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Denise R 07-13-20 09:52 AM

Cathe filming end of the month!
She hopes to start posting pics on 7/30. I am really excited for this set. 30 minutes sometimes is all I have to workout. :)

bubbles76 07-13-20 10:15 AM

Yea! I hope she keeps it safe. I believe that's when NJ is supposed to enter phase 3, so she should be okay.

suzanne63 07-13-20 11:08 AM

I am really excited and happy about this set too.My son got it for me for my Christmas present.He was so sweet to do that for me.I am very much looking forward to the Yoga Flow in this set.I love Yoga flow.:heart:

adawn 07-13-20 02:09 PM

Full quote for anyone who doesn't get the Cathe weekly newsletter:


Perfect 30 Update - 7-13-20
Hi Everyone,

Iím so excited to announce that Perfect 30 filming will begin at the end of July. Due to the considerable (and thankful) drop in reported COVID-19 cases this past week in New Jersey, we were able to move forward with our filming plans. All those involved with the Perfect 30 filming project will be following strict guidelines to ensure everyoneís continued safety.

We hope to start posting the first Perfect 30 pictures and updates on July 30th. It takes some time to go through and process all of the pictures so initially, things will start slowly but will pick up as time permits. Just a reminder, as with all of our filming projects, actual video clips will not be available until the editing and authoring of the DVDs are complete.

I canít begin to tell you how excited we are to finally be able to film Perfect 30!!! Thanks for hanging in there with us. Not too much longer now!!!

Jane P. 07-13-20 02:57 PM

Has she said anything about how much impact the cardio portions will contain?
I don't do any high impact anymore. I suppose I should ask at her forum, but thought some people here might know.

ChelePA 07-13-20 03:17 PM


Originally Posted by Jane P. (Post 2881936)
Has she said anything about how much impact the cardio portions will contain?
I don't do any high impact anymore. I suppose I should ask at her forum, but thought some people here might know.

There's Perfect Pump, Perfect Flow and Perfect Hiit. The hiit DVD will contain one high and one low impact routine. Perfect Pump is weights and Perfect Flow is yoga based. Hope this helps!

adawn 07-13-20 03:20 PM

To elaborate only slightly on to what ChelePA just posted, here's the full description from an older Cathe email:


Hi Everyone! I'm so excited to announce my newest series "Perfect30." What is Perfect30? It's an advanced three DVD series that will be a perfect fit for your fitness schedule when you're tight on time but you still want a solid, intense workout! Each DVD in this series will contain two 30 minute workouts which will focus on the main elements necessary for a well-balanced fitness routine: strength conditioning; cardio endurance; and balance/flexibility. Each workout in this series can be used as a stand-alone routine or all three can be used in conjunction with one another for your own perfect workout. The routines will be time-efficient, but don't let that fool you, we'll be sweating and burning the whole time!

Perfect Pump
This DVD will contain two 30 minute strength routines: one upper body and one lower body. You will challenge your muscles from head to toe as we use a mix of heavier and lighter weights to build a solid pump in each muscle group. No time for downtime in this workout! We'll keep things moving so you can get in, get out, and get pumped!

This DVD will also include a pump bonus and an ab bonus.

Perfect HiiT
This workout is all about solid, intense cardio without needing to carve out a whole lot of time. This DVD will include two 30 minute HiiT routines: one high impact and one low impact. They will both be advanced in nature so no matter how you "HiiT" it, you'll be sweating up a storm!

This DVD will also include a cardio blast bonus and a stretch bonus.

Perfect Flow
This DVD will contain two 30 minute active yoga-based routines that will take you through strength, flexibility, and balance challenges for the entire body! Many fitness-minded people pay close attention to their cardio and strength goals, but pay too little attention to restoring length and flexibility to their hard worked muscles. This routine will do just that and more! This is by no means a simple stretch DVD! We will be working hard and you will break a serious sweat!

Not Only Does the Perfect30 Series Offer 6 Workouts On 3 DVDs, But It Also Includes:

Bonus Abs - A bonus ab workout to keep that core tight and toned.

Bonus Extended Stretch - An extended stretch to help you lengthen and relax hard worked muscles.

Bonus Cardio Blast - This bonus cardio blast can be added to your HiiT workouts to increase the intensity, duration, and challenge.

Bonus Pump - Add some more intensity to your Perfect Pump routine with this strength training bonus.

Premixes - All Perfect30 DVDs will have numerous premixes.

BONUS VIDEOs: Not all bonus videos are on every Perfect30 DVD. See the list above to see which bonus videos are on each DVD. **As always workouts are subject to change.

fanofladyvols 07-13-20 04:42 PM

Appreciate the update!

( I know I'd hate to see these filmed with masks on their faces )

kittybug 07-13-20 06:23 PM


Originally Posted by fanofladyvols (Post 2881958)
Appreciate the update!

( I know I'd hate to see these filmed with masks on their faces )

:eek: Me too!!

rhbrand 07-13-20 08:26 PM

I'm super excited! Think I'll do a bunch of my Cathe workouts for the rest of the month in excitement!

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