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JBliff 09-19-21 08:52 AM

Total Max Mixers - Week of September 19
Hi everyone. My workout yesterday was 52 minutes on the elliptical.

Waves to all. Have a good day.

karjoy 09-19-21 07:26 PM

Thanks for so faithfully starting us off JBliff. I am resting today and yesterday I ran 8 miles on the treadmill. I just could not face running outside in the brutal humidity and heat after sunrise. It was not too bad because I listened to some podcasts. And I had AC!

Cher 09-20-21 05:39 AM

Saturday I went for an hour walk and about a 25 minute bike ride in the afternoon. Yesterday no workout but I did walk around the Farmer’s Market and a car show in town. ;)

JBliff - My house is just a 3 bedroom ranch so not much place to go be alone unless I’m in my room and sitting on my bed. I just want to be able to sit in my living room and watch what I want to on tv without him sitting here flipping the tv channels all night. :p. Our temps will only be a high of 60 on Thursday and Friday! :eek: Definitely will be feeling fall here.

Waves to everyone else!

JBliff 09-20-21 07:31 AM

Hi all. My workout yesterday was Perfect 30 Upper body + UB bonus + core + extended stretch. My bonus workout was mopping all 4 levels of my house and doing 3 loads of laundry :eek:.

Karjoy - I don't blame you for not wanting to run in the heat and humidity.

Cher - Bummer you don't have somewhere to go to be by yourself. Maybe you and your DH can negotiate a time where each of you can spend some time on your own?

Have a good day, everyone.

karjoy 09-21-21 07:56 PM

Went to Burn Boot Camp tonight and we did chest, shoulders, triceps. Excellent.
I did not go really heavy because we did lots of reps. I felt good and worked out.

Guess what? Its supposed to be in the high 50s tomorrow night! I cannot wait. I am running in am and hopefully that is the last morning in the 70s for a while.

Jbliff you mopped 4 levels? Oh my goodness. Awesome work. Actually your workout sounds easy compared to that. Maybe you need a rest day. :D

Cher we have 2 levels so I can escape upstairs if I need to. :) Actually we mostly agree what to watch on TV except weekends when Ben likes to watch golf. I read then or stream Netflix on my phone or tablet.

Waves to Vannie and Gibbee.

Cher 09-22-21 05:59 AM

Weight and Bands and did Puddle Jumpers and Firewalkers and then the floor leg work. Yesterday was Jessica Smith 15 Minute Buns, Thighs and Ab Walk and LITE stacked Upper Body Back, Biceps and 1 set of Shoulders.

JBliff - Mopping s my least favorite and most dreaded household chore. Mopping 4 levels of floors sounds like quite a workout!

Karen - Our high today and tomorrow is only going to be around 55 and ALOT of rain! Yuk! It’s a little early for it to be this chilly. I think this weekend should be in the 60’s and some sun. :sun:

JBliff 09-22-21 06:35 AM

My workout Monday was Perfect 30 Low Impact Hiit + Pyramid HiiT + 20 minutes on the elliptical. Yesterday I took a rest day as DH and I had a bunch of errands that took most of the day.

Karjoy, Cher
- Mopping of 4 levels is a weekly activity, unfortunately! We have a pretty big house too. DH does all the outdoor and mechanical stuff around the house as well as all the vacuuming,and I do the laundry and inside cleaning.

We are getting rain for the next couple of days but our highs are still in the low 80s. The days are starting to get shorter though.

Waves to everyone. Have a good day.

Vantreesta 09-22-21 09:04 AM

Happy first day of fall! Best season of all, in my opinion. The leaves are changing here, more up north than here at home but I do still see some color. This morning it is 46 with a predicted high of 67. Vannie and Cyric are happy campers! :)

Yesterday's workouts: 30-Day Qi Gong challenge day 29, Kathy Smith Matrix Method Power Walk for Weight Loss Walking part 2 (for the different instructors/virgins/dustbunnies challenge), TTSL Desk Jockey WOD 5 rounds, Caroline Jordan 15-Minute Glute Activation Workout and Barefoot Strength and Stretch Exercises Workout for Your Feet, Hector Estrada Aztec Athletics -5-Minute Calf Plyometric Workout for Runners, 2.18 mi run (first run this month, how is that possible??), Helen Clare Run Better With Yoga -Best Exercises for Piriformis Syndrome, and Matt Giordano Athletic Yoga: Yoga for Runners post-run practice. Forgot to do the wobble board last night.

Yesterday I finished the front door spider web and spiders and posted a pic on TF. I also hung up witch hats that will be lit up and ghosts on the front porch. Last year the ghosts were in a tree, which looked cool, but I spent the whole month untangling them and trying to keep the from sticking to the tree. I decided to try the porch this year. Basically all of October is windy here. I'm hoping today will be calm so I can spray paint my Halloween tree. I'm also looking up how to make a crystal ball and witch broom. :D I suppose I better get some stuff crossed off my to do list today before I indulge in more decorating though!

Only two weekends left of Ren Fest! I know every month seems to fly by but I seriously do not know what happened to September. I had no idea till I logged yesterday's run that I hadn't run since August 31. I wonder if I decided to skip my October trail race bc I missed runs or if I missed runs bc I decided to skip?? Unfortunately, the running app I used this summer was not a good fit for me and I lost endurance even though I did pick up my cadence and speed. So I ditched that plan and will resume with the 10k trainer. I left off on week 7 but am going back to week 5, I think.

Okay, I better get the day started! Happy fall, y'all!

karjoy 09-22-21 08:07 PM

Vannie I am happy for fall too! Tonight it will be about 62 degrees and the next few days it will be about 80 but low humidity. LOW Humidity! It will feel awesome even if it does not last too long.

Vannie how long do your workouts generally take most days?

Cher we have a Bissell CrossWave which vacuums and mops at the same time. We have hardwood floors. And we have a Roomba vacuum too. I basically hate housework. Now that Ben is retired he does almost everything. How is Joseph doing?

Hey ladies, how are yall feeling about holiday travel? Personally I wont be traveling much though Covid seems to be slowing a bit. It still can be deadly and now we have flu season coming. Sigh.

Waves to Gibbee.

JBliff 09-23-21 12:02 PM

My workout yesterday was Lean Legs & Abs including the bonus barre segment.

Karjoy - No travel for me this holiday season, unless it's a short car trip.. I would not feel safe flying at this point.

Waves to all. Have a good day.

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