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Jules 07-27-21 03:49 PM

Hi Gals! I have been enjoying some of my fave workouts the past few days.

Fri: BodyPump 108 + Travis S&S #2
Sat: BodyCombat 78
Sun: High Step Challenge
Mon: House Cleaning (We will have house guests for most of August)
Today: Cathe's X77 premix ( Heavily modified to protect my knee)

I also take the dog for her daily walk. I have a little bit of house cleaning left that I plan to finish up tomorrow. It is still hot and smoky outside so we have not been doing many of our usual summer activities. My knee is feeling ok. I think I am past the acute phase and onto the healing phase now. I just have to be careful not to re-injure it again. I have already done that a couple of times. :o

Malinda: OUCH on your husband's hamstring injury! You would think he would have a higher chance getting hurt doing a jumping workout rather than yoga. I am sure it was a huge surprise. Fingers crossed he heals quickly. Great job on your 20 for 20 challenge!

Kim: Nice thrift store find! I think I remember you saying you preordered the Boss Bands and Loops? I hope they ship to us soon - I am excited for something new from Cathe.

Kate: Nice mix! I really like Cathe's Fit Tower workouts too. I am glad you can still do them w/o the tower. I caved and bought the tower on a Black Friday sale. I mostly use it to stretch out my hamstrings every time I walk by it.

Linda: Love your new avi!

KateTT 07-28-21 11:55 AM

Hey Fit Chicks!!!

Malinda: I love your "instructors" rotation! How fun! And lots of variety.

Kim: LOL on Richard Simmons. Now THAT is cheesy. But he's very energetic!

Jules: I found that I was really behind on some of the LMOD Pumps.

Mixing things up a little this week. And no Cathe!
Monday I did LMOD Body Pump 114. I got behind on some of the new Pumps. Good as usual and the reps!!
Yoga was a freebie on YouTube from Travis Slow Flow Yoga. Super nice!!

Tuesday was LMOD Body Combat 86. I missed this one somehow! Great BC with some really cool virtual instructors. LM manages to keep things fresh even during a pandemic.
Yoga was Maya Fiennes' Journey thru the Chakras Courage. I had not done Kundalini for ages. It felt really good.

Today I did Hammer & Chisel and Autumn's Chisel Balance + ISO Strength. I had this set ages ago, didn't like it but then got it back. Although they are supposed to be total body, it hits the legs and glutes a lot. And yet I am feeling it everywhere.
These are short so I'll be putting two together for a longer workout for me. I am also going to do my own rotation doing Autumn's workouts one day and Sagi's the other.
I like them MUCH better this time around. I really don't know why I didn't like them before???

Here's to a great rest-of-the-week for everyone! :heart: :love:

Malinda 07-28-21 12:28 PM

Jules - It sounds like your fave workouts are pretty challenging!

Kate - I’ve done Chisel Balance a couple of times - that workout leaves me so sore! I’ve considered trying an H&C rotation with my usual modifications of adding in cardio days. Funny how we can love or hate a workout/set at one point, then do a complete 180 on it later!

Hi Kim and Linda!

DH’s hamstring is already getting better, so he’s not sure he actually strained it. He is a “turn it up to 11” kind of guy, even with yoga, so I guess it’s not surprising that he could pull a muscle doing it! He’s doing yoga right now, and I just heard him yell, so I don’t know what is going on!!!

Tues. #13 - Sagi, Body Beast Total Body
Wed. #14 - Jillian, Extreme Shed and Shred Level 1

I am really enjoying this “rotation”!

Malinda 08-02-21 05:59 PM

It seems our check-in has dwindled!

I'm almost finished with my 20 instructors rotation.

Thursday, #15 - Tony Horton - 22 Hard Corps Abs & one of the cardio ones, I can't remember the name. I've never really cared for Tony's cardio, and this one was no exception. 82 burpees over the span of 20 minutes is a bit much, even for a burpee lover like me.
Friday, #16 - Yoga with Adrien - Hamstrings & Low Back
Saturday, #17 - Shaun T - T25 Gamma Pyramid - I found the cueing in this one to be frustrating. Some exercises we went up the pyramid for 7 sets, some for 11, some for 6 -- it seemed so random and kind of hard to follow.
Sunday, #18 - Erin Maw (Les Mills) - House of Cardio. This is a workout that she filmed during COVID lockdowns. It's a pretty fierce 30 minutes!
Monday, #19 - Chris Downing - Shift Shop (BOD) Quick Speed + Mobility - I'm feeling a little sinusey today so I went for a workout in the Prep Week for this set. It wasn't bad. I can see myself trying another one in the set at some point. The workouts use colored markers on the floor but I just used my imagination, or used dixie cups in one of the exercises, and it was fine.

I'm hoping to finish out with Body Project, Cardio Starter as #20 sometime this week. I'll be away from home and that's a go-to travel workout for me.

Overall, this has been a lot of fun. I've tried several instructors and/or sets on BOD that were new to me.

I hope everyone is doing well!

Jules 08-03-21 11:56 AM

Hi FitChicks! Sorry I have been MIA. My in-laws are visiting and it is hard to check in since my computer is in the kitchen where everyone hangs out. Luckily, I have still been able to get my workouts in.

