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bfit 12-23-21 12:15 PM

Opinions about Weight Watchers Bootcamp?
Has anyone done the Weight Watchers Bootcamp workout? It was in one of their boxed "kits" a few years ago. I bought it recently because I can't do advanced workouts any more, and I was looking for an easier boot camp style workout, but I think it's really strange, and I'm not sure I like it. Does anyone else have any opinions? Are there any beginner boot camps out there?

Pat58 12-23-21 12:19 PM

I had this one when it first came out and parted with it soon after. The exercises are good, they feel results-oriented, but it didn't gel for me. Not exactly sure why.

jusca 12-23-21 04:12 PM

I had this one. I thought it was good for coming back to exercise after an extended break (like months without exercise). I got rid of it quickly because the lead instructor talked too much for me.

Update: Oops, I had the 15 minute bootcamp series. I thought it was the same as this one. Nevermind my comment!

bfit 12-23-21 05:38 PM

Yes, that is the right one - 15 Minute Boot Camp. I think I was looking for something more like a much easier version of Cathe F's original Boot Camp workout, but the WW one has 15 minutes upper body 15 minutes lower body, 15 minutes core, and 15 minutes very low cardio. I guess there is no official definition of "boot camp", and I should have checked more carefully about what it was before I bought it.

Venus 12-27-21 08:25 AM

I set this one aside because I didn't think I'd do it again, but I can't remember why I didn't care for it. Here are a few bootcamp workouts I have liked:

Crunch Boot Camp Training
Crunch Belly, Butt & Thighs Boot Camp
Denise Austin Boot Camp Total Body Blast

These may be more intermediate, though. I did a quick search and there are also:

Kelly Coffey-Meyer 30 Minutes to Fitness: Boot Camp
10 Minute Solution Kickbox Bootcamp

I liked these also, but it's been a while since I've done them so I don't remember them so well off the top of my head.

Were you just looking for beginner boot camp workouts or were there other specifics? Did you want the boot camp theme or were you wanting total body workouts?

bfit 12-27-21 07:04 PM

It doesn't have to have a "military" boot camp theme, but that's OK. What I was looking for was a fast paced workout that has cardio plus toning for the total body. I'm coming back from an injury (or trying to at any rate) so I'm looking for beginner or low intermediate.

Venus 12-28-21 10:05 AM

I thought of a few more. I don't have the Cathe Boot Camp to compare (but I did look up the clip). Hopefully someone who is familiar with it will chime in with suggestions, too.

Weight Watchers Get In Shape might fit your description. It has three circuit workouts:
Get Started (light intensity)
Get Moving (moderate intensity)
Get Fit (high intensity)

Here are a few more beginner/intermediate total body workouts:
The Firm BSS2 Total Sculpt Plus Abs (I just did this one yesterday. It's total body strength with a little cardio and not too tough. I thought this one fit your description the best.)
Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred (She also has Beginner Shred, but I haven't done that one as much.)
Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30
Women's Health The Wedding Workout
Prevention 3-2-1 Workout
Bettie Page Fitness: Total Body Strength & Cardio
Slim in 6 Start It Up

Jessica Smith also has rotations ( on her website that I think would be good for any level.

ETA: There is also Basic Training with Ada. I think part of it is on Gilad's YouTube channel.

Demeris 01-05-22 02:21 PM

I wasn't able to respond to this when you first posted your question because I was in a Charlotte Ord rotation (a gift from my secret santa). I have just finished the WW bootcamp (also a gift from my secret santa), so I can give you my impressions:

Four 15-mins workouts. And they really are 15 mins. I don't know why it annoys me when a workout is advertised as a certain number of minutes and it's two or three mins over or two or three mins under, but it does! these come in right at 15 mins each.

Three exercisers: The Lead, Jennifer Cohen, who does the intermediate level, when she's not walking around pointing out how to do level 1 or level 3. The level one exerciser, who is older, and the level three exerciser, who is also a dancer.

Upper Body: Lots and lots and lots of getting down and getting back up off the floor. If I were ten years younger, I would have Joni O'd this workout. At my age (64), I need as many opportunities as I can get to prove I can get up off the floor, perhaps not gracefully, but I can do it! Lots of compound moves. I stayed at the intermediate level for most of the workout and did ONE level 3 exercise (something that included balance--another thing I practice every chance I get). Lots of planks--side planks, etc. Maybe something that was a mountain climber, but I did level one on this one, which was getting into wide-leg down dog and then coming to standing. Reps were somewhere between 16 and 24 per exercise. Level 1: no weights, other two levels, weighted. This moved quickly enough to create a cardio effect.

Lower Body: Lots of squats but lots more lunges. Oy, the lunges! Curtsy lunges, reverse lunges, and more. No getting down on the floor, but there was one exercise where we bend down and put our hands on the floor then kick back with one leg (or step back for level 1). Level one: no weights, other two levels, weighted. This one definitely had a cardio element.

Cardio: I Joni O'd this at 9 mins because I was sick and tired of lunges. Other wise, it was good, if unusual for me, cardio. It's as if she took exercises then speeded them up to make them cardio--not like old fashioned aerobics at all.

Core: I Joni O'd this one at 4 mins because I was sick and tired of lunges.

I doubt I will do either the cardio or the core ever again, but I really liked the upper and lower body workouts. I did them after a Classical Stretch episode, and that made a perfect workout. And I had doms the next day.

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