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kittybug 12-31-20 08:38 PM

Watulan Fierce Deities of 2021! All are welcome!!
This is a spin-off of the Cathe Chronological Rotation thread from here, just for history: But alas, we decided it's time for us to start a new thread to check in with, and we Watulans like new friends! All are welcome here for sharing support and motivation. Oh, and enabling. :love:

So how fierce will you be in 2021? Let's do this! :heart:

ChelePA 01-01-21 09:00 AM

Happy New Year!!! We stayed pretty quiet this year too. My daughter made an ice cream cake and we had some homemade nachos while watching Dick Clarkís Rockin NYE. We did do a drive-by birthday celebration at midnight for my nephew who turned 16. Horns, pots and pans and all. Iím sure the neighbors loved us :)

I just have to say for those who have husbands that can buy them clothes, Lucky you! Itís become a running little side joke between my daughter and I of what my husband will pick out for me every year. My husband and I have been together 23 years, but he definitely does not buy to my taste. My daughter will usually try to steer him in the right direction. Every once in a while sheíll whisper that I didnít have anything to do with this. Ha ha. I feel terrible but itís stuff I will never wear. Usually I tell him it doesnít fit right. Itís pretty funny because I seriously dress so basic. Tees, sweatshirts, leggings, jeans, etc. and mostly from Target or Walmart. Occasionally Kohlís or Amazon. Itís the thought that counts.:heart:

As for workouts, the end of the year was pretty light. I had several doctors appointments. Not to get into too many details but I was having some symptoms that were concerning. Thankfully my colonoscopy came back negative. I also caught up on my other yearly appointments with my gyn and thyroid doctors. Fun stuff, but glad itís done.

I did finish the year with Yvette Bachmanís Holiday Hiit Workout. This time I mixed things up and did it on my mini trampoline.

I may join others with Viper if thatís the Fun Friday workout. It would be a good start to the new year. I can do a longer workout today since my family is off to entertain Winston.

Good for those who do not have a dread factor with CCC. I find that one tough stuff!

Any resolutions? I need to get back to healthy choices. Iím usually pretty good but not since COVID. Definitely stress eating. My main goal for this year is more mindfulness. I will probably download an app to get started. Recommendations???

Looking forward to 2021 with you ladies. You are all very inspirational!

fanofladyvols 01-01-21 12:02 PM

kittybug Thanks for the new thread! I hope even more folks decide that they wanna join in :)

ChelePA I am happy to read you are ok. Good to see you! As far as resolutions, I don't do them! Instead I do a word for the year that helps me guide my goals, habits and lifestyle. This year my word is Resilience. If you wanted to adopt one, I'd suggest mindfulness...from your own post ;)

Started the year low key but fun! JS total stretch deep stretch and Beach pilates plus tai chi with Carol; then JS high energy walk. Thanks Kim for my workout today :D

Happy New Year Morning to all!!

ETA: love the word choices kittybug and manley. Manley, you should add yours to your sig like me and kittybug so you won't forget! :D

kittybug 01-01-21 12:22 PM

Yay, Happy New Year!!

ChelePA, also glad to see you and know all is well!!

FOLV, I love your word of the year concept!! I choose 'tenacity' and am going to update my signature with that. Thanks for the awesome suggestion!!

I'll be coming back later today after completing Mess 2 Week 4 Back and Biceps for my cowbells with FN2!! :sun::love:

Mickey12 01-01-21 01:02 PM

Glad you see everyone in our new location. :)

ChelePA that drive-by midnight birthday celebration sounds crazy. You're right, the neighbors may have been cursing you! Hopefully everyone was up anyway given it was New Year's Eve. I'm very glad to hear your colonoscopy was ok. I hope your symptoms resolve too. I'm not sure what you're dealing with but several years ago I had some issues that lasted for almost a year although my colonoscopy and all other tests were negative. It was a relief to know my tests were negative, but I just had to adjust my lifestyle to deal with the symptoms. It was a pain in the butt (hahaha, no pun intended) but gradually it went away on its own.

My workout for today was Charlene Prickett A Firm Commitment. It's moderate weight work and it's an oldie but goodie from 1991. I'm currently doing a project of dubbing some Charlene Prickett VHS to DVD for another VFer so I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone and actually do some of the workouts as they record to DVD. :music:

I don't do resolutions either but I generally think more about my food choices as I typically overindulge during the holidays and start to feel guilty and gross. :(

Have a great day everyone!

bee 01-01-21 01:20 PM

Happy New Year, Watulans!!

Chele, I agree.... your evening sounded very fun and festive (given lockdown). That's funny about your husband's gift choices and your daughter. And I'm glad to know you had negative test results at the doctor! Hope you are feeling better.

I also don't really do resolutions. We have an "accomplishments jar" in our family -- started when the boys were little. It's a big jar and all year long whenever anyone accomplishes something (easier to fill that jar with young kids!) we put it on a post it in the jar. On New Year's Day we read them aloud and then I put them in an envelope for that person with the year written on the envelope. Those envelopes came in handy when they were doing college apps. At any rate, we keep up the tradition, but certainly in 2020 it's a light jar. I have a 2020 calendar I thought we could burn as part of the reading of the jar. A symbolic ending to 2020.

That said, I tend to clean up my eating at the start of every year -- mostly because I'm really done with over indulging. I'm definitely game to get back on that train today.

