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upperwside 01-06-21 10:19 AM

What are you streaming?
I mostly stream now as it's the way things are moving. My DVDs are collecting dust. I'm streaming Cathe live, KCM, Social Club, PowerStrikes Athletica, Beachbody and Romney Studios.

I pay up front for the whole year for all except Athletica as it's not an option. I just canceled Romney as I'm in love with Social Club.. And I was mostly using Romney for my light weight higher reps workouts. Social Club is so much fun, don't let those lighter weights and smaller movements fool you. It's effective and fun.

I'M LOVING the Athletica option only on Powerstrike.. It's great for metabolic strength and I want to support Illaria.

Beachbody, I like the new programs MBF, Lift4 and the boxing one. Also.. Old school Slim Series is a bad a%# classic.

Cathe, I love her metabolic workouts and PHA is the best!

KCM, well, my subscription is on hold.. Kicks back in next month and looks like she has a new boxing series on the bag that looks great.

I'm loving Naomi Joy on YouTube for my rebounder workouts right now.. She's amazing!!!

What are you streaming? If you are not, what your favorites right now on DVD or YouTube.

JackieB 01-06-21 11:16 AM

I am teaching a lot of classes myself.

I'm streaming Essentrics, Barre3, and Ellen Barrett. I love all three and feel like I utilize them enough to warrant the sub.

It's crazy how we have access to so many new workouts! We're spoiled!

frogribbit 01-06-21 11:29 AM

I've just started streaming as I've finally gotten so reliable Wi-Fi.

Your Daily Walk - Leslie Sansone
Team Body Project - trying it for 3 months
Lots of free Youtube options

Dontmindthemess 01-06-21 11:57 AM

I feel like Iím streaming almost everything right now!

Peloton- My husband uses this too, more than me right now. We havenít really used it for anything other than spinning and shorter stretches.

Yvetteís Total Fitness- I really love Yvetteís workouts and this really gives you a bang for your buck. Thereís over 80 workouts on there and itís under $10 a month. Iím not using it as much the last few weeks since my work schedule changed and Iíve scaled back the intensity, but I did do one this morning.

Beach Body- Impulsively got this for 80 day obsession but I hated that Bootie workout so much that I may never do another. What a waste of time that was. Iíve been revisiting slim series too, but I have those dvds. I will try the express ones on demand.

Barre3- Another impulse subscription with the yearly sale price. I thought it would be good to have this for days I donít want to jump and it really is, and the ones Iíve tried have left me surprisingly sore in a good way. I just havenít been using it regularly, Iím not sure if I click with it.

Romney Studios- Iíve had this for a while since I got a good monthly rate. Thereís something about this I really enjoy. The music is good, theyíre tough and a bit different. They have a Tracy Anderson feel to them, but itís not Tracy. I anticipate using this more with my current intensity level.

On YouTube Iíve used Penny Barnshaw a lot last year. Barlates is always a favorite too, but I usually use a dvd so I can play my own music over it.

In the past Iíve subscribed to Cathe Live and Pilates by Lisa and I think theyíre both excellent and good values. During lockdown I did a couple months of Millionaire Hoy too. Iíve also tried Pvolve, but I just couldnít get into it.

Iím tempted by Bounce Society and now by Social Club but I really have too many choices as it is.

I really prefer streaming, I love the live class feel and the vast selection without having to have dvds. I agree with Jackie that we have more choices than ever. I know itís a controversial topic around here but Iím going to continue working out at home and I think streaming is the future of home workouts. My husband starting working out at home during our state lockdown and he loves Penny and our spin bike. He says he has no desire to go back to the gym.


laurajhawk 01-06-21 01:03 PM

I love Beachbody On Demand. I tend to circle back to LIIFT4 - I really love it - but I've tried a couple more recently that I like:

The Prep - Did a week of this and enjoyed it immensely. It's just the right intensity level for me (so I may never do The Work, and that's fine with me) and I like Amoila and the vibe of the group.

Morning Meltdown - I backburned my rotation of LIIFT4/The Prep/Walk Strong because I'm nursing an injured hip flexor and kept aggravating it. So right now I'm sticking to Jessica's walks for lower body. I used BOD search to find intermediate upper-body workouts, and landed on the Upbeat Strength workouts from Morning Meltdown. They're strictly upper-body, which is what I need, and I like Jericho, the live DJ, and the short length. They have a Les Mills Pump feel to them (which makes sense since Jericho was in BB's Les Mills Combat series).

pricek 01-06-21 01:45 PM

Beachbody On Demand, Kira Stokes Fit and Pilates By Lisa.

Kathy G 01-06-21 02:40 PM

Cathe Live - My favorite by far! I have been a subscriber from the beginning and will always renew. :) I do it every week and repeat my favorites.

iFit - They have expanded and now have an app for your TV, iOS device, or android device. You don't have to have an iFit enabled workout machine anymore (but you have to manually adjust it yourself if you don't). But if you have an iFit enabled machine, it will still control speed/incline but you can override either or both. All that to say, it's amazing on my 50" tv, lol! I love the outdoor workouts the most but they're putting out some great studio workouts too. And they are expanding on other genres such as weight lifting, yoga, etc.

You Tube - Caroline Girvan, Penny Barnshaw (Garage Fitness Girl), and Heather Robertson.

Beachbody - I bought early access to 30 Day Breakaway and 9 Week Control Freak.

Coffeyfit - I mostly just preview now, not enough workout time in a day!

Daily Burn - I resubscribed this year when they sent me a 50% off yearly offer. :o

Leonana 01-06-21 02:50 PM

I’m on a strict budget, so am not streaming anything at the moment. I use You Tube and dvds. On You Tube, I like Jessica Smith, and am looking for other instructors, but haven’t clicked with any yet.

I also like Justina Ercole, but she only has a few workouts on her you tube channel. I would be tempted to stream her content but it’s $50 a month. If Jessica goes to streaming, and it’s affordable, I’d probably subscribe to that.

DD546 01-06-21 03:00 PM

I don't stream workouts. I have a subscription to Get Healthy U TV because it was dirt cheap, but I never use it even though there are a lot of workouts that interest me. I've been considering Essentrics TV, but I'm afraid that I won't use it if I have it. I know they have a lot of exclusive content that isn't available on the DVDs, but I own so many DVDs, it's hard to justify spending the money, particularly when I may not use it or use it enough. I've also considered Body Groove, but again, I have to ask will I use it? I own a lot of DVDs (many of which I don't use), and I like using DVDs for workouts. To me it's easier than streaming, which probably doesn't make a lot of sense since I almost exclusively use streaming for my entertainment viewing.

rhbrand 01-06-21 03:12 PM

I have Cathe Live and Beachbody but I'm dropping Beachbody. I just don't use it, and hate they want me to pay extra to get first dips on new workouts, or wait months. Talk about a cash grab.

I also will stream a little from YouTube for free.

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