: oh my aching butt! ;-)

Take care dear girls!!

KateTT 10-28-21 02:03 PM

Hello friends. Back with Les Mills Body Jam 66. This is one I bought for way too much money on eBay but fun. I still looked dorky but just wasn't up for any high impact anything.

Really having fun looking through the Cathe Live workouts and adding them into my rotation. Did you see today's workout? Mad Hatter Madness and everyone was dressed up. I'm going to do that tomorrow and add on her 320 Halloween Hocus Pocus. They look fun. No I'm not dressing up. LOL

Hope you're all well!!

Jules 10-28-21 03:00 PM

Wow! You gals are hitting it hard! I wish I was too, but I am still recovering from my cold. I went back to work yesterday and got super light-headed during my lunch duty. I had to sit down. I think it was a combination of congestion and dehydration. I am feeling much better today, although my ears are still blocked. I am going to try to do Slow & Heavy Chest & Back this afternoon plus some core work.

Kate: Have fun with those themed workouts! :music:

Malinda: Pistol squats are so difficult. Bravo for going out of your comfort zone!

Linda: Thanks for the link to the battle rope exercise - looks like a fab way to get rid of any anger issues, LOL!

Hi Kim!

Do you gals have any Halloween plans? We live in a remote area so we don't get any trick-or-treaters. My kids are teenagers now, so we plan to watch some scary shows/movies and eat our own candy. I bought a 5lb bag of treats from Costco. My son wants to watch Squid Game. I told him I am reading the parental guide and we will be skipping the worst scenes. A lot of his friends have already seen it. UGH. We are also going to watch The Invisible Man.

KateTT 10-29-21 11:50 AM

Jules: No Halloween plans here either. We are also out in the country and our nearest neighbors do not have small kids. Squid Game sounds weird. I hear the new Halloween Kills movie is amazing. Best one yet I've been told.
Keep up your hydration!!!

Malinda: Pistol squats are tough! I often have to go lighter to keep good form. Well done!!

Linda, Kim et all! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

So much fun today with Cathe Live. I did yesterday's new #368 Mad Hatter Madness. What a hoot! I added on #320 Halloween Hocus Pocus. Pretty simple but so funny. I laughed and worked today.
My costume was a frustrated athlete. LOL!!

Mad Hatter was metabolic alternating cardio, upper, lower, core etc. I used a variety of weights. The pace was not too fast but lots of reps.

Hocus Pocus was all cardio and upper. Cathe and 2 crew are dressed up like the witches in the movie. What a hoot!!

So I got my Halloween and Cathe fix. HA!
Have a great weekend all!

Mickey12 10-30-21 07:42 AM

Jules i’m So sorry you’ve been sick. That cold sounds really, really awful. Please take care of yourself. :heart: I never heard of some of those Halloween movies you mentioned. I’m not terribly into Halloween but I know some people go all out. We have a Halloween party at work. They decorate the office, everyone brings food and we have trick or treaters. It’s a fun day but it’s hard to get much work done, ha! We also live in a rural area so we have never gotten more than one set of “candy-seekers”. Most years we don’t get any. At least I get to see some at work.

Kate those Cathe live workouts sound really fun. She’s so creative and it makes me love her more with all the enthusiasm and energy she puts into her work product.

Malinda I have never been able to do a pistol squat. Big high fives to you! :D

Hey Linda. Well I’m pretty much back to normal exercise but I’m being very slow and cautious about increasing weights and intensity. My right leg is getting stronger so that’s good. I haven’t done any high impact yet either. As I type this we are on a long weekend trip to Disney Springs. Yesterday I logged 12,000 steps on the Fitbit and we rented bikes for an hour and the day before was 14,000 steps. No issues with my back so I’m very happy. :). We’re having tons of fun enjoying nice weather, eating delicious food and shopping. Life is good!

fanofladyvols 10-31-21 03:25 PM

Jules were you able to do slow and heavy? I hope so...or at least feel well enough to get some movement in. And yes, this towel swings are good stress relief! No plans here fo jack o day. Just watching football and baseball :)

Kim your weekend sounds fantastic! That's the purpose of fitness anyway-- to do things in life that make those kinds of physical demands. Good on you!!

