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fanofladyvols 02-21-21 09:57 AM

Kim I think the cold makes me feel more achy. I blame achiness on weather conditions rather than ol' Father time. That's my story and I'm sticking to it :p

Malinda I'm so glad you haven't been suffering from lack of electricity. Your home sounds charming!! Your chicken max sounds like quite a workout. I eat tons of eggs...but I still don't have the dedication to own chickens.

Kate have you dipped into normal temps yet?

Jules my commitment to mobility is also becoming more important. In fact, it's sharing equal billing with strength. I sure wish I had done this all along. I'm not really spending as much time on cardio separately anymore.

So still kettlebelling for strength (single deadlift challenge and squat challenge) and cardio(swings), doing mobility and CS. I focus in different areas of my body. I throw a bit of pilates but it's not my focus. Currently working on the clean and the turkish get up. It's funny but while performing the turkish get up, I can use a heavier dumbbell than I can a kettlebell of similar weight. Isn't that strange?

Warm hugs to each of you!!

Mickey12 02-21-21 06:38 PM

I missed you Linda. Iím happy to see you again. :heart:

Malinda 02-22-21 12:11 PM

Hi FitChicks!

Apologies for checking out for a week - things were topsy-turvy for awhile there. We were so very lucky - we never lost power, just had the rolling blackouts for 4 days. They were on somewhat of a schedule so we could usually anticipate when they were coming. DH and I were both able to work quite a bit, but several of my co-workers were without power for days. We had to start boiling water on Wednesday, but at least we had water to boil - many people did not. We are still under a boil water notice but I'm thinking that will be lifted as soon as the city receives lab results. The chickens were real troupers - between the 4 of them, they laid 20 eggs last week - I wasn't expecting any in those conditions! They were very ready to get out of their coop on Thursday afternoon when the thawing began. All-in-all, we were super-fortunate and are very grateful.

The shorter MBF workouts were just perfect for me last week. I only have one more to do (except for the recovery workout which I may or may not do). I previewed MBFA and it seems to keep with a similar format. I plan to do the three weeks of it -- the workouts are a little longer, and that should work well for me now that things are back to normal.

Tues - MBF Day 15 Lower Body Burn
Wed - 5 Parks Yoga Hips
Thurs - MBF Day 16 Core
Fri - MBF Day 17 Upper Body
Sat - MBF Day 18 Core
Sun - Breathless Body with DH
Mon - MBF Day 18 Total Body Burn

Jules - congratulations on finishing BodyShred, and on your results - very impressive!

Kim, Kate, and Linda - Lots of variety in your workouts - I love it!

I hope you all have a wonderful week, full of sunshine and warmer temps!

Jules 02-22-21 12:41 PM

Wish the weekend was longer, but Monday it is. It felt very refreshing to pick the workout of my choice this morning. I did Cathe's Afterburn + Yoga 30 for 30: Flow & Stretch. Ahhhhhh.

Yesterday I did Les Mills The Trip and followed up with Level Up: Flexibility. (Thanks for the inspiration, Kim!)

Malinda: I am glad to hear that you made it through last week without losing a lot of power. All the stories about Texas in the news are so sad and awful. Have fun with MBFA!

Linda: I am so with you on the mobility! The older I get the more important it is. Yoga helps calm my mind as well. I wonder if it is the weight distribution of a dumbbell vs kettlebell that makes the Turkish get up easier with the DB?

KateTT 02-23-21 11:27 AM

Almost the end of Feb!!!

Jules: I love my LMOD subscription. I have paid so much for instructor copies of LM's nice that they went to streaming for the "regular" people.

Kim: I often overlook my downloads too but I put them on my main spreadsheet so I don't totally forget them.

Thinking I should pull out 30/30 or Level Up this week.

Linda: Temps DID moderate. So much so now we're above normal. Got up to 47 degrees yesterday...way above our average of about 30. Felt great. I even took the car to the carwash.

Malinda: Well done!

Friday was Katami 4x4 2x4 Up & Low + 2x4 Cardio & Core. These are the two led by Amy Dixon and I love them! But I love her. Did the strength work first, then the cardio/core. Really the only difference is that there are 2 rounds instead of 4. Same format. Great way to end the week.
Yoga was Udaya/ Jason Anderson/ Game Post Game 2 Lower. So-so. I want to like Jason but I'm not too keen on how he instructs. This was more Yin like.

