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KateTT 02-26-21 01:47 PM

Hey, quick QOTD...what is your ONE all time favorite workout?
Mine has to be Les Mills Body Combat #43. I bought this one off ebay ages ago and it is SOOOOO much fun!! Great energy, GREAT moves, great music.

Temps have not only moderated but now we're above normal!! Supposed to be about 30 average. We've been near 40-45 for the last 3 days. Love it!

Malinda: did all the snow and ice melt fast? Any flooding?

Jules: I'm mighty close to renewing my Cathe Live also. We'll see. I have SO many workouts!

Linda: You make me want to revisit many of my kettlebell workouts. I always felt so strong after a rotation of those.

Yesterday I did BC 43 which is why I asked the QOTD. Very high fun factor.
Yoga was from Gaia, a little Yin with Bernie Exploration of Existence. Ahhhh.

Today I really went for it. Did the last Katami 4x4 I Am Hero 2 workout and close to the hardest. Lots of up/down, planks, burpees etc. Definitely many compound moves. And I had to keep my weights pretty light. 10s, 15s.
Then I just felt like more true strength work so I did Cathe Perfect 30 Upper + Core. I was tired but I needed the "pump" I guess.

March rotation is going to include MetaShred Extreme. It has been two years since I've done them and I LOVE this set!!!! One of my favs of all.
Then I'll layer in some Cathe Cardio and then I'll have to fill in some more blanks. Maybe good time to add in some Kbell?

Have a great weekend!!

Malinda 02-26-21 02:23 PM

Happy Friday!

Answer to QOTD: Turbo Fire 60. I just love that workout - the music, the moves, and I feel good and worked out after it.

Kate - I'm glad y'all are having a little "warming" trend. The snow melted off here very quickly. No flooding, but our backyard was a muddy mess for days.

Kim - Glad for your warming trend, too!

Jules - Do you have a spin bike? DH has his road bike set up on a trainer in the workout room. I have never enjoyed biking, despite many attempts, especially when we were first dating and I was trying to impress him ;)

Linda - I developed callouses when I was doing pull-ups regularly! I've never tried kettlebells - we have a device that clips onto a dumbbell to convert it to a KB, and I sometimes use it for swings.


Thursday - MBF Days 20 & 21 - Power Ignite and Recovery
Friday - 21 Day Fix Cardio Fix

I'm looking forward to starting MBFA next week.

Y'all have a great weekend!

Mickey12 02-26-21 08:40 PM

Kate your QOTD is a tough one. I think my answer would be Christie Taylor's Totally Cool Step. I absolutely love the music in it and how Christie choreographs the moves to fit the music perfectly. I've posted about it before how I was actually smiling during the workout. It was the first workout I ever did where I noticed myself smiling because I was having so much fun.

Tonight I did a Youtube step workout by Kat Gates-Bruenner (I think I got her last name wrong, but it's close.) She has some fun workouts with good music. Her choreography is easy to grasp and sometimes her cats wander into the frame of the camera. So cute. (that makes me smile too, come to think of it).

Hope everyone has a great weekend. :heart:

fanofladyvols 02-27-21 10:30 PM

Kate ohh what a tough question! Well I'm going to have to say that it's probably Crunch the next step Kendall Hogan...or maybe Tamilee's total body stretch. Both make me super happy ☺️

Kim the wrist or forearm thing is definitely an issue. I cut the ends off some wool socks that were too tight on my calves and doubled them over in my forearms. They're working great so far.

Malinda ohh goodness..maybe pullups are contributing to the calluses. Although I realized I think I'm actually doing chinups? My palms face me.

Jules hoo all is well with you!

I did Firm Strong heart today. I honestly thought this was a backup vhs copy of another Firm and didn't realize this was a workout I had never done. The similar cover pic threw me. Um vidiot embarrassment!!

Anyway, I have definitely gotten stronger. This long workout would have worn me out in the past.It was easy to add my mobility stuff in between and paused the workout for 30 seconds to make sure I did. I was totally up for it and had a good time. I ignored their floor ab exercises and did two handed swings, one arm swings and my planks instead.

Happy Sunday to all!!

Jules 03-01-21 02:35 PM

Good Afternoon! It is a beautiful, sunny day here on March 1st. :sun: I actually have the day off from work today and I am also taking off Thursday to go skiing with the fam. It will be slushy spring skiing conditions for sure.

This morning I did Cathe's Crossfire + Core, which is one of my fave workouts. :heart: I plan to do some yoga later today.

Friday: Flex Train + Level Up: Yin
Saturday: 65 minutes of Cathe's X10 + Stretch Max with the band
Sunday: Les Mills The Trip #13 followed by Travis Short & Sweet #3

QOTD: Oh boy- so tough!!! I guess I would have to say BodyCombat, but I don't know that I can choose just one. I have quite a few faves (58, 64, 66, 68, 77, 78) :p

Kate: Congrats on finishing 4X4! Sounds like your March will be a fun mash-up of all the good stuff.

Malinda: Turbo Fire is definitely a party. :music: I love my spin bike. It is a Sunny Health bike with a belt drive and 49 pound flywheel. Total bargain!

Kim: I used to have Christie Taylor on VHS. Her choreo is tough for me, but once I got it down it was a blast! She has such a happy and sweet demeanor.

Linda: It seems like you have really found the "secret formula" for what your body needs right now. Keep up the good kettlebell work!

KateTT 03-02-21 01:36 PM

It is really hard to just pick ONE fav. You guys listed good ones!!

