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Cola 01-08-21 12:32 PM

i use youtube, the fiton app and walk outside because they are free.
plus lots of dvds that i already own. and vhs tapes. and vhs tapes that ive converted to digital format.

i have so much stuff that i dont need to pay for anything new, however i totally understand if a person really likes a certain instructor / method of exercise. i do tend to jump around my collection a lot, doing 'variety' rotations so id need a whole bunch of subscription services, lol

maybe i will get bored of what i have in the future though and would like a subscription then, you never know!

rriggs 01-11-21 05:18 PM

I have the Peloton service for my bike and they have all kinds of great workouts off of the bike.
I just subscribed to Shine Dance Fitness :love:
And I am also currently subscribing and loving The Montana Method.

I had BOD and Les Mills but I have cancelled both for now.

seabliss 01-11-21 07:28 PM

I am thankful for streaming in these times when days threaten to blend together! Because of that feeling, I think, and being cooped in, I tend to do newly-released workouts from some of my favorites if they look good to me. I'm doing mostly Heather Robertson, with some Fitness Blender, Blogilates, Jessica Smith, and a bit of Bodyfit by Amy. Oh, and I'm also getting my steps mostly with Rick Bhullar. I wish Fitness Blender and Jessica would release more during this time. But I'm so thankful for online workouts. The newness helps keep me sane, lol.

loverly7 01-11-21 09:51 PM

I have a lot of streaming services. I always pay for a one year membership unless it is only offered on a monthly payment.

1) Les Mills On Demand

2) Beachbody On Demand

3) Shine Dance Fitness

4) Jazzercise On Demand

5) The Fitness Marshall on YouTube (I pay for his workouts, which I love. I have the Booty Army Elite membership, which give his strength and 60 minute workouts.)

I have the free subscriber for on YouTube, which I like but almost never use.

Iíve tried a variety of free trials and considered many more, but the above is what I have now and like. Iím considering adding Essentrics, but havenít decided yet.

I canít tell you the last time I did a workout DVD. I purged almost my entire collection and only have between one and two dozen dvd workout videos left. I donít miss the ones I got rid of either. Not a bit.

momofcha 01-11-21 10:15 PM

Barre 3 and Laurenís Playground. Love them both but I am surprised at how much Iím loving the barre 3 workouts

zraipel 01-11-21 10:46 PM

I finally have reliable, fast internet, so I signed up for the free trial of Buti TV. I love it!! I'm probably going to keep the subscription past the trial. There is a lot of content and I think it will be a good compliment to the other workouts I've been doing lately.

In the past, I've done Les Mills on Demand and Beachbody on Demand here and there, but I never end up using them as much as I anticipate and it isn't worth it. Plus, with BBOD , I have almost all of their systems on DVD and the newer programs don't interest me as much. With Les Mills, BodyCombat is the only group I really like, and I prefer the DVD set vs. the live setting for those workouts.

I might try out the Fitness Marshall's paid service soon because I love his energy! He is like the modern day Richard Simmons :D

Gale K. 01-12-21 08:38 AM

I stream Bellicon Home, Barre3 and the Sarah Beth Yoga app. Its all a good combo form me!

TinaT 01-12-21 08:44 AM

Is anyone streaming the Firm workouts through PivotShare? I have so many of the dvds, but there are a few I'd love to do that just aren't available anymore. Is $19.99 a month a good deal?

gigi 01-12-21 06:52 PM

Cathe and Beachbody (MBF, MBFA, The Work Prep, The Work are my current BB faves). Right now I'm doing Cathe's January rotation.

Helen 01-12-21 07:10 PM

Only YouTube (free version).

I'm currently working through my discs, saving them to file so when the discs are too old to play (deteriorated/scratched) I can either reburn them or play the file version.

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