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Mickey12 01-11-21 07:37 PM

kittybug so happy your Patrick DVDs came! But very, very strange about the packaging. Wow.

I think I have to do that Travis Happy Hour practice. I want to fit in more yoga. Did you guys encounter commercials in the middle of it?

Nathalie thanks for enabling on the Cathe Live downloads. ;) I have about 5 or 6 that I bought a while ago. Itís pretty overwhelming to try to figure out which ones to get with so many to choose from.

ChelePA 01-11-21 09:01 PM

For those who like period shows, Bridgerton on Netflix is really good. Just donít watch it with the kiddos around. Some steamy scenes.

kittybug 01-12-21 10:47 AM

Oops, FN2, not sure how I got mixed up with you and Manleym talkin' about Poldark!! What's the other piece you're watching? And I so agree that hoisting those dumbbells up to prepare for the move is just as hard as the actual move!! :p I'm feeling it today! :o

Kim, I didn't encounter any commercials during the Travis practice.

ChelePA, thanks for yet another show recommendation. :)

manleym 01-12-21 01:33 PM

Hi Watulans! Happy Twosday or Two Fer Tuesday, if you're doing two workouts today. If you're doing a hard workout today, then happy Tough Tuesday. Or just happy Tuesday, whatever you do. :D

Kittybug Yay on the Patrick dvds finally arriving! I'm glad you got them! My lost dvds are still lost and I don't expect them to ever show up. LOL that you got Cataddict and I confused on Poldark. :D I'm glad you've started it. Isn't it great?!? And thanks for all the other period piece recommendations. I think we have Starz but really haven't explored it much. Sounds like there are some good things out there that we need to explore! Keep the recs coming all!

Kim, I didn't have any commercials pop up during Travis's yoga practice either. I've read other threads about ads popping up workouts, but I have never had that happen with any of the workouts I've done on Youtube. I wonder why ads pop up for some people and not others? And yay you for doing Interval Circuit! Way to go!! :music:

Kittybug and Cataddict, congrats on starting Mess 3!! Ya'll are The Messes!! And you have CONQUERED the MESS!! :music:

Cataddict, my husband is so good at Jeopardy. We don't watch it often because it's on when we're fixing dinner, but the times we have had it on I think he could be on the show. He is so good at that kind of stuff. And I agree that we all seem to have the same feelings about Facebook/social media in general. I also check out public pages, like Cathe, 2Lazy, etc but I don't post. Bee it sounds like Instagram is a great way to stay connected to friends/family living far away. Like that it's quick and mostly political free.

Speaking of pages, did ya'll know she now has an Amazon store? I was just catching up on her newsletters and saw this link: Shop our Cathe Amazon Store: I had no idea! I'm guessing you can't buy anything used but at least you can use Amazon gift cards, so that's a good thing!

Horusosiris did you watch the NCAA Championship game last night? We watched the first half. The first quarter was GREAT! The 2nd quarter Bama started taking over and when hubby checked the final score this morning, sounds like Bama did their thing in the 2nd half. Raise your hand if your surprised!

So for Metabolic Monday I did Cathe Live: Metabolic Circuit #321. It was a GREAT metabolic workout! In fact, I think I have some slight DOMS today. I'm hoping to do Tough Tuesday (HIIT, high impact cardio) but always have the backup plan of Two Fer/Twosday, following Bee's lead and doing 2 workouts.

Kittybug and anyone else, join us for kickboxing tomorrow! Sounds like Cataddict may do it another day, so that will be good too!

Waves and hugs all!! :heart:

ChelePA 01-12-21 01:33 PM

Kim. I just saw your question about my rebounder. Love the variety that it offers! Plus it gives my joints a break throughout the week :-) Today I did Perfect Hiit Low Impact on it. Nice way to mix things up and not too many modifications on moves. I also kept it more intense throughout doing trampoline jumps during rest periods. In addition, I had to catch up on my January challenge so I did two days of planks, burpees and core exercises.

It’s amazing how many of you stay away from social media. Good for you! It’s definitely addicting. Did anybody ever watch the Netflix documentary on it. Really eye-opening! I think there’s pros and cons of Facebook. I just need to check once daily instead of the mindless scrolling. It definitely fits with my word of the year mindfulness. Lots to work on for 2021 :-)

KateTT 01-12-21 01:46 PM

Hi all! Quick check in but so far a fun week.

Yesterday was MBF Day 10 Upper + Day 8 Lower Body Burn. I really like putting two together. Half hour just isn't enough for me. Basically the same format but some new exercises and you're supposed to increase your weight a little. Some of the upper body stuff got challenging as I was using a 25lb dumbell.
Yoga was a new practice on Power Yoga from Steve Jones called V3 - working your way into Warrior 3. Only half hour but really sweet.
I noticed PY has a bunch of new classes so I'll be going there for my Yoga fix this week and probably next there are that many new ones.

