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Hsim 11-17-20 09:44 AM

Last night I did the Yoga workout and I liked it quite a bit. This one had a couple of different moves which will add some variety to my yoga collection.
The other thing is I can see myself adding some of the timesaver premixes of yoga and mobility moves as a finisher. I think I will get a lot of use out of these.

Denise R 11-17-20 01:29 PM

I've done the low hiit and upper body. I enjoyed both. The low hiit worked the legs fairly well and the upper body had some newer moves that I enjoyed. (I actually felt it the next day) I haven't done the yoga/mobility one (yet) but I plan too soon.

Helen 11-18-20 04:53 AM

Pump Lower - Basic Mix 8 (+Lower Bonus + Extended Stretch)
- Yup, fine, good, no problem. The Mix was 44min (following Rotation with XTrain); matched weights with Cathe fine. Didn't love it - essentially ONLY because it was leg work ! but didn't come away annoyed or disappointed in any way either - and my bum still hurts 2 days later - probably from bonus bit with all-fours, weight in crook of knee, rear leg lifts.
Any further details I can't recall. I'm not normally one to love/hate sets or music unless the music is super fun (Christi / older Cathe).

Pump Upper (done tonight so details fresh)
- um.... for a 30min workout - the setup/packup takes it to 45min, at least.
She SLAYED me with the weights she used !!! can usually match, but pretty-well only matched on the 5lb for shoulders.

Felt rushed to get it all in the 30min - but knowing what weights/tubing to use for each move next time should alleviate that feeling somewhat.

NOT to the beat of the music so had to keep glancing at screen to match pace - I'm definitely a 'work to the beat' person.

Really like having Brenda and Jai in this set though. :)

dianestjohn 11-22-20 08:47 AM

I was not thrilled with either weight workout - Iím not a super heavy weight person and UB was kinda rushed with sooooooo much equipment. HIIT High Impact was burpee hell for me and the yoga workout was just ok. Still adore Cathe, so thankful that somebody is putting out dvds, but underwhelmed. Last night I finally did HIIT Low Impact and Mobility - completely in love with both of them! The HIIT was just exactly challenging enough for me and I loved that some of the intervals were different lengths so you canít predict whatís coming and it feels fresh throughout. And the mobility is one of the best stretch workouts Iíve ever done, I felt the effects immediately afterward when I rolled up my yoga mat and was able to extend about 6 inches more than usual when I bent from the waste - last night I slept like a baby. Mobility has a hurt-so-good quality that I associate with yin yoga or a deep-tissue massage and I think itís really effective. So these 2 workouts alone are worth the price of the whole set for me 💕

muggle 11-24-20 01:08 PM

I'm probably in the minority here....I don't like the workouts at all. In Cathe's defense, I'm sick of HiiT (not her fault). I did them both once and promptly got rid of them. The strength workouts...meh. Nothing new or exciting there either. I love most of what Cathe puts out (and I'm glad she still does) but these were not worth my money. I did enjoy the yoga and mobility though. I need that in my life.

I also have an issue w/ "off the beat" stuff. So many instructors have great workouts w/ great music. I need to follow the beat! Enough already! And don't get me started on the cheap dvd cases. Another bee in my bonnet!!

That's all.

Trixoo 12-27-20 03:32 PM

I’m a bit late to the party, but this set has been a good purchase for me. The only one I haven’t done is the high impact HiiT.

I like everything I’ve done, except the yoga, but that’s not usual for me. However, I love the mobility workout.

Overall, I love having 30 min workouts from Cathe, especially weights. But the truly unexpected surprise for me was the pyramid HiiT bonus. I love it and have been using it as a stand alone cardio by adding the warm up from the low impact HiiT dvd. I then have time to do something more extended for my cool down stretch, whether it’s the mobility dvd or something from another instructor. Huge winner for me, plus I love the pyramid format and any workout with a timer!

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