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Pebbles 11-09-04 12:31 AM

I actually did win a trip to workout with an instructor, worth a few hundred dollars at least. I will include this information in my profile, although I do feel that I can be objective about said instructor's workouts, as I have posted both positive and negative comments about her workouts/customer service before. I will no longer comment on that instructor's workouts, though, because I feel that people may question my motives (I can certainly understand why they might).

I think the new disclosure policy is a very good idea. :)

Debbie M 11-09-04 01:10 AM

Thank you!
This is a fantastic, inclusive and fair policy that I feel will go a long way to making everyone more comfortable at VF, whether those involved directly or those who wanted to see a consistent policy applied.

I know that you struggled with this Wendy, and I just wanted to show my appreciation to yourself and the moderators for such a great job.

Thanks again! :love:


WWWendy 11-09-04 06:41 AM

Good question

Originally Posted by Joanna
Question: I did not see mention in these guideliens about rules regarding posting. Do these still apply? I am just wondering because there at times posts that ask a question I might have an answer to. In the past you had requested that I use the report to moderator function and reply to the moderators. Does this rule still apply, or does the disclosure statement cover me if I want to reply to factual questions such as shipping or emails for customer service for example. If so, that's fine and I'll abide of course.


The disclosure policy is an addendum to the commercial posting policy, not a replacement for it, so yes, posting rules still apply. Good question, though.

I still need to add in links to this policy in the logical places (on the forum registration form, commercial posting page, etc.) and will try to make it clearer.

SharonNYC 11-09-04 07:12 AM

WWWendy & the Mods -- great solution! :music:

RuthNYC 11-09-04 08:08 AM

WWWendy and mods.....
This is a very well thought, fair and intelligent plan.


Joe 11-09-04 09:09 AM


Originally Posted by PamelaP
At the risk of sounding like Elmo, hugs feel good! LOL

Okay, here's another one then....


PamelaP 11-09-04 09:30 AM

People are going to start to talk, Joe. ;) :p

Debbie S. 11-09-04 10:54 AM

Thank you Wendy and Mods. You've put a lot of thought and time behind this policy and I'm glad it's finally behind you. Great job!

Joe 11-09-04 11:02 AM


Originally Posted by PamelaP
People are going to start to talk, Joe. ;) :p

So we need to keep this in PM? Okay. :(

lounsbury 11-09-04 09:51 PM

WWWendy, thanks to you and the moderators for your hard work on this. I realize that as VF trips, etc. bring us all closer together with the instructors that we "work out with" at home, a lot of gray areas begin to appear. This seems like a very good solution to me. I'll update my profile now!

P.S. I think many VFers have been bitten by the "become an instructor" bug as well! It's all good. :)

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