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Garrie A. 01-09-21 02:27 PM

Ok Kim, I gave Step Appeal another try this morning. Now? I absolutely LOVED it! :love: This time I didn't have that much trouble catching on, and the choreography was an absolute blast. It's a tie between this one and B.E.S.T as my favorite Patrick step. I still have to try Not Your Momma's Step and Step My Way.

ChelePA: I teach at a local fitness center. When April comes I'll have been there two years. Funny story on how I got the job...I decided in 2019 to study for the AFAA exam and decided to try a live step class. It was taught by the fitness director (my boss and one of my new friends), and I had no trouble catching onto the choreography (some of which was very Cathe-ish: Salute Squat and Power 7's anyone?). I almost asked if she had heard of Cathe. She then asked if I had any interest in becoming an instructor. Then I told her about me studying for the AFAA exam, and she replied by telling me to go down to the front desk and ask for an application. I applied, and then a week later got the callback. In my interview I mentioned Cathe, and my boss and I had a total fangirl moment. I auditioned by doing some hi-lo, and got the job. The rest is history! I'm still thinking of your Mom. IMHO she should stay home.

Kim: My second job is part-time assistant manager at a community college bookstore. I've been there for four years. Started out as a temp, then a limited part-time position, and now assistant manager. Currently we are in spring semester rush, after coming back from Christmas break. Due to COVID we are only filling out online orders, and not letting students in. The campus is also closed to the public. Yes, BBL is Brazil Butt Lift.

Kittybug: To answer your question, I don't usually do the same workout repeatedly over a period of time. I'm a variety junkie. The only time I do workouts repeatedly are strength workouts in order to track my gains over a period of time. Cardio is a different story. When it comes to complex choreography, my rule is that if the third time isn't the charm (to clarify: if I can't get 90-100% by the third try), then the workout gets shelved. And I don't do workouts with a high dread factor. Life's too short to not enjoy your workouts. Butt that's just my philosophy. ;)

Bee: I love Legs & Glutes and according to my workout card haven't done it since May of last year. My favorite Cathe lower body is Butts & Guts.

Mickey12 01-09-21 03:44 PM

Bee I’ll join you and Manley on Wednesday with Powerstrike 5. I may do some of the Hardcore (and Hardcore Extreme) workouts with you as well.

It’s a beautiful sunny day here so my husband and I went for a walk. It felt great to be outside. I posted a picture in my album. I like the combination of sun and snow, so pretty!

horusosiris 01-09-21 06:34 PM

Hello All

Just a quick note today. I have been super busy between preparing for the new semester and doing some major organization and clean up around the house. I will catch up tomorrow.

I did Cathe Live 328 Boxing Hiit Express today an an ES Leg workout. I enjoyed the Cathe Live. It is more boxing inspired than straight boxing. This will be a go to express workout when I want a quick cardio workout.

Manley, Bee and Mickey- I will join the three of you on Wed and do Power Strike 5

Garrie- I really like Step Appeal too!

Happy Sunday to All!

kittybug 01-09-21 09:14 PM

Happy Saturday, Watulans!!

Today was kind of Chore Max and Organize Max as my husband got a wild hair and started, well, purging and organizing some stuff. He thinks we need to get a new refrigerator (um, we do) and move the old one out into the garage for storage purposes, so we had to make the room in the event we follow through with this plan ~before~ our fridge dies.

Garrie, OMG, you made me laugh so hard with your 'stapled together' bum comment!!!! And I love your story about getting the teaching job. So awesome! Hey, was that the original Intensity Series Pyramid Upper? That is still, to this day, hands down, one of my absolute favorite killer UB workouts. Love it! :love:

ChelePA, I agree that your mom really needs to NOT to go work if she can. Six out of 25 is a high percentage of infection, in my opinion, and not worth it! I hope you can convince her.

Nathalie, any news on your father yet?