For my Fun Friday I did Step Blast -- I think this is my all time favorite Cathe cardio. It was my first step workout so it's got a special place in my heart.

Kittybug, thanks for a great start to our new check in location!! Waves to all.

manleym 01-01-21 04:05 PM

Happy New Year All!

As expected, we were in bed by 10:00 last night. I had been dozing on the couch for at least 30 minutes or longer, as usual. :D

Kim funny about your 2nd breakfast! There are SO MANY good sayings from the LOTR trilogy! It is so classic and timeless. I typically don't like that type of movie (sci-fi?) but I LOVE all 3 movies. There is just so much symbolism in them. I think that's why I like them so much.

ChelePA hilarious about your husband's attempt to buy you clothes and your daughter wanting nothing to do with it! Hubby buys me clothes, usually for Christmas. Sometimes he gets it right, sometimes he doesn't. This year he didn't, so it was returned. And the "it doesn't fit" is a great reason. I'm glad everything is ok with your health. Years ago I had some major digestive issues and remember the struggle and how hard it all was. But I'm through it all and back to full health. I really think perimenopause triggered alot of my digestive issues. I hope you get all of this behind you soon and I'm glad there weren't issues. Sounds like ya'll had a fun NYE. :)

FOLV I've heard of others choosing a word for the year, like you. I think it's a great idea, and think I may have tried it once, but forgot the word! I've never made New Year's Resolutions either. I love your idea and think I'll choose Faithful for 2021. That was the first word that came to mind. I hope I can remember it. ETA: I'm already changing my word. I'm choosing Steadfast as my word for 2021.

KB thanks for getting us started over here. I think "tenacity" is the PERFECT word for you this year! You are tenacious and don't give up easily. :)

Bee I love your family's "accomplishments jar". That is a great idea! Love that it's a tradition started when your boys were young and ya'll are still doing it. What a great way to remember and reflect on the previous year (except 2020). I bet your boys will continue the tradition when they start their families. :)

This is the only year I can remember NOT overindulging during the holidays. I'm usually trying to detox this time of year, but since we didn't see family or friends during the holidays, and there were no company parties, I was able to pretty much stick with my eating lifestyle. Not feeling nearly as gross as previous years.

To start the New Year, I chose a Cathe. Partly because I've done Cathe all week, and partly is I usually choose a Cathe on New Year's Day. Last year it was the cardio premix from 4 Day Split.

Today I did Cathe's Viper, followed by Cathe's Total Body Stretching working 1. Then I remembered that Tracie has a great 15 minute mobility section at the beginning of Signature Series 1, so I did that as well.

Ok - The Viper - is was a TOUGH, GREAT workout! It seemed harder than The Gauntlet. Is is just me or is it harder? Maybe I was tired? I have to say I LOVE the Gauntlet and Viper! :love: I haven't done IMax Extreme yet, but these two are great! Thanks Bee (and others who've done them and posted) for motivating me to tear off the shrinkwrap and do them!

Oh, and a funny. Hubby is watching a move (a Marvel, I think) and I just heard the "Pina Colada" song. I just turned to him and said, "That was on the Cathe workout I did this morning!" The Marvel he's watching has some GREAT 80's music so I'm loving listening to it. :love:

I hope everyone is having a good day. We're about to start watching some college football playoff games. Hubby's team was beaten BADLY (embarrassingly) the other night, losing their bowl game. We really like watching college playoff games (football, basketball, etc.) Hoping for some good games today.

Hugs and waves to all! :heart:

horusosiris 01-01-21 06:58 PM

Here is to a healthy, joyful, prosperous year for planet earth and all of her inhabitants.

Kitty- Thanks for moving the group to the check in forum.

My resolution each new year is to make no resolutions.

My workout today was CL 203-Lower Body Confusion and BB Transform 20 Faster- phase 3. I will do the Viper tomorrow. I wasn't sure I had the energy for The Viper today since we stayed up until the early hours of the morning watching TV episodes and having our zoom new year bash.

Chel- I am glad that all is well. The drive by birthday was so thoughtful. I hope your nephew was surprised.

Bee- I love you family tradition of the accomplishment jar. How did it come into being?

Manley and Mickey - all of my family members love The Lord of the Rings. I read all of the books and have seen all of the movies. I have had a friendship group for 30 years and we call ourselves The Fellowship of the Ring. Much like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, we have a large group of rings that we periodically exchange with one another.

Mickey12 01-01-21 08:58 PM

Bee I love your accomplishment jar idea! Wow, that's so cool!! :D

And Horusosirus your friend group with the exchange of rings is just amazing! OMG!! The things you do simply amaze me!! :love: I wish I had a tenth of the creativity and inventiveness you have! :heart:

Ok guys, maybe, just maybe I will try The Viper tomorrow. I know I chickened out of The Gauntlet a few weeks ago so I guess I better suck it up and just do it.

kittybug 01-01-21 10:25 PM

Quick check-in, Watulans, as dinner is a cookin' but I'm LOVING all of your posts, your traditions, your holiday celebrations, and your workouts!! So much good stuff here!

Today was the FINAL Mess 2 workout, Week 4 Back and Biceps, WOOHOOO!!!! Now we get a much-needed recovery week! I also joined Bee because that did sound fun and I did a shorter Step Blast premix, one that did combo 2, combo 3, and the challenge, so not much shorter but a tad. I was short on time today!

