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Pat58 11-01-21 08:21 AM

Barefoot and on the Mat - November, 2021 check-in
Welcome to our November check-in!

This check-in is for ANYONE and EVERYONE who enjoys ANY type of barefoot workouts, including yoga, Pilates, Classical Stretch/Essentrics, kickboxing, kettlebells, barefoot cardio, whatever - we welcome all! We are a friendly group of diverse ages and backgrounds. Post your workouts or not, we don't care...we'd love to have you join us in any capacity!

“She stands
In tattered gold
Tossing bits of amber
And jade, jewels of a year grown old:

— Zephyr Ware Tarver, “A Queen Makes an Exit”

Pat58 11-01-21 08:35 AM

Happy Moan Day. More like Groan Day! My toe is still so sore and the blister just won't heal. Might have to call the podiatrist if things don't start looking up. Anyway, my low key Halloween featured:

~ Half mile slow stroll at beach
~ YWK YWK Bedtime Yin Yoga
~ 4,460 steps

I forgot to buy candy but it was just as well, only one group came around and we hid. :D It was discovered that some kook in my neighborhood was handing out dog treats. I mean, itís not poison or razor blades, and humans can eat dog treats, but sausage and bacon nuggets? :confused:

Anyway -

Cyana, I loved your bird Musical Tree. They are so special. Iím so stuck on the beach grid Iím going to take it down and try something different. Ethan has some beautiful pieces, and I love that bat! I wonder what it is? I enjoy Traditional Medicinals Chamomile Lavender tea when I canít sleep on winter nights, and occasionally roast a chicken with Penzeys herbes de provence which contains lavender, among other yummy herbs.

Beth, Iím happy to hear your massage helped. I had to look up what scalenes are - oh, those pesky rascals. Great week of workouts for you.

Paine, I will share that butternut squash recipe. Itís a WW recipe so the link wonít work for non-subscribers.

Good morning to all who follow!

toaster 11-01-21 08:37 AM

Pat, thanks for starting us off!

November - :eek:

Paine 11-01-21 10:19 AM


Pat, thank you for starting our November thread! It's hard to believe that it's November already.
I bookmarked Yoga with Kassandra's Bedtime Yin Yoga because it looks like something I'd love (thank you for giving the link).

Pam, thanks for telling me how you make your air fried butternut squash, it sounds delicious! I like Penzey's spices too. I haven't tried their Northwoods seasoning but will have to get some.

I look forward to hearing about Garrie's experience with the Cathe Road trip. :)

Pat58 11-01-21 02:23 PM

Paine, here is the butternut squash stew recipe:

Moroccan Butternut Squash Stew


Twigs 11-01-21 02:26 PM

Thank you Pat for starting us off and for the verse. :)

Yesterday evening I needed to move after sitting down all afternoon, so did:
- Lee Holden Qigong for Better Balance. :love:
- Beth's Rise Up Stand Up :love:

Today's workouts:
- Bellyfit Release & Restore (20m). :love: This was a gentle cardio workout with a tribal beat.
- Neighbourhood walk
- ETV Maude All Standing class

Cyana - I loved hearing about your bird version of musical chairs. That must have been so entertaining. I sometimes put lavender into my teas but lately I'm into rose petals and hibiscus, mainly for the vitamin C content but I do like how they flavour up my white teas.

Pat - Ouch, your poor toe. I'm sending healing vibes your way. I'm :D on you hiding from the trick or treaters. I buy candy every year for Halloween but I think we've only had two times in the past 20 years when anyone has shown up. I can't believe someone would pass out dog treats! :eek: Thanks for the recipe. :-)

Paine - Did your grandsons dress up and go out trick or treating last night?

Pam - I do think we have similar weather. Apart from living in Kansas for 6 months over one summer, I realise I've only ever lived in this kind of climate. Seattle was very much like the UK.

Waves to all.

Paine 11-01-21 04:29 PM

Pat, thank you kindly for the recipe link--it looks good!

Margot, for Halloween my grandsons dressed up as the video game characters Mario and Luigi. They didn't go Trick or Treating (because of the pandemic) but their mom hid candy around the house and they had fun going on a candy hunt.

yogapam 11-02-21 01:55 AM

Hello everyone!

Thanks for starting us off Pat, love the poem. :) Your recipe looks great & I look forward to checking out your other blog posts. I hope you get some relief for your toe

Today’s workouts:
~Balletone class on zoom with a fellow Essentrics instructor. It was an interesting change of pace.
~I was feeling generally stiff today so I finished the day with some Yin on my own after a hot bath & DH working on my back & hips with the massage gun.

Waves to all!

cyana 11-02-21 06:17 AM

30 minutes of breath work
50 stability ball crunches
BFR legs - stability ball wall squats - 30 reps x 3 sets, calf raises 30 reps x 3 sets and bridge butt lifts 30 reps x 3 sets
seated twists on the stability ball (felt so good to wring out :) )

It was a long day at the desk yesterday. Keeping my fingers crossed things are going to start getting better the last half of the month.

Pat - Thanks for the recipe link - that sounds so yummy and I think I have all the ingredients. :yummy: Hope your toe is feeling better today - fingers crossed! Ethan does have some wonderful pieces - I love looking at his pictures.

Margot - I love hibiscus tea and even better if I can put it in a clear glass cup so I can see the beautiful red color while I'm drinking it. :cool: I love to make it in my clear glass teapot, which was a gift from my DS, who knows how much I love tea. :heart: And I like to mix hibiscus with ginger - really warming this time of year.

Paine - I remember when Mario and Luigi were the hottest guys on the planet - some of the earliest video game superstars! Now I have that little jingle playing in my head from their very first video game, which my nephew played constantly, LOL!

Pam - I'm jealous that DH works on your back and hips with the massage gun. I'm sure DH would do it, but he's frequently asleep before me, which is another reason I've enjoyed the massage tool with the longer handle so much. Yet another reason I need to retire (like I need much more encouraging, LOL!). ;)

Must get my day started - the to do list is already maxed out. :p

Waves to ALL! :sun:

toaster 11-02-21 07:22 AM

Quick post for me:

Margot, glad you liked my video yesterday! I should have done that one, haha.

cyana, *fingers strongly crossed for you* that things WILL get better at the end of the month.

Pam, I'm always looking for good ballet-inspired workouts - if your friend has a YouTube channel, let us know so that we can support her! :)

Happy Tuesday! :sun:

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