Kate so good to read how you just keep on trucking!!

Malinda yikes on the description of the chisel workouts! :eek: I have never been able to do pistol squats..not even unweighted. I do this weird modification. I start in full booty to ground squat then shoot out one leg and raise up on one leg. That's as close to a pistol squat as I can go.

Alta Haha, well extra "hi!" for the fog post. ;)

I went on a challenging 7 mile hike on Wednesday. The trees and trail were gorgeous but we didn't bring enough snacks or water. I can safely say we underestimated what this trail would be like and I was pretty exhausted because of it. Thursday was a mobility only day. Friday and Saturday was Cathe virtual road trip workouts. Today was Thriller inspired mobility/stretch workout. Pretty safe to assume I'll take a rest day tomorrow.

Happy Jack-o'-lantern Day!!

Malinda 11-01-21 03:55 PM

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a nice Halloween! We never get trick-or-treaters, darn it, and we were out late Saturday, so we were asleep by 8:00 last night!

We have a group of friends - two other couples - who live within a few blocks of us. Since 2017, we have had quarterly Progressive Dinners, where we rotate Cocktails/Appetizers, Dinner, and Dessert between the couples, and walk between houses to each course. Whoever is serving Dinner calls a Theme a month or so ahead of time so everyone has time to work on their part. Saturday nightís theme was Light It Up. DH and I had cocktails and appetizers, so we served Atomic Cocktails with LED-light ďiceĒ cubes, and DH made Saganaki (flaming cheese). It was fun!


Wed - Breathless Body with DH
Th - 5 Parks Yoga
Fri - H&C Chisel Cardio
Sat - Zuzka Cardio #2
Sun - H&C Chisel Isometric
Mon - TJ Cardio Party 1

My pistol squats are very, very shallow, trust me! But Iím working on them!

Linda - Iíve read some of your posts about the Cathe virtual road trip, and it sounds like you had fun!

Kim - Iím glad you enjoyed your weekend in Florida!

Jules - Glad youíre feeling better.

Kate - Great job on the Halloween-themed workouts!

Mickey12 11-02-21 11:40 AM

Malinda what a fun idea of doing the rotating dinner events. Cool way to spend time with friends. It's funny that you mentioned Saganaki. When we were in Florida over the weekend, we were at dinner and the table next to us had that dish delivered. The server lit it on fire right next to us. Fun stuff!

KateTT 11-02-21 12:55 PM

Happy November! Didn't we just get done with 4th of July???

Kim: Hang in there!! You'll get stronger every day. Sounds like life is good!!

Linda: I love hiking! MN has LOTS of trails and places to walk and hike. Nothing like some good fresh air.

Malinda: We're too far out in the country and never get trick or treaters either. Flaming cheese...mmmmmmm.

Oh Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Mickey! Hey Mickey! Sorry couldn't resist. HUG

Started the week with a bang! And no Dr appointments this week. Justin's dad is doing chemo duty this week (#5).
I got Amy Bento's Slow Mo Strength DVD back. I had it ages ago, traded it, wanted it back. GLAD I did!

Yesterday I did the Chest, Biceps, Triceps split. OMG. First of all, I went way heavier that Amy. At one point she used 8lbs for chest flies. I love the rep patterns, the count and the variety. I am FEELING it today!! Last night too for that matter. I also added on the short Core workout for a good hour. My upper body was toast!

Today I did Cathe Live #27 Solid Cardio Plus HiiT (45 minutes) and #114 Cross Fire Quick Fix Plus Core (34 minutes).
Lots of excellent, excellent cardio with just a wee bit of core work at the end of 114. Some HiiT, some high and low impact, even a tad bit of kickboxing. LOVED these two! And fun to put them together.