I totally wanna join you all on the Viper this weekend but nope, just can't lift anything over 8 pounds, I really can't, not until STS is over! Enjoy it for me, would you? I LOVE the Terminator DVD!

Okay, gotta run but will catch up with each of you more tomorrow. Happy 2021, and stay FIERCE!!

cataddict 01-02-21 12:42 AM

Happy New Year, Watulans!

I had an off day yesterday so I did some walking for the final day of 2020. I was feeling a bit down, maybe thinking about the losses I've had in 2020. Today I feel better, and I'm determined to look forward and be positive about a fresh new year. So today was the completion of Mess 2 Week 4 Back and Biceps and it's done so WOO HOO Cowbells for us, FN1!! I am looking forward to a recovery week.

manley, for me, the Viper is easier than the Gauntlet, but not so easy that I did it today after STS! Nope!

FN1, I might be up for doing Imax Extreme this weekend, since like you I am not going to lift much other than STS. I still have to catch up and do Amy's BB 3 as well and I know you've done that one already. And I'm still loving the exploration of Cathe Live.

horusosiris, your New Year's Eve sounds like so much fun! And I love your friend group with the rings. I love Tolkien's books and have also seen all the movies. Have you also read The Silmarillion?

bee, yes definitely burn the 2020 calendar!

Kim, you can handle the Viper. You can handle a lot more than you give yourself credit for doing. :sun:

Chele, re husbands and clothing choices. Sometimes I don't think DH even looks at how I dress, since the few times he has bought me clothing he has gotten me something that is nothing like my style at all. :p Yes, it's the thought that counts, but he does want to please me as I do him, so after a number of years we pretty much pick out something that the other has already chosen. It spoils any surprise, but at least there's no awkwardness trying to pretend to really like something that I wouldn't buy for myself in a million years! I am truly in awe of Mr. FN1 that he can not only pick out something that is wanted, but also the correct size!

Waving to Nathalie, KateTT, FOLV, and any lurkers who may be thinking about joining us! Please do!

Garrie A. 01-02-21 09:22 AM

Ok, I have to admit. :p I've been lurking on the original thread for MONTHS, and last night I thought "Why not finally join?"

My name is Garrie, male (so I'm a Watulan God :D), 24. I'm also a member of the Barefoot check-in. I enjoy a wide variety of workouts--but my two absolute favorites are weight training and step aerobics (complex choreography). My favorite trainer is Cathe, although I enjoy many others as well. I consider myself an intermediate/advanced exerciser.

This week I completed my second round of STS (You're almost there, Cataddict and Kittybug! :sun:), and looking forward to revisiting my favorite workouts and some new-to-me ones. I am definitely planning a third round later this year because I love it so much.

My family doesn't do any special New Year celebrations.

ChelePA: Glad you are doing well! I don't make resolutions. Instead, I try to set a few goals each year. On the workout front, my goals are to be able to do 2-3 unassisted pull-ups, and focus more on flexibility and mobility. And I need to tighten up the dreaded (D-word), too. BUTT ice cream cake sounds yummy!

Kim: I haven't done a Charlene workout in a long time. Two years ago a VFer gifted me a bunch of Charlene workouts. While I prefer more complex choreography, I still enjoyed (most but not all of) them and really like Charlene's personality. My favorite was Low Impact, High Intensity.

Bee: Step Blast is my all time favorite Cathe step workout, too! Rhythmic Step and PRS1 are a close second.

Linda: I need to choose a word for 2021. Haven't decided yet.

Horusosiris: I haven't taken the plunge yet on Cathe Live. Right now I'm quite content with my DVDs and doing Live workouts now seems overwhelming to me. Butt that's just me, of course!

Garrie A. 01-02-21 09:25 AM

Before I go (for now--will be back later), here has been my week of workouts so far.

STS Mesocycle 3, Disc 34 (Chest & Back)

Unplanned rest day for me but I TAUGHT a step class

STS Mesocycle 3, Disc 40 (Squat Rack Legs)
Xtrain 100 Rep Hip Thrust Challenge (gotta give the glutes some extra love)

TAUGHT Cardio class
Marcus Irwin's Step Pro (gift from my Secret Santa; I absolutely :love:d it! I had to chapter back and do the final product two more times because I was having so much fun.)

TAUGHT TNT class (did lower body with a glute focus, mix of standing and mat work)
STS Mesocycle 3, Disc 36 (Shoulders, Biceps & Triceps; Round 2 complete! :music:)

Cathe's Great Glutes (Did the Extreme premix, which adds the bonus chair section into the main workout)

I'll be back later with my choice today. Waves all around!

Mickey12 01-02-21 09:54 AM

Yeah!! Garrie is becoming a Watulan!! :D:sun::music: Have you lurked long enough to know how the Watulan name came about? One thing you didnít mention is whether you have any pets. Many, but not all of us, are fierce cat lovers here. Cataddictís sweet, passed away, Watula is our namesake and her current avatar.

Also, let me know when you get the Rebecca Small DVDs I mailed you. :heart:

I am gearing up for the Viper later on. Iíll post my results when Iím done.

