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bee 05-14-21 09:22 AM

Oh, manleym, I keep forgetting to mention that I apparently hadn't looked closely enough ahead at the rotation to see the repeat. Not sure what I will do with that..... might play it by ear.

manleym 05-14-21 01:50 PM

Cataddict I agree that I feel tighter but there's no rock bottom over here. Long gone are the days when I could bounce a quarter off my quads. Now it just kinda sinks in. Great news about your DH riding his bike! Hopefully he'll want to keep riding and go early before it gets blazing hot. Fun to be able to see the exercises and stretches he was doing. Hopefully all of this will make him feel so much better that he'll want to continue when he's fully recovered.

Kim yay that jury duty is done!!

Bee sorry to hear things are crazy busy and you're feeling overwhelmed. Hope things settle down soon for you and Kittybug. I planned out all of the weeks rotation when we first started it because I knew there were going to be some wonky days where I wouldn't be able to work out, or my time would be short. So I adjusted the rotation a bit, so that's why I saw that LBB is repeated. Might do Great Glutes or might do LBB again. And agree that the Perfect workouts are sometimes the perfect workout.

Wednesday I did Rockout Knockout. This used to be a go-to when I wanted a cardio workout that was good but not crazy intense. I did RK, Flextrain, and Total Body Giant Sets alot. I still like this workout, but I think I like some Cathe Live kickbox better. I like the format of RK - cardio first, then drills (not sure what to call it) then combos. I also did the music only + Cathe (no vocals) and really liked it. I remember keeping my gloves on for this workout, and should have this time too. Helps with the intensity.

Yesterday I did Cathe Live #13 2014 Road Trip All Step and got a GREAT, sweaty workout. Cathe and class used 1 riser since they were doing multiple workouts that day, but I used 2 risers and lemme tell ya - it made a difference! It starts with a step combo similar to Step Jump & Pump, then moved to intervals of 12 step blasts and ends with repeating the step combo from the first section. I was going to add on BBW, but was done, so I did Icy Core 2 ab workout from Chiseled Lower Body Blast.

Any thoughts about our next rotation since we're winding down?

fanofladyvols 05-15-21 09:11 AM


Any thoughts about our next rotation since we're winding down?
manleyI'll be doing rock bottoms thru May. I may just do a Kettlebell infused version of whatever Cathe's June rotation is though. Love to hear other's suggestions :cool:

Kim good for you getting through jury duty and staying on top of your workouts. You're a superstar :heart:

cataddict oh no you don't..don't you try to enable me with LBB because there's orange in there...(but is there really?? :D)

bee 05-15-21 01:33 PM


next rotation? I'm thinking I may look for another Cathe one with good variety. I have really enjoyed this month's. I think there are some months where she does more repetition (or maybe I'm just thinking of the guides for new releases) but I'm thinking we could find something. I haven't had a chance to look but I probably will be able to sometime in the coming week. One thing I noticed was not a single step workout for Rock Bottoms. Things that make you go "hmmmmm".

Yesterday I did the ICE lower body blast..... not my favorite. It really seemed more like a cardio workout with a bit of a lower body focus. I don't know.... I just didn't really like it. Today was Super Cuts and I enjoyed it. I think I have some sort of mental block about the Xtrain workouts (which autocorrected to "Strain workouts" :D). I think it came out when I was a bit anti-Cathe but I did the preorder anyway and I just never wanted to like the workouts. I think I may need to give that set another honest look.

Today is a gray, wet day here, which is good for us, but we are supposed to go to a very small outdoor everyone vaccinated birthday party this afternoon..... it's going to be cold and gloomy, I fear. But it'll be nice to socialize in person.

Waves to all.......

bee 05-15-21 02:41 PM

Hmmm, I kind of like the looks of March 2021 rotation, though there is some repetition with what we've done this month.. I did not really like the looks of May but if somebody else does I could probably be persuaded though I may make some substitutions. ;)

Oh Linda, you need to check out the clips of Lower Body Blast! :D

horusosiris 05-15-21 05:29 PM


Originally Posted by ChelePA (Post 2925389)
So ladies I just wanted to check-in with some bad news. Unfortunately a car driving on back country roads yesterday couldnít slow down when a vehicle in front of it was making a turn and swerved into me head on. I was going about 35 mph and he was driving much faster than that. Air bags went off and everything. You know when you see something in slow mo and you canít do anything about it. It was terrifying! I have a fractured C7 as well as multiple fractures in my right lower leg. Itís going to take multiple surgeries to fix my right leg / knee area. The C7 fracture doesnít appear to be impeding on the spinal cord and the blood flow is OK. I have to wear a cervical collar for six weeks. Hopefully I can read your posts from time to time. But Iím out of commission for many many months. Visiting hours are quite limited with Covid so I thought I would post this quick note. You ladies always inspire me and Iím hoping to be back sooner rather than later.

- I am so sorry to hear this. Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I am wishing you a complete recovery. Stay strong and call upon me if there is anything that I can do to ease the difficult situation that you are experiencing right now. :heart:

Garrie A. 05-15-21 05:35 PM

Popping in to send my (((HUGS))) and prayers to ChelePA.

horusosiris 05-15-21 05:48 PM

Bee- I also like the March 2021 Cathe rotation.

cataddict 05-15-21 08:25 PM

Happy Saturday, Watulan friends!

Thursday I did Rockout Knockout plus 6 pack abs #1 from the Lite series. As I've mentioned before, I rarely do dedicated ab segments, so most of them are new to me! I did the premix that included the heavy bag even though I don't have one. I've learned from doing the heavy bag segments in Cathe Live that I can easily improvise. I enjoyed the whole workout but, like manleym, I also prefer Cathe Live kickboxing/boxing, primarily because I don't like the extensive warmup on the DVDs. Yesterday was Ramped Up Upper Body. It had been awhile since I had done this one---I went pretty heavy and I'm feeling it today! Today was Chiseled Lower Body and I did the premix that included the Blizzard Blast. And I did those $%#% walking lunges, all 200 of 'em. I think after this rotation I will never, ever do walking lunges again. :p I was fine with it being more cardio oriented, as by this time in the week in the rotation, I'm pretty tired and want something "easier." About halfway through, I went heavier than Cathe as her chosen weights were not enough for me.

FOLV, yes, blue and orange is definitely the theme in Lower Body Blast. Even the cover is orange!! Not that I'm enabling or anything.....:p

bee, I also like the looks of the March rotation. I noticed that May had STS total body as one of the workouts, and it takes too much equipment for my taste. I may substitute something else for Hard Strikes because I don't like that one much, but other than that, the rest look good!

Good to "hear" from horusosiris and Garrie. We all seem to be super busy these days!

Waves to all! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Mickey12 05-15-21 08:59 PM

Hey everyone!

I had such a nice day today. It was warm and sunny :sun:. My husband was busy with stuff so I was on my own. I went to a couple of garden centers and bought two new bird feeders because the bear wrecked our winter feeders. I purchased some perennials (have to figure out where to plant them), and some begonias and marigolds which I planted in 5 pots and placed around the deck. I put up the hummingbird feeders and watched them buzzing all around. I got out the deck chairs and relaxed in the sun and admired the new bird feeders and plants. :heart: It was heavenly.

Later on I did Cathe’s Perfect Pump Upper Body. I really like this one. No endless reps and no overkill on any body part. It’s great in my book. Yesterday and Thursday I got outside at lunch for walks in the sun. It felt good to be outside.

I have no opinions on any upcoming rotations. I never do them and will just continue to pick and chose workouts from what you guys post mixed with workouts that I enjoy.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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