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Kathy G 10-23-20 08:42 AM

Cathe Perfect 30 Reviews
:heart: I thought I would start the review thread so everyone that ordered can contribute (and give info for others who didn't order or are still waiting). :)

This morning I did the Perfect Pump Lower Body + Pump Lower Body Bonus.

Equipment needed:
High Step (or regular step with four risers)
Dumbbells: 12 lb, 15 lb, 20 lb, 25 lb, 30 lb, and one 40 lb. (this is what Cathe and crew used, you can use what's appropriate for you for each exercise).
(2) small weight plates - used to elevate your heels or toes for a couple of exercises
Green band with handles - only used in the PLB Bonus

Each exercise is done for one set with a rep range of 12 or 10 reps (except the calf raises at the end).

Warmup was a combo of squats, side lunges, etc. without weights and then she has you do two sets of squats, deadlifts, and pulse lunges starting with 12 lb. dumbbells for the first set and 15 lb. dumbbells for the second set.

Exercises in the main workout:
Squats - 25 lbs.
Static Lunge Each Side - 20 lbs.
Deadlifts - 30 lbs.
Pick Up Squats - 40 lb.
Elevated Lunge (4 risers) - 15 lbs.
Explosive Non Weighted Lunge on same side
Elevated Lunge (4 risers) - 15 lbs.
Explosive Non Weighted Lunge on same side
Deadlifts with Toes Elevated with plates - 30 lbs.
Heels Elevated with Plates Front Squat - 15 lbs.
Step Ups Each Side (4 risers) - 15 lbs.
Single Leg Deadlifts Each Side - 30 lbs.
Front Lunges with One Dumbbell - Each side - 15 lbs.
Close Grip Squat - 40 lb.
Squat Crossover Lunges with One Dumbbell (1 riser) - 15 lb.
Forward Leaning Glute Lunges Each Side (1 riser) - 15 lb.
Cossack Squat (rotating side leaning lunges)- 12 lb.
Calf Raises - Drop Sets with 25 lb. Dumbbells (sets of 25, 20, 15)

Exercises in the PLB Bonus:
Hamstring Presses/Pulses Each Side - 10 lbs.
Outer Thigh Presses/Pulses with Green Band with Handles
Banded Glute Squeezes on step (3 risers) with Green Band with Handles - Each Side

I LOVED this workout! There is only one set of each exercise but they are either squats, deadlift, or lunge variations so you feel pretty worked out in the end. I really like the heavier weights too, it gives a good burn without so many reps. The PLB Bonus was a real butt burner, lol. Perfect addition at the end of the standing portion. Winner, winner Chicken Dinner! :music:

kittybug 10-23-20 10:01 AM

Excellent thorough review! Thank you so much for this. Can't wait to see more reviews!! :D

Crescent Moon 10-23-20 10:27 AM

Thank you for your thorough review. The Pump DVD is the only one one I ordered and it sounds like I won’t be disappointed. I will probably order the yoga/mobility workout through Mary.

momofcha 10-23-20 01:29 PM

Thank you for the review!

owltx 10-23-20 03:16 PM

Thanks for the awesome thorough review! Now I am totally looking forward to this bandwork bonus!

ncl 10-23-20 05:23 PM

I did the Pump Upper Body workout and here is my review.

Equipment: full sized step with 4 risers each side, various weights, band (Cathe and crew use one with handles on each end).

The exercises are grouped by body part, rep range is 8-12 but usually 10 reps for each exercise with the exception of the tricep dips which have a lot of reps

warmup (which uses the band some)

Pullover warmup set
1 arm rows
bent over clutch rows
band posture pulls
toss row
sweeper curls
clutch curls
drops sets (3 sets)
incline front, V and lateral raise
lateral raise
push press
bottle ropes
incline bench press
incline push press
fly with leg extension
pushups with alternating leg lift
overhead extension
banded kickbacks
tricep pushups
tricep dips (lots of reps here, multiple sets)

Felt like a good solid workout. I think I will be sore. I like this one and will use it regularly!

hdw 10-23-20 05:49 PM

Thanks for the review. Just realized that downloads are now available. I must have missed the announcement...

fanofladyvols 10-23-20 06:21 PM

Perfect 30 Guide
Just saw this

bubbles76 10-23-20 07:18 PM

Low Impact Hiit - First Impression
I completed Low Impact HiiT today. It's definitely "low" and not "no" impact, but it is easily modified to be no impact or high impact. Cathe was definitely having fun. The music was fine; I liked the music in Fit Split better but it had a good beat and some vocals. My knees feel fine, but it will take a few days to tell for sure. I actually feel it more in my feet lol! I feel my feet need a rub down. I didn't do the bonus stretch or cardio.

bee 10-23-20 07:28 PM


Originally Posted by fanofladyvols (Post 2895223)

I got the XTrain user's guide when I clicked. :confused: Trying again....

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