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Mickey12 02-08-21 08:12 PM

Just a quick pop in to say Congrats to Linda on the pullups!! Wow! Even with the assist I think it's a great accomplishment. You rock!! :heart:

KateTT 02-09-21 01:25 PM

Chicks!! Happy Tuesday. I vowed not to let another day go by without checking in.

Linda!! Way to go on the pullups. I suck at pullups and use a pullup assist too. It really helps and does improve form and strength.
Shovel Max, in general, sucks. ;-)

Jules: I did not know that about the bonus' on the Party Rockin' Steps. So I did kind of do it. Still can't find my copy.
Super Bowl = blowout!

Malinda: Amy and Paul's workout is called Double Down. It's great! I'm looking forward to trying her two workouts on the 4x4 set.

Big waves and hugs to everyone!

This week, more Cathe, some Les Mills (new releases are out!) and 4x4.

Yesterday I did Cathe STS Total Body. I was actually going to do Live Vertical Loading 2 but my computer was being finky and it froze and wouldn't play. I need to burn all my Lives onto dvds. But STS Total was great! I am feeling it today, especially chest and glutes.
I've been working through more of Eoin's Blissology Project 2 practices. Although not as good as Bliss 1, it has been fun. Both Eoin and Insaya instruct the different practices.
Yesterday was Tues Lead with Light by Insaya. It was really quite good.

Today I had to hit Les Mills on Demand. They have a new Combat, Attack, Step and Pump along with several others. Combat 84 was a blast!!! Great tunes, Dan, Rach and two other instructors back on the stage but it didn't look like there was anyone in the audience. Feeling it! And boy was I drenched!

More Blissology 2 this afternoon. Have a great day! :sun:

KateTT 02-10-21 04:40 PM

Me again...really liking Katami's 4x4 set!! And to think the first time I did it more than 5 years ago, I hated it and traded. Really glad I got it back.

Today I did 4x4 I Am Athlete 2. Nothing killer hard and Paul still shows three different levels (Power of 1, 2 or 3). I stay mostly in the middle but definitely tried some of the more advanced moves. Totally doable. And one of the moves, overhead squat (holding a weight over your head and squat) I ended up dropping my weight totally to keep good form and followed the beginner.
So far this set is very good and I'm looking forward to trying more.

One thing to note...Paul doesn't do any kind of cooldown or stretch. Nice warmups but only thing at the end is four deep breaths. So I tacked on Cathe's Total Body Stretching #1 and that felt good.

Today's Yoga was Cameron Gilley from Gaia and Slow Burn Hatha Yoga. Ahhhhh.

Hump Daaaay! ;-)

Jules 02-10-21 08:15 PM

Kate: Thanks for the info on 4X4. I might just cave on this set the next time it is on sale. Keep the reviews coming! :p

Today I was tempted to try out the new BodyCombat, but my body wanted low impact so I did a SpinCore from Studio Sweat. It was a long one - 83 minutes!

Having a bit of a bummer day. A Christmas gift we just got on Friday for my son broke and I have to return it and reorder. It was custom made so it will take several weeks to get it replaced. One of my daughter's Christmas gifts broke as well, but luckily we got a replacement right away.

Also, our new governor announced today that he is letting Montana's mask mandate expire on Friday. Some cities and counties have their own mandates in place but ours does not. I might start doing the double mask thing - so trendy. :(

Jules 02-11-21 07:16 PM

Hey Gals! Today I did the level 4 push workout from BodyShred: Zenith. It was hard and I burned about 300 calories in 35 minutes which has remained consistent for me throughout this program. I had to modify several moves in Zenith and I did not care for some of the modifications offered. I will try to come up with my own for next time.

After Zenith I did Yoga 30 for 30: Fluidity. I have done this one twice now and kind of got lost both times. Not my fave 30 for 30.

Tomorrow I will do BodyShred: Apex. It is a pull workout - I hope it is a good one!

Stay warm!

Mickey12 02-11-21 09:29 PM

Jules are you getting tired of the BodyShred workouts yet? I'm not a rotation person so I know I could never last. I admire people who can stick to them.

What are your temperatures like in winter in Montana? Do they get like Kate's -17? Yikes, that's powerful cold. In Pennsylvania we might occasionally get below 0 but only a few degrees.

I really don't understand all the conflicting recommendations regarding covid. It seems like what the officials recommend changes every week and just isn't consistent. It's very frustrating and it's hard to know what to follow. :(

Tonight I did Tony Horton Power 90 Masters Series. I was rearranging some DVDs and found these which I forgot I had. I did UML which is upper, middle, lower body, all body weight exercises, no impact. Tony was his goofy self and the work was moderate. It was a good change of pace.