Malinda: Turbo Fire is a superb set! We're having a heat wave now, if you can consider mid 40s a heat wave. It is in MN. LOL

Kim: I just put Christie Taylor's Totally Cool Step in my wish list. SO easily enabled. Ha!

Linda: I remember Tamilee! She has the BEST butt of any fitness instructor I've ever seen.

Jules: I bought BC 58 off eBay. SOOOOOO fun!

Yesterday was MetaShred Extreme MetaPocalypse Upper + Mobility. I LOVE THIS SET!! This starts out with some wicked band work, then moves to weights. Upper body is hit good and there is a tough finisher with all bicep/tricep work. A little like Cathe's 100 rep challenges.
I used several bands and find that I'm already starting heavier than I did last time I did this in 2019.
I have NEVER done the Roller/Mobility/Core workout so did the Moblity one after this and it was quite nice.
I really need to pick up a foam roller.

Yoga yesterday was from Power Yoga - Bryan Just a Sensuous Flow. So nice!

Today I NAILED IT!!! I have avoided IMAX3 like the plague because I thought the choreo would be too hard. But after doing some of the Hardcore Extreme workouts, I thought I'd tackle it after all.
Hey! I got almost all of it! And the few moves that I struggled with I started to catch on. I even repeated a couple of rounds. Heehee!!! So fun that I'm going to do it again Thursday while it's still fresh! Not as fun as Party Rockin' Step 2, but a good time, good workout!

I also caved a bought the last 2 LITE workouts that I didn't have. The Band one, Cardio, and Rumble. So I'll add those into my rotation this month. Looks like it will be BJ Gaddour and Cathe.

I am really starting to re-evaluate all my DVDs. I have so many, and many that I will hardly ever do. So I am going to start downsizing again. Plus I'd really like to resubscribe to Cathe Live again.

Anyone looking for something special to add to your collection? Feel free to PM or email me. I bet we can work out a sweet deal. I have a list on the Exchange but have several other workouts I'm ready to part with.

Malinda 03-02-21 02:41 PM

Howdy y'all!

It's a beautiful day here - cool but not freezing, with beautiful sunshine!

I admire you all for being able to master step workouts. I do not consider myself uncoordinated, but danged if I can figure out step workouts. Part of it is I have this intense fear of tripping and falling, so I am constantly looking down and then missing part of the choreography. I know they are great for your legs so I wish I could get over that fear.


Saturday - Five Parks Yoga
Sunday - Breathless Body with DH - we are all caught up from the days we had to miss in Dec. and Jan. due to DH's surgeries
Monday - MBFA Day 1 Lower Body Burn
Tuesday - MBFA Day 2 Cardio Core Circuit

I really liked the 2 MBFA workouts I've done so far - same format as MBA, but a little bit longer. She adds in a "Megan Minute" (couldn't they have come up with something more creative than that?) to each circuit, which is basically a burn-out round.

Keep up the good work everyone!

fanofladyvols 03-02-21 11:15 PM

Malinda it made me smile to see you and husband back at Breathless!

Kate you cracked me up in one breath saying you bought more DVDs and the next purging, lol. I think Cathe and BJ in one month is a killer mix. Congrats on conquering Imax 3! I will try to commit to those Cathe step workouts sometime.

Jules hah! I don't know about magic so much as it's hitting all the right notes for me. I DO feel like such a bad mama doing the clean with a bell though. :music:

Kim what are you tackling lately?

I am doing a little harder Kettlebell workouts. For example, this one had you alternating cleans with squats. Pretty fun. Almost done with the squat challenge... actually one more day. I haven't done them continuously so it's taken me longer. May take a rest/mobility day tomorrow.

Happy Marchness to all!!

Mickey12 03-03-21 08:23 AM

Malinda I was also smiling and had a warm fuzzy feeling to read that you and your husband are back at Breathless Body together. :sun: So nice that you share working out together. Sorry you don't enjoy step workouts. They really are fun. I've been doing them since they were invented. :p I was a gym member way back then and before we could sign up for these "new step classes" we had to take a training course so we could learn the choreography. It was immensely helpful and it gave me confidence to do the workouts.

Kate I sent you a PM about your purging efforts.

Jules how fun to have days off to go skiing. I hope it was great! I love the feeling of having a day off from work to do something fun.

Linda have you tried Cathe's Perfect 30 workouts yet? I recall when we all got them from the preorder you were going to save doing them for a later date. I did them when we got them and haven't done them again since. Not to say that I didn't love them; I did, it's just that I've got so many to do and I have exercise ADD.

Linda I'm never on any type of rotation or schedule with my workouts, but I'm currently in a little project where I'm going through my DVDs and doing the ones that I don't have notes written on the back that describe the length, likes and dislikes, etc. For my more recently acquired ones I have notes, but for some of my older ones, I don't.

Last night I did Gin Miller's Simply Interval Short and Sweet. I used to do this one a lot. It's 43 minutes, short athletic step combinations with one minute blasts at the end of each one. Gin gets silly at the end which makes me smile. She's so fun! I like the music and the moves are easy to grasp and it's fun.

Have a great week everyone! :)

KateTT 03-03-21 01:40 PM


Originally Posted by fanofladyvols (Post 2914675)

Kate you cracked me up in one breath saying you bought more DVDs and the next purging, lol. I think Cathe and BJ in one month is a killer mix. Congrats on conquering Imax 3! I will try to commit to those Cathe step workouts sometime.


Yeah, I do that...feel overwhelmed with all my dvds!

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