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Vantreesta 10-22-21 01:04 PM

November 2021 Add 'em up Goals & Habits Challenge ~Renew your commitment!
Come join us in setting and achieving goals to promote your overall wellness! We are a friendly and welcoming group who love to chat when we have time, but please also feel free to join us if you want to just focus on your goals. No pressure here to address everyone; share as little or as much as you want!

We have been doing this challenge for many years now. While it is not strictly about fitness goals, we agree that our daily life goals work together with our fitness goals to make us happier and more balanced, so we combine them in this challenge. Feel free to join us! You can tailor it to your schedule if you need to take a week off for vacation or only count so many days. Whatever works for you!

Premise: Choose your goals for the month. Every time you complete a goal you get a point. Multiply your number of daily goals by the number of days in the month. This is your max total points. If you choose, reward yourself for reaching a certain percentage of your max possible (I use 90% for my personal goal), multiply by your max to get your total goal points. I also give myself extra credit options.

**Take this challenge however you wish. I used to total my points all the time but have fallen away from that and now just track my goals. There really are no rules, your challenge is your own, we're just here for support and to help each other with accountability. We would love to have you join us!

Vantreesta 10-22-21 01:04 PM

Vannie's November Goals I decided to take a break this month. It's a busy and unusual month and I need to give myself grace.

Mindfulness. Planning. Commitment. Discipline. Consistency.

1. Daily devotions
2. Daily meditation
3. Take all supplements
4. Do first walk before breakfast
5. Train Cyric 5 days/week
6. Brush Cyric's teeth 5 days/week
7. Walk at least 4 miles a day with Cyric on weekdays
8. Workout 5 days/week
9. Glute activation/hamstring rehab 3 days/week
10. Meet weekly minutes goal (10 pts) (EC available: 1 pt per 30 minutes over)

Extra credit:
1. 7 hours of sleep (10 pts)
2. 20000 steps

UPDATED 11/8: One goal for the rest of the month, PT 5 days a week.

Leonana 10-22-21 06:38 PM

I’m here! Hoping I will be working out in November!

MathTeacher 10-22-21 06:53 PM

I'm in.

Catahoula Cate 10-22-21 07:31 PM

I'm in. Good theme Vannie "Renew your commitment"

Katie's November Goals:

Daily for 1 pt each:
1. supplements/vitamins
2. Daily Devotion
3. Declutter
4. dvd or youtube
5. Keep up with Daily Exercise Chart
6. Walk
7. Gratitude Journal
8. Pomodoro Method 25/5

Possible Points: 240 pts Goal: 216 pts
Total Points:
extra credit 1 pt each:
1. extra walk
2. extra dvd or youtube
3. meet goal of 5 lbs lost

Total Week One: 54 pts

Total Week Two: 51 pts

11/15: 8 pts
11/16: 7 pts
11/17: 6 pts
11/18: 6 pts
11/19: 7 pts
11/20: 8 pts
11/21: 7 pts

Vantreesta 11-01-21 08:30 AM

Yesterday got away from me and I didn't get my goals and spreadsheets done. Need to get it done today.

If my tallies are correct (it's easy to lose count in a big stream), I had about 290 trick or treaters last night, by far the most since I started tracking in 2014. It was probably around 40 degrees but super windy, so I was glad my decorations stayed put. I sat on the porch for the first part and came inside for the last hour. Honestly I wasn't as gung ho about that part this year and just wanted to stay cozy watching movies but I enjoyed it anyway.

Catahoula Cate 11-01-21 09:36 AM

Wow Vannie, that's awesome to get so many trick or treaters! I'll bet there were some pretty cool costumes. I've got lots of friends with toddlers and I love seeing how they're dressed up.

So, ready for November! It was a brisk 8 degrees out this morning. Brrrrr. Not quite ready for that yet. I've got my goals up and HOPE to get the habit of only sitting at the computer/desk for 25 minutes at a time and then a 5 minute break or more. It's not like I'm parked at the computer all day but when I sit down to do something, I lose track of time more often than not.

Vantreesta 11-04-21 09:26 AM

I decided to take a break from the challenge this month. I haven't been doing a good job of tracking anyway, and it's a busy and unusual month and I need to give myself grace.

Catahoula Cate 11-05-21 04:31 PM

My October was like that Vannie. Hope the month settles down as it goes on for you. So far November for me has been less stressful thankfully.

This morning I did an Upright Health morning stretch to focus on freeing up the hips. I liked it so much that I may try to make it more routine.

Vantreesta 11-05-21 05:23 PM

Thanks, Katie. I got that YT notification too but haven't done it. Good to know it's a good one!

I spent about 9 hours undecorating yesterday and have been at it again today, although a headache and tiredness have left me kind of halfhearted in my efforts today. I want it all done by the end of the wknd. I watched 3 movies while working yesterday and 2 so far today. Fixing to go walk Cyric in the terrible wind but maybe it will wake me up some.

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