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fanofladyvols 06-06-21 08:42 AM

Jules congratulations! You have a stomach of steel! I only have one of the ICE workouts (upper) but will eventually pick up more. I can't wait to hear your thoughts as you go through the rotation.

Kim you sound like you had a good time exploring their site. :D I hope you score some good deals. I never used them but am still sad the company isn't continuing.

Friday was Lauren Brooks sexy strength plus Classical Stretch #407
and Saturday was Denise Austin Lifefit 360 Yoga.

Today was supposed to be Circuit blast but I previewed it last night and it doesn't match what I want to do.

I'll come back and post what I decide.

Malinda 06-06-21 08:43 AM

Hi FitChicks!

So sorry for the long silence. Ive finally gotten my work situation settled - I am going to be able to continue working from home! Yippee!!!

Kate - I hope your son is feeling better. I like your on a whim workout day idea! How is the yoga training going?

Linda - A trail hike sounds wonderful! I re-started the Pull-up/Push-up/Swing challenge and did Day 12 yesterday. I really love the simplicity of that challenge, and the gains I am seeing!

Kim - Did you hear back from Kineticflix and get some deals?

Jules - I love your description of the 5th grade girls - how fun!

DH is flying to AZ today; his uncle had triple by-pass surgery last week and he is scheduled to go home today (although he was originally scheduled to go home Friday but could not get his pacemaker regulated -- so well see if they discharge him today) and his wife could use an extra pair of hands for a few days. This is the first flight either of us has taken in 18 months, and the first time weve been apart for any length of time since then, too. Pre-COVID, he would travel several times a year for his job, and we both enjoyed the little breaks from the norm -- he gets a little bored with routine and loves to see all his workmates for a few days, and I enjoy a little time by myself -- but we are both ridiculously discombobulated about this trip! I think once we get the trip behind us, well have our confidence back. COVID isolation did a number on our heads!

Im still doing the RWH 1-month rotation (that has taken 6 weeks!). I really like the workouts; of course I add in or sub Breathless Body and Triple Wave Pyramid for extra cardio, and some lower-intensity cardio and yoga to the mix. I think Ill try the 2-month rotation next. She goes a bit too fast for me in some of the HIIT workouts, but I just go at my own pace. I honestly dont know how they move their feet so quickly! I LOVE the two ab routines - especially the one with some standing work.

Hopefully, I will get back on track with checking in. I hope everyone has a great Sunday!

Jules 06-07-21 12:02 PM

Howdy! I finally feel like my energy is back this morning. I had to take a couple of naps over the weekend.

Started my ICE rotation. I decided that this week I will do the premixes that feature the main workout, Blizzard Blast, and core work. I have this series on DVD b/c I wanted all the premixes, but I really wish Cathe could have put all the Muscle Meltdowns into a single premix. I guess they were not able to tack this much onto one of the discs, but they could have made a separate bonus disc. Oh well...

On Saturday I did Metabolic Total Body. Love this one! :heart: This has the toughest Blizzard Blast in the series IMO.

Sunday was a rest day.

Today I did Low Impact Sweat. I love that I got a great calorie burn with this one with no dread. The Blizzard Blast was very doable. Sometimes Cathe works off the beat. I noticed that she often cues on the move so I have to pay attention or I am playing catch-up. I'll probably do some yoga after work.

Malinda: I hope you enjoy your alone time. What is next for you after RWH?

Jules 06-10-21 01:07 PM

Hi Gals! It's raining hard today so we are having a chill day at home. I did Cathe ICE Chiseled Upper Body. Very nice workout with some unique moves. The music isn't great but I can overlook that since it isn't a cardio workout. I did the premix with Icy Core 1. The ICE series sure is hitting my midsection hard!

Yesterday I did ICE Boot Camp with the Blizzard Blast. I might like this one even more than Metabolic Total Body - they are both challenging and fun. :sun: I did not add on core work b/c there is already a lot of it in the circuits.

On Tuesday I did ICE To the Mat. Mat work is not my favorite, but I know it is good for me to occasionally work my muscles in a a different way than with traditional weights. I added on the Icy Core 2 and I actually got some DOMS in my legs from this one.

I definitely plan to do some yin yoga later this afternoon!

Malinda 06-11-21 09:41 AM

Well, so much for me checking in regularly! Happy Friday!

Workouts for this week:

Mon - Breathless Body - Rounds 1-5 only
Tues - RWH Upper Body HIIT Circuit
Wed - RWH Lower Body HIIT Circuit
Thurs - Pull-up/Push-up/Swing Challenge and "hip 4-ways" - mobility exercises

Today DH and I plan to do Cathe Triple Wave Pyramid.

I only have three more RWH workouts to complete the one-month rotation - repeating the upper and lower body circuits I did earlier in the week, and then a low-impact HIIT.

Jules - I don't like mat work either; the hip 4-ways are floor work that DH's physical therapist gave him, and they've really helped with his hip stability, so I'm trying to be good and do them a couple of times a week. I think I'm going to try the two-month RWH rotation next - I like the workouts and they mix well with the P/P/S challenge and lower-intensity cardio days.

DH got home yesterday; his uncle was in pretty bad shape on Sunday, but improved day by day, and by yesterday, he was much, much better. I enjoyed my alone time, but I'm happy he's home now!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

KateTT 06-11-21 01:11 PM

Brief checkin. My oldest son has ended up in the hospital with liver, kidney failure and problems with his pancreas. Workouts have been sporadic but did do some things when I could keep my mind on it.

Still here, trying to be fierce in my heart. :\

PennyK 06-11-21 01:30 PM


Malinda 06-11-21 04:50 PM

Oh, Kate, I am so sorry to hear this. I pray that his systems will begin functioning again and that he can get back on his feet soon.

Hang in there and know that many people are thinking of you and your family. :heart:

fanofladyvols 06-11-21 11:50 PM

Kate said a prayer for you and your son. Also for the health care folks working with him.

Jules 06-13-21 11:54 AM

Kate: My heart goes out to you and your family. You all have been through so much in the past couple of years. :( I am praying your son recovers.

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