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tytbody 09-14-19 04:47 PM

now I'm in the right place
Who is a progressive Pilates instructor you vouch for?

I'm presently doing this lady I found on YouTube but I don't know what's a good instructor and who is not..

who do you trust?

I’m asking about PILATES only

marki64 09-14-19 05:57 PM

You wing it and find what's right for you. What one likes, you may not. It's fun trying new instructors. You aren't always going to find the best form and instruction on YT. Thankfully I can overlook bad form, because Cathe taught me well through the years.:D

tytbody 09-14-19 06:00 PM

There are some good instructors on there. I believe. You just have to find them. They like that lady Linda Wooldridge right? The Barlates woman?

marki64 09-14-19 06:07 PM

Yes, Linda is good. Gymra has a lot of Pilates type workouts. Some are good. Some of the instructors can be bimbo-ish though. They are always on the beach, which annoys me for some reason. You can never go wrong with Popsugar. Always good instructors imo.

tytbody 09-14-19 06:16 PM

Pop sugar is not Pilates ? Not looking for that format.,

tytbody 09-14-19 06:20 PM

No way on gymra for me. Hope more people chime in here.

tytbody 09-14-19 06:39 PM


Originally Posted by marki64 (Post 2838234)
You aren't always going to find the best form and instruction on YT. Thankfully I can overlook bad form, because Cathe taught me well through the years.:D

Donít agree with this statement. There good instructors there. Every one doesnít have to make a dvd to be good.

furmomof6 09-14-19 07:02 PM

I'm not sure what you mean by progressive, but I have tried Pilates by Lisa, The Balanced life with Robin Long, Pilates Nest, Carrie Pages Pilates and currently, Jessica Valant. I personally think that Lisa with Pilates by Lisa and Jessica Valant give great form pointers and instruction. Lisa's workouts are more advanced, but Jessica feels just right to me.

I liked the Pilates Nest workouts a lot, they were feel good and a good workout, but not overkill.

I didn't care for Robin Long or Carrie Pages, but that was just me not clicking with their workouts. Although I do occasionally still use the workouts I downloaded from Robin's site.

I think they are all good instructors though.

tytbody 09-14-19 07:06 PM

Thank you Christine. I mean someone who starts at beginner lessons and slowly bring you to more challenging positions. Thank you so much. I am doing Robins 10 day challenge right now and I am looking to where Iíll go after this is done.

I will check out these suggestions.

furmomof6 09-14-19 07:13 PM

You're welcome! I know Pilates by Lisa has a beginner series on her website, separate from her regular workouts, but in general her workouts are pretty advanced (although she does show modifications). I don't think Carrie Pages would be progressive. Her website actually seems geared more towards classes for other instructors, and most of her stuff is advanced too. Jessica Valant has a 30 Day Pilates Jumpstart for Beginners on her website, but her registration closes tomorrow. You can't go wrong sticking with Robin if you like her workouts, or trying Pilates Nest.

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