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daisyduke 08-14-17 09:13 PM

Cathe STS vs Beachbody Body Beast ... better results?
Can anyone comment on which program gave the best results ...
Bigger muscle and more definition.

I love lifting heavy and have gotten great results from. Indy beast. I'm looking to change things up with StS. Im surprised cathe only does one set of each exercise whereas sagi does three to five.

I'd be interested to hear your thougts on each program. Thank you!

Tugger31 08-14-17 09:18 PM

I have both sets, but have only done STS in its entirety. It has been a few years since doing STS but I don't recall Cathe only doing 1 set of anything.

Gibbee 08-14-17 09:27 PM

In STS she typically does 3-4 sets of each exercises depending on the mesocycle. In Meso 1, yes, I believe she only does one set of higher reps (16?) and moves on. But not in 2 and 3.

daisyduke 08-14-17 09:28 PM

Ok yes I'm in meso 1 and she's doing 15 reps and moving on. Body beast does 15 reps with light weight then 12 reps with medium weight and 8 with heavy and often a drop set!

daisyduke 08-14-17 09:38 PM

Gibbee ... I see you also did metrx180 ... how did you like it

Gibbee 08-15-17 06:47 AM

Metrx 180 is a good program by Frank Sepe. The drawback is he is talks a lot between exercises. I know sometimes they want you to rest 30 seconds between sets but he occasionally gets carried away. I think if I had lifted heavier I would have seen better results. It's not like STS where you do a 1 rep max (if you want to and can do it without injuring yourself) and kind of have a guide to go by. I did put the workouts on spreadsheets to track the weights used.

daisyduke 08-15-17 07:57 PM

How long are the workouts? Is it cardio too or just weights?

horusosiris 08-16-17 07:34 AM


Originally Posted by daisyduke (Post 2727327)
How long are the workouts? Is it cardio too or just weights?

The Met Rx program has both cardio and weight workouts. The workouts range from 16- 55 minutes.

warriorprincess 08-16-17 01:09 PM

I haven't gotten the Beast, but I'm thinking about it the next time I do a weight cycle. I just finished my second rotation of STS last month, the only rotations I've ever done. If I remember, the first couple of mesocycles, she doesn't repeat exercises so much, unless you count endless variations on push-ups! I seem to remember her cycling certain exercises in, like pull ups, but not consecutively. Mesocycle 3, which I love, she does 2-4 sets of each, with nice rests in between, typically supersetting with 1:30 rests so that each muscle group gets a 3 minute rest before being worked again. And the reps are much lower. That rest period and low reps lets you lift so much heavier, and is what I miss in video weight work. I get strong!

What kind of rest periods does the Body Beast workout have?

noodles 08-16-17 02:44 PM

I love Cathe but could only make it through 6 weeks of STS as I didn't have enough weights or a spotter to be able to finish. For that reason I prefer body beast. It does have timed rests that vary from maybe 45-60 seconds or so but it's also meant for the home exerciser who does not have a huge supply of equipment so has a faster pace with super sets/ giant sets etc to add variation but allow you to keep the pace. Some of Cathe's STS workouts were too long for me as well although very effective.
Sagi can be annoying to some but I found him quite hilarious and not too hard to look at!

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