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JBliff 10-03-21 07:46 AM

Total Max Mixers - Week of October 3
Hi everyone. I can't believe it's October already! Where has the year gone?

My workout yesterday was LITE Rev'd Up Rumble with calorie crush + extended stretch. Friday's workout was a walk in the morning + 25 minutes on the elliptical and AM Yoga for Your Week Hip Openers in the afternoon.

- The run sounds lovely with the wildflowers. I'd love to do more hiking but it's a 2-hour drive to the Shenandoah so it limits our opportunities. The closer hikes are nowhere as nice or fun.

Vannie - Bummer on the allergies. I hate it when my ears are plugged up.

Hi to Cher and Gibbee. Have a good Sunday, all.

Cher 10-04-21 04:35 AM

Workout Saturday was 1 Leslie Mile and Leslie’s 30 minute weight workout. Yesterday was Jenny Ford Walk Across America Arkansas and Travis Eliot’s Flow & Go Yin Yoga. Nothing this morning. I need to get in the shower shortly for my GYN appointment, then over to my mom’s for a visit and out to lunch.

JBliff - Thanks for starting us off this week. Wow, your hike in Shenandoah National Park sounds really nice.

Vannie - Jenny Ford’s Zombie workout is a fun one. Maybe I’ll do that one again this month for Halloween. ;)

Karen - Your race sounds beautiful although pretty tough! Nice job!

karjoy 10-04-21 07:36 PM

Hi guys. Rested yesterday and today did a nice super easy 30 min recovery run. Might do that tomorrow too. I read today that the “dead bug” is a great ab exercise. That’s the one where you lie on your back, knees bent with lower legs parallel to the floor and hips flexed to 90 degrees. You have arms straight overhead, fingertips pointing to the ceiling, then you extend one arm back behind your head, straight out, and extend the opposite leg straight and switch back and forth. Supposed to be easier on your back than some ab exercises and yet work upper and lower abs well. Gonna try a few.

Jbliff my friend Judi moved to Lockettsville, Va., to brr we closer to family. I really miss her.

Cher a Halloween themed workout sounds like fun.

Waves to Gibbee and Vannie.

JBliff 10-05-21 05:01 AM

My workout yesterday was Boss Loops Total Body + 25 minutes on the elliptical.

Karjoy - I agree about the dead bug exercise. It's a good one. I don't think I know a town named Lockettsville in Virginia. Did you mean Lovettsville? If so it is near Harper's Ferry and fairly small.

Hi to everyone else. Have a good day.

Cher 10-06-21 06:21 AM

Workout yesterday was a Leslie Mile from her Walk 15 set and her 30 minute weight workout (using heavier weights).

Waves to everyone!

JBliff 10-06-21 07:59 AM

My workout yesterday was a walk in the morning and MMA Boxing in the afternoon.

Waves to all. Have a good day.

Vantreesta 10-06-21 01:25 PM


Originally Posted by karjoy (Post 2941983)

Vannie I got a kick out of your remark about procrastination. Sounds like you get plenty done! Who cares how long it takes? A lot of us work too hard and don’t play enough. Hey, I know you’re a baker and I want to let you know I have mastered vegan biscuits! My best batch was this morning. Do you do Halloween baking?

I realized I never replied to this. Nice job mastering the biscuits! Yes, I do Halloween baking. The last few years I have done it with two friends but one just moved out of state so it will just be two of us this weekend. Some stuff we bake but some is just decorating Oreos (cats) and Nutter Butters (mummies and bats). We always make cake balls that end up usually being monsters and this year we're making some into jack-o-lanterns. We always have a blast!

This is what I did for Monday's workouts:
15 minutes (from Halloween Dance Workout for The Whole Family | The Studio by Jamie Kinkeade, YT) 1st time
13 minutes (from C. Jordan Exercises to Help High Hamstring Tendonitis Pain, YT)
7 minutes (from TTSL Desk Jockey WOD 3/10/21 -- 4 rounds)
10 minutes (from J. Miller YTU Quick Fix Rx Lower Body Series-feet & ankles)
10 minutes (from 1.01 mi run)

Sunday my friend and I spent most of the day at the closing day of the Ren Fest and had so much fun. No men or kids to worry about, just us and our credit cards. :D Yesterday I should have sucked it up and pushed through the blah low feelings but I gave in and never did workout. I need to get off my butt now and get smthg done for today!

Vantreesta 10-06-21 04:25 PM

I did these today. Overcame tiredness, lethargy and funk so even though it isn't much it's better than nothing! I have missed two runs this week and that means two Zombies Run missions missed!

HALLOWEEN INSPIRED FULL BODY WORKOUT!! || NO Equipment! -Sharona’s Hill--there was no warmup or stretch, 3 rounds of bodyweight exercises; next time hopefully I remember to do a warmup first

Zumba Sulu: Halloween Zumba Cool Down/Stretch (The Nightmare Before Christmas)--made me smile! :)

karjoy 10-06-21 08:02 PM

Jbliff, yes it’s Lovettsville. I have no idea why my phone typed Lockettsville:D
I believe Judi said there are less than 2000 people there.

Did another recovery run yesterday and a longer, hillier run on the treadmill today. Also did biceps curls with very heavy tubing and some dumbbell chest presses. Glad I have my treadmill because it poured rain all day today and a lot yesterday too.

I hate it now that Daylight Saving time goes till November. It gets dark sooner and here in Florida the sun does not rise till about 8 am. I wish they would leave the time alone.

Vannie good for you for overcoming inertia and getting your workout in. Doesn’t it feel great? It is so nice to do no equipment workouts.

Cathe is having her virtual Halloween road trip. I b my at check it out to see if I can stream just part of it.

Anyone having cold weather yet? Like having to wear a coat cold weather?

Cher 10-07-21 06:46 AM

Workout yesterday was Jenny Ford Coast to Coast San Francisco.

Vannie - I know that you get so many steps in a day that you shouldn’t feel to bad when you don’t do your official workout. ;) You are a step machine! Your Halloween cookie making sounds like fun!

Karen - I hate the time change and prefer the current time. I just hate when it’s dark out at 5:15 pm. Ugh. So far we have been pretty lucky with not having much cold weather yet. If you go out in the morning or evening you need a light jacket but during the day has still been short sleeve weather.

Waves JBliff!

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