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WWWendy 10-31-13 11:30 AM

Off-Topic reminder - overall # of OT threads is too high
Hi everyone,

As you probably know, I do not enjoy policing off-topic threads, but prefer to post a reminder whenever I feel the proportion of off-topic threads is getting out of hand.

I do feel we've reached the point lately where the overall proportion of OT threads is getting too high. So...I'd like to ask you to please think twice before you start another thread that does not relate to fitness/health/wellness/workouts in some way. Consider whether there are other forums or boards that might be much more appropriate places for your question or comment.

Also remember that if you want to post something related to beauty/skin care/makeup that those should go in the annual beauty thread ( or if you search on the tag "beauty thread" you'll find it). I will be merging beauty-related threads into that one. I don't mean to single out beauty-related threads, just pointing out we already have a thread where those questions are appropriate. Yes, I know it's a long thread. One advantage of using that thread is the information is not deleted when I do my database purges of Off-Topic threads.

Thank you for understanding.

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