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Malinda 04-13-21 07:01 AM

Kim, I always felt unprofessional with my curly hair, but thereís nothing I could do about it! I refused to spend two hours blowing out and straightening it, only to have it frizz as soon as I go out in the Texas humidity! You should go for that pink streak!

Jules, itís so hard to find someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to curly hair. Itís such a horrible feeling when the one inch thatís cut off wet shrinks up three inches!

Linda, LOL on the GnR fan girl hair! I started the push pull swing challenge too! Iím assuming STS abs is part of the STS set that I still have in shrink wrap from 10 years ago? We just bought a (knockoff) bosu and a rebounder to set up against the wall and throw the med ball against while balancing on the bosu. I havenít tried that set up out yet. But we have done partner med ball stuff as part of our warm-ups when we used to run Masterís Track.

Hi Kate!

Yíall are making me interested in 4X4 and Peak 10 again!


Saturday - Morning Meltdown 100 Day 1 Cardio - I really like the cardio workouts in this program.
Sunday - Fitness Blender Glutes and Inner Thigh workout
Monday - Day 1 of the P/P/S Challenge and Zuzka Cardio #1 - I hadn't done any of Zuzka's workouts in a long time and I forgot how fast they get your heart rate up!

Iím not sure what Iíll do today, if anything. We have appointments in Austin all day.

Have a great day!

Jules 04-13-21 11:46 AM

Kate:Just checking in quick to see if you tried the new Combat yet? I did it this morning and it was great! Lots of power moves and talented presenters. The music is excellent too. All around a keeper. :love: What's up with Dan's beard tho? :eek:

fanofladyvols 04-13-21 04:40 PM

Malinda I don't think Ab circuits is part of the actual STS strength set. I don't have STS Strength workouts so someone correct me!

I have traded and gotten some of the Shock Cardio Series and then this dvd. The promo at the beginning of the dvd looks like footage from the strength series though.

Mickey12 04-13-21 07:11 PM

The STS Abs Circuit disc is it's own thing, I think. I mean, the workouts are not included in the three meso cycle discs. I believe it's a separate purchase apart from the main STS program, or in other words, an add on purchase. When I searched Cathe's site for STS, the abs circuit DVD didn't come up. When I searched ab circuits, I found it. I own it. Since I detest ab work and would not have purchased it alone, I must have purchased it when I got the other STS discs because I wanted to own the complete set.

Malinda 04-14-21 10:36 AM

Thanks for the input on STS Abs Circuit. I checked out clips and it looks really good! I may have to purchase that one.

Kim, I also meant to comment that I, too, love colorful things. When we moved to our new-to-us old house, we painted the outside turquoise. And almost every room has colored walls. Our kitchen has a yellow vinyl composition tile floor, yellow countertops, and the backsplash tile is teal and white squares. We have a 1950's pink formica top table and vintage teal chairs. It's very retro and cheerful!

Yesterday I did Day 2 of the Push/Pull/Swing challenge, with TRX rows, push-ups, and back extensions. The back extensions are so good for me, but setting up the hyperextension bench is a pain. We can't leave it down, though, because the kittens think it's a jungle-gym for them and they scratch the padding.

Today's workout was Crossfire. I forgot how much I like that one. And I love Jai's outfit in it, which is very important, you know.;)

Have a happy day, everyone!

KateTT 04-14-21 11:30 AM

Malinda: You hair sounds cute! I love putting fun and funky colors in my hair. But mine is BONE STRAIGHT and won't hold a curl at all

Kim: I'm going though some of my Peak 10 workouts too. Love her cardio!!

Jules: Glad your reaction was minimal! It snowing here in MN but melting as fast as it hits the ground. :eek:
I just saw there was a new's on my calendar for tomorrow!! Woo!! Must be hot to exercise with a beard that full?

Linda: Cool that your hubby did the abs workout! Mine would look at me like I had a third eye if I asked him. LOL

I LOVE STS Ab Circuits!