Garrie A. 01-02-21 09:58 AM


Originally Posted by Mickey12 (Post 2905339)
Yeah!! Garrie is becoming a Watulan!! :D:sun::music: Have you lurked long enough to know how the Watulan name came about? One thing you didnít mention is whether you have any pets. Many, but not all of us, are fierce cat lovers here. Cataddictís sweet, passed away, Watula is our namesake and her current avatar.

Also, let me know when you get the Rebecca Small DVDs I mailed you. :heart:

I am gearing up for the Viper later on. Iíll post my results when Iím done.

Yes, I remembered when that happened. :( :( I don't have any pets, but I love cats. My SO has a beautiful furry snow white cat named Pearl.

cataddict 01-02-21 12:15 PM

Just wanted to pop in and say WELCOME to Garrie! The checkin name should be changed to Watulan Fierce Deities to cover all bases! I've read your posts in the forum so I know you will fit right in.

Garrie, congratulations on finishing STS! I'm looking forward to finishing it. It's really been a challenge for me as I'm going all out. I can definitely see strength and muscle gains, and know for sure I'm stronger than I was the first time around.

Oh, I'm a Rebecca Small fan too. I've only done the one she has on You Tube, but I like her style. Are you familiar with Marcus Irwin? I have several of his DVDs and like him a lot.

I'll be back later once I decide what I'm going to do today!

Waves to all!

kittybug 01-02-21 12:44 PM

GARRIE!!! WELCOME!! I'm so beyond thrilled you've joined us AND impressed with your STS accomplishment!! I've seen your posts for ages on the forum and agree with FN2 (Cataddict), you fit right in!! :love:

I just had to jump in here really quick to welcome Garrie...will be back later to post more. Gonna check and see if I can change the thread name to Deities, hah hah hah....Enjoy your Saturday, Watulans!!

fanofladyvols 01-02-21 12:47 PM

Garrie Welcome! If you've been lurking, you also must be willing to accept the serious doses of enabling that unashamedly occur here... consider yourself warned!! As far as the word, I think when they're closely tied to your goals, those are the best.

Kim..your challenge is ACCEPTED! see my new signature line

Cough harrumph. bluster...
"Announcing one swing per week per Messer!" (lots of core bracing here)
(Now hinging and SAFELY swinging my orange and white cowbells)
gadankedy... Gank... GADANKEDY!!!
I promise they sound this way with the kbell swing :p...Ask Minnie who can still hear hiding from the auditory onslaught :cool:

Garrie A. 01-02-21 01:34 PM

Thanks y'all for the warm welcome!

My Saturday workout was Michelle Dozois BodyFit 360 Volume 2 (Dance Conditioning). This isn't a workout I normally pull out, but it was what my body was craving today and I'm glad I did. It was fun.

Cataddict: Yes! I have several Marcus and Rebecca DVDs. So far I've only done two of Marcus's workouts (4x4 and Step Pro, both gifted to me by my Secret Santa). 4x4 was ok, but the breakdown was too slow for my taste and I was a little bored. Step Pro, however, was awesome. Not an intense workout by any stretch, but so much fun. And I love his personality and Aussie accent!

Kittybug: I see you changed the thread title!

Linda: You crack me up with the cowbells! And like most, I'm easily enabled.

Re my STS results, I've noticed strength and muscle gains with both rounds, although moreso the second time around. Mom finally noticed that I've put on muscle this second round. For the first round I did 1RM testing, which helped a lot, but this time I just upped my weights from the previous round. Since I now own a pair of squat rack stands, I did the squat rack DVDs for the final "Mess" this time, and as such did 1RM testing for that.

bee 01-02-21 03:09 PM

Hello Fierce Watulan Deities! And welcome Garrie! I will echo everyone's sentiment that I've read your posts and you'll fit in just fine (even if you don't have any pets ;)).

Linda, you are so funny with your bells -- cow and kettle!! Moo!! :D

horusosiris, I love the ring friendship exchange idea -- how cool!!

Today was truly a Surprise Saturday for me! I decided to use Mary's list of sale items, scroll it in some random way and then point to a workout to choose my workout this morning. Coincidentally I landed on Linda W's Barre Bell Hiit, which I had set aside to do sometime soon anyway after all of our Linda's talk about kettlebells. So I did the lower body one -- I liked it. 50s of work and no repeats (except for those that needed the other side of the body worked). A combination of kettlebell and barre-type moves -- alternating that is -- not at the same time combo. Followed by Perfect 30's extended stretch because there was no stretch on the workout.

That reminds me that yesterday I forgot to tell you guys I followed Step Blast with Hot House yoga. Oh my gosh it was fast paced and my triceps were so sore from High Step Challenge that I really struggled with some of those vinyasas. At one point he says something like "this is not *fast* yoga.... this is rapid" and I'm thinking (what is the bloody difference?!). :) Glad to see I have friends in the Step Blast fan camp -- not surprising!!

It's a rainy foggy day here -- I love it! This is my favorite weather. I was going to take our tree down but hubby says "I like it" -- this is the first year he's ever expressed any sentimentality for Christmas! -- so, the tree stays up a few more days I guess.

I feel like I have seen both Rebecca Small and Marcus Irwin on youtube but I'm making a mental note to check them again.

Stay fierce, friends!!

lavna 01-02-21 04:27 PM

Hello Watulans and welcome Garrie!