This week!
Yesterday was Cathe Live 194 Vertical Loading 2. Love all the Vertical Loading workouts. She mentions something about making a VL3 sometime. Wonder if she did? This was only the 2nd time I did this one. I'm really tempted to renew my Live subscription.
Yoga was Power Yoga/ Steve Jones/ Side Body Release. Ahhhh very nice stretches especially for the whole side body.

Today I tackled Cathe Hardcore Ext Hi/Lo Intervals! I have NEVER done this workout ever. It was GOOD!!! Lots of fun! So now I'll be adding these into my rotation.
I was surprised that I didn't get too lost on the choreo. Cathe cued well and I watched carefully. I was dripping sweat! Lots of fun. A little of Imax3 (which I now want to attack), Low Max and Kickmax. My legs are tired though. But really good stuff!

Stay fit and fab my friends!

KateTT 02-24-21 01:43 PM

HI all! How do the days go by so fast?!

Today I did Katami 4x4 I Am Hero 1. These are definitely getting harder. I only used my 10s and 15s except for one rowing move where I used 20. The pace is a bit faster, the moves are definitely more compound/total body. Dripping again as usual. This one also had a lot more bodyweight only moves.
I found myself going at my own pace. One cardio segment they did High Knee run and I actually went faster. Other moves I went slower like a plank/knee to elbow/scorpion move.

One more 4x4 and I am ready to move on. Good metabolic workouts. I'm not finished setting up my March rotation plan. Lots of mix and match I think. Cathe and whatever. Stay tuned.


Malinda 02-24-21 03:52 PM

Hi y'all!

It is 80 degrees here today -- go figure! A week ago we were in the teens and 20s.


Tuesday - Triple Wave Pyramid with DH
Today - a 6-mile walk, including six .25 mile intervals of jogging

It felt so dang good to be outside in just shorts and a tank top.

Kate - I have to say, I don't think I would even try a workout with the words "Cathe", "Hardcore", and "Extreme" in the title. Go you!!!

Jules 02-25-21 01:00 PM

Hey Gals! Gotta make this checkin quick today.

Tuesday: Cathe"s Step Works + UY Vitality
Wednesday: Studio Sweat SpinCore
Today: Cathe's Flex Train + yoga tonight!

Malinda- 80 degrees? Lucky! It is snowing here.

Kate: Sounds like Katami 4x4 is well worth the money! I still have not tried Cathe's Vertical Loading workouts. I may subscribe soon to Cathe Live for a couple of months. It has been a while.

fanofladyvols 02-26-21 12:06 PM

Kim I think it was you who asked how many workouts? Anyway, I seem to hover in the 325 mark for dvd cases (many sets in there) and about 35-40 vhs. That seems to fit comfortably in my bookcase and averages to never repeating a workout in a calendar year. Your collection sounds FABULOUS :heart: Wouldn't it be great to visit each other's collections and talk about then like we were visiting a museum? :love:

Kate thanks for your thoughts on sounds well worth the investment. I look forward to hearing your March rotation.

Malinda your workouts sound pretty tough to me... I'd say you could handle Cathe hardcore extreme.

Jules the weight distribution may be the key. I will say my 15# dumbbells feel light when I pick them up to move them when my husband leaves them in the middle of the room now and those were my go to dumbbells of late.

I have developed fabulous calluses working on the clean. Getting real close to getting it right. My favorite right no is the one arm swing switching in the high float to the other arm.

My workouts are no different than before and I'm having a blast working out this way. I will continue to do this as I feel strong, worked out but not beat up.

Mickey12 02-26-21 01:46 PM

Linda I agree, it would be fun to visit each other's collections of DVD workout. :D Fun, fun idea! I'm glad you're enjoying the kettlebells. I have two sets (5 lbs and 10 lbs) but I rarely use them. First of all, I never put the effort like you have into learning the absolute perfect form when using them. And second, and likely due to reason one, I find they clunk uncomfortably against my wrist when I use them for certain moves.

Malinda I agree that you could definitely do Cathe Hardcore Extreme workouts no problem. Your workouts are no joke!

Jules and Kate those Cathe Vertical Loading workouts sound interesting. I don't have Cathe Live, but I don't think I have ever heard of the term "vertical loading". What type of workouts are they?

The past few days our weather has been sunny and warm for February so I've been walking at lunch.

Enjoy the weekend everyone! :heart:

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