So more Slow Mo this week (Legs tomorrow is supposed to be killer) and more Cathe Live. Holding my head high and staying positive! :sun:


Jules 11-04-21 07:10 PM

Almost Fri-yay! :D

I have been sticking to weights and yoga since my knee is still hurting. I honestly do not know what I did to it when I did Drill Max a few weeks ago, but it has been sore ever since. I ordered a double knee strap from Amazon that should arrive tomorrow. I have been trying to ice it at least once in the evenings for 20-30 minutes which seems to help a lot. I know I could go see a PT, but I am stubborn. ;)

Last week I completed Cathe's Slow & Heavy. This week I did her Gym Style workouts again. :love: I also did 2 of her Core Max routines, Stretch Max with the band, and 2 Short & Sweet yoga sessions with Travis.

Kate: I have heard very good things about Amy's Slo-Mo, but it seems to be sold out everywhere. Oh well. Like I need any more workouts. (I will be pre-ordering Cathe's upcoming weight series of course!) :p

Kim: I am so glad to hear you are back to normal exercise! It sounds like you had a wonderful little vacation getaway too. :music:

Malinda: Themed dinners with friends? YUMMO! I have never heard of saganaki before. Checking out that link....

Linda: I read your synopsis of the Cathe "Road Trip" on the Watulan check-in. Hilarious! It sounds like it was worth every penny. My husband wouldn't "get it" either, LOL.

Jules 11-05-21 05:09 PM

I did a little research today and I am fairly certain my knee pain is from Pes Anserine Bursitis. It sounds like it can take a several months to heal with RICE, stretching and strengthening moves, so I just need to be patient and continue to lay off the cardio for now. Winter is coming, so it is a good time to bulk up my muscles now anyway. Hopefully I will be able to lean out with cardio and metabolic workouts in the spring.

Have a great weekend everyone! :love:

Jules 11-08-21 09:47 PM

Hiya! Today started out good... the time change was kind to me. Work was enjoyable and I even got to watch Mary Poppins in music class. :music:
After work I did Cathe's 4 Day Split: Chest & Back and took the dog for a walk in the sunshine. :sun:

Then the good vibes ended. I was heading out the door to my son's basketball game when I discovered fresh, deep scratches on the door to the garage. I think they came from the buckles on my daughter's backpack. When I got to my son's game I was standing by the bleachers watching the game and some boys were horsing around nearby. One of the boys in the bleachers thought it would be fun to chuck a full bottle of water down at his friends. It missed them and hit me right in the forehead instead. :( So now I have a huge goose egg bump on my head. :mad: I am so glad picture day at school was last week! I iced it and now I am having a rum and coke and watching Monday Night Football. I am sure I will have a ginormous bruise tomorrow.

I hope you all are having a better night than mine! I still plan to do all of the 4 Day Split weight work this week along with yoga.

Malinda 11-09-21 12:05 PM

Hi FitChicks!

Goodness, the weeks are just flying by.

Jules - Well, that just stinks! Howís your head today?

Kate - Iíve never tried an Amy Bento workout, but Iíve read lots about her on VF. Yay for you for staying positive. :heart:

Hi Linda & Kim!

So I decided to try the Hammer-only rotation from Hammer & Chisel for awhile. I did Max Hammer Strength yesterday. I used heavier weights on lower body than I ever have. The workout didnít feel especially grueling (for lower body moves, one minute of an exercise with no weight, then 8 reps with heavy weights - for upper body moves, it was little different - like 60 seconds of chin-ups, then a weighted exercise using the same muscle group). But man, my quads are SORE today.

Workouts since my last post:

Tues - H&C Total Body Chisel
Wed - Breathless Body with DH
Thurs - H&C Chisel Endurance
Fri - Rest
Sat - Zuzka Cardio Workout #1 - she incorporates 60 burpees in less than 10 minutes - whew!
Sun - Body Project Cardio Starter with DH
Mon - H&C Max Hammer Strength
Tues - Cathe Ripped with HiiT Low Impact HIIT 1 - this one really burned my legs out since they are so sore from yesterday!

Have a great week, y'all!