Wow! This thread is busy already!!!!

Chele: I'm so happy that you got good news from your doctors. As for an app for mindfulness, I like Insight timer. There are a lot of choices!

FN1 and FN2: Congrats on Mess 2. :music: You derserve your rest week!

Today and yesterday have been rest days. On Thursday, I did Live 239 LB barre and weights. I like that one. I've done it twice and I think that all that barre is good for my back. I've also been rather consistent with my stretching.

Waves to all!

Mickey12 01-02-21 06:21 PM

Linda you had me laughing as usual with your post! I fear the thought of purging, but I just recently sent Garrie two DVDs. I figured he would get more use out of them than I would since he's an instructor and Rebecca Small workouts are geared towards other teachers. But I felt sort of guilty saying I hate purging right after I just sent him two.:o

So Watulans, the Viper is DONE!!!! I can't believe I actually did the entire thing! :D It's an hour and 20 minutes and it really flew by. By the time I was getting tired from the cardio sections, the weight section came along to mix things up. I didn't go crazy heavy on the weights and I modified some of the Imax intervals, but I modified a lot less than I thought I would. :) Very happy about that. Thanks Bee (I think it was you) for mentioning this one.

Lavna I hope your back is feeling better soon. :heart

Have a great night everyone.

manleym 01-02-21 06:48 PM

Hi All Fierce Friends!

Hope you are all doing well today! Welcome Garrie! You'll LOVE this group! :love:

Kim CONGRATS on doing ALL of Viper! YAY YOU!! We all knew you could do it! :D

Bee I think I have Linda's Barre Bell HiiT. I was on a Linda kick at one point, buying her downloads for 70 cents. I believe that is one I bought. And Step Blast is one of my all time favorite Cathe step workouts. Everything about it just works and I'm always smiling afterwards. Great workout choice!

Cataddict and Kittybug congratulations on another week of STS behind ya'll. You gals are AMAZING! Hang in there! You're almost to the finish line! It's coming friends! What day are ya'll thinking about doing IMax Extreme? I might join ya'll.

Cataddict I'm going to have to do Viper again, but at the beginning of the week instead of the end. The combos didn't seem harder than Gauntlet, but for some reason I was more tired. Maybe just an off day. And I'm glad you're feeling better. You were hit hard last year. Hugs to you friend. :heart:

Today's workout was Cathe Live Rock It Sock It #82, followed by 10 Minute Stretch Routine (no equipment) with Kit Rich on YouTube. I REALLY like the stretch if you're looking for something quick. Rock It Sock It was a great cardio workout. I would recommend it and would do it again.

Have a great evening everyone! :heart:

horusosiris 01-02-21 07:33 PM

Hello Fierce Watulan Deities!

Manley and Cataddict- I did The Viper today. I have not done this workout in quite a while but it does seem so much easier than it did when I first attempted it. I could not find my terminator DVD and I spend 30 minutes looking for it, so I did The Viper from Cathe on Demand. I think that I must have misfiled it in another binder. Cathe’s workouts have their own binder.

– Welcome! I often read your posts on the GD and I am so happy that you have joined us. You will be a great asset to the group. Congrats on completing your second round of STS and if you do a third round later this year, I may join you for my fourth round. I like both leg workouts in STS – Plyo Legs and Squat RACK LEGS. Sometimes I mix the two workouts and create my own leg workout. I too love complex step choreography.

Lavna - I like Lower Body Barre and Weights too!

Cataddict – Keep your head up. I am glad that you are feeling better. That 2021 will be better for everyone is my hope and prayer. I have not read The Silmarillon. I think my hesitancy is that Tolkien never completed the work but his son compiled and edited his father’s notes. I wonder how true to Tolkien’s vision the edited work would be? I would love a movie but the Tolkien estate has not sold the movie rights to anyone, so I guess that I wish will not be coming true. I would be more accepting of a movie because I expect a moderate degree of poetic film license.

Bee- You can keep your Xmas tree up all year! If the spirit of Xmas was exhibited all throughout the year, that would be marvelous. So, you love rainy weather? I love rainy days to cuddle up with a great cup of tea and a good book. I have been so engrossed in my academic career readings, that I do not get to read fiction as often as I would like. I told my family about your family’s accomplishment jar and they all thought it was such a good idea.

Chel the negative result was such good news!

Mickey- I do exactly the same thing at the holiday time- overindulge! I allow myself to do this but I am usually back on track in January. Thanks for the complement but creativity is not one of my strong suits, however much I wish for it.

Manelym- We joined you in watching College football.

Lavna – was that you who said that The Lord of the Rings trilogy is timeless and full of memorable quotes? I so agree.

cataddict 01-03-21 01:05 AM

Hi Watulans!

Today I did the Perfect 30 HiiT workouts--High Impact, followed by Low Impact, followed by the Pyramid Bonus Hiit. Good stuff when put together! I then pulled out the Stretch Max DVD and did the No Equipment stretch. I really needed that, as I've been somewhat neglectful of my intention to focus more on stretching/mobility/flexibility.

horusosiris, I understand you hesitating to read The Silmarillion since it wasn't all J.R.R. Tolkien and I had the same qualms but decided that the core of the book would still be his. I think it's worth reading.