Kim, you know you wanna join Cathe Live. BTW, I checked out your pics of you and your husband...what an adorable lovely couple you two are!!! I love your pictures! But dang, it looked so snowy and cold on your walk, eek!! Yeah, I'm a snow wimp, I admit it. :o I grew up in the snow so now I can't stand it, hah! :o

Bee, you nailed it on the dread factor and put into words what I couldn't seem to...realizing something is 'not so bad'....but that's where I fail is when I get overwhelmed and won't re-try something to get to that point! So maybe it's part physical and part mental with the mental part playing a bigger factor than I realized. That's why I've got this list of 'to be conquered' workouts right now I'm trying to convince myself aren't that bad and to try again in my exploration of that theory, hah!!!

Manleym, that 'Happy Hour' practice from Travis was AMAZING! I loved it, like, enough to make me (again) consider an Inner Dimension sub the next time they have a screaming deal on them. It's definitely one I'll revisit as long as it's on YouTube.

I am jealous of all of you doing Power Strike but alas, I don't have any of those, never have! Enjoy!!

Horusosiris, hang in there with the busy!! I also know how organizing around the house can be an incredible time suck. This might be the longest I've been in one place for a while and stuff just accumulates like crazy!!

Have a great rest of your weekend, Watulans!! Stay fierce!!! :love:

cataddict 01-09-21 11:13 PM

Happy Saturday, Watulans!

Today I did an old Cathe Live, #16 Hi Lo Cardio and Core. I didn't do the core work, but I continued with steady state cardio. Is it my imagination, or do some of the older Lives seem a bit more intense than the newer ones? This one was tougher than I thought it would be. I liked it a lot--many throw back cardio moves that I enjoyed. It may have seemed harder since my butt was sore from maybe doing BB 3 on Thursday and Imax Extreme on Friday?

I think that I have done Cardio and Weights and Imax 2 so many times that they don't even seem hard to me any more? I found I had trouble keeping my heart rate up this time, which I found surprising as this isn't an easy workout.

Both Big Orange and Tank are doing even better today. We weren't really worried about Big Orange. He has a history of respiratory infections, so we knew what the vet was going to say and what the treatment would be, including the specific antibiotic they would administer. Tank, however, had no symptoms until he sneezed blood and that drastically increased the chances that it could be more serious, particularly at his age (almost 15). We are so grateful it wasn't anything worse. :sun:

Garrie, glad you like Step Appeal! I love Patrick step. I think Step My Way is my favorite, but I like them all. Enjoy!

manley, we are catching up on old series that everyone else on earth has seen but us! We are in the middle of Season 5 of Poldark. I didn't realize my DH likes period dramas so I was surprised that he wanted to watch it. I've got a few other series in the queue after we finish Poldark, but not sure what will be next.

Chele, Fit Split is one of my favorite series! I usually double the cardio since it seems a bit short to me. I hope you can convince your mom to stay home. Her workplace seems pretty irresponsible not to take more precautions, particularly since the virus is spreading among their employees.

FN1, dare I say I'm not really looking forward to Mess 3? I would be highly tempted to call it a day if it weren't for you doing it too!!

horusosiris, I think I may add #328 to one of my Mess days next week if I can manage it. I play it by ear as to whether I do a quick cardio add on after STS.

Waves to Kate, FOLV, Nathalie and bee!

lavna 01-10-21 12:02 PM

Happy Sunday everyone!

FN1 and FN2: Good luck on strating Mess 3!!! You can do it!

Kittybug: I don't have any more info. Just that he needs to do more tests. I get the info through my mom but my dad doesn't tell her everything as she worries easily!

Kim: Instead of streaming, you could buy some downloads... (just saying! ;) :D)

Congrats to those who did Imax extreme!

I decided to take another rest day today. I'm still sore from my UB workout on Thursday dans feeling tired. I went for a 1-hr walk instead as it's a beautiful sunny day here.

Waves to all!

ChelePA 01-10-21 12:52 PM

Nathalie—continued prayers for your dad. I think it’s awesome that you take rest days as you need them. I was just coming here to ask others what they do on those days. I have a difficult time not exercising daily. Today was going to be my rest day. Instead I pulled out Step Sync since it’s pretty low key fun cardio. Also for the January challenge it was strictly abs. Oh my! This instructor has the most amazing core strength. I had to modify 50% of the moves. It was one minute of an exercise with 15 seconds rest in between. I was quite happy when it was over. Ha ha

Garrie— I so wish step classes were offered locally. It’s definitely my favorite!!! What a great story on how you became an instructor :heart.

Today I have puppy training class. Winston catches on pretty quickly -especially if his favorite treat is offered. :p

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

horusosiris 01-10-21 03:17 PM

I did an ES leg workout yesterday and I am surprised that I am sore because I have done all of these exercises within the past few weeks. It consisted of:
Barbell Hip Thrust
Frog Stance Leg Press
SLDL (stiff-legged deadlift)
Banded Fire Hydrants
Leg Extensions

Today I did a Sleek barre technique class and a sleek stretching segment.

Lavna- I am sending good vibes to your dad. Taking a rest day is so very important and it is good that you listen to your body.

Garrie- I used to be a step diva. The more complex the choreography the more I enjoyed the class.

Chel- be sure to take some rest days! The body needs that as much as exercise. On my rest days I often do active stretching or go for walk.

Catdadict - the older Cathe Lives in many ways were more intense. This is especially so since she has been working out alone. With a class. she can take short breaks and walk around but alone she is usually working the whole time. She also has to do all of the counting whereas in the class others usually count for her.

bee 01-10-21 03:34 PM

Hello Watulans! I was not feeling fierce for Slogging Sunday..... I just could not get motivated to do Hardcore Extreme after IMAX Extreme on Friday. Sorry, Kim! But I will definitely start the series this week (do you know what order you'd go in?). This morning I worked myself into a tiny bit of a slog.... I started with a half hour walking workout and the slog part was a Mindy core workout with gliding disks. That went pretty well so I did the section with bender ball too. I think my core will be fairly sore tomorrow.

Glad to see a bunch of us will have a Powerstrike 5 party on Wednesday!

kittybug, if you feel like your fridge is dying it's very smart to do all that ChoreMax to make room for a fridge switch/addition. Also note that at least a few months ago it was pretty hard to find a new fridge, so you might want to start some research. So hard to live without a fridge!!

Chele, it's fun to hear about Winston and imagine him at training. Hoping you've been able to convince your mom not to go into the germ infested work!!

Nathalie, I'm also not a life subscriber, but I always forget I could buy some downloads -- thanks for the reminder. I get so overwhelmed with all the choices but there's such great feedback on the workouts here. Hope everything is ok with your dad. Too bad you're not sure if you're getting the full story, but I get it. Guys don't want to make their wives worry any more than we already do. :)

cataddict, glad to hear the kitties are doing even better! I have not made it through Poldark. I started it but for some reason fell off -- probably a new season of something I really wanted to watch came out or something -- I don't know.

Oh gosh, I've had this window open forever. Better send this off. Waves all around and good luck to our "messies" with STS this week!

kittybug 01-10-21 07:21 PM

Happy Sunday, Watulans!!

I decided to do Imax 3 for my Slog again, and it's becoming more doable each time...though I will say, Garrie, yep, it sure does feel like there are NO recovery periods for some of those intervals. I tell myself the next little step routine is my recovery before the next blast, hah!

Kim, did you do a Hardcore Extreme workout? I'm rethinking that one again because the Imax 3/Low Max combo workout seems fun. But I'd do it all on 6 inches, thank you very much!!

Bee, yep, it seems lots of appliances are still hard to get these days! Really frustrating.

Horusosiris, I agree that many of the older Cathe Lives are more intense.

ChelePA, I personally have to have one full day per week totally off, not doing anything at all, but that's typically because on that one day I'm still very active with chores, etc. Still, it's kind of a mental thing for me, knowing I have one full day to totally 'rest' if that makes sense. And then I take extra days when my body needs them, which is defined by the thought of working out makes me feel filled with dread or want to cry! :p

Nathalie, thank you for cheering us 'Messies' on!! Like FN2, I'm feeling I really need the pep talk for Mess 3. Especially because I looked at the guide to see what fresh hell we're in for starting tomorrow. Yikes!!

FN2, I'm really grateful you're in it with me because yeah, I'm filled with a total sense of dread right now for Mess 3....but WE CAN DO THIS!!!

Gotta run and start on dinner...waves to everyone all the way around!! Stay fierce! :sun:

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