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Gibbee 07-17-17 05:19 PM

Cathe Advanced Barre Downloads - Looking for some tech help

Needing some tech help here. I bought (in the pre-sale) Cathe's Advanced Barre Series downloads. I have been traveling and I usually wait a couple of days to download to avoid the rush... so I put them in my cart and attempted to download them several days ago (per procedures they suggest). The files download but I get a warning message that the files do not work. (MP4... and I use windows media player on a PC).

SO, I contact Cathe's customer service and they send me new links. Nothing works. I try again only this time - because I was traveling for work again - the links expired. I contacted them again for new links. New links arrived today and I tried to download AGAIN and nothing works. Same situation. Same error message. I have never had this problem before.

Did anyone run into this issue? The error message I am getting says:

"Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file."

Thanks in advance for your help!

horsemom2 07-17-17 08:25 PM

Try downloading the free VLC media player which plays most video files.

Barb S

nckfitheart 07-18-17 12:51 AM

You can also try to play it on Itunes. I use Windows 10 and play them on itunes without any issue. ATB

Gibbee 07-20-17 06:11 AM

I gave up and resorted to downloading itunes. These downloads have not looked like the others I have bought in the past. I even turned off all of my web security (at their recommendation) to make sure some filter wasn't interfering with the downloads. No difference. Quite annoying. But at least I have them now.

I'm wondering, though, if they will work on my tablet. I guess that's a problem for another day. ;)


kettlebell 07-28-17 11:47 AM

Hi Gibbee,

Just wanted to let you know that I finally got around to downloading the workouts for Cathes Advanced Fit Tower this morning and was able to play the files with both media player and VLC without any problems. I downloaded with Firefox and Windows 7.

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