Kim, didn't I say you could do the Viper? You are a Fierce Watulan Deity, after all!!! :sun:

Garrie, you most certainly can count your teaching as a workout! You definitely have a busy schedule! Great that you could change it up this time with STS since you have a squat rack to do the optional workout. I don't have one and I don't have a weighted vest that's adjustable so I'm planning to stay with Option 1. I didn't do the 1RM again either, and like you I just went heavier than I did the first time. I do think it was helpful in giving me an idea as to how much weight to use.

Nathalie, glad you are healing and being sensible about it.

manley, I'm going to try more of the kickboxing Live workouts this week, so thanks for the rec on #82. I had been avoiding them since they tend to be shoulder intensive and I'm not really looking to add more shoulder work in the middle of STS but since I'm now "recovering" I can do a few of them. I've decided to table Imax Extreme since I've somehow tweaked my knee and step isn't the best cardio to do with a sensitive knee. Hopefully it will be okay in the next day or so and I may decide to put IE back on the table!

bee, I also like the rain. We need rain, and I grew up in an area that was rainy and as a result was very green and beautifully fertile. It annoys me to no end when one of the weather twits on our local station makes negative comments about rainy days as if her opinion is relevant to the forecast. LOL I'm a crotchety ol' thing! :p

Linda, THANKS for our Cowbell Celebration of the Completion of Mess 2!! I can't imagine what you will do when we finish the whole thing!!!

FN1, can you believe we are 2/3 through STS? Do you have a squat rack? As I mentioned above, I don't have one so I won't be doing that option.

Chele, glad the test was negative. It's always scary waiting for results.

Waves to all!

ChelePA 01-03-21 08:41 AM

Loving all the posts...busy, busy! Welcome Garrie!!!

I am so glad that you ladies chose The Terminator DVD for the Fun Friday workouts. Loving this choice! I think we should do Imax Extreme this week...thoughts?

My rebounder has been an awesome gift. Definitely nice to mix things up especially since I like cardio and was taking it somewhat easier these days with my plantar fasciitis. I have been using Naomi Joy's Youtube workouts. Really enjoying them! I didn't realize how sore my thighs were until The Viper. My legs were really feeling it.

Those doing STS are rocking it. So impressed!!!

Garrie-I am also a big fan of step!!! Have you tried Kat Gates-Buettner on Youtube? Love her music and routines! She does basic as well as advanced choreography.

Lavna-thanks for the app recommendation. Hope you are feeling well!

Love the accomplishment jar! And also NYE movie nights plus the ring idea with friends. You ladies always give me food for thought. One year we chose a family goal of discussing nightly at dinner the book Wonder 365 days of quotes and what each quote meant to us.

I can't believe the holidays are over. I am going to miss all the quality time with my husband and daughter. Winston will be in shock. He gets so much attention these days. Back to reality tomorrow.

We are expecting some ice and snow today. Hoping more snow than ice but most likely not. Have a great Sunday!

Pat58 01-03-21 08:54 AM

Knock knock, hello!

Curious mind here - what is a Watulan? :confused:

Paine 01-03-21 09:47 AM


Originally Posted by Pat58 (Post 2905650)

Curious mind here - what is a Watulan? :confused:

I have the same question! :)

Garrie A. 01-03-21 09:48 AM

A Watulan is named after Watula, one of Cataddict's cats. She passed away last year, and the "Watulan" name was born in memory of her. :sun:

Paine 01-03-21 10:33 AM


Originally Posted by Garrie A. (Post 2905666)
A Watulan is named after Watula, one of Cataddict's cats. She passed away last year, and the "Watulan" name was born in memory of her. :sun:

Thanks Garrie! Sorry to hear about Watula passing.

Mickey12 01-03-21 10:49 AM


Originally Posted by Pat58 (Post 2905650)
Knock knock, hello!

Curious mind here - what is a Watulan? :confused:

You guys crack me up! Watulan indeed!! I love this group and laugh at our name all the time. Itís so silly and so beloved (at least to me). Yes, Watula was the name of one of Cataddictís cats and her current avatar. Sadly Watula is no longer with us, but her name lives on with us. Remember when we had our imaginary band, The Fierce Watulans?! I still chuckle when I think of that. :D:love: isnít that when Linda started using her cowbell?!? :p:love:

Pat58 01-03-21 12:38 PM

Thanks!! RIP Watula.

kittybug 01-03-21 01:02 PM

Happy Sunday, Watulans!! UG, I have the impending sense of doom/down-ness again and I'm trying to fight it off but having a hard time! :(

Show of hands, who here wishes they could take one of Garrie's classes (waves hands wildly over here)?? :D I bet they rock!

FOLV, thank you for the awesome bells performance!!! I can't wait until we finish STS just for another one! You rock! And also thank you for alerting me to Kim's NO PURGE mantra, hah!!

Kim, I agree that you are way more fierce than you give yourself credit for! I'm not at all surprised you enjoyed The Viper. Of course you did!

Bee, you leave that tree up as long as you want! I'm trying to decide on a Slogging Sunday workout. I am leaning towards Cardio Fusion on a 6-inch step this time. Of course, To The Max and Crossfire are still staring at me from the shelf. Shhhh....stop staring at me!!

Cataddict, ChelePA, and Manleym, I would totally join you for Imax Extreme this week! Cataddict, let us know when your knee is up to it...and take care of that knee! I'm also sorry to hear you felt down. I feel like all I ever hear is bad news and sometimes it's just TOO MUCH.

