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lavna 12-31-21 05:56 PM

Happy New year's Eve everyone!

Kittybug: It's great to hear from you. I'm sorry life has been hard for you lately. Sending hugs your way!

Kate: I'm glad your son didn't have to go to the hospital. I hope everything goes well on his next appointements.

Chele: I'm impressed with all the work you're doing and all your progresses! You are fierce!

Cattaddict and bee: I hope your pain goes away very soon.

Yesterday, I did CL 239 LB barre and weights! Yow! I still have some work to do to get back to my pre-injury shape! But it's a great one and one of my favorite barre workout.

Tonight will be calm as gatherings are forbidden and we have a 10 PM curfew that starts tonight because of Covid numbers being so high. Our health system is on the brink of being stretched to the max! So, it be just our family. Luckily, we have a tradition here to have humorous retrospectives TV shows. One of them is called the Bye bye and has been on for more than 50 years! I'm recording them though as I don't know if I'll be still awake when it starts!

Waves to manleym, horusosiris, KIm, Vintage, fanofladyvols and anyone I might have missed. As manley said so well, this is the best group! Hugs to all! :heart:


Mickey12 12-31-21 09:06 PM

Good to hear from you, Nathalie. Good idea to tape the tv shows since you may be asleep. It sounds like a lot of us are in the same boat. I know I will probably be asleep before midnight tonight.

Kittybug Iím so glad you posted. I have really missed you. :heart: I sincerely hope you can resolve what youíve been dealing with. You deserve to be happy. Sorry youíre dealing with a lot of snow. We havenít had any except a little dusting on Christmas Eve morning. Itís been unusually mild for us.

Manley what a weird coincidence about your workout choices. Too funny! Sorry that your testing experience was so hectic and that your husband is feeling poorly. Fingers crossed for quick, negative results.

Bee The Undoing was EXCELLENT! I donít want to say more. I also really liked Big Little Lies. Nicole Kidman was in that too. Both were soooo good.

We went to the movies today and saw The Kingsman. It was good but I was a little disappointed. We really liked the other Kingsman movies. There has been a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon on today too. I have to confess that Iíve been doing a lot of sitting in front of the TV today. We love those movies!

I got in a workout which was a Leslie 2 mile walk and some KCM ab work. I signed up for the 10 am slot for the New Years 24 hours of workouts tomorrow so I have to decide on what I will do. Itís the first time Iíve done this. Fun!

kittybug 12-31-21 11:15 PM

Manleym, laughing at your workout coincidence story!! I love it!!

Kim, I laughed at your post because I think I should come over for TV night...I really enjoyed The Undoing and Big Little Lies too! Did you hear that director died? Very sad. :(

Okay, Watulans, I started a 2022 check-in for us here: See you there, and Happy NEW YEAR!!! :heart:

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