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Mickey12 07-13-21 07:15 PM

Linda we’re not planning on moving. After a lot of years in the same house we just seem to accumulate a lot of stuff and then after taking a long hard look at it all, we realize we don’t need it. Stuff like a broken compressor, an old shovel, outdated decor items, half empty cans of carburetor cleaner, a wire magazine rack, old uncomfortable pillows, even some things that were in the garage since before we bought the house. You know, stuff like that. We have been in our house for 30 years. We got a dumpster once before probably 15 years ago. I think part of the accumulation problem has to do with our garbage pickup. We live in a rural area. Our garbage is paid for by buying stickers that we put on the garbage bags. So if we have things that don’t fit into a garbage bag, we can’t put them out in the trash. I hope that explains it without putting you to sleep. :p

I am not going to Cathe’s road trip. It’s not that far away for me but I feel too self conscious. When I was younger I might have considered it but never took the plunge.

No workout again today. Boy, I really have been off my game. No motivation.

Jules I agree that IMAX 4 is the easiest of the IMAX workouts. I like it. Easier is good for me! :o

Hope everyone has a great night.

Jules 07-14-21 04:33 PM

Pyramid Pump is in the bag. Awesome workout! :love: I matched Cathe's weights. I kept thinking I should go heavier, but by the end of each pyramid I was happy right where I was. My heart rate was pretty high during the lower body. I burned about 300 calories for lower and 250 for upper. It is nice to have the option to break this into Lower and Upper on days when I don't have 80 minutes to work out.

I liked several of the changes Cathe made from the original Pyramids like the use of just dumbbells and a gliding disc for lower body. All the barbell changes in the original workout can be cumbersome. I also liked the use of the stability ball for upper body. It felt fresh and fun. I have to admit I enjoy the cheezy music of the original workouts more, but the new music is fine. I also love the tough floor and core work on the stability ball in the originals but I think Cathe was trying to make the new workouts a little shorter and more intermediate. It's all good.

Kim: We have all been in a slump before - you are not alone! It sounds like you are getting plenty of exercise cleaning up you house right now. It's ok to give yourself permission to take it easy for a while. Maybe you and your husband could go for a hike? That always makes me feel good. :heart:

fanofladyvols 07-14-21 09:18 PM

Kim yes, that makes sense! I think we forg t how much stress is involved in making decisions and thinking through a sort/purge
It sounds to me like you're using up your workout mojo handling that project! And I totally agree with Jules, sounds like you need to forest bathe!

Jules I totally agree with your assessment of Pyramid pump..and I think both workouts have a place in someone's collection. I love them both.

Heading to do some Taebo and some easy yoga.

Waves to Kate and Malinda!!

Have a good night all!

Malinda 07-15-21 10:28 AM

Hi everyone!

I'm still here! DH's office in Miami officially re-opened last Tuesday, so he flew out Monday evening, and I joined him Wednesday evening for a long weekend. I have mixed feelings about flying and being out and about on such a grand scale, but we had a lot of fun. We stayed in Hollywood, which is where we always stay - it is so laid back and I love the fact that you can walk to the beach or the small downtown area. One of his co-workers lives in South Beach, and she and her husband took us all around that area on Saturday. It was a fun trip, but I was happy to get home Tuesday.

We did a couple of workouts in the hot, humid Florida sun -- Body Project Cardio Starter, and 21 Day Fix Plyo Fix. Those were my only workouts, other than a lot of walking.

Workouts so far this week:

Tuesday - 21 Day Fix Real Time Yoga
Wednesday - #MBF Core Circuit, Week 2, Day 4 & P/P/S
Thursday - Turbo Fire 45 EZ (now Fire 40 on BBOD) - This workout always leaves me drenched, I'm not sure why!

Kim - good luck on the cleaning out! You are going to feel SO GOOD when that is complete! And I am positive that you will get your workout mojo back!

Linda - I had a couple of Amy's Give Me 10 workouts a long time ago, and I got rid of them. I don't remember hating them, I think they just didn't fit whatever workout style I was doing at the time. Who knows, I might like them now!

Jules - Now you've got me looking at Pyramid Pump!

Kate - I remember liking some of the Body Attack workouts when I had LMOD. I wish I would have used that streaming service more -- someday maybe I'll re-subscribe, but I think I have learned that I actually like doing the same workouts over and over, because even when I had all those choices, I would find one workout I liked (like the Combat one with Dan & Rach in the middle of the water, and on a mountain top - 80 or 81, I think?) and only do it. I feel like I get a better workout when I really know the combos.

Y'all have an awesome Thursday!

fanofladyvols 07-15-21 10:56 AM

Malinda that makes sense...getting to know the workout does help being more effective with it. That's probably why my fav workouts usually do 3 sets of an exercise. Gives me freedom to increase or lower or learn the weight I need. I think the give me 10s might work well as add-ons or for days when I'm low energy. Your trip sounds FABULOUS!

Kim I understand feeling like the Cathe trip might be too much. Not sure how much energy I'll have after traveling...there are alot of classes in the schedule. I guess I could just opt out if I went? Still thinking...

Yesterday was Taebo basic live#7 and easy yoga for strength. Not my fav basic but they were a good combo!

KateTT 07-15-21 12:46 PM

Quick drive by. I am not going to Cathe's "party". I would love to some day but now is not feasible.

