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Kathy G 10-24-20 04:56 PM


Originally Posted by jbrigid (Post 2895373)
I don't know about you all, but I I don't have 40lb dumbbells at my place. Do you?

I was fortunate to make a trade for a set of 40 lb. dumbbells from a former coworker a few years ago. I had bought a new coated dumbbell set when Walmart had a great sale. I had duplicate pairs of 25, 10, and 5 lb. dumbbells. We did a swap because he wanted lighter weights for a program he was doing.

laurajhawk 10-24-20 06:46 PM


Originally Posted by jbrigid (Post 2895373)
I don't know about you all, but I I don't have 40lb dumbbells at my place. Do you?

I have one 35 - from when DH did P90X with me. But I donít usually match Catheís weights anyhow. Iím pretty sure I have what Iíll want to use. 😉

counterclockwise 10-24-20 09:06 PM

Just did the lower body and lower body bonus, though there were a couple glitches (using On Demand). I thought it was a good workout and liked the heavy weights. I think it will work best for me that way, but I could see using lighter weights and a big increase in ROM and still getting a good workout. I liked how exercises aren’t repeated and really liked the bonus. It will be a good add-on to other workouts. And I always love when she gives us some calf work!

counterclockwise 10-24-20 09:13 PM


Originally Posted by jbrigid (Post 2895373)
I don't know about you all, but I I don't have 40lb dumbbells at my place. Do you?

The heaviest I have are 20lbs and then I have a barbell. For the LB workout pick up squats where you set the dumbbell down, I put one foot on my high step topper, my other foot on my step topper, and used a 16 kg kettlebell, setting it down on the floor between the toppers so I could still squat down pretty low.

ncl 10-24-20 09:55 PM

I am not sure I could life 45lbs to do anything. I think that is impressive! My highest DB weight is 25lbs and I think that is pretty darn heavy. I thought Cathe's weights for the upper body pump were very impressive!

FitBoop 10-25-20 12:52 AM

I did Pump Upper Body and the Bonus Core and Stretch. It's great when you want a short upper body strength workout that doesn't have a lot of sets and reps of each exercise. Cathe goes very heavy on some of the exercises (like 35 pound dumbbells :eek:). Cathe does some new and unique exercises on this DVD. I will definitely try this one again.

ChelePA 10-25-20 07:29 AM

Copied from my check in:

First I want to say that I love the background! I chose the low impact hiit plus bonus. Followed by the leg and core bonus. I wrapped it up with the extended stretch. I really liked the Low Impact Hiit including the music. I feel like you could easily increase or decrease the intensity for this one. The lower you go the more burn in your legs. It definitely tested my coordination on a few of the moves too. The bonus using the step was a nice add on but not hiit level for me. It's basic moves using the pyramid method. Definitely gets the heart rate up for certain exercises but doesn't leave you breathless. The floor work for the bonus legs was a nice butt burner. And the core had unique moves that I think fits well with this series. The extended stretch is nothing new...just a nice total body stretch with the moves held a little longer.

cecififi 10-25-20 08:08 AM

I also did the upper body workout today. I added it onto a jumpropefit jump rope/biceps workout from youtube. this workout was goooooood. wow. moved fast, little to no breaks, sweatfest. I couldn't keep up with her weights/reps in most segments. This is an excellent workout.

Jennifer P. 10-25-20 08:19 AM

I did the strength and flexibility yoga workout. It is definitely different from the other yoga workouts I have, but I felt like it was a "sampler" type of compilation of different workouts and it didn't really give me enough of anything to be effective. I was tired, though, and in a bad mood, so YMMV.

LindaL 10-25-20 10:34 AM

I did Low Impact Hiit plus the Hiit Bonus. I haven't worked out with Cathe for a long time, so I found this to be a challenging workout, but doable. I love the set and I think Cathe looks fantastic! She also seems to be in a great mood and her banter is perfect.

I agree with ChelePA that the bonus isn't killer, but it was fun because it incorporates some moves from past videos, like long hop turns, which I like. Cathe mentions that you could do all the moves on the floor, which could make this a good one to take with you if you are travelling. I started the bonus with just my step and then added 1 riser once it was time to go back down the pyramid.

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