Here's me this week so far:

Mon: Cathe Pure Strength both Upper. Wee! Good old fashioned weight lifting. Very dated but good stuff and putting them both together fried my upper body quite nicely. Cathe's hair is very short and she lifts very light but of course I used my own weights.
PowerYoga with Bryan Kest and an amazing practice called Calmness amidst Difficulty. He does cook your legs with some balancing stuff but there is also a lot of wonderful hip and leg stretches. NICE.

Tues: Body Attack 60. I had planned on a Michelle D cardio but Les Mills was calling to me so I did that instead. Good stuff!
PY Bryan Calmness amidst Difficulty again because yes, it was that good!

Today: Cathe Pure Strength Lower. Excellent workout! Yes very basic again, and I lifted heavier than Cathe, but it really hits everything in a very basic way. The floor work is with a weighted bar but I just put a dumbell on my leg for resistance.

Guess what? I'm taking some online Yoga Teacher Training with Bryan Kest. Since the government was so kind to give us more money, I decided to use part of it for training. I've always wanted to but could never afford it. Nearly $500! But it is legitimate and I love Bryan Kest. I hope I don't act like some groupie when I talk to him. :o

Have a great day! Hugs to everyone!

Mickey12 04-14-21 03:59 PM

Malinda your home decor sounds so fun and interesting! You might like color even more than I do! I really love the brights from the 50’s too. Everything was so cheerful! :)

Linda I might be able to get my husband to do the partner abs workout if I catch him in the right mood. He agreed to do one of the Tony Horton Double Time workouts (the entire set is designed to be done with a partner) with me, but he wasn’t thrilled about it and was glad when it was over.

Kate how freaking exciting to be taking training classes from Bryan Kest!! :D I love him too. Let us know how it goes. How many sessions will you have? Wow, that’s so great!

[Waves to Jules.:music:

fanofladyvols 04-14-21 10:12 PM

Malinda yayy I didn't know you were doing the challenge too! And I eventually want to get a TRX.

kim I hope he tries it. The partner abs section is pretty short and fun. So short and fun that my husband said at the end, "We could do another round of them all if you want?" Someone knock me over please!
Oh, and I was terrible at the ball catch while extending back, haha.

Today was Element weight loss pilates for beginners cardio; mobility, Kettlebell lower body, Day 2 of PPS challenge and CS #630 Posture. This concludes my CS season 6 adventure and it's been a great one.

Happy midweek wishes to all!

KateTT 04-15-21 12:10 PM

Kim: I KNOW! Bryan Kest. I'm sure I'll be awestruck. Can you be a Yoga Groupie? ;)

Linda: I'm starting to put together a little kbell rotation. Are you seeing any changes since you've been doing them?

Today was the new Body Combat 85 on LMOD. I moved things around a little in my rotation as I am always anxious to try new Combats! Good stuff! Lots of kicks in this one including jump kicks.
No big stage this time. It was a bit like the United workouts where everyone is on a big Zoom screen. But this time Dan, Rach and two others actually rotated instructing.
Dan has a big bushy beard. Shaved head. He must be around 40 by now? He's still so intense but cute and funny as heck.

Yin Yoga planned for this afternoon.
Waves to everyone else. Dang this week is flying again.

fanofladyvols 04-15-21 03:43 PM

Kate I started kettlebells in late January and noticed lots of little changes right away. It's like it was the missing piece to my strength puzzle for me. I'm better at stamina and strength overall. I went to do my deadlift with my heaviest barbell weight that I keep loaded and pumped out 8 reps. All my dumbbells feel lighter. I'm getting much more in tune with my muscles..sounds hooky but there it is. I'm sure it has alot to do with me focusing on mobility too.

Today was Tracie Long Reboot#1; Day 2 PPS challenge; Annette Fletcher Dyn stretch segment. missed Tracie! Love how she sprinkles in stretches and mobility in between the intervals. A perfect workout to me! I do have to use more sizes in dumbbells than she does though. Used 10's,12s and a 15.

FriYay is tomorrow!!

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