KateTT 11-09-21 01:59 PM

Jules: I will be preordering Cathe's new too. If its anything like the original STS, I'm IN!
Was it the original Mary Poppins or new?
OH NO on your head!!! Did anyone reprimand the kid?

Malinda: I have several of Zuzka's workouts too. She is wicked. Well done!!! On those body Project workouts too. Aren't they a fun couple?

Nov 3: Amy Bento Slow Mo Strength Legs. YOW!!! Felt this one for two days. I love the unique moves.
Nov 4: Les Mills on Demand Body Combat Extreme Cardio remix. Fun mix from other BCs. It was fun of course.
Nov 5: Amy Be Slow Mo Strength Back and Shoulders. Zowie!! I just love these slow weight workouts! I can go heavy!!!

This week.
Yesterday I did Live #220 Lower Body Upper Body Dumbell Challenge. Great stuff! Cathe works through each body part well, doing about 4 exercises, twice through. I had weights all over the place. LOL

Today I found a new Body Attack on LMOD. #112 so that was up today. LM is always fun and one of my favorite type of workouts. This had the ever-exuberant Lisa and 2 other instructors on a fun set. No crowd yet.

I am still doing Yoga every afternoon and meditating EVERY morning, no fail. Keeping me sane during insane times.

Waves, hugs, love!

Mickey12 11-10-21 07:19 PM

Jules that is simply awful! I donít know how I would have reacted if I got hit like that. I hope youíre doing ok.

Have any of you seen the new Peloton commercial? Those commercials are so well done and always make exercise look so fun. The new one has Scrooge exercising. It just makes me chuckle.

I have been walking at lunch lately since our weather has been so spectacular. Itís November for crying out loud, it should be colder but itís just beautiful. :sun:

Keep up the great workouts everyone. You are all so inspiring. :heart:

Jules 11-10-21 08:48 PM

Update on my injury: Every day the bruise spreads more. I truly look like I got into a fist fight! It covers one half of my forehead and goes down to the outer corner of my right eye. All the kids at school are asking what happened, which is very sweet. I still have a small lump but it is covered up by my hairline. Our school principal is going to inform the other school where the boys were from what happened because they were unsupervised. It is possible that their parents were on the other side of the bleachers but I did not see any adults nearby.

On to the good stuff!

Tuesday: 4 Day Split Kickbox. I just did the warmup, followed by Legs & Core.
Today: 4 Day Split Triceps & Biceps + Travis Short & Sweet #3

Kate: It was the original Mary Poppins with Julie Andrews! I have not seen the new one yet. Have you seen it?

Kim: I have not seen that Peloton commercial with Scrooge - sounds fun! I just found out that our health insurance will cover 1 free year of a Peloton subscription as well as 1 year of Apple Fitness, but I have not signed up yet with my bum knee. I tried Peloton before and did not like all the cursing, but it looks like they have more instructors now so I might give it another go. Your weather sounds fabulous! It is getting very cold here - high in the low 40's.

Malinda: Great mix of workouts as always!

Hi Linda!

Jules 11-11-21 07:58 PM

Hey Gals! I have a full-on black eye now. I need to get some big sunglasses like the movie stars wear. :cool:

Today I did 4 Day Split: Shoulders, Calves & Core + Stretch Max with the band.

Tomorrow I will probably do a longer yoga practice.

Since I cut back on cardio my weight has been creeping up. I will probably eat smaller portions at dinner until my pants fit better. Cardio really helps to boost my mood and I have definitely been crabbier without it. I might try to do some low impact this weekend and see how my knee feels. I will wear the compression sleeve for support.

Jules 11-18-21 09:12 AM

Quick Check-in. This week I did X-Train: Chest, Shoulders & Back. I also did the standing portion of Xtrain Legs and Bonus Core #1.

I got my booster Moderna shot on Tuesday and I have been feeling pretty cruddy with body aches and a swollen lymph node in my left armpit. I might do the Floor and Barre work from Xtrain Legs this afternoon if I feel up to it.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Jules 11-19-21 03:56 PM

I am feeling much better today. I am about to do Xtrain: Biceps & Triceps + Bonus Core #2. I did the leg work yesterday and it was a burner. I am not too sore today, but I did have a charley horse in my calf at 4am. OUCH!

