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bee 01-12-21 09:59 PM

Yes, Chele -- any kickboxing -- come join us! :)

Kim, I sort of went along the same lines as you.... why would I order from amazon? Thanks for pointing out the obvious, kittybug.... faster shipping, especially, would be great! Are the prices really the same? Somewhat rhetorical question -- I'll look. ;)

lavna 01-13-21 07:29 AM

Happy hump day!

This may be a silly question but what is STSPTSD?

bee: Ken is a guest host. I read that he taped 30 episodes. Katie Couric is also supposed to be a guest host. I watched it on Monday and he paid a great homage to Alex Trebek saying that he can't be replaced but that we can honor him by playing his favorite game. He did a good job as host but it's still strange having someone else hosting the show.

Waves to all!

Mickey12 01-13-21 10:19 AM

Lavna STSPTSD is:

Shock Training System (the name of Cathe's program) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I am often stumped by abbreviations, but that one I knew!!! :D

We don't watch Jeopardy often, but I'm glad Ken Jennings is hosting. Although I think he should be a permanent host. He seems to be the perfect person to take over the job.

horusosiris 01-13-21 12:50 PM

Hello All!
Hump Day is here!

I did Power Strike 5 today. This is one of my favorites of the Powerstrike workouts. Ilaria is very good at setting up combos. There are enough reps of each combo to learn them, while not becoming boring or repetitive. Her warm up is good and just the right length. There are three combos. She begins with boxing combos and works in kicking and boxing combos. I really appreciate the fact that she does not always repeat the exact same combo on each side, though when it is finished you have completed approximately the same number of kicks and punches on each side. I find that to be a boredom busting approach. My favorite combo is the last that incorporates guards, kicking and punches. I have to admit that I cannot kick anywhere near as high as they can but I did my best.
I will also do a Es upper workout this afternoon.

I had the first Moderna covid vaccine this past weekend. Everything went well. I had some injection site tenderness and some mild joint knee pain for about a day but nothing major. I get the second one in 4 weeks

As for social media, I pretty much stay away from it. I find it to be a brain and time consumer. A few instructors post most of their information on Facebook, so I will go to their sites. I miss the days when instructors had their own Web pages, much the way that Cathe has her own.

I too absolutely love good period pieces. I am glad that your DVDs finally showed up! Congrats on beginning Mess 3. Let us know how you are progressing with it.

Manelym and Kitty
-I have been watching Poldark. Cathe Live #45 is a good one!

Lavna – not exercising some days is just as important mas exercising and yes, in the long run your body will thank you. Sometimes less is more.

Kate- I did a few weeks of MBF and then moved on to MBFA. I loved the instructor. After a while the exercise seemed monotonous.

- any kickbox workout can sub for Powerstrike 5.

Stay Fierce all!

KateTT 01-13-21 12:52 PM

bee: I think Ken J has been doing a fine job so far as temp host of Jeopardy. Not as fun as Alex but those are some might big shoes to fill. The only game show I watch.
As far as "V" the Yoga practice I did, it stood for Virabadrasana which is Warrior 3.

ChelePA: I honestly can't think of any Cathe kickboxing that would be like Powerstrike but yet she has some really good kickboxing workouts. KPC is one of my favs.

WHAT! Cathe Amazon store! (there goes my

Kim: Travis studied under BK so it makes sense that they would have some similarities.
I have 3 Yoga mats. One is too thin, one is old but still ok, one is newer that I primarily use. Just inexpensive Gaiam mats but they work for me. Maybe one day I'll invest in a spendier mat?

horusosiris: OMG YAY!!! You got the vaccine! I'm so happy for you! Thanks for the input on MBF and MBFA. If it gets too monotonous I'll jump ship. ;)

STSPTSD - hahahaha.

Today I did Strong & Sweaty Total Body Giant Sets and it was a blast. I went as heavy as I could - sometimes similar to Cathe, other times much heavier, and felt a great challenge. For some reason (um, too many workouts) I have not done S&W since 2016 and never revisited it. So glad to come back to it. Legs are worked a lot but upper body gets a fair turn too. I feel great today!

After having done Cathe workouts for most of 2020, I'm not sure how I'll feel moving on. Maybe I just won't move on. :D
I must say, although I'm not totally exclusive to Cathe, I have never felt any dread or boredom doing any of her workouts.


ChelePA 01-13-21 01:13 PM

So glad some of you are getting the flu vaccine. I have a few friends and family that have also gotten it and so far no big side effects. Soreness at the injection site seems to be the biggest one.

