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Jules 08-24-21 08:54 PM

I got my Cathe Loops and Bands last night - squeeeee! They are awesome! Today I did Loops, Glutes & Core. I enjoyed it but not as much as Total Body b/c I don't like doing hydrant-type stuff even tho it's good for me. ;) Overall it was a good bun burner and I really liked the core and stretch segments. I burned 330 calories. I followed up with Paul Katami's 4X4 foam rolling segment. OUCH! I guess my muscles are tighter than I thought. :eek:

Malinda: Thanks for sharing your PT story. It is inspiring how much you are capable of after all that you have been through.:love:

Kim: My belly is doing better now that all the guests are gone, LOL. I have had symptoms of IBS for several years now, but have also had a few instances of bloody D. I had to go to the emergency room twice. The last big flare-up happened in May but appointments to see a gastroenterologist were 2-3 months out. Finally got in a couple of weeks ago and should have some answers soon.

Hi Linda and Kate!

fanofladyvols 08-25-21 07:10 PM

Malinda and Kim I have two bulging discs in my mid/low back. The doctor said it was the result of my scoliosis and probably repetitive actions. I did not have as strong a core back then and I knew it wasn't great but it really went out after a day of vacuuming a church. Malinda you're such an inspiration!!

Kim My back took a really long time to heal for me and was painful. I am a SLOW healer. For years, I couldn't sit on anything hard or for very long and road trips were just torture. I don't know if the back affected my hip but I began to have a hip issue. I refused the steroid shots and other procedures she recommended. (Long story but I was convinced it wasn't what I should do.) I did go through PT and take muscle relaxers and antiinflammatory meds. PT was frustrating and I had to run through a couple of them before I settled with one that actually gave me exercises I could do that helped me. So don't settle until you get one that really works with you and your needs. Ultimately, I stopped the PT because I grew dissatisfied with how limited I was progressing. I used the exercises they showed me and did research on what else I could do to help me. I weaned off those meds and only rarely need to take ibuprofen. I haven't taken any months. This is why I love working my core so helps me do things like sit on bleachers, and go on road trips and hike mountains, lol! Bottom line, be the manager of your health care so you can get better :heart:

Jules I liked both of the Cathe workouts but loved the glutes one best! I'm going to try Travel fit with the bands to compare. I hope you get some answers with your belly. Our gut is SO important.

So I'm recovering slowly from my calf tweak. (World's slowest healer!) I have been doing anything I could that didn't involve jumping or raising in my calf. Cathe's new workouts worked great. I have also been doing Qi gong and some yoga that is low intensity.

Later today, the plan is to try Travel fit.

Hugs to Kate!

Keep your hustle, Fitchicks! Even while recovering...keep hustling :music:

KateTT 08-30-21 12:44 PM

Hey girls!!! So sorry to be missing for so long. The Mayo was quite the experience. All the appointments and procedures went well for Justin. The first batch was 3 days worth then back in a few days for another day. Good news is, the cancer has not spread anywhere yet. Wednesday is the first day of chemo but that will be done in his hometown (which is still 1 hour drive each way for me). Four hour drive each way to Mayo but at least it's a nice rural highway.

The 4 days we were at Mayo I did a LOT of walking. HUGE campus and of course all the appointments were spread out. People even masking outside on the streets, just to be safe. No formal workouts until I got home and way too much eating. I have put on 6 lbs. Not good but I'll get back to my usual fasting. I feel better when I do eat so much.

Workouts...last week I did both my new Cathe Boss Bands workouts. I am pleased and these will be great travel workouts.
I LOVE the bands and loops..they don't slip. I will be using the heavier bands the 2nd time I do the workouts, but I stayed with Cathe's bands on almost all the first time. That orange one is just too light for me but great for warmups.
Threw in some cardio and Cathe Strong & Sweaty Ramped Up Upper Body Ext Mix 3 to round out the week.

This week I'm going back to Hammer & Chisel as I'd like to get through all those twice. Today I did Chisel Balance + ISO Strength. Leg killers but I still feel like I have been sitting a lot.