We had our first day of snow today. The kids had a great time at recess. :D

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mickey12 11-19-21 07:26 PM

Hi Jules, sorry you were feeling cruddy after the booster. I think theyíre important though. Luckily I didnít have any reaction. And ugg on the Charlie horse at 4 am! Theyíre the worst!

The first snow of the season is always so fun for the kids! Iím glad they had fun at recess. I remember when I was in grade school, we had a teacher that would stand at the bottom of a hill and we would take turns sliding down the hill. She would catch us at the bottom so we didnít slide into the road. It was so much fun. She must have been exhausted the end of recess. Funny how you remember things from childhood.

fanofladyvols 11-22-21 08:26 AM

Kim what a great teacher! I doubt they'd let her do that nowadays. My 3rd grade teacher brought in lots of books for reading when you got done early. Her book selection was better than the school library. As an adult, I realize it probably pleased her that I was SUPER hyped to run over and grab them. Good times :cool:

Malinda you're amazing. Great job!

Jules I read your posts and just kept thinking oh no..ohh no!! Did you ever find out what happened to the garage door? And is your eye bruise a faded lime green yet? I loved your rum and coke pain med :D Hope you have a better week this week!

Kate way to keep on trucking!

Will post workout later...Happy Monday!

Jules 11-22-21 11:05 AM

Happy Thanksgiving week! I am so grateful for all my fitness buddies here!

Unfortunately, I caught another cold and am staying home from work today since I have a bad cough. That makes 3 colds so far this school year. This one isn't as bad as the one I had a couple of weeks ago, thank goodness. I still plan on doing XTrain Burn Sets this week and will probably do Butts & Guts for my leg work.

The weekend was a good one for football. The Vikings and MN Golden Gophers both won as well as the MT Griz. :sun: I also started decorating the house for Christmas.

Linda: Thanks for asking about my eye. Yes! It is now a lovely lime green color. I still have a small lump on my head - I figure I will look normal in anther week or so.

Kim: Love your sledding story! :p

KateTT 11-23-21 01:57 PM

Very quick post - just wanted to let you know I'm ok, Justin is doing ok but time is short these days. Here I wanted to revive my Fit Chicks checkin and I can't even make it.

I am still working out every day that I don't have an appointment with Justin. Mostly Cathe Live and some misc thrown in.

I had a slight twinge in my lower back for a couple days. Not sure what it went away.

HUGS to all...i'll be back with more to report. Just wanted to say hi!!

Malinda 11-23-21 05:04 PM

Hi FitChicks!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Like Jules, I am very thankful for my check-in buddies. :heart:

DH and I went to Arizona last week to visit his Aunt and Uncle. We had a nice time but I am so glad to be home, and I am especially glad that we made the decision to visit the week before Thanksgiving.

Kate - Iím glad you popped in! You just check-in when you can -- weíll be here for you!

Jules - I sure hope your cold goes away before Thanksgiving! We are planning to get our Moderna boosters on Friday; that way we can lay low on Saturday if we have any side-effects. Great job on your workouts!

Linda - Looking forward to reading about what workouts youíve been doing!

Kim - Is your weather still nice for walking at lunch?

What is everyone doing for Thanksgiving? My step-daughter is coming tomorrow. I think Iíve mentioned before that she is a bit difficult for me to tolerate, but usually her visits are not as bad as I anticipate them to be. Fingers crossed!

I only worked out one day while we were in Arizona - there just wasnít a good place for us to workout in our hostsí home, and it was too chilly outside in the mornings. But Iím back at it now. I did a couple more of the Hammer workouts from H&C and decided that they are not for me. SoÖ Iím going back to LIIFT 4. This is the fourth time Iíve done this program! Assuming I stick with it for the full 8 weeks (I feel like Iíve been so wishy-washy lately with rotations), I may try an Xtrain rotation after I'm done.