Today I did Cathe Strong & Sweaty Cardio Slam Mix 1. That includes all the cardio plus the core work.
Hey! This is good! I had only done Cardio Slam one time way back in 2016 and didn't have much to say about it in my log so this was a nice surprise. Floor cardio, then floor cardio around your mat and floor cardio on and around step top. Really basic but good moves. Some higher impact but not too bad. I noticed there is the same mix but with modifications. Might have to check that out.

So this week and month will be mixing MBF, Strong & Sweaty and a few other misc Cathe's that I'm avoiding. Heehee.

Yoga will be from Power Yoga as I said. Not sure what yet.
I hope you all are well. Be fierce but be good hearted. :heart:

bee 01-12-21 04:54 PM

Hello All! Yes, happy Tuesday -- whatever kind of Tuesday it is for you. ;)

cataddict, I got a bit of STSPTSD when you mentioned the mess 3 chest flies. That was the only time I've injured myself doing Cathe (knock wood!). Guess I went too heavy and not enough control and I think I went back too far. Luckily I had no lasting effects from that injury. Be careful with the heavies!

Chele, my husband and I loved Bridgerton! So good. I really liked the music from it and found it on apple music. Oh, and speaking of shows.... we are just about to finish Ted Lasso (apple TV) and really enjoyed that! I would never have subscribed to Apple TV but I got a year free when I had to get a new phone last year. It's going to run out soon and I'm afraid I may have to resubscribe when Ted season 2 comes out. Such great characters.

Oh, and very cool that you're doing workouts on your rebounder. When people mention that I always think I should try, but then I never think to when I'm working out.

Oh, so Ken Jennings is hosting Jeopardy now? I thought maybe that was just a rumor. I listen to his podcast, Omnibus, to help drift off to sleep. Not that it's boring, but they do tend to ramble quite a bit, but I need something that's interesting but not too engrossing and that helps me get to sleep. (ETA: just realized I have three buts in that sentence! :))

manleym, maybe you have an ad blocker for youtube?

Kate, it seems like there are so many yoga practices named V-something. Does the V stand for vinyasa, do you know?

Ok, for Two Tuesday..... I have been trying to meditate before my workouts lately, but today I sort of forgot. I did Gym Style Back Shoulders Biceps -- gosh I love GS! -- and then I remembered meditation, so I did that but ended up freezing after ten minutes, so didn't want to jump right into yoga. I did 300 kettlebell swings. That warmed me right up! And then I did Upper Body yin from Travis -- part of the Level Up series I'm pretty sure. I didn't think I could handle doing any vinyasas so I thought that would be a good choice. Turns out it was actually a fair bit of upper body moving of the arms -- circles, etc. Nothing intense at all, but after GS it was hard to keep my arms up as long as he had in mind! :eek:

Really looking forward to the Powerstrike 5 party tomorrow!!

ChelePA 01-12-21 05:23 PM

Any comparable Cathe workout for Powerstrike 5?

kittybug 01-12-21 05:35 PM

Hello Watulan Fiercies!!

Because I'm with FN2 and not wanting to do ANY doubles with this particular Mess, I joined you all for kickboxing a day early and did Cathe's Kick, Punch, and Crunch, which I'd been wanting to revisit for a while, so thank you! Totally fun. :p

Bee, BWAHAHAHAAH...STSPTSD!!!!! OMG, that's simply brilliant!! And good note on being careful with the heavies indeed. There were quite a few times I was feeling nervous with those weights yesterday!

KateTT, thanks for the Cardio Slam reminder! I need to revisit that one too.

Manleym, I too was excited to see the Cathe Amazon store. That means faster (and free) shipping for me being with Prime more than likely, so yay!

Stay fierce, Watulans!! :sun:

Mickey12 01-12-21 05:58 PM


Originally Posted by ChelePA (Post 2907419)
Any comparable Cathe workout for Powerstrike 5?

ChelePA I would just do any of her kickbox workouts. Do your favorite one. :sun:

I’m glad you’re enjoying the rebounder. I have one too but have only used it for dedicated mini trampoline workouts. I haven’t tried doing a regular workout on it.

Is Winston having individual puppy training sessions or are you going to group training? We've seen the group sessions and I just want to stand there and watch - all the cute different kinds of puppies! It must be so fun to be in the class - although I suppose you're concentrating on trying to get the puppy to behave the way he is supposed to. But they sure are fun to watch. :heart:

I’m such a dunce! I saw that Cathe had an Amazon store and thought to myself, why shop there, I can just get what I want directly from Cathe. The free shipping from Amazon didn’t occur to me. Oh brother. :o

I’m going to do that Travis Happy Hour practice tonight. I am pretty confident that I will love it. :love:

Ok, back to report that I was not disappointed in the Happy Hour practice. It was just right. But wow, Travis really sounds just like Bryan Kest when he's doing the flow portions. It's so funny.

I have to ask how many yoga mats you guys own (for the ones who practice yoga). I have 4 of them and I always want to buy more. I love the different colors and patterns. I don't have any place to keep any more so I really can't. Am I odd in that I have more than one?

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