Hugs to all!!!

Jules 08-31-21 01:10 PM

Hey Gals! Life has been crazy busy the past couple of weeks! With school starting tomorrow I hope to get back into a groove again soon. I went to the staff training yesterday and it was odd, to say the least. Despite Covid cases being very high here and a test positivity rate of over 20%, most of the school boards have decided to make masks optional. The subject of Covid did not even come up once in our meetings yesterday. :confused: We won't be doing cohorts this year - all the grades will be interacting with each other at lunch, recess, etc. I guess we are all just pretending Covid doesn't exist now. Our principal sent out an email to parents last night saying that the entire staff can't wait to welcome back students wearing their SMILES this year. I plan to mask up if I am around obviously sick students or if I feel like I am coming down with something. Last year was the 1st year ever that I did not catch any viruses at school and most of my coworkers didn't either, so I feel the masks do make a difference. My own kids are vaccinated which puts my mind at ease a little bit.

I had my upper endoscopy and colonoscopy on Friday. That clinic is like an assembly line! I had a lot of inflammation in my esophagus and stomach. The doctor removed one small polyp in my colon and I have moderate diverticulosis. He took some biopsies and I am waiting on the results. In the meantime, he prescribed me a proton pump inhibitor and told me to never take NSAIDS again *forever*. I am also supposed to take Metamucil daily. My follow-up appointment isn't until mid-October but I should have test results back some time next week.

Also celebrated my husband's b-day over the weekend and my son's b-day is coming up soon.

I have been fitting in workouts here and there, but not every day. I did a BodyPump the other day and have DOMS since I haven't been super consistent. I am going to go on Fit Men Cook for inspiration and do some meal planning. My gastroenterologist hasn't given me any diet advice yet.

Kate: Glad to hear your son will be receiving his treatments soon and that the cancer has not spread. That has to be a HUGE relief! My parents stayed in a patient suite at the Mayo for a couple of months when my dad was being treated. My mom said there were lots of great restaurants but my dad had a feeding tube so they didn't eat much. I am sure you mostly gained water weight. Have fun with Sagi!

Linda: I hope your calf is doing better!

Waves to everyone!

Mickey12 08-31-21 01:48 PM

Kate it's so good to hear from you! I'm glad you had some good news with Justin. Sending prayers and hugs to you. :heart:

Jules you really have been busy! I think a lot of places are just pretending that Covid doesn't exist anymore. I don't know what to make of that. I am also very confused by the issue of masking. I have heard experts say they don't help, yet I have heard from teachers, etc. like you that they have not gotten the usual illnesses of years past presumably because of wearing masks. In any event, I hope you and your kids have a GREAT school year. Wow about no NSAIDS forever!! I knew they were hard on your stomach, which stinks, because I find them very effective. My husband isn't supposed to take them either because of medication he takes for cardiac stents.

Linda thanks for the advice about physical therapy. I'm sorry you had such a long road of recovery. I'm in second week of therapy and I believe I'm starting to turn the corner. The pain in my leg is not as bad and I am hopeful that it will continue to get better. I am still extremely limited in what I do though. I pretty much go to work and sit all day, come home, get something together for dinner and then sit or lay down. I'm thankful that I can sit without discomfort and I sleep well.

Hi to Malinda!

Have a great week, everyone! :music:

KateTT 09-02-21 01:01 PM

Hello friends!!

So far so good with Day 1 of chemo yesterday. Justin says so far he feels just fine. They sent him home with a 48 hour drip pump but he gets that taken off tomorrow. SOOOO involved and no messing around from the nurses or doctors. Very pleasant although we were there for nearly 6 hours this first time. Going forward it will be more like 4 with less patient education.

This week.
Monday: Chisel Balance + ISO Strength. I do like these! With the right weights, definitely challenging.
Yoga: Udaya Rudy Mettia - Triplets. Nice moderate practice.