FN2, nope, no squat rack for me, so it's going to be Plyo Legs which I've wanted to try for eons anyway. What other workouts are you thinking of doing for our recovery week?

And Manleym, that totally happens to me too where beginning of the week vs end of the week can really make a difference in how hard a workout feels. It can be night or day sometimes, I swear!! :eek:

Nathalie, that Live was on my 'to try' list too before I cancelled Live. Glad to know it's a good one! I'll also have to check out that app.

ChelePA, I'm also kind of dreading returning to 'business as usual' UG. Poor Winston!! I hope he adjusts well to having less attention over the day.

Horusosiris, I beg to differ on your creativity. I'm with Kim, the things you do and come up with simply amaze me! You don't give yourself enough credit! Creativity takes on a lot of different forms and you certainly have it!

Pat58 and Paine, join us!! And OMG, yes, Kim, The Fierce Watulans!! So many things about this group over the last year make me giggle!!

Wow, this thread is already busy and I hope I didn't miss anybody. Waves and hugs all the way around....stay fierce, Watulans!! :sun:

bee 01-03-21 01:04 PM

Good morning! Yes, Kim, I believe that was when Linda started using her cowbell. :D

Wow, 2/3 the way through STS..... you FN gals rock! I know I definitely did real recovery weeks when I went through STS. Couldn't think about doing much.

I'm glad people enjoyed the Viper -- I think it's funny that it was a "slog" workout for me but "fun" workout for others! :o I'm definitely up for doing IMAX extreme for this Friday if that's what people want to do.

I forgot to tell you guys the funniest (most embarrassing?) part of my workout yesterday..... I had put on legging capris with jeans over them to do an early run to the grocery store. When I got home it was just so darn cold (I always say I'm a heat wimp but I'm starting to think I'm a weather wimp) that I started my workout with my jeans still on and I never really warmed up enough to change that. Kind of crazy. Today was another matter..... for Slogging Sunday I picked..... drumroll please...... To The Max!! kittybug, you can do this! Here's how I modified: I never added more risers and I paused between major sections, but.... I did the whole thing! That's a first ever, and right now I feel like it can be a last, but I know some day I will want to see if I can do it again. Crossfire will have to wait a bit.... it looked too scary in the preview. :o Oh, and how did I miss that you were a dancer? Professionally? I want to hear more!!

After To the Max I thought I wanted some yin yoga so I pulled out Emily Clare's Gratitude that I have loved in the past! This morning I wasn't feeling the love.... I was later so the chickens were all in laying mode. They get very loud when they lay, so here I am trying to be zen and grateful with squawk squawk squawk in the background. I did get through it but it wasn't what I was hoping for.

Hope everyone has a nice day. The world is full of sad news and it just keeps pummeling us. Let's try to keep our heads up. xox

bee 01-03-21 01:12 PM

Oh, I meant to tell those of you who are picking a word of the year.... yesterday I saw an ad for jewelry -- there was a necklace and maybe a bracelet -- that has a circle with a word engraved on it. Seemed like a neat way to make sure you're motivated if you're into that sort of thing.

Also heard on the Happier podcast that sometimes people choose a color of the year to help keep them focused on something that color stands for (red for love, purple for tranquility, green for nature, etc. or whatever you choose) and that can be used to help deal with decision fatigue -- pick that color for anything and everything. I may not be doing the idea justice but if I've piqued your curiosity you can check out Gretchen Rubin's podcast.

ChelePA 01-03-21 02:48 PM


Originally Posted by bee (Post 2905761)
Oh, I meant to tell those of you who are picking a word of the year.... yesterday I saw an ad for jewelry -- there was a necklace and maybe a bracelet -- that has a circle with a word engraved on it. Seemed like a neat way to make sure you're motivated if you're into that sort of thing.

Also heard on the Happier podcast that sometimes people choose a color of the year to help keep them focused on something that color stands for (red for love, purple for tranquility, green for nature, etc. or whatever you choose) and that can be used to help deal with decision fatigue -- pick that color for anything and everything. I may not be doing the idea justice but if I've piqued your curiosity you can check out Gretchen Rubin's podcast.

Just wanted to say I love that podcast! If anyone is looking for more cheerful motivational podcastsó This is the one. Itís called the Happier podcast with Gretchen Rubin.

lavna 01-03-21 04:05 PM

Hello everyone!

Today was a TB workout so I combined Live 323 Legs express moderate weights + Live 234 Strong express UB. I also went for a walk. I got another legs workout too because it snowed yesterday and walking in that snow was a calf and hamstring workout!

kittybug: I'm with you on the feeling of doom. The number of Covid cases are increasing here and the health system is stretched to its limits. It very probable that soon, they won't be able to treat everyone with the consequences that come with that. Also, my dad had an MRI before Christmas and his doctor wants to see him next week. That's usually not good news. I'm afraid that with the hospitals loaded, his access to the investigations/treatments needed will be delayed. He's in general good health but he's 82...

My back is much better. I think that stretching everyday helps. I try to do it first thing in the morning. I'm at my stiffest (!) but I think it helps for the rest of the day.

bee: Love your jeans story! :D

horusosiris: I wasn't the one who commented on Lord of the rings. I wonder who did?

cataddict: Take care of your knee. Good for you for doing all the Perfect30 cardio workouts anyway!