Wed: Party Rockin' Step 2 + Step Sync Finished Product + Ab Stacker Core
Thur: Cathe's Muscle Max (Still my fave total body workout of all time :love:)
Fri: Les Mills: The Trip #20. Unfortunately, it did irritate my knee :(
Sat: Cathe's Intensity + the core work from High Reps
Sun: Cathe's Low Impact Circuit
Mon: BodyCombat #77 + Short & Sweet Yoga #3 (I can tell I have slacking on yoga - my muscles were cramping up)

Today I have the house to myself! My daughter is working and everyone else left to fish and shoot guns for the day. I plan to do BodyPump 102 and some yin yoga.

Malinda: I think Tony shines at weight work and I enjoy his yoga, but I agree that cardio isn't his strong suit. Hate Kenpo. Glad to hear the 20 Instructor Challenge was fun! :music:

High fives to everyone!

KateTT 08-03-21 02:10 PM

Hi you guys. Oh such drama lately. My son Justin had to be rushed to ER last Wed night. Severe stomach pain. He ended up in the hospital until late yesterday. More tests, more procedures and they had to already replace the stint in his liver. Somehow it had gotten infected. But he's home now and better. I am slightly more insane but we're all getting thru it! ;-)

Malinda: WOW those are great workouts!! You are mixing some great ones into your rotation! Body Projects are all fun too. Nice job!

Jules: I agree...Tony's cardio is so-so. I also do NOT like his Yoga...he does not instruct enough and I hate looking at the screen when I practice.

So lets's last week and this week so far.
Thurs: I did Body Jam 65. So much fun and I needed something to take my mind off Justin. I bought this one off eBay.
Yoga: Dan Ward and Yin Restorative. Needed something calming and this worked great.

Fri: Hammer Plyometric + ISO Speed + Abs, Not my favorites but I worked hard and am feeling it. Both were a little too fast paced doing burpees to pullups back to burpees, etc. So I just did the pullups with my assist. I did like the weight work though.
Yoga was Troy Hadeed Magic Morning

Yesterday: Cathe Live 163 Buff Upper Body. Oooh I like this one. Have done it a couple times and love the triset work!
No Yoga as I went to help son get settled back in from the hospital.

Today I did Body Attack 66. Weeee! I just got some new Reeboks similar to the ones they sell on LM and love how my feet don't hurt during the impact moves. Finally some good shoes.
Just finished Serge and Humility in our Hips. A lovely, lovely slower flow. Not too hard, not too fast. Ahhh.

High fives right back!!

fanofladyvols 08-03-21 02:57 PM

Malinda oh my goodness please tell me the yell your husband made wasn't him reinjuring his hammie. Thanks for info on T25 gamma. I haven't been brave enough to try those workouts yet.
Jules how's the knee? I love muscle max too.
Kate yipes on your son! Will any of this delay his surgery ?

Kim thanks for letting me know about the yoga. I remember liking the version I have.

All of you guys are really powering through..way to go!!

Let's see over the weekend I did Body Groove Groovy yoga and exercise TV Yogafit plus. Yesterday was an unplanned rest day and today has been kettlebells and 21DF cardio fix. I think I'm headed in the direction of doing 21DF and PIYO until my hike. Then after that I'm up in the air. Can't decide what I want to do many videos..only one body! :D

fanofladyvols 08-06-21 03:07 PM

Just popping in to say I have had some great workouts lately! Yesterday was kettlebells (ab focused) then CS #418 abdominals. Today was a full body strength day using Caroline Sandry Yoga pilates lower body; 21 DF upper. Enjoyed them all and went well together.

I hope you all have a great weekend :heart:

Mickey12 08-06-21 05:10 PM

Jules I hope you're having great family time with your inlaws visiting. Are you guys doing any site seeing or day trips while they're there?

We have had spectacular, non-humid weather lately. I went for a walk at lunch almost every day this week. Today I wanted something fun so I opted for CIA 2701, Gay Gasper All Out Infused Step. Really, really fun choreography and moderate step work. Good stuff!

I had to get an inspection and oil change on my vehicle today after work so I walked to the farmers market while it was being serviced. I got beans, zucchini, beets, tomatoes and multigrain scones. Yum!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! :sun:

Jules 08-07-21 05:14 PM

Hey Gals! I have to say I am impressed with the variety of workouts everyone is doing on this checkin. I am not familiar with most of the recent ones listed here. It is so cool we are all happy doing our own thing and that there are so many choices out there. Remember when there was only The Firm, Buns of Steel, Jane Fonda and Jazzercise, LOL?

My in-laws are here for another day or two and then they are headed to visit a friend in Boise, Idaho. Mostly they have been trying to fly fish, but with the unusually hot weather this summer the fishing has not been great. The fish are very stressed. Today we went to an art fair but didn't buy anything. My folks will arrive from Minnesota for a 10 day visit on Wednesday.

My knee is slowly healing. I can tell it is much better when I am hiking uphill, but it still hurts when I do certain moves like air jacks or when I get on the spin bike. I am bummed b/c I am missing my bike, but it will be there when my knee is healed, plus I can still use it if I slow down and use less tension.


Wednesday: Cathe's Terminator Gauntlet
Thursday: Swimming at the lake
Friday: Cathe's Crossfire + RWH Bonus Core #1
Today: Pyramid Upper Body + Short & Sweet Yoga #1

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