Tues: Cathe's Ripped with HiiT Low Impact HiiT (both). I wish there was a better mix with both the workouts but easy enough to just play them both. Fun cardio though!
More Udaya Yoga Calvin Corzine - Opening Hips. Ahhhh. Slow Hatha stretches.

Nothing yesterday.

Today I did new-to-me Doves Bodies Total Body #2! I might have had one of her AGES ago but don't remember. This one was totally non stop metabolic and it looked like they all used pretty light weights. I started with 10s but had to drop for some of the shoulder work. TONS of reps..I think 30 each set? Some cardio type moves, stretches and did work the total body pretty well. It wasn't killer but the floor work BURNED! Maybe a wee bit shoulder and leg heavy but I liked it.

HUGS! And stay well all! Jules!!!

KateTT 09-03-21 11:45 AM


So far so good...two days after chemo for Justin and he's fine. I have no doubt that will change but grateful for every good day.

For those who got Cathe's Boss Bands workouts...what do you think? I have only done them once but next time I want to use heavier loops/bands and maybe even double up. But I like them both. And I love the loops/bands...they don't slip!

Today I decided to do another Dove's Bodies workout #3. These are kind of a nice surprise. Although not hard, I just can't use heavy weights for any of it due to her pace and millions of reps. ;)
#3 had a bit of Yoga, some toning (I used 5s and 10s), bit of moderate impact cardio. Pretty decent total body workout but no triceps in this. And the lower body work was not as tough as in #2 yesterday. Definitely different enough from #2. Both have good core work!!
These will be good easier day workouts too. Or when I want something metabolic because her pace is NON STOP! Not super fast, but no real breaks in between exercises. I like the stamina building. Pretty sure 10s will be the max I can use but I haven't done #4 yet.

Anyone have these? I only found a very few reviews but I like what I've tried so far.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Jules 09-03-21 05:55 PM

I survived the first week of school! :sun: My schedule is going to be pretty easy this year (unless it changes.) The hardest part of my day so far has been my lunch duty, LOL. I spend most of my time as a classroom aide in Pre-K, 1st, and 3rd grades.

My knee has been acting up again so I am just modifying as needed. Yesterday I did RWH Upper Body Circuit + 30 for 30 Yin. Today I did the Lower Body Circuit + Short & Sweet Yoga #1. I have also been taking the dog for her daily walk.

Kate: Nice to hear that Justin is feeling ok. Like you, I have done the Boss Bands workouts once each. I like the Total Body one a lot and will use it on a recovery day when I want to hit a little bit of everything. I am very impressed with the quality of the loops/bands. I see there is a thread on GD with links to other workouts on YouTube that use bands and I plan to check them out!

Have a great holiday weekend! :cool:

fanofladyvols 09-03-21 07:05 PM

Kate that's great news on Justin! I love Cathe's band workouts and really enjoy her fabric bands and loops. I plan to use the bands/loops quite a bit! (In fact I already have used them with other workouts I own :) )

Jules hope you're able to find a way to baby that knee back to health. So hard to work around a knee.

Kim I was glad to see you're doing well with the PT. Thinking of you and hoping your recovery goes well :heart:

We had gorgeous weather today. After two days of foam rolling and rest, I went for a hike today. Four miles on a less rocky trail with some even stretches and it went well. No calf problems and had just a fabulous time. So relieved to feel fine :music:

Waves to Malinda!!

Have a great Saturday everyone!!

Jules 09-08-21 08:13 PM

Howdy! I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend. I worked out on Saturday and did Cathe's Maximum Intensity Cardio. Was feeling tired and lazy on Sunday and Monday and just walked the dog and did laundry.

Yesterday I decided to do a week of Cathe's CTX and started with Power Circuit (Back) + Travis Short & Sweet #2.

Today I did CTX Step & Intervals (Chest) + 30 for 30 Gentle Yoga.

I prepared some yummy food for my lunches this week: Tuscan veggie soup and chicken salad with apples and walnuts. I also made homemade frozen vanilla custard for dessert tonight but we haven't tried it yet. :p

What are you all up to?

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