Workouts for this week:

Sun - Turbo Fire Greatest HIITS - I needed something quick and tough after spending many hours cleaning house upon our return home.
Mon - 21 Day Fix Real Time Cardio Fix - meh
Tues - LIIFT 4 Week 1 Day 1 - Chest & Tris 50/50

If I donít check in again before Thursday, I hope each of you has a very nice Thanksgiving!

Jules 11-29-21 06:38 PM

Cyber Monday! I shopped a little online over the weekend, and still need to buy a couple more gifts. Did you gals find any fitness bargains? I am waiting for the Cathe pre-sale. :p

I guess I overdid it last week and my cold got so much worse. I ended up coming down with a bad case of bronchitis on Thanksgiving. Today is the first day that I feel like I have my energy back. I just did Pyramid Upper Body and it went fine. Sometimes getting my heart rate and endorphins up a little helps me to recuperate. I don't think I am ready to do legs yet - probably in a couple of days. I also strained a muscle in my back from all the coughing. I am so done with all the colds this year - it is the worst thing about working in a school! :mad:

I hope you all had a fun weekend! :sun:

KateTT 11-30-21 11:41 AM

Hi girls!! Such kindness and so glad to see everyone still hitting it!

I won't go back and try to catch up. Suffice it to say I have been working thru some great Cathe Live workout! SOOOO much fun!! I did throw in a few Les Mills workouts too. So far Nov is all Cathe and Les Mills with a bit of Amy Bento at the start. I'm loving Cathe Live, that's all I can say.

This week:
Mon: Cathe Live 196 Toasted Trisets Upper Body. OMG great!!!! Heavy lifting (only 8-10 reps). Three exercises done 3 times through for every body part then a super core segment at the end. Really fantastic and I went so heavy I am really feeling it today!

Today: Cathe Live 293 Glutes & Thighs. This is another heavy one although Cathe did not go very heavy. Three exercises done 3 times through for 4 rounds. Similar to Toasted trisets. My legs and butt are TOAST (throwing toast...heehee...get it?)

Justin update: last Wed he called me complaining of bad cough, fever, sore chest. Of course I feared covid so we went to urgent care (no workouts that day). Luckily it was just a bronchial type infection..he tested negative for covid. So antibiotics and Thanksgiving was saved as he and his girlfriend were set to come for Thanksgiving. :heart:

With all the driving (1 hour each way to Hutchinson where Justin lives), I've started listening to lots of podcasts, talks, etc. I'm a big fan of Ajahn Brahm who is this delightful Buddhist monk with a fun sense of humor. Keeps me positive.

Still meditating every day.
Still practicing Yoga almost every day.

I did not do any Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping. The rub is, they always fall at the end of the month when I am low on funds. No biggie..too many crowds anyway.

Went to my step-granddaughter's dance recital last night. So cute!! But in a very packed auditorium, NO ONE had masks on except me. I have to be careful with Justin, not to mention hubby has emphysema and covid would be bad. Yes we're all fully vaccinated, plus the booster but I just felt the need to be safer. And I'm paranoid. ;-)

Take care!! Let's do this!!

KateTT 12-01-21 01:36 PM

Heehee, two days in a row!!

More Cathe Live for me. I'm so addicted! My other DVDs are crying from neglect. LOL
Today was #301 All Low Impact Kickboxing HiiT and Core. I did NOT keep it low and it was so much better that way for me! Some great punching/kicking combos, then you move to HiiT cardio, then back to kickboxing. I think that went of for about 4 rounds. NICE core work at the end. Ah Cathe, you do like to hammer the abs!

So I went back to Cathe Live and went all the way back to #1. I think I'm going to start to work through some of the old one. I noticed that they are mostly an hour+ long.
I have started a list of all the Lives I'd like to do, which is almost all of them.

I have also decided NOT to renew my Beachbody subscription. Although I love those workouts, I just have to scale back on some of my streaming. GOTTA keep Les Mills on Demand and my streaming Yoga, so that's the one that went. Sorry BOD!

Hope you're all well. Welcome to a new month!

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