Kate I really like TBGS. It’s amazing that you lift much heavier than Cathe. That will never happen for me. I sometimes have to lift much lighter . Ha ha.

Since I had my rebounder out, I decided to look for a YouTube kickboxing video. I found a really fun one called Bounce and Box. It was about 40 minutes. She also included push-ups, triceps and plank work. You are always bouncing even when doing upper body punches. I wore my weighted gloves to increase the intensity. I then added on the blast challenge from Cathe’s Kick Max. Doing this on the rebounder too. Definitely works different leg muscles and my balance as well versus the floor. Anyone else have a rebounder? Just curious how you use it in your workout schedule. i’ve been trying to use it once or twice per week. I really like that it works on balance, different muscle groups and gives my joints a rest. Previously I did cycling a few days per week which was also low impact but intense cardio. This is a nice replacement.

horusosiris 01-13-21 01:49 PM

Chel- I have a JumpSport rebounder. It is one of my most used pieces of fitness equipment. I use it for some high impact moves, some walking workouts, hiit workouts and kickbox workouts. I also use it for barre exercises and for ab and stretching workouts. I use it most days of the week. Sometimes I do light, health bouncing or ab moves on the rebounder while watching TV. If I do not want to do burpees or pushups on the floor, I use the rebounder to elevate the moves. When I was doing KCM, I would use the rebounder to do her Home Gym Interval programs.

Kate- I know what you mean for I agree that leaving Cathe, if even for a time, is such "sweet sorrow." I do not do Cathe exclusively and I too never have a dread factor with any of her workouts. From time to time I do move on from Cathe but I always come back.

Mickey12 01-13-21 06:27 PM

Hey all you Watulans out there!

Horusosirus I joined you guys in Ilaria's Powerstrike 5 today also and I completely agree with your assessment. The last combo is also my favorite and I also appreciate the variety of not doing the same exact combos on each side. I really like the music in this one too. Good stuff, not too brutal and low impact. I had to concentrate and focus on the punching combos and the longer combos too. I like that though, it keeps my mind engaged.

Ohhh and congrats on getting your first vaccine. Excellent news. I'm so happy they're finally being distributed.

ChelePA what were you thinking for Fun Friday? Whatever you decide to do, I will do it with you. :heart:

Have a great night all!

kittybug 01-13-21 06:33 PM

Happy Wednesday, Watulans!!

Quick drive-by was Mess 3, Week 1, Plyo Legs. As it started out, I was thinking hmm, this isn't so bad...and then by the end, I was thinking I wished there was someone else at home to help me get up the stairs!! :o Yipers!! :eek: This is another one I'd definitely do outside of doing the STS program in its entirety. How'd it go for you, FN2?

ChelePA, who did the Bounce and Box? I was thinking that sounded familiar.

KateTT, I too say that, I'm going to explore other things, and then darn it, I keep ending up back with Cathe!

Horusosiris, yay for no awful side effects on the vaccine!

Kim, you're making me want Powerstrike. Sigh. It never ends, does it???

Waves to all, Nathalie, Manley, FOLV, Garrie, Bee...hope I didn't miss anyone! Stay fierce, Watulans! :sun:

bee 01-13-21 07:31 PM

Hello Watulans! Happy Wednesday (what's left of it!).

Powerstrike 5 Wednesday -- I agree with you guys -- last combo was my favorite, too and I like that they weren't the same routines on both sides but I have a friend who would probably never do this workout because of that. She is really a stickler for things being exactly even. I had the most trouble with combo 1 and those punches.... I kept wanting to do the uppers in the wrong place/wrong arm. Fun!

I was thinking about Fun Friday..... does anyone have a suggestion?

Kim, I also have three yoga mats. One I won at a Cathe road trip -- it's my least favorite at this point, but it's also my oldest and most worn. I bought something decent at some point -- I think a Jade and then someone in the neighborhood was giving away an unused Manduka and my husband jumped on it for me. :D

And Chele, I also have a jumpsport rebounder but I hardly ever remember to use it, as I mentioned. I really like your idea of pulling it out for "normal" workouts -- I may try that for Fun Friday. It used to be out all the time when I didn't have a real workout room (ironically and now it leans against the wall in a real workout room). When it was out it got used a lot by my boys. Bounce and Box does sound fun!!

horusosiris, glad to hear you were able to get the vaccine! Do you feel like you're wearing a bit of armor now? My niece said the second one hurt more than the first.

I agree on the straying from Cathe, too.... I like to mix it up here and there, but I always find my way back to Cathe. :love:

Ok, even though it is only 4:30 in the afternoon my hubby wants us to start cooking dinner. He's hungry..... :eek:

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