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fanofladyvols 07-21-21 06:53 PM

Jules I love reading your thoughts on Cathe's workouts. Looking forward to reading which are your favorites.

Today was Sandry's yoga + pilates core segment and Lauren Brooks Shut up and train #1. Enjoyed both!

Malinda 07-22-21 10:45 AM

Yippee, it's Thursday!!!

Jules - I hope your knee is getting better. Great job on working through those Cathes!

Linda - I love a good steady-state cardio workout.

Kate - I hope all is well with you and yours.

Hi Kim!


Tuesday - 3.5 mile run
Wednesday - Deep Stretch with Mimi Solaire
Thursday - Combat Live 30 (from the Beachbody set) and pull-ups/pushups/swings

I've been reading the "20 Instructors in 20 Days" check-in, and just realized that I have done workouts from 8 different instructors in the past 10 days - the other two days being workouts with no instructors. I wonder if I can make it to 20? It's a good time to try -- right now I'm just jumping around and doing whatever I'm in the mood for each day. I am itching to start another rotation, not sure what, maybe a hybrid of a couple of rotations I've already done, but I want to wait until the second week of August. We have more travel plans over the next couple of weeks so I don't want to interrupt any rotation I start.

Mickey12 07-22-21 12:39 PM

Linda you changed your avatar!! I miss the mini-me but I like the new photo (although it's a bit hard to read).

I'm glad you're all forging ahead with the workouts. Malinda the way you have been doing whatever workout suits you on a particular day is how I always do my workouts. I very seldom do rotations.

Not much to post, just plugging along....I didn't exercise yesterday, didn't go for a walk today at lunch. Maybe something tonight.

Stay well, everyone. :heart:

fanofladyvols 07-22-21 12:52 PM

Kim I thought it was too hilarious even with the bad upload. I'll pick something else soon. Hugs!!!

Jules 07-22-21 06:06 PM

Just posting my thoughts on today's workout. Perfect 30 Low Impact HiiT was fun! I liked the music and moves. I did not really go anaerobic, but I usually don't with low impact. I also liked the Bonus Cardio Blast. It consisted of intervals done pyramid style on an 8" step. My heart rate got higher with this one, but nothing crazy. I noticed that Cathe reused some of the ICE music in her bonuses for Perfect 30. The yoga workout was ok. I prefer Travis for yoga, but it is nice to change things up.

Malinda: You should totally go for the 20 instructors challenge!

KateTT 07-23-21 12:21 PM

Hi you guys!!! Sorry again MIA. Busy days, this time with hubby and some of his appointments. Got all my workouts in this week except for today (appt) so will do a little longer Yoga practice this afternoon.
And work has been so busy!! Every time I get new items merchandised, more pop up! Job security I guess.

Here's my week:
Monday I did Cathe Fit Tower Advanced Total Body. It's a little equipment heavy and I used my big pullup stand. With a well placed broom handle, I can make my own Fit Tower. Good workout.
Yoga was Rudy Mettia on Udaya and Functional Shoulders. Strength and stretch and lots of good feeling shoulders!

Tuesday I did Cathe Live 130 Keep Cardio Coming. This was one of my favs when I subscribed so I bought this one. Really excellent high energy cardio.
Yoga: More Udaya, Rudy and Functional Rotation. Delicious twists!

Wed: Cathe Live 347 Back at it Bootcamp. First workout back with people in the classroom and really was a lot of fun! Everyone was so happy. I didn't even mind that Cathe had to modify due to eye surgery. It was so good!
Yoga back to Udaya and Rudy and Lay Me Down to Sleep. Very slow all floor stretches. Just needed a little "ahhh".

Thurs: Body Combat 22. This is pretty old and Dan and Rach are so young. I bought this one ages ago and it's just as fun as new Combats.
Yoga, still Udaya but tried Annie Carpenter's SmartFlow Hip Opener. Fantastic Iyengar practices and she's so sweet.

Today nothing. Looking through some longer classes right now.

Off to read all your posts. I think you all are marvelous!! Way to go on all your fantastic workouts! :D

Malinda 07-23-21 12:23 PM

Instructor #9!
Jules, I think I'm going to go for it! So in light of that...

Today's workout was Rev Abs - Fat Burning Abs - on BeachBody on Demand. This is a 40-minute workout that includes ab work and some cardio. It is one of the Phase 2 workouts and I would classify it as low-intermediate. I've never done one of these workouts -- I don't remember them getting much love on VF and I can kind of see why. The cheese factor wasn't as high as I was expecting (Rockin' Body is WAY cheesier), and I enjoyed the workout and would do it again, but there just wasn't anything special about it. Brett Hoebel is super-cute, though. :D

I plotted out the remaining 11 instructors I will do, and am looking forward to doing some things I've either never done before, or haven't done in a LONG time!

I hope you all have a wonderful day -- hello, weekend! :music:

Malinda 07-23-21 02:46 PM

Kate! We were posting at the same time. Good to see you! Good for you for keeping up with your workouts. You are amazing!

Mickey12 07-24-21 07:19 PM

Malinda what color is your hair now? It just popped into my head that you had bright colored highlights put in a while back. SO FUN! Have you kept them or moved on to something else?

I picked up some fifty cent VHS at the thrift store last week. Today I did a Richard Simmons Sweat and Tone. It was 42 minutes of band work. I have really been slacking on my workouts lately and it was not too easy! Wow, I was surprised. I thought it would be a cake walk. I noticed mid way through that my band had a worn spot and rather than risk it breaking and snapping me in the face, I finished the workout with weights.

Today we went to a graduation party for my husbandís second cousin. We had a good time seeing family we donít get to see and my husband really enjoyed catching up with people from his old neighborhood. It was a beautiful day to be outside.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. :sun:

Malinda 07-26-21 03:07 PM

Hi Chicks! Happy Monday!

Kim - I knew you'd be back to workouts after the big clean-up! I still have the teal, pink, and purple highlights in my hair. They are starting to fade a little -- the teal ones seem to have to strongest staying power. I might get more in a few months. I thought about getting several different shades of blue next time.

Linda - I love your new avatar!!!

Waves to Jules and Kate!

I'm still on track with the 20 different instructors:

Sat, #10 - Amy Dixon, BB with DH
Sun, #11 - Erin Sampson, Five Parks Yoga - hips
Mon, #12 - Kelly Coffey Meyer - TLC workout #1, boxing

Poor DH pulled his left hamstring doing yoga yesterday - what a bummer! He's going to have to take it easy for a few weeks. He's not very good at taking it easy, but he is getting better about it. We have to, if we are going to keep doing this for 30+ years, which we fully intend to do!

Y'all take care!

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