Hope everyone has a great night.

Jules 02-12-21 12:48 PM

TGIF! It is -14 here this morning. BRRRRR! Usually the temps are more moderate here since I live on the west side of the continental divide. The east side is much colder. School is still on today.

Kim - I have Tony's P90X but I am curious about his other programs. Sounds like the Masters Series is a good one?

Our statewide mask mandate got lifted for purely political reasons. Only 4% of people here have been fully vaccinated and there are a lot of at-risk people still waiting for their turn. Thank goodness our local school boards have decided to keep masking in place inside our schools, so that make me feel very relieved and happy today. :music:

For my workout today I did BodyShred: Apex. I liked it! My calorie count was not quite as high as yesterday, but I think that is b/c I was learning the moves. One of them is doing tricep pushups in wheel pose. LOL, I can barely get into wheel and cannot straighten my arms all the way so that's not gonna happen! Yesterday's workout had side crow in it which I just cannot get. :confused: After Apex I did Travis' Short & Sweet #1. I really like BodyShred but I am looking forward to moving on soon. Switching out her cardio workouts was a good decision for me.

Happy Friday to all! :D

KateTT 02-12-21 01:14 PM

Hi gals! COLD here! -17 when I got up this morning and still -7 right now. This weekend is supposed to be even colder. Had to jump my car as it wouldn't start at all. Geez. At least next week starts to warm up a little. It's just bitter. Like, the inside of your nose freezes! :o

Yesterday I did LMOD Body Attack 109. Great fun! Lisa, Bevan and a new guy. I love when Lisa and Bevan are together! Just all around good tunes and high energy even without an audience.
Trying out some new instructors on Gaia Yoga.

Today I did Katami 4x4 I Am Warrior 1. Yowza, these are getting harder! The cardio round includes weights and compound moves. Not killer but I did find myself using lighter weights on some moves. In fact it seemed like there were a lot more total body moves even when doing lower, upper or core. Challenging and I like that!! Now I keep thinking I should get more of Paul's workouts? (no, you have enough! but wait, he's so good). Internal struggle. ;-)

Jules: That new BC is pretty tolerable for impact but does have jump kicks.
My son has been double masking for months. I started too. Can't hurt. One saving grace for us both is that our states are fairly least where I live in MN is. So not tons of people.

Kim: Now you make me want to revisit more of Tony's workouts. I have several and I have a subscription to Beachbodyondemand. Tony is so funny and he really does make working out a lot more fun.

I think we all just need to keep masking, washing hands, keep distant etc. MN Governor is slowly starting to reopen things but slowly.
Teachers and all school staff really need to get vaccinated.


Malinda 02-12-21 02:40 PM

Oh my goodness, -17 and -14 degrees? I cannot even imagine that. Our low is supposed to be 4 on Monday, which is just insane for Central Texas. My chickens' water was frozen this morning -- I'm having to change it out several times a day while our temps are below freezing. We live in a drafty old farmhouse (that was moved into town by previous owners) and we are all bundled up. We love our old wooden windows and can't bear to replace them with modern ones that would seal up the leaks. We so rarely get extreme cold, that it's usually not an issue. But right now our heater can't keep up!

Tues - MBF Day 12 Total Body
Wed - MBF Day 13 Ignite
Thurs - Breathless Body with DH

Today I was supposed to do yoga, but instead I went for a more active recovery because it's so dang cold. I did the Live 30 minute Combat from the BeachBody set. I kept the jump kicks low impact. That workout always makes me happy.

Jules - I remember hearing that some of the moves in the later BodyShred workouts were a bit crazy/challenging. I so admire your stick-to-it-iveness!

Kim - I just read an article yesterday about Tony Horton's latest venture. I have done P90X3 and I use the Cold Start from 22 Hard Corps as a warm-up for other workouts sometimes. I've never done one of the actual 22 Hard Corps workouts, but they look kind of fun.

Kate - I'm thinking that next time I see 4x4 on sale at Mary's, I'll have to bite the bullet.

Waves to Linda!

Y'all keep warm and have a great weekend!

Mickey12 02-14-21 05:37 PM

Malinda that is REALLY cold for Texas. Yikes! I have Tony's 22 min hard corps workouts. I like that some of them are filmed outdoors, although some are filmed at night. The workouts are fun and they go by quick, especially since they're so short to begin with. I think Tony is more reserved in these because he's workout out with military personnel.

Today I did Amy Bento's Cardio Pump Step. I've had it for YEARS and haven't done it since I first got it. The step portion is fun but it's only 16 minutes, then there is weight work, total body, for about 20 minutes. The music is good and I was able to get most of the step choreography fairly easily.

Hope everyone has a good week.

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