Waves to all! Have a great Sunday!

manleym 01-03-21 06:05 PM

Hi Watulan Friends!

Horusosiris weren't those playoff games something? Bama/Notre Dame - no surprise there, but the Clemson/Ohio State game! :eek: Ohio State SHOWED UP! That was a GREAT game! The championship game could be interesting. Or could be another Bama blowout. It will be interesting to see how Ohio State holds up to Bama.

Horusosiris and Cataddict, hubby started reading The Silmarillion years ago but found it kinda boring. From what he said, it's more of the notes/background of how Tolkien came up with LOTR, compiled by his son. Like ya'll, we have all of the books, movies, and even some audio books - from the Hobbits to the trilogy. Love all of them.

Nathalie I may have been the one who made the comments about Lord of the Rings since we were watching it. I share the same faith beliefs as Tolkien and Lewis so for me their books are rich with symbolism representing that faith. Please keep us posted on your dad. We will be praying for the both of you. I know the waiting and not knowing is so hard. I well remember that with both of my parents. Hugs to you!

Cataddict I think I did the same Perfect 30 combo as you and really liked it. Was it a premix? Can't remember, but I do remember doing it and really liking that combo. May have to revisit it next week. And hope your knee heals soon. Sorry to hear you tweaked it. :( Take good care of yourself.

Bee love your jeans story! That sounds like something I would do! And like you, I'm a weather wimp too. I HATE being cold but don't like really hot either. But I'm a sun girl. I need the sun to be shinin'! :sun: We had two days of gray, rainy, cold days and I was so glad to see the sun again.
Congrats on doing To the Max! If you can do that, you would have no problem with Crossfire. You can do it! And yes, Kittybug could FLY through TTM! :music:

Cataddict, ChelePA, and Kittybug I'm in for IE for Fun Friday! Wanna join us, Bee? You gave us the idea for doing Terminator, for which I am thankful. :D

Agree with all regarding the need for stretching, flexibility, and mobility. I have REALLY noticed a difference since I've added more of it to my workouts.

I found a copy of Cathe's High Step Training on Amazon for less than $10. Is it worth having or does she have just as good, if not better, circuit workouts? Either dvd or Live?

Hugs and waves to all! :heart:

kittybug 01-03-21 06:36 PM

Popping in here really quick...Manleym, GET HIGH STEP TRAINING. OMG. I LOVE that one! And were you talking about C. S. Lewis? I adore his work so, so much.

Nathalie, I'm sorry you're feeling the stress to. I've had a really bad day today, just could NOT shake this feeling of doom. :(

I put in Cardio Fusion today, intending to do it on just 6 inches, then got a wild hair because of the over-nervous feeling I had and did it as designed, 8 inches down to 6, no mods, no extra breaks, no nothing, and I DID IT! :eek: I was soaking wet, needless to say. Then after that, my husband and I went for a long walk around the neighborhood because it's actually kinda nice out today for this time of year. I think I've burned out a lot of the adrenaline that's been coursing through my veins for no good reason, hah! Or so I hope.

Bee, your jeans story, hah hah hah!!!! :D Thank you for sharing that, it cheered me up!

Okay, so Imax Extreme on Friday, yay!

And I so need to get back to adding in more yoga and stretching. I stretch for a long time after each workout just on my own but lately, it's not enough. :o

horusosiris 01-03-21 06:43 PM

This group is truly a ray of sunshine in my days.

Come one! Come ALL!
to the very first practice session of the Fierce Watulan Deities ensemble. I am still waiting for our Fierce Watulan ensemble to get started. Let’s not put it off any longer because 2021 is here! I have saved some of my best compositions for this ensemble.

Garrie- what instrument do you play or are you a vocalist? Everyone has a place in our ensemble.

FOLV -You have been giving us snippets of your cowbell solo so let us hear the full piece.

Kitty and Manelym- I too love High Step Training. Have you ever done High Step Challenge or High Step Training Advanced? I like all three but my favorite is High Step Training.

Kitty and Nathalie- fight that feeling of doom off! I hope that the feeling passes very soon. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

Chel- Yes, it is sad that the holidays are over. Maybe we can keep the spirit of the holidays going all year long?

Bee- I agree with Manelym- If you can do To the Max, you can definitely do Crossfire. The color of the year- I wonder what I would pick? I love all colors but my absolute favorite is blue. You exercised in your jeans the other day? We should all exercise in high heels- LOL. I remember seeing The High Heel workout. Was it a workout done in high heels or a workout to do to be able to wear and walk in high heels?

Manelym- Now should I read Silmarillion? I may put it on my to do list for 2021 This is one of the many things that I love about Tolkien. for if one is faithful or faithless, there is something in his books that most can admire, find thought provoking, comforting or just enjoy it for a masterpiece of a literary work.

Catadidct, Chel, Manelym and Kitty- I have been eyeing doing Imax Extreme. Is that the Fun Friday workout? Putting all of those workouts together- now that is a feat. I do the Stretch Max no equipment workout often. It is my favorite on that DVD.

Lavna- I hope all goes well with your father’s medical visit. Unfortunately, the health care system, in too many places, is stretched to the limits.

Here is to a prosperous and cheerful week for everyone!

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