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KateTT 06-22-21 12:51 PM

Hello dear friends!! Yes Justin is home (thurs pm) and he even went with me to my DIL's Mom's funeral. He said he felt good and the fresh air was good for him.

Thank you all for your good wishes! I can't give up, must keep forging ahead. For my kids!!

Yesterday I started with Cathe's Body Blast Supersets. Just a really good basic workout. Lots of reps, and I liked the team as usual!
Yoga was Baron Baptiste's Soul of Strength which I found FREE on YouTube.

Today I did Cathe Live 120 Old School Cardio plus Kickboxing. Not her most thrilling cardio but actually pretty fun for me. I liked all the moves and just a big of high impact. I'm pretty happy with all the Live downloads that I bought so far.

Yoga pending but plan on the longer 75 min practice from Baron's Yoga Bootcamp Box. They are audio practices but good stuff.

fatkat555 06-23-21 01:39 PM

Iím coming out of lurking to say I hope your son feels better, Kate! Fresh air is always a good thing along with sunshine. :sun:

fanofladyvols 06-23-21 06:58 PM

Kate I'm glad your son was able to be out of the hospital and go with you to the funeral. You are such a trooper!! :heart:

Jules appliance issues are no fun. We actually have to solve my oven issue at some point. We can't agree on a replacement and are at a standoff. So far, my husband has it working ok but we really need to replace. I don't know what we'll do when it finally croaks.

Malinda you and your husband's commitment to Breathless body is so cool.

kim I hope you'll enjoy your Gettysburg trip.
We'll be here...waiting to hear all about it! :D

Hi there fatkat555!! Feel free to pop in again sometime :D

So after a couple of days rest, I tackled Cathe's total body Trisets upper body split. I added a mobility workout before the warmup and glad I did. It's a good workout but has some moves I'd rather not do. The soldier pushup for one... blech. I hopped back and forth to my weight bench and stability ball so that was fun. I liked the ab moves alot and having them mixed within the workout.

Well I'm ready to do some yoga tonight.

Jules 06-24-21 03:09 PM

Howdy! We found a repairman who is going to come out this afternoon and recharge our fridge with freon. He ordered parts to replace all the guts of the fridge where the leak could possibly be, but they won't be here until the end of July. Hopefully our poor fridge will limp along until then.

I have now done all 4 Fit Split workouts. I liked Boxing Bootcamp/Legs & Glutes the most. :music: Shred Cardio /Push Day felt the most advanced and challenging of the bunch. It was nice to see Cathe showing some modifications during the cardio drills. The music and set were both a little bland IMO, but the workouts were excellent - especially the weight work.

I tried the Bonus Core Training and I hated it. I usually love to work my core, but there were too many moves that put pressure on my wrists and I was not into it at all. Won't be doing this one again!

I am debating if I want to do the Fit Tower workouts or 4 Day Split next.

Kate: Thanks for the heads up on Soul of Strength! I bookmarked it so I can try it out later.

Waves to everyone! :cool:

Malinda 06-24-21 03:23 PM

Hi FitChicks!

Kate - Iím so very happy your son is at home, and I hope he is getting plenty of fresh air, feeling better, & getting stronger every day! Iím glad you are enjoying your Cathe Live downloads.

Kim - I hope you are having a wonderful time in Gettysburg!

Jules - I hope you were able to get the fridge fixed. We just spent big bucks replacing the A/C in one of our cars. Ya gotta have these cold things!

Linda - DH and I are a little on the OCD side (can you tell?), but we try to use it to our advantage! What set is Total Body Trisets a part of? It sounds interesting. Iíve never heard of soldier pushups but I am using my imagination and thinking they would be difficult!

Workouts this week:

Sat - Body Beast Total Body
Sun - 21 Day Fix - Plyo Fix - yikes, this is challenging
Mon - RWH Lift It Hiit It Back, Bis & Shoulders
Tues - RWH Lift It Hiit It Legs
Wed - P/P/S Challenge + 5 Parks Yoga hip/lower body - Iím done with Lauren's challenge but Iím doing my own version now - I went up to swinging my 20 lb weight, which I havenít done in a long time
Today - 5-mile trail walk with a few .25-mile running intervals

I keep thinking today is Friday, but no, we have one more day to go before the weekend! I hope everyoneís doing well. :)

Jules 06-25-21 04:41 PM

Decided to do Fit Tower Boot Camp today and I am so happy I did! A+ workout! I added on the bonus abs which were fun as well. Finished off with Flexiblilty & Beyond Hips.

Malinda: Great variety of workouts this week! I think Total Body Trisets is from Cathe's Low Impact series?

Happy Friday!

fanofladyvols 06-25-21 11:52 PM

Malinda, Trisets is from Cathe's low impact series as Jules mentioned. It's kinda wrist intensive at times but is a pretty interesting workout so time flies! Tons of premixes's the link

Jules I love good workout pics for a day!! :music:

Jules 06-27-21 01:35 PM

Just did Fit Tower Total Body and it was another awesome workout! I remember being put off by the equipment set-up the last time I did this and previewed it first. I decided that I don't need the Tower for the initial chest presses and flyes so I didn't use it until it was time to put the step away - much more enjoyable this time! I did the Bonus Abs again.

I just have Fit Tower Legs, Glutes & Core left to do. I think this one is similar to Turbo Barre which isn't a fave. I will give it a go tho.

Yesterday I did Les Mills The Trip. I was careful not to put on too much tension in order to protect my knee. It is feeling a little better the past couple of days. I've also been walking the dog each morning. It is supposed to be extremely hot all next week and I am so thankful we have A/C. Most people around here do not. I am sure the beaches will be packed!

Jules 06-29-21 02:28 PM

Hi! Yesterday was laundry and errand day. I wasn't motivated to work out other than walking the dog.

I was planning to do Fit Tower Legs today, but I really wanted some cardio. I decided to start up a Strong & Sweaty rotation and kicked it off with Boot Camp plus the bonus abs. Such a fun workout! The bonus core work was tough and effective. I like it when Cathe focuses on lower abs.

Since there is no dedicated leg day in Strong & Sweaty, I may do either Fit Tower Legs in this rotation or Lower Body Blast.

I am going to do some yoga this afternoon - probably a Short & Sweet.

Keep on keeping' on! :sun:

fanofladyvols 06-29-21 09:21 PM

Jules that S & S bootCamp is on my next to buy list. I should probably have bought the set but have just bought one at a time. I'm glad your knee is feeling better.

Sunday was kettlebells and yesterday was a rest day. I'm not sure what I want to do today. Will update this post later.

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