Kim: If I had to move right now it would be chaos. I have TOO MUCH JUNK! So I'm slowly getting rid of stuff. Garbage, donation, etc.

Waves to all!!!

Wed was Cathe Live 305 Burn Sets Express Legs Heavy Weights + ICE Lower Body Blast. I did the ICE Lower first to prefatigue and then the 305. LOVE these heavy lifting workouts. I just wish they were longer but adding on other tracks is working great! And a bit more cardio too.
Yoga was from Udaya and Caley Blockasana. Supposed to be Hatha..I didn't care for it much or how the blocks were used

Today I did Cathe Live 181 Jabs and Kicks for the first time. That was fun! I started out using my 3lb gloves then took them off about halfway through. I loved the combos!
Getting ready for some sweet Yin yoga shortly.

Jules 07-16-21 04:08 PM

Kate! I think I have told you this before, but I am so impressed that you do kickboxing with 3 pound gloves! :eek:

Linda: Taebo is definitely an Oldie but Goodie! :music:

Malinda: Those Turbo Fire workouts are so much fun! I have never been to Miami but I imagine it is a party town like New Orleans?

Kim: I hope you are relaxing after all that house cleaning!

I have spent the last couple of days with Cathe's Step Sync. I am choreo-challenged and it takes me a few tries to get down her more complicated routines such as Step Moves, Rythmic Step and Party Rockin' Step #1. The good news is if I practice them enough I do seem to remember the moves.

Yesterday I ran through Step Sync once and added on Bonus Abs 2. Today I spent a couple hours doing Step Sync, Ab Stacker and the Extended Lying Stretch. I practiced the finished product section of Step Sync a few times.

I am planning to do PHA 3 tomorrow and probably will do IMax 4 again on Sunday. Then I will move on to the Perfect 30 series.

Have a great weekend! :p

Malinda 07-19-21 11:56 AM

Jules - I definitely think there are many parts of Miami that would be considered "party" places, but we don't frequent them! Hollywood is super laid-back and that's why we prefer to stay there. I just love the international flavor of the whole area, though. We are not foodies, but there are so many restaurants with every kind of food you can imagine -- it's fun to try new things!

Linda - I haven't done a Taebo workout in forever! How fun!

Hi Kim & Kate!


Friday - Pushups, pullups, swings, & abs
Saturday - Core De Force MMA Speed 2.0
Sunday - Triple Wave Pyramid
Monday - 645 Sample workout - this is the new program from Beachbody by Amoila Cesar. I enjoyed it, but I'll wait for it to be released on BOD rather than pay for early access. I really like his style a lot - The Prep and The Work were great, although I didn't finish The Work rotation - it was pretty intense.

Have an awesome week everyone!

fanofladyvols 07-20-21 06:44 AM

Good grief! I need to catch up on my check-in!!

Friday was an almost 5 mile hike with PIYO buns added. Saturday was Kathy Smith pilates for abs; Sunday was Sandry Yoga/pilates sun salutations; K. Smith fat burning breakthrough and yesterday was Lauren Sexy strength warmup and PIYO strength intervals

Malinda Taebo is fun and I love the steady state cardio for a change from all the HIIT and intervals workouts. I grow weary of that. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on that new BBOD program.

Jules your description of how you tackled Cathe's workout sounds like me! I admire the folks who can follow her right away but I need to practice. I noticed I am getting better and knowing what she means. I think there's a cloud buffer between what I hear and what messages I can send my feet :p Personally, doing Kathy Smith is my happy place because I can jump right in and get all my oomph in (without getting caught up in where I am supposed to be on the step!)

Kate I can add longer mobility to strength workouts and cardio afterwards. Not cardio before. My mind and lungs need to be fresh so I can concentrate.

Haiii Kim!! Hope you have filled up that dumpster :sun:

Jules 07-21-21 05:50 PM

Mid-Week Check-In...

I've been doing Perfect 30 and it is short & sweet.

Monday: Perfect Pump Upper Body + Bonus UB + Mobility Abs + Extended Stretch. Seemed like a lot but it all clocked in at under an hour. I don't have a 35 or 40 pound dumbbell. I guess I could build one with my free weights next time I do this, but I haven't been lifting super heavy lately anyway.

Tuesday: High Impact HiiT + Mobility. The cardio was intense but doable - not as hard as RWH Plyo HiiT. Love the Mobility workout.

Today: Perfect Pump Lower Body + Bonus LB + Abs + Extended Stretch. The Bonus LB was a very nice add-on using the mini step and a band. Worth the extra 7 minutes. I am sure my glutes will be sore tomorrow!

Tomorrow I plan to do the Low Impact HiiT, Bonus Cardio Blast + Yoga Strength and Flexibility Workout.

After that, I will have completed my goal to work my way thru all of Cathe's latest workouts and will probably do a mish-mosh of faves. I can't do too much cycling or kickboxing right now b/c it aggravates my knee, but I will try to sneak in a little. I am also going to subscribe to Cathe Live.:music:

Linda: You have a great mix going! I have the PIYO set but I never do it. Maybe I will give it another chance this week.

Malinda: Thanks for the info on Miami! I will have to remember that Hollywood is the place to be if we ever go. My folks live near Mobile Alabama.

Kate: I am sure you are working out hard as always. Thinking of you!

Kim: I hope you are enjoying yourself even if you aren't into workouts right now. I am not very artistic, but I have been doing a paint-by-numbers kit and it is